How Long Can a Car Sit Before The Battery Dies? [Updated 2022]

How Long Can a Car Sit Before The Battery Dies

How long can a car sit before the battery dies? This is one of the most asked questions about cars. Actually, this depends on how we use and store it. And a short and simple answer is that a little under 2 months. Today we will discuss this matter in detail.

Cars have clocks, radios, and other things that are constantly draining the battery, even with the automobile off the power. Depending on how old your battery is (older batteries do not last so long) a week is the most I’d want to leave an automobile without being launched.

If you were leaving it for longer, a battery, tender/minder trickle charger would be a good thing. You can disconnect the battery life, but that may be a nuisance with newer cars.

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How Long Can A Car Battery Sit Unused? [You Must Know]

How Long Can A Car Battery Sit Unused

For most of us, the car is our day to day commuting associate. But even for the regular car users, there come times when they have to leave the car right in the garage or parking for days, weeks, and even months.

In those particular instances, you need to consider a few facts before leaving the car unused for a long span of time. And one of the major concerns among them is- how long a car battery sits unused before potential damage takes place to it?

In this post today, we’ve decided to break this topic into bite-size chunks and answer the questions that you’re looking around for.

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