5 Best Cold Air Intake for 6.4 Hemi Challenger [Reviews 2021]

Love a soft melody from the engine with sufficient power increase? Well, your ultimate solution concerns an immediate cold air intake replacement.

Sufficient increase in torque results in a notable improvement in many sectors. It requires proper accommodation, listing engines to include Hemi Challenge.

There are many options in hand, fitting into some popular 6.4L systems. Why not skip the hassling search among unnecessary models from the market?

We enlisted the absolute best cold air intake for 6.4 Hemi Challenger. The article covers almost anything you’ll need to make a successful investment.

Check the quick comparison of our top choices right below.

 Top 5 Cold Air Intake for 6.4 Hemi Challenger – Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. JLT Performance Series Cold Air IntakeMolded Heat Shield2011 – 2020
2. K&N Cold Air Intake High Performance KitDyno-Tested Airflow2011 – 2019
3. Spectre Performance Air Intake KitPrecise Design Finishing2011 – 2019
4. Mopar 77070043AC Cold Air IntakeDirectional Cone Filter2011 – 2017
5. AF Dynamic Black Air Filter Intake KitEfficient Dragging of Air2014 – 2018

Top 5 Cold Air Intake for 6.4 Hemi Challenger- Reviews

You should get some preliminary ideas on the products from above. However, there are other associated facts to go with individual intake. Let’s start looking into the reviews.

1. JLT Performance Series II CAI2-DH64-11 Cold Air Intake

JLT Performance Series. Best Cold Air Intake for 6.4 Hemi Challenger
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Start promoting the engine performance through a highly stabilized combustion.

And it has to start with none other than a perfect choice. JLT Performance manages to deliver a satisfying combination for its intake.

Functional response will give your engine a fresh breath towards the output. But the price looks somewhat high, going worthy of the service.

Features & Benefits

Custom Design

An enormous 5.0” intake tube grabs the fresh air to optimum quantity. Supportive filter features a bell mouth to initiate clean, fast & smooth airflow. Its throttle body end measures 4.0”, fitting into any standard requirements.

Included Hardware

Inclusion of a protective airbox enables good air capturing ability with sealed inside. The 5 x 7 air filter provides additional space to ensure prolonged maintenance. Silicone reducer & plastic clamp remains available with other setup hardware.

System Fitment

The best cold air intake for 6.4 Hemi Ram 2500 explicitly supports popular 6.4L engines from 2011 up to 2020. However, the compatibility stands the same for Challenger & Charger, from 2011 to 2018. And Chrysler 300C manages to go for 2011 – 2014 versions only.


  • Black textured exterior.
  • Roto-molded heat shield.
  • Large silicone reducer.
  • Extended filtration area.


  • Minimal facts on filter.


2. K&N 69-2545TP Cold Air Intake High-Performance Kit

K&N 69-2545TP Cold Air Intake High-Performance Kit.
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Initiate absolute mechanical satisfaction from the engine with constant combustion.

And the next option happens to come from a well-recognized K&N brand. The featured 69-2545TP seems a reliable upgrade for your engine.

Excellent support with superb longevity makes it one worthy purchase. However, the price appears pretty high, looking into the tight budget.

Features & Benefits

Superb Increase

An excellent increase in torque pushes the horsepower through stable combustion. Minimal particles get to intrude the chamber, saving your precious fuel. And the economy starts to reach a better level with no setback.

Built-in Filter

The integrated filter measures somewhat large enough to hold the efficiency. Its filtering action manages to capture the pollutants without a hitch. Smooth airflow keeps the cylindrical combustion occupied, regardless of the conditions.

Immediate Setup

Packed hardware comes ready to enable an easy installation in no time. In fact, you won’t need additional items to put everything in one piece. The specified design even intends to lessen the maintenance requirement.


  • Superior design for longevity.
  • Improved acceleration response.
  • Excellent mechanical support.
  • Large-sized cotton gauze filter.


  • Low-quality heat shield.


3. Spectre Performance 9003 Air Intake Kit

Spectre Performance 9003 Air Intake Kit
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Upgrade the engine action without looking back to the distorting mechanism.

Another standard design stands to meet the demands with absolute satisfaction. Spectre manages to induce a solid frame to induce the outcome.

Limited compatibility may appear as one concerning issue with the details. But the price comes noticeably low, compared to the enlisted options.

Features & Benefits

Steady Frame

Heavy-duty aluminum body withstands the deteriorating elements. It induces a lightweight frame, overcoming rigors. And the longevity counts rather well to satisfy your investment.

Finished Fitment

Precise details get to adorn the specs, allowing an exact exterior. Fitment counts somewhat vague with the best cold air intake for Dodge Challenger V6. And it takes no special tools or expertise to install the assembly.

Superb Output

Increase in functioning torque leads to improved output power. And the combustion becomes pretty stable to every extent. Your fuel economy should start getting better after installation.


