7 Best Cold Air Intake for 5.9 Cummins [Reviews & Guide]

Cylindrical combustion produces the power to keep your automotive engine running. And a well-defined air-fuel ratio can trigger maximum mechanical efficiency.

You’ll need to upgrade the system with a dependable cold air intake. Even for your precious 5.9 Cummins, there’s no way to skip the obvious fact.

There are many intake systems available in the market on Cummins alone. Likewise, it becomes troublesome to figure out the absolute best automotive part.

Our experts researched to narrow down the best cold air intake for 5.9 Cummins. The chosen ones definitely make the engine reach its optimum efficiency.

Look into the quick comparison to know the favorite picks.

Top 7 Cold Air Intake for 5.9 Cummins – Comparisons

S&B Filters Cold Air IntakeSilicone2003 – 2007
K&N Cold Air Intake KitSteel2003 – 2007
Banks Air Intake SystemMetal2003 – 2007
aFe Power Intake SystemPolyurethane2003 – 2009
Spectre Performance Air IntakeSteel1994 – 2001
aFe Stage Cold Air Intake SystemPolymer2003 – 2008
AJP Distributors Air Intake SystemAluminum2003 – 2007

Top 7 Cold Air Intake for 5.9 Cummins-Reviews

Following the comparison, you better check the in-depth discussion on individual options. Apart from the mentioned physical specs, there are several associated facts to consider. Start scrolling to explore the reviews.

1. S&B Filters 75-5094D Cold Air Intake

S&B Filters 75-5094D Cold Air Intake

Stabilize the internal combustion to ensure maximum support for your engine.

And S&B stands to occupy the top position with performing commitment. It designs a deliberate 75-5094D intake to meet Cummins requirements.

Additional facts from the S&B cold air intake 5.9 Cummins reviews make it pretty dependable. Spending some worthy bucks should meet your satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

Premium Silicone

Silicone filter imparts a premium depiction to the exterior appeal. Exceptional resistance to tear delivers better sealing for the internal parts. The structure can withstand an astounding 400F temperature, preventing sudden failure.

Extreme Rating

The outcome of ISO 5011 standard tests manages to fulfill all the essential facts. Airflow becomes smooth, providing an additional 38.02% supply to the chamber. Meanwhile, the practical efficiency rating can reach up to 99.68% efficiency.

Easy Installation

Apart from the parts to make the assembly, you’ll have a guide. The step-by-step instructions can help you to understand the exact setup. And its completion will cost you 30 – 60 minutes, requiring only some basic mechanical tools.


  1. Superior sealing from inside.
  2. Internationally accepted tests.
  3. High-temperature resistance.
  4. Included dry extendable filter.


  1. Only for standard models.


2. K&N 57-1532 Cold Air Intake Kit

K&N 57-1532 Cold Air Intake Kit

Start promoting the overall engine efficiency with consistent combustion support.

There’s no way to skip an established aftermarket brand like K&N. It designs many specialized intakes to meet customer demand versatility.

Even the intended 57-1532 seems to outmatch other available options on Cummins. And the price appears reasonably low to justify its acceptance.

Features & Benefits

Overall Increase

Guaranteed increase in horsepower comes associated with your system acceleration. In fact, the manufacturer itself promises a noticeable 10.96HP @ 2852 rpm action. The Dyno-tested design also enables 50% more airflow on installation.

Steady Materials

Industrial steel shapes the supporting body to hold the position. Meanwhile, reusable filters can undergo multiple washes without any distortion. Definite shield keeps the intake isolated to hold the interior mechanism secure from intense heat.

Legal Application

Specified fitment requires repairing service over 100000 miles of running. Straight CARB (California Air Resource Board) exemption appears street legal on 50 states. And its simple installation shouldn’t cost you more than 90 minutes.


  1. Extremely durable filter media.
  2. Original computer system fitting.
  3. Superior gain on acceleration.
  4. Precise OEM filter replacement.


  1. Very loud turbo whine.


3. Banks 42145 Ram Air Intake System

Banks 42145 Ram Air Intake System

Ensure sufficient oxygen’s presence to help with the fuel-burning process.

Not many owners get to rely on Banks’ high-quality automotive products. However, its 42145 gives you chances to encourage engine performance.

The featured intake system deliberately fits into certain models of Ram. But the noticeably high tag may give you thoughts on an expensive purchase.

Features & Benefits

Dense Air Supply

Banks cold air intake 5.9 Cummins review reveals its minimal restriction on the flow. Likewise, the air tends to reach a lower temperature to become dense. In fact, the dense oxygen holds the internal combustion with extreme support.

Supportive Response

Responsive engine movement keeps you occupied on the road with additional output power. Not to mention, extensive tests validate the structure without any distortion. Noticeable increase in HP should prevail your action on the tracks.

