7 Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger [Reviews]

Are you tired of the constant slugging of your engine? Perhaps your motor needs to boost up its acceleration. Besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy that additional horsepower?

However, modifying the entire engine is not a convenient option. So, the ideal solution, in that case, would be to add the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger. 

That is right! These cold air intakes will upgrade the airflow and provide you a super-smooth performance in no time.

Therefore, throughout the article, we’ve tried to add every detail regarding these cold air intakes. So, follow it thoroughly, and we will guide you all the way to get the best results.

Top 7 Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger – Comparisons

Product NameMaterialFit TypeFitmentPrice
1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-1561CottonVehicle Specific2009 - 2019
2. Airaid Cold Air Inatke System AIR-351-210PolyethyleneVehicle Specific2011- 2019
3. aFe Power Momentum GT 54-72102CottonUniversal Fit2009 - 2018
4. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1533SteelVehicle Specific2003 – 2008
5. Genuine Mopar 77060003AC Cold Air Intake SystemN/AVehicle Specific2004 - 2010
6. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9036AluminumVehicle Specific2011 - 2019
7. Mopar 2011-2013 Dodge ChallengerN/AVehicle Specific2011 - 2013

TOp 7 Ram Hemi Dodge Charger Cold Air Intake Reviews

Going through hundreds of options overnight is not a child’s play. That is why we did the share of research for you. So, check out these 7-outstanding options to find your match.

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-1561

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-1561. best cold air intake for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi
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The airflow regulation makes it the perfect cold air intake for your ram 1500  including 2016 models without any doubt. Because of the additional 50% airflow, this air intake ensures you maximum horsepower.

After that, you have other facilities like towing and easy maintenance. That’s right. This cold air intake for dodge charger takes minimum effort to maintain and goes for a long time.

Next, you have the steel structure allowing you better durability. Not just that, the design also focuses on easier installation. And so, you can set the entire thing by yourself using the bolt-on power.

Features & Benefits

Greater power

Unlike the restrictive factory box air filters, this cold air intake provides 50% additional airflow. As a result, the airflow maximizes the horsepower of your engine.

Better sound 

Because of the construction design, the engine gets a clear and bold sound. You can hear this sound coming from your engine-hood.

Low-key maintenance

The cold air intake has a long lifespan. Also, it requires minimum cleaning. So, you can use it for up to 100,000 miles without any further effort in its maintenance.


  • Easily washable filter
  • Durable construction
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Impressive performance gain
  • 100,000 miles superior support


  • Limited fitment and compatibility


2. Airaid Cold Air Intake System AIR-351-210

Airaid Cold Air Intake System AIR-351-210. dodge charger cold air intake reviews
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Enjoy the best filtration with the synthetic dry filter of this cold air intake. This filter ensures you superb protection against contamination. Moreover, it keeps the air circulation under control as well.

Now, looking at the aero-dynamical design, you will get to enjoy a tremendous boost in the power of your engine. However, it might take you some time to get comfortable with the new features.

Lastly, the cold air intake for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi comes with a thorough guideline. Thus, it helps with the installation process. The washing facility allows you to use it multiple times.

Features & Benefits

Superior filtration

The design promotes oxygen-rich airflow and maintains cold air circulation. Thus, you are allowed to burn more fuel and increase the performance of your engine.

Best power 

Because of the aerodynamically-engineered intake tube, you can reduce the turbulence and accelerate the airflow. Thus, your vehicle achieves superior power and efficiency.


With this cold air intake, you will enjoy the benefits of easy washing and reusing your air filters. It also keeps things environment-friendly.


  • Reusable and washable
  • Upgraded Horsepower
  • Ideal for maximum airflow
  • No issues with installation


  • Disturbing sound issues


3. aFe Power Momentum GT 54-72102

aFe Power Momentum GT 54-72102.
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The first thing that you would notice in this cold air intake is the sealed housing. This housing design creates a smoother path for cold air circulation and boosts up combustion.

Secondly, the cold air intake has taken the cotton-gauze media filters to the next level. With the newer layers, you can add more oxygen-rich airflow to your engine.

And thirdly, the torque level brings everything in place and gives you that smooth performance every time. So, what is the best cold air intake for a 5.7 Hemi? aFe Power Momentum will be the answer without any doubt.

Features & Benefits

5-layer media

The 5-layer media gives you maximum airflow. Also, the cotton gauze-media offers convenient washing.

Sealed housing 

The sealed housing comes with an auxiliary air scoop. This housing makes sure to supply cold air circulation that adds to the overall performance of your engine.

Greater horsepower

With this cold air intake, you will get an additional 14-horsepower and a torque level of 19 lbs. x ft.


  • Great noise control
  • Impressive torque enhancement
  • Convenient fitment
  • Breathable and efficient filter


  • Manual lacks a parts-page


4. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1533

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1533. best cold air intake for dodge charger
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The most eye-catching quality of this cold air intake is its unmatched horsepower. The additional 50% airflow than regular air intakes does the job and results in superior power.

Not just that, this k&n cold air intake dodge charger has an impressive construction. The steel ensures durability and makes it last for up to 10 years.

You can see the difference in the morning because of the mound and clear sound from your engine hood. Not to mention, the bolt-on power system allows you to set the entire thing within an hour. Therefore, in total, it is an outstanding investment.

Features & Benefits

Towing facility

The cold air intake provides you with a superior throttle response. And thus, it improves your engine’s uphill performance and adds to the towing facility.