  • Excellent exterior finishing.
  • Improved engine response.
  • Polished aluminum frame.
  • Super-flow bench support.


  • Poor clamping issues.


4. Mopar 77070043AC Cold Air Intake

Mopar 77070043AC Cold Air Intake
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Push the limits of engine efficiency with improved combustion support.

Mopar is one established brand to supplies top-quality automotive parts. In the line, it introduces the versatile 77070043AC intake.

The premium aftermarket replacement remains different from other enlisted options. No wonder why the price seems to hit the roof.

Features & Benefits

Notable Increase

Sufficient addition to the existing horsepower becomes apparent. Increased torque inside the engine starts to generate magnificent power. And the sound remains melodious with no internal issues.

Built-in Filter

Directional cone filter matches the supporting funnel to drag the air. Larger filtering media occupies sufficient space to hold the captured particles. And the airflow stands unrestricted at all conditions.

Extended Fitment

Overall compatibility seems to count a little narrow for intended versions. It suits the 6.4L Hemi engines from 2011 up to 2017. However, customers get it perfect for some 2018 to 2020 models.


  • Noticeable power gain.
  • Sturdy intake structure.
  • Complete internal seal.
  • Supportive filter media.


  • Initial noise distortion.


5. AF Dynamic Black Air Filter Intake Kit

AF Dynamic Black Air Filter Intake Kit
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Produce the necessary boost on output through a fully functional engine.

And we managed to reach the final stop on our review list. AF Dynamic isn’t exactly the brand to cross the mind at first.

An immediate impression will answer – what is the best cold air intake for Dodge Challenger? The price looks somewhat competitive, concerning the usability.

Features & Benefits

Effective Drag

Direct OEM replacement triggers improvement of the engine from different contexts. Further dragging feeds the chamber with dense air, stabilizing the combustion. It directly leads to better output, smooth response, notable mileage & higher economy.

Complete Pack

Reusable air filter requires a simple cleanup to become fresh. Powder-coated aluminum makes up the heat shield with an intake tube. Meanwhile, silicone delivers the coupler, hose & elbow. Not to mention, both the coupler & elbow comes in 4 units.

Simple Setup

You’ll have the necessary hardware to complete the setup by yourself. And prolonged maintenance requirement is unlikely to give you frequent trouble. Instructional guidance with necessary diagrams & other designs should meet the specs.


  • Constant increase in power.
  • Extended filtration efficiency.
  • Intense deep sporty sound.
  • Reflective aluminum frame.


  • Lowered initial mileage.


Cold Air Intake Buying Guide

Choosing the right cold air intake requires patience to avoid potential mistakes. There are several interdependent facts to conquer the overwhelming number of options.

You must stay alert on the crucial considerations for heading towards the shop. Knowing the details should get you the best cold air intake in hand.

System Specs

There are different versions of the 6.4L Challenger available in the market. An individual option seems to fit into a varying range of yearly versions. Check the manual closely to determine the associated specs right away.

Frame Materials

Overall performance highly depends on quality. And it strictly concerns the structuring materials & design. Almost all the models feature aluminum bodies. However, don’t forget to check the filter to skip the obvious fact.

Intake Tube

The size is likely to differ based on the intended intake efficiency. Of course, you must check the internal features to cope with its functionality. For standard, you can consider 4.0” to 5.0” diameter to draw the air.

Engine Response

How your engine reacts to the imposed upgrade requires grave attention. Almost all the options declare for increased horsepower. But you’ll have to use instinct or expert suggestion to solve the confusion.

Packed Content

Many models are available with a full kit to complete the assembly. The presence of certain accessories should ease the installation for anyone. It’s your task to ensure the necessary items in the purchased box.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: Should I get an exhaust or intake first?

Answer: Even the absolute best intake results in minimal improvement of output power. And the sound remains reasonably quiet to fit the action. The exhaust goes opposite for both, delivering aggressive sound with a better power on the output. Anyone who spends a low amount should settle for intake rather than an expensive exhaust.

Question: Can I drive in the rain with a cold air intake?

Answer: Rainfall, regardless of its intensity, shouldn’t mess with the intake. The concerning point stands with the submergence of a car engine. It’ll bust the engine at some point, whether the effects appear on your intake or not.

Question: Does a cold air intake make a whistle?

Answer: Any intake draws air from the outside to filter & send to the combustion chamber. The dragging is likely to cause a whistling sound with minimal restriction. The action primarily occurs on the engine bay, letting you hear the whistle clearly.

Final Words

Installing cold air intake seems a subtle alternative to a pricey exhaust upgrade. Despite its lower support, you have to compromise with its function. And only the best cold air intake for 6.4 Hemi Challenger can meet the satisfaction.

Before the end, we must say JLT Performance CAI2-DH64-11 seems to hold the position against all odds. The designed model integrates all the necessary features into a functional combo. And the price seems well-worth, taking all the aspects under consideration.

Happy Driving.

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