Protective Specs

Reduction of exhaust gas temperature should resist overheating issues with the filter. Completely intact design prohibits separation, cracks, or tears. Increased economy holds a notable consistency, following the secure internal action.


  1. Absolute dense oxygen support.
  2. Improve in overall fuel economy.
  3. Accommodating engine moves.
  4. Protection against internal heat.


  1. Minimal information on specs.


4. aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11342-1 Intake System

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11342-1 Intake System

Hold constant combustion to energize the engine in challenging conditions.

Another reputable aftermarket brand on intake has to concern aFe. Among several top-notch choices, you ought to try the 51-11342-1.

Numerous differences in the design let you impart a dependable upgrade. However, you may need to add up the budget on its expensive tag.

Features & Benefits

Extreme Output

The intended system promises to outmatch factory designs by 105% on performance. Universal fitment with a conical shape should suffice the overall applicability. An additional 14HP on output gets to meet a further 27 ft-lb torque.

Synthetic Media

A perfect balance between protection, convenience & performance prevails for its support. Non-oiled filter media of durable synthetic features 3 distinctive layers. And washable media enables reuse towards an extended service.

Plastic Insulation

Molded tube of polyurethane immediately replaces the traditional stock tract. Single-piece heat shield requires no complex assembly during the setup process. Insulation of heat keeps the interior secure from any intense engine temperature.


  1. Highly protective heat shield.
  2. Extreme 3-layer filter media.
  3. Durable polyurethane design.
  4. Extended service on demand.


  1. Slight difficulty in setup.


5. Spectre Performance SPE-9931 Air Intake Kit

Spectre Performance SPE-9931 Air Intake Kit

Keep providing the cylindrical combustion with a sufficient amount of dense air.

Of course, many different parts should adorn your system from Spectre Performance. And it stands to provide you one reliable intake assembly.

Engine receives maximum energy with the best cold air intake for Dodge 5.9 Cummins. The price tag remains incredibly low to leave you no space.

Features & Benefits

Dyno-Tested Flow

Round-conical filter features a free pathway to possess minimal restriction. Dyno-tested action enables almost 50% additional flow to the cylinder. Not to mention, its definite increase in horsepower comes with extended internal torque.

Non-Woven Synthetic

Advanced filter media of non-woven synthetic traps all deteriorating particles. The oiled media captures airborne contaminants to purify the dense air. And you’ll require a complete cleanup after a continued 100000 miles of service.

Overall Response

Improved acceleration features great uphill performance, thanks to the superb throttle response. In fact, better automotive towing can surely save you troublesome hassles on the ride. Bolt-on setup requires only an hour on completion with basic tools.


  1. Minimal airflow restriction.
  2. Absolute system protection.
  3. Improved mechanical whine.
  4. Durable synthetic filtration.


  1. Obnoxious heat shield.


6. aFe Stage 2 Pro-5R Cold Air Intake System

aFe Stage 2 Pro-5R Cold Air Intake System

Maintain a supportive air-fuel mixture ratio ahead of proper engine action.

Another convenient choice makes the list from dependable aFe brand. But the multi-compatible system stands pretty different from others.

A defined stage 2 design should comply with your requirements on engine efficiency. Its reasonable price tag can certainly occupy the ultimate upgrade.

Features & Benefits

Definite Support

Superb throttle response pushes the acceleration efficiency to the maximum level. And the economy gets better, thanks to the reduced wasteful burning. Sturdy heat shield stands to protect the filter from deteriorating elements.

Durable Materials

Everything comes solid, precise & reliable to ensure a functional assembly. The exterior comes in blue instead of brownish red to depict the distinction. Absolute sealing from inside keeps the mechanism under complete protection.

Detailed Fitment

Whether it’s Dodge Ram 5.9L or 6.7L – you get to choose the unit. However, the limiting version remains almost standard to cover modern engines. The compatibility goes from 2003 up to 2008 for specified Cummins models.


  1. Low maintenance demand.
  2. Multiple Cummins usability.
  3. Precise details on fitment.
  4. Effective oiled filter media.


  1. Issues with installation.


7. AJP Distributors Air Intake System

AJP Distributors Air Intake System

Experience further output from your engine through maximized combustion support.

And it’s the last option for you to check on specified Cummins support. AJP Distributors is yet to establish a solid reputation.

But the best 5.9 Cummins cold air intake is sure to leave an impression on the user. Meanwhile, its initial investment will cost some worthy bucks.

Features & Benefits

Steady Frame

The frame consists of an aluminum wrinkle pipe with a steel heat shield. The combination imparts excellent durability with superior mechanical support. High-quality built enables maximum resistance to scratches, overheating, or pressure.

