7 Best Cold Air Intake for 6.0 Powerstroke [Buying Guide]

Diesel engines receive operating power from cylindrical combustion. And a balanced, precise, consistent air-fuel ratio controls the burning efficiency.

Only a supportive intake can deliver pure oxygen to the intended chamber. Coming to a powerful engine, you must pay attention to its overall quality.

Not an overwhelming number of systems can satisfy the 6.0L engine’s needs. What you need is to find the absolute best cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke.

Our experts spent considerable time to figure out the ultimate choice. We would like you to understand the acceptable options from every aspect.

Check out the quick comparison table to know the expert picks.

Top 7 Cold Air Intake for 6.0 Powerstroke – Comparisons

ProductKey Feature Price
SUPERFASTRACING Air Intake Kit ReplacementDurable Material DesignConical
Spectre Performance SPE-9973 Air Intake KitPolished Aluminum TubeRound
Sinister Diesel SINSDCAI60 Cold Air IntakeEnthusiastic CraftsmanshipConical
aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-30392 Intake SystemProgressive Media LayerConical
Rudy’s Diesel RDP-CAI-6.0 Cold Air Intake KitWide Temperature ToleranceConical
NPBoosted NP-6LTKIT Intercooler Cold Air IntakeSupportive Elbow SetConical
GXP Cold Air Intake Kit & Oiled FilterLifetime Oiled Filter MediaConical

Top 7 Cold Air Intake for 6.0 Powerstroke – Reviews

The aforementioned comparison only features some primary physical specs. As you should understand, there are associated factors on every option. Start looking into the reviews from below.

1. SUPERFASTRACING AI38006 Air Intake Kit Replacement

SUPERFASTRACING AI38006 Air Intake Kit ReplacementOvercome the difficulties regarding poor burning efficiency to support the engine.

Many brands manage to cover some top-quality choices for a time. For an aftermarket brand like SUPERFASTRACING, the commitment should suffice perfectly.

The dry cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke enables maximum air supply. And the price counts unbelievably low, compared to some premium-level options.

Features & Benefits

Mandrel Tube

The featured mandrel-bent tube of 4.0” diameter comes with an NPT fitting. Attachment of boost gauge with one-end filter makes the assembly. The pack contains supportive O-rings, hose clamp & cover plate with screws.

Overall Increase

A maximum of 64% increase in the airflow increases the mechanical energy. Noticeable improvement in engine torque, horsepower output & immediate boost occurs with its action. And the aftermath stands to save your fuel costs.

Steady Fitment

Conical shape with dependable silicone makes the replacement pretty sturdy. And it explicitly fits into 6.0L versions to feature V8 configuration. Likewise, the year-based usability ranges from 2003 to 2007 models.


  1. Almost immediate recovery.
  2. Excellent burning efficiency.
  3. Minimal wasteful production.
  4. Simplified fitment guideline.


  1. Presence of excess metal.


2. Spectre Performance SPE-9973 Air Intake Kit

Spectre Performance SPE-9973 Air Intake KitPromote the actual service outcome from your engine upon healthy combustion.

One well-established aftermarket automotive brand has to be Spectre Performance. The long line of air intake lets you try for Powerstroke engines.

Standard design with functional features enables maximum mechanical action. However, the price remains a perfect match for its precious service.

Features & Benefits

Filter Performance

Non-woven synthetic filter media captures the airborne particles to a great extent. Round-shaped filter initiates minimal restriction inside the tube. Advanced oiled filtration keeps the flowing air free from pollutants.

Immediate Gain

About 50% additional flow on dyno-test reveals its supremacy regarding 6.0 Powerstroke cold air intake. Improved acceleration with an uphill response is sure to deliver excellent towing capability. Additional betterment in throttle response triggers melodious engine sound.

Setup Maintenance

Likewise, simple bolt-on installation requires an hour to complete the setup. And you won’t need to undergo filter cleanup for 100000 miles of service. But its usability covers a rather wide range of vehicular models.


  1. Extreme system protection.
  2. Consistent burning of fuel.
  3. Engine sound improvement.
  4. Supportive filtration media.


  1. Difficulty in tube clamping.


3. Sinister Diesel SINSDCAI60 Cold Air Intake

Sinister Diesel SINSDCAI60 Cold Air IntakeEliminate the unworthy chances of minimal engine efficiency on demanding conditions.

It’s difficult to detect top-quality options from lesser-known aftermarket brands. But Sinister Diesel stands to meet the ultimate satisfaction at once.

