6 Best DSG Transmission Fluid [Reviews& Buying Guide]

DSG is known as ‘Direct Shift Gearbox’ is a revolutionary invention in the transmission system. Some manufacturers also prefer the Dual Clutch Transmission system. Either way, this is a combination of two manual clutches that act together to deliver a smooth driving experience.

Therefore, any DSG system needs a specially engineered fluid to run efficiently. Finding the right DSG transmission fluid is crucial for enjoying the best out of your engine.

But the option you get online is not huge. Yet, you need to be careful while selecting the best DSG transmission fluid for your vehicles.

Well, we are here to make the journey for you.

Best DSG Transmission Fluid – Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureBase ComponentPrice
1. Valvoline Dual Clutch Transmission FluidAnti-shudder durabilityFully synthetic
2. Triax TRANSYN DSG/DCT Dual-Clutch ATFHigh-performance speed shiftFully synthetic
3. ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron-VI ATFBetter drain intervalSynthetic
4. Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATFOxidation resistantSynthetic
5. Genuine Volkswagen, Audi DSG Transmission oilUser-friendly configurationSynthetic
6. Genuine Chrysler ATF+4 ATFBetter lubricationSynthetic

6 DSG Transmission Fluid Reviews

Finding the best DSG transmission fluid is not an easy task. You need to match all your manufacturer requirements to get the best out of your transmission fluid. Choosing the wrong fluid will damage the gearbox and lead to transmission failure.

Here are some of our best picks to make it easy for you to compare. So, you can decide on the right one for you.

1. Valvoline Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

Valvoline Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid. best dsg transmission fluid
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If you need a high-performance dual-clutch transmission fluid, then Valvoline Transmission Fluid can be your best bet.

This automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is fully synthetic. It’s specially formulated with premium synthetic base oil.

Features and Benefits

Friction Modifier

The designed formula comes with a highly efficient friction modifier. So, you can experience a smooth-shifting under a variable driving load.

Optimal Thermal Breakdown

This transmission liquid efficiently fights off deposits from storing on engine parts. Reducing thermal breakdown is another one of its expertise due to its synthetic composition.

Better Wear Protection

The formula has advanced friction and wears prevention technology. So, you get a guarantee of long engine life and high performance. And this transmission fluid goes well for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.


  • Anti-shudder durability.
  • Premium friction modifier.
  • Optimal thermal break down.
  • Anti-wear additive action.


  • Violates OEM specification.


2. Triax TRANSYN DSG/DCT Dual-Clutch Full Synthetic ATF

Triax TRANSYN DSG/DCT Dual-Clutch Full Synthetic ATF
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What about an ATF that fits all dual-clutch transmission (DCT) and OEM specified, won’t that be great? Well, Triax ATF is here to make the deal. Now you can experience fast and flawless shifting without any slippage.

This transmission fluid is suited for a wide range of dual-clutch transmission systems including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ferrari, and more. And it includes a special formulation for DPS6 power shift twin dry-clutch for FORD.

Features and Benefits

Smooth shifting

This transmission fluid promises super-fast and smooth shifting. Minimum frictional coefficient and high fluidity are also two unique features of this fluid.

The optimal thermal breakdown is ensured due to its composition. This ATF is compatible with all types of seals and gaskets.

Ultimate Protection

This fluid is also capable of providing you with maximum wear protection and yellow metal protection. This built-in feature also offers maximum oxidation stability.

Longer Lifetime

Last but not least, this fluid provides full lifetime facilities. So, now you don’t have to worry about constantly changing your transmission fluid until the OEM specifies another drainage interval.


  • Premium gear grip.
  • Maximum friction stability.
  • Highly sturdy formula.
  • Extreme compatibility.
  • High load-carrying capacity.
  • Absolutely zero slippage.
  • Gear scuffing prevention.


  • Nothing to mention.


3. ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid

ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid
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DSG transmission fluid change interval is a key factor for all vehicle owners.