Absolute Increase

Definite increase will immediately take over the engine towards effective increase. A solid 8% – 10% increase in horsepower should get you the ultimate output. In addition, the upgrade even triggers a 6% – 8% increase in torque.

Reasonable Fit

The design explicitly supports L6 turbo engines on Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500. Also, it fits into certain models to cover 2003 up to 2007 versions. Lack of instructions in minus, but easy installation with minimal tool requirement seems satisfactory.


  1. Protective air charging shield.
  2. Scratch-resistant pipe exterior.
  3. Fully reusable filtering media.
  4. Powder-coated shield of steel.


  1. No installation guides.


What is the Winner Cold Air Intake for a 5.9 Cummins & Why?

There are many defined facts to consider with a specified cold air intake. You need to take the materials, fitment, durability, filter & power gain into account. Any suitable option to feature satisfactory specs on the considerations can make your day.

And S&B Filters 75-5094D covers almost everything to become the best cold air intake for Cummins 5.9. Its design suits standard 2003 – 2007 models with maximum precision. You’ll start receiving optimum engine efficiency through a consistent air-fuel mixture ratio.

The design lacks definite specs on power gain or exact lifespan. But the filter media can withstand the immense inflow with full heat shield support. Specialized silicone imparts a great appeal with additional sturdiness, remaining under a conscious budget.

How to Install a Cold Air Intake on 5.9 Cummins?

Setting an intake remains simple for almost anyone with basic skills. You don’t have to spend additional bucks on professional installation. The primary steps mentioned right below should continue for common models.

#1. Open the front hood to access your full engine assembly. Simply disconnect the negative battery terminal.

#2. Utilize a screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp right on the tube. Gently slip off the tube from the throttle body.

#3. Locate the bolts to keep the factory air box in its position. Loosen the bolts to remove the factory air box with intake.

#4. Check the empty slot for aggregated dirt marks or debris. Either use a cloth or a cleaner on stubborn spots.

#5. Take a hose clamp to secure the replacement intake to the tube. Slide the non-filter end right through the airbox.

#6. Use the holding bolts to secure the upgraded air box in place. Reconnect the terminal to start the vehicle for tests.

Cold Air Intake Benefits on 5.9 Cummins

Anything to require automotive modification or change must come with certain advantages. And cold air intake can give you several positive points at a time.

  1. Additional horsepower with improved acceleration.
  2. The superior throttle response on towing requirements.
  3. Increased mileage to reduce the overall cost of fuel.
  4. Extended service lifespan with reusable filter media.
  5. Constant combustion support regarding air-fuel ratio.
  6. Reasonable improvement in engine on-track sound.

What Problems Can a Cold Air Intake Cause?

The aftermarket automotive part isn’t exactly free from some specified problems. Concerning the overall function, an intake can trigger slight troubles with its assembly. You’ll have to deal with the issues sooner or later.

Among others, dirty filter media should occupy the top position without question. The position allows the filter to trap moisture, dirt & debris with other contaminants. As it happens, the holding slot becomes loaded with stains.

Hydro-locking effects enable the moisture to clog internal surfaces. And it can eventually reduce the actual efficiency of moving pistons. In addition, precise fitment can become difficult on installation with erroneous shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are cold air intakes good for diesel?

Answer: The intake explicitly takes part in holding the optimum air-fuel ratio. And it can produce sufficient energy to support the engine. Leading to an improved economy, the upgrade is definitely good for diesel.

Question: How much horsepower does an S&B cold air intake add?

Answer: Increase in horsepower is likely to vary on different models. S&B can deliver a maximum 5% – 10% increase on compatible engines.

Question: Is it bad to use a cold air intake in the winter?

Answer: Already shivering air coldness can freeze the flow on cooling. Therefore, power gain experiences a significant drop in its action. Extremely cold air can make the system lose power in the lower ends.

Question: Does a cold air intake make your car louder?

Answer: Certain increase in the sound is sure to occupy your engine system. More aggressive noise with somewhat loud whining reaches a convincing level. But instead of making the sound itself, intake forces the engine to generate the noise.

Question: Is a cold air intake worth the money?

Answer: Installing an intake can enable the engine to function at full efficiency. It leads to several benefits on the outside, justifying your investment.

Question: Does a cold air intake void warranty, Dodge?

Answer: Almost any modification preferably voids the automotive warranty. Even for Dodge, there are particular rules to go with the mods. However, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer to claim a warranty on changes.

Final Words

Everybody wants to receive the maximum output from the vehicles on any occasion. Numerous benefits regarding the automotive engine make cold air intake one worthy upgrade. Only the absolute best air intake for 5.9 Cummins can hold your demand. And you better know the facts to justify individual options on the requirements.

Happy Driving.

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