The intended set can comply with your current system towards the maximum outcome. Setting for a notably higher tag should justify its service value.

Features & Benefits

Filtering Function

Intended filter in a blue appeal is sure to make an external impression. Supportive filter media captures almost every harmful contaminant. And the least restriction keeps holding the combustion.

Steady Framework

Highest material quality promises superior satisfaction with the Ford 6.0 cold air intake. Durability, strength & efficiency remains intact from the start. Its complete designation focuses on primary resistance to deteriorating elements.

Accurate Fitment

Compatibility continues for 2003 – 2007 Powerstroke engines only. However, information on the actual fitment remains vague with its details. You’re to ensure the exact usability to proceed further.


  1. Enthusiastic structural design.
  2. Highly active airflow support.
  3. Minimal wasteful combustion.
  4. Extended service endurance.


  1. Lack of fitting specs.


4. aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-30392 Intake System

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-30392 Intake SystemPower the engine with maximum burning efficiency with a solid air-fuel ratio.

Skipping a brand to produce a specialized automotive part is almost impossible. And the same goes pretty well for aFe intake kits.

Its Magnum Force series contains some top-quality replacements in the market. For the intended purchase, you’ll require a heavy budget.

Features & Benefits

Additional Power

The rate of inflow outmatches factory designs by a whopping 31% increase. And the setup triggers a noticeable boost with additional engine power. A maximum of 9HP gain remains associated with a 39 ft-lb torque increment.

Cotton Filtration

Cotton gauze media enables incredible filtration efficiency without potential limits. There are 5 finely oiled layers in a progressive pattern to capture the particles. But you’re to ensure proper maintenance to keep the cotton clean.

Supportive Specs

Included single-piece housing features powder coats on the exterior section. The molded plastic tube remains heat-insulated, going with the stock mount. Also, the imposed velocity stacks enable exceptional response.


  1. Superfast cold air injection.
  2. Enduring steel heat shield.
  3. Incredibly simplified setup.
  4. Maximum filtering power.


  1. Limited compatibility.


5. Rudy’s Diesel RDP-CAI-6.0 Cold Air Intake Kit

Rudy’s Diesel RDP-CAI-6.0 Cold Air Intake Kit

Initiate a balanced, consistent, supportive cylindrical air-fuel combustion for your engine.

Another less-known brand manages to make our list with dependable options. Rudy’s Diesel isn’t exactly a brand to specialize in intake systems.

But the intended model can surely leave you stunned with extreme performance. Spending some bucks on the tag seems worth your consideration.

Features & Benefits

Aluminum Frame

Durable metal imparts superior durability against harsh mechanical rigors. The intake assembly continues from the filter to the turbo for better airflow. Wide temperature tolerance makes it one suitable choice for powerful engines.

Functional Support

As it happens, standard filtration media keeps the airborne particles captured. Highest quality control level retains the actual efficiency of the Super Duty 6.0 cold air intake. And you can skip the hassle of regular cleanup maintenance.

Satisfying Fitment

Completely indoor design, engineering & fabrication promises to keep everything up to the mark. Minimal tolerance on fitment variation occupies simple, time-saving installation. But the coverage stands vague to reveal fitting vehicles.


  1. Enduring aluminum frame.
  2. Sturdy couplers of silicone.
  3. Additional engine support.
  4. Extended power on output.


  1. Filter media feels cheap.


6. NPBoosted NP-6LTKIT Intercooler Cold Air Intake

NPBoosted NP-6LTKIT Intercooler Cold Air Intake

Start experiencing further automotive power on output with superior fuel economy.

Even the next option comes from a less-known brand for automotive parts. NPBoosted lets you install a complete assembly on demand.

The best performance air intake appears somewhat standard from the outside. And its initial investment costs you some worthy bucks.

Features & Benefits

Premium Design

Glossy exterior finish gives an elegant look to the automotive assembly. And there comes sufficient sealing to protect the interior from outside elements. Meanwhile, the tube design stands noticeably different from other competitors.

Complete Pack

Charging pipe features a 90-degree elbow to measure 3.0” in diameter. And the matching filtration set covers a satisfying 4.0” action. Also, you’re to receive mounting bolts, T-bolt clamps & a 1/8” NPT port. In addition, the pack contains a gasket kit with sturdy couplers.

Exclusive Fitment

The fitment counts turbo Powerstroke engines from Ford manufacturing company. Counting F250, F350, F450 & F550 Super Duty, it even includes Ford Excursion. However, the limiting range remains confined to 2003 – 2007 versions.