How about an ATF that provides the best drain interval facility even in your budget? Isn’t it great? ACDelco has made it simple for all.

Features and Benefits

Better Fuel Economy

This transmission fluid is designed to provide maximum fuel economy.

Likewise, it promises a longer transmission period. Its engineered formula ensures high friction stability and stable viscosity. Aeration and foam control are two key features of this ATF.

Extended Transmission Life

The fluid is made to deliver long transmission life along with high performance. You can certainly replace your old DEXRON with this one. The intended ACDelco liquid is way improved and versatile than DEXRON fluids.

Ultimate Performance

All the integrated molecules barely degrade with time while delivering a fully supportive performance. It is capable of performing at the highest in any condition.


  • Smooth operation.
  • Less degradation.
  • Friction durability.
  • Foam control.
  • Better drain interval.
  • Oxidation resistant.
  • Highly economic.


  • Not for CVT and DCT.



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Friction durability is a must when it comes to encountering flawless transmission. Well, Castrol ATF is here to offer you a smooth performance.

If you are having trouble finding a suitable ATF for your old Ford and other motor vehicles, then this transmission fluid is ideal for you.

It’s one multi-vehicle transmission fluid to deliver a fast and smooth transmission and power steering. This fluid can be a better substitute for many other old transmission fluids.

For example, you can use this one instead of DEXRON, DEXRON -3, and MERCON. It meets all the requirements for MERCON and DEXRON.

Features and Benefits

High Friction Resistance

Your system receives high friction durability, which results in exceptional performance.

High Thermal Protection

Another great thing about this ATF is its thermal protection. It ensures exceptional high-temperature protection whether you drive in the city or highway.


Constant viscosity is crucial for transmission systems. Castrol ATF ensures maximum oxidation resistance and prevents the uncertain viscosity change.


  • Higher output performance.
  • Better temperature protection.
  • Great viscosity control.
  • Anti-oxidation formula.


  • Container leaks.


5. Genuine Chrysler ATF+4 Automation Transmission Fluid

Genuine Chrysler ATF+4 Automation Transmission Fluid
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Won’t you be excited to have an ATF that can provide a full lifetime fill? If the answer is yes, then Genuine Chrysler ATF is your way to go.

This specially designed ATF provides superior lubrication under any load condition. It can work at its best even in high heat. The ATF works will all vehicles with a factor filled ATF+4. Also, it gets categorized as one OEM Chrysler fluid.

Features and Benefits

Great Lifetime

Another great feature of this oil is that it provides fill for a lifetime.

Quality Performance

Again, it has a higher performance coefficient.

Maximum Power-saving

The composition is also beneficial to prevent any power-robbing deposition. Right there, you can ensure better thermal and shear protection.


  • Better lubrication.
  • Lifelong fill.
  • Synthetic components.
  • Genuine ATF+4.


  • Comparatively expensive.


6. Genuine Volkswagen, Audi DSG Transmission Oil

Genuine Volkswagen, Audi DSG Transmission Oil
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Looking for the best ATF for your VW or AUDI? Then this transmission fluid from ‘Genuine Volkswagen, Audi’ might be the right choice for you.

The best part about buying this transmission fluid is the direct replacement facility. In case you are uncertain about the compatibility of this oil, send the 17-digit VIN to check fitment.

You can also avail of other information using this vehicle identification number.

Features and Benefits

High durability

The throughout concentration of the transmission fluid is extremely durable. And the applications seem super user-friendly.

Optimal Viscosity

This one comes with a viscosity rating of SAE 75W, which is ideal for many load conditions. Its fluidity promises to deliver the ultimate support to the transmission system parts.


  • Simplified replacement.
  • Best for AUDI and VW.
  • User-friendly application.
  • Comes with a warranty.


  • Slight underrated.


How to Choose DSG Transmission Fluid?

When it comes to DSG transmission, ordinary transmission fluid will not do any good. As the DSG has specific viscosity, DSG transmission fluid capacity, and other needs, you need to choose a DSG transmission fluid.

The best way to choose the right DSG transmission fluid is to go through the vehicle manual. Different vehicles have different kinds of needs, and all of these are mentioned in the user manual.

Another common question is where it is possible to use regular ATF for DSG? Well, the answer is no. although some of the ATF doubles as DSG fluid. But most of them don’t. So, double-check before you use one.

So before buying any DSG transmission fluid, make sure it matches all your vehicle’s needs. If you can’t find your vehicle manual, look up on the internet. Otherwise, contact the DSG transmission fluid manufacturer and tell them your vehicle’s model. They will be able to help you.

How to Change DSG Transmission Fluid?

Well, changing the DSG transmission fluid is not as complicated as it may sound. So, let’s dive into the step by step process.

  1. The first job is to find the DSG filter cartage. For this, you need to remove the airbox, battery, and battery tray. You will need a DSG transmission fluid change kit to do so. After removing these, you will find the housing.
  2. Remove the housing, and you will find the DSG filter. Go ahead and remove the filter as well. It helps to cascade the oil fluid and takes in new fluid much easily.
  3. Now take a DSG funnel with pipe and feed it in behind the engine. Now find the DSG drain plug right behind the engine. Unscrew two funnel plugs and let the old fluid drain completely.
  4. Reinsert the DSG fluid pipe and make it finger tight. Screw on the funnel tube on to the adapter.
  5. Make sure to shake the fluid bottles very well before taking off the cap. Now, pour the fluid into the funnel and place the funnel as high as you can. This action will let the fluid go faster.
  6. After you are done with filling the fluid, reinsert the filter and the housing. Replace the seal on the housing and lubricate it well. You can change your filter while you are at it.
  7. Reassemble the battery and airbox.
  8. Start the car and cycle through each gear for 3 seconds. Keep your leg on the brake paddle. Then put it back to the park.
  9. Make a proper adjustment in any DSG transmission software you prefer. When the fuel temperature reaches the required level, do the final drainage.
  10. Detach the DSG funnel tube from the adaptor and let the fluid drain. Wait until the stream gets broken up. After that put on the new seal.
  11. Turn off the car, and you are done. Take a test drive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What does the DSG transmission fluid change cost?

Answer: Well, changing the DSG transmission needs professional help. However, the charge depends on the service company policy. But anything around $300 counts as standard and reasonable.

Q: What is DSG transmission fluid?

Answer: Well, as the name suggests, DSG transmission fluid is a special transmission fluid for a double shift gear mechanism. It is also commonly known as dual-clutch transmission fluid.

It all depends on how the vehicle manufacturer refers to it. DSG cannot be supported by regular ATF due to different viscosity rating and other parameters. That’s why DSGs need specially engineered transmission fluid for them.

Q: What happens if you don’t change DSG oil?

Answer: Old fluid can overheat and burn the clutches. It can also lead to power loss, poor gear selection, and transmission failure.

Q: How often should I change my DSG fluid?

Answer: you must change your DSG fluid after 40,000 miles of the drive.

Q: How does a DSG transmission work?

Answer: DSG systems have two independent manual clutches to control odd and even gears. The gear is changed depending on the speed, brake, throttle position, and hydraulic actuators.

The main part is the computerized hydraulic system that controls the clutch and gear shift. Depending on the driving condition, this unit decides the optimal gear required and adjust likewise.

The dual-clutch gears work as one and provide smooth gear changes in milliseconds. This way, the speed can be varied without changing any other parameters.

Final Verdict

Finding the best DSG transmission fluid for you is quite challenging. Especially when there is a lot of product with similar facilities, but not all the transmission fluids are made equal. You need to pay more attention to the finest details to select the right one.

As a rule of thumb, go through your manufacturer’s direction and match your chosen transmission fluid. Using the wrong fluid can cause you much more harm than good. But without recommendation, we hope to make your journey at least a little bit easy and time-efficient.

Happy Driving.

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