  1. Dependable airflow service.
  2. Absolute assembly coverage.
  3. Top-quality frame materials.
  4. Four-side vehicle placement.


  1. Poorly welded connection.


7. GXP Cold Air Intake Kit & Oiled Filter

GXP Cold Air Intake Kit & Oiled FilterAllow dense yet purified air to support the combustion chamber mechanism.

Another aftermarket brand to lack well-recognized popularity makes the final choice. GXP designs one versatile, functional & effective intake system.

But there’s nothing special or peculiar to notice with its plausible framework. Meanwhile, the price should look good enough to make powerful rides.

Features & Benefits

Extreme Framing

Standard aluminum shapes the tube, imparting superior structural stability. Likewise, the diameter measures a strict 4.0” to meet the demands. And it leads to optimum protection against elements.

Supportive Filter

Oiled filtering media captures the majority of airborne intruders. Maximum restriction on particles upholds the 6.0 Powerstroke stock air intake. The filter stands reusable or washable for an extended period.

Precise Fitment

Everything to complete a simple installation comes with the package. And the fitment remains subjected to 2003 – 2007 versions. But the usability may seem somewhat narrow on the application.


  1. Continuously washable filter.
  2. Immediate gain on the output.
  3. Faster response from engine.
  4. Inclusion of certain hardware.


  1. Notably lacking description.


Buying Guide of Cold Air Intake for 6.0 Powerstroke

Choosing the right intake replacement can give you confusing troubles in the market. Likewise, overall uncertainty reaches an extreme level on continued search.

But narrowing down the options is simple with some considerations. The facts can answer – what is the best cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke.

Filtration Media

The direct inflow requires powerful purification to remove the airborne particles. And a functional filter should serve the intended purpose with maximum efficiency. Check the filter material, shape, airflow support, reusability & maintenance demands.

Vehicle Response

Balanced combustion deducts wasteful burning, saving the fuel cost. It eventually helps the engine to accommodate the probable best output. You must check on the power gains upon one intake setup. Also, your vehicle undergoes betterment in towing, throttle, acceleration & sound.

Complete Package

The replacement itself appears to be one definite combination of many interdependent parts. And you’ll need certain hardware to help with the hassle-free installation. Look into the details to understand the contents to follow the available equipment.

System Fitment

Different engines require distinctive fitment for every individual automotive part replacement. As you may notice, 6.0L systems are confined to 2003 – 2007 versions only. But there are additional facts to consider, coming right out of the manual.

What Does a Cold Air Intake Do?

Just like the name, the automotive part has to do something with cold air. In fact, it takes part in supplying cold, dense, pure airflow to the combustion chamber.

Anything to burn requires the presence of oxygen, including cylindrical fuel. And cooler air remains heavy to cover an additional amount of oxygen in the mix.

The system keeps sucking airflow to decontaminate the gaseous concentration. Following the filtration, the air becomes cool on its journey to reach the target.

And the design remains steady to maintain a constant amount of air in the process. Therefore, the engine gets to receive the maximum amount of power on its output.

What are the Components of a Cold Air Intake?

One air intake is a steady assembly of multiple automotive parts. There are several primary & secondary components to hold the assembly together. Knowing the components should help you to figure out the package contents.

The complete list can go reasonably long to give you a headache. However, stick with the necessary parts to support air intake function.

Intake Fitting, Tube Clamps, Gasket Kit, Intake Hose, Head Funnel, Filter Media, Intake Cover, Tube Couplers, Elbow Kit, Intake Housing, Mounting Bracket, Plenum Kit, Bypass Valve, Filter Monitor, Charge Sensor, Intake Adapters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are cold air intakes good for diesel?

Answer: Active intake helps to maintain a balance in the air-fuel ratio. Controlled yet satisfying combustion prevails to run the diesel engine. And 6.0 Powerstroke cold air intake benefits cover output power, mechanical response & fuel economy.

Question: Do cold air intakes really add horsepower?

Answer: Small investment in intake systems initiates a somewhat larger payoff. The upgrade doesn’t exactly add any additional HP to the functional engine. It simply triggers a boost in the available mechanical power to integrate further HP.

Final Words

It’s impossible to expect anything good from your vehicle with a suffering engine. Settling for the best cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke can restore the driving pleasure. Exploring the details should enlighten your mind with sufficient ideas on its purchase.

However, SUPERFASTRACING AI38006 still manages to occupy the top position. It’s one reliable replacement to change the engine functionality on the positive side. Everything stands pretty good in terms of features, remaining available in a lower tag.

Happy Driving.

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