Excellent protection 

The K&N 57-1533 comes with world-class protective measures. Therefore, with this air intake, you can protect your engine from all dust and dirt particles.

Easy maintenance 

This cold air intake can go up to 100,000 miles without any replacement or cleaning. So, you don’t have to face any issues with its maintenance.


  • Excellent dust-prevention
  • Superb performance boost-up
  • Controlled engine sound
  • Serves for a long time


  • Not for all sizes


5. Genuine Mopar 77060003AC Cold Air Intake System

Genuine Mopar 77060003AC Cold Air Intake System
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Good-quality throttle response is an essential factor for power gain. And so, with this cold air intake, you can ensure that throttle response.

After that, the system highly focuses on its user-friendliness. That is why it features filter-washing facilities to save you both time and money. Besides, you get to produce less wastage that is beneficial for the environment.

In total, the Genuine Mopar gives you the best package in an affordable price range. So, if someone asks, what’s the most suitable cold air intake for a Dodge Ram Hemi 1500? You know your answer.

Features & Benefits

Amazing durability

With this super-durable cold air intake, you can enjoy the best acceleration for a long time. Plus, it minimizes the hassle of going through all those replacements.

Throttle response

Because of the impressive figures of the throttle response, you get an advantage with the acceleration. As a result, your engine produces more power.

Superb filtration

The air filter provides the best-quality protection to your engine. Moreover, it is washable and also reusable.


  • Superior throttle response
  • Low and deep sound
  • Amazing vehicle compatibility
  • Easy to set up


  • Inconsistent horsepower gain


6. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9036

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9036
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This cold air intake has the most incredible horsepower. Unlike the regular air intakes, it can add up to 50% airflow to your engine.

After that, come the construction details. The steel body makes the entire structure durable and long-lasting. And so, you can easily use this cold air intake for years without any replacements.

Finally, let’s talk about the maintenance issue. When you install the Spectre SPE-9036, you will get bolt-on powers. Therefore, you get to enjoy the smoother installation. Not to mention, the engine sound gives a strong signal of the newer power.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Towing 

The cold air intake comes with impressive throttle response. As a result, it adds to your engine’s acceleration that leads to better uphill performance. Thus, you can enjoy an advanced towing facility.

Dirt protection

The cold air intake comes with top-notch protective measures. Therefore, with this air intake, you can prevent any type of dirt contamination.

Great convenience

With this air intake, you can go up to 100,000 miles without any replacement. Moreover, it doesn’t need any cleaning during this period. So, it is super-convenient to use.


  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Superior heat protection
  • Convenient reusable-filter
  • Smooth installation process
  • Sturdy intake tube


  • Pipes might pop off


7. Mopar 2011-2013 Dodge Challenger

Mopar 2011-2013 Dodge Challenger
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The unique design of this cold air intake attracts your attention immediately. If you take a closer look at the air intake housing, you will notice how efficiently it handles the cold airflow.

Again, the air intake provides you additional acceleration and horsepower. As a result, you can get an easy breakthrough with towing as well. You can hear the power from the sound coming from the engine hood.

Judging by the dodge charger cold air intake reviews, the air filters give you the most convenient maintenance. It also provides supreme protection against dirt contaminants.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy design

Because of the best quality materials, this cold air intake has a durable finishing that lasts for a long time. It also cuts off your expenses.

Dirt prevention 

The best-quality filtration will protect your engine from any dirt or dust. This way, you can ensure the maximum burn of your fuel.

More power

The design of the cold air intake focuses on the maximum supply of oxygen to your engine. Thus, it results in superior combustion and provides you more power.


  • No issues with oiling
  • Best throttle response
  • Remarkable power gain
  • Loud and clear engine-sound


  • Insufficient instructions


Buying Guide

To get your hands on the top-rated cold air intake, you will have to learn about several aspects. These factors determine whether you should spend your money or not.

And so, pay close attention as we are about to discuss all of these aspects below.

Compatibility check

It is the first and foremost thing that you should check in your cold air intake. Besides, if your cold air intake does not fit your 5.7 hemi charger, its quality will not make any difference at all.

Again, easier-fitment gives you superior control over the system. Therefore, always make sure to check the compatibility and fitment before buying.


We know that your cold air intake supplies constant cold-air to your engine. But what if the air gets all heated up again?

In that case, the heat shield prevents this situation and keeps the air as cold as possible. And thus, the cold air will do its job, and you will notice a difference in the performance within a short while.

Air intake housing

The shape of your air intake housing plays an important role in the performance of your engine. Therefore, if you want a constant cold-airflow, you should choose the perfect shape.

Besides, top rated air intake systems tend to have straight tubes to compliments the cold air supply. So, keep that in mind before buying.

Filter quality

Ensuring the filter-quality is another vital factor here. You see, there are several filters in the market that do not support easy or reusing. Now, if that happens, you will need to replace your filter over and over again.

Thus, it creates unnecessary hassle and costs you a lot of money as well. And so, you should always pick the reusable filter and facilities for easy cleaning.


The typical air filtration often includes disposable filters. As a result, you have to change these filters quite often.

On the contrary, the latest air intake systems facilitate reusable filters. And so, you get to use an environment-friendly option and save money at the same time.

Benefits of Upgrading the Cold Air Intake

We have already come to know about several cold air intakes and discussed their vital characteristics. However, to learn about the importance of using these, we have to know their benefits.

Therefore, here are some of the things that you will enjoy if you upgrade your cold air intake.

  • More oxygen, More power

After you introduce your engine with a cold air intake, it will start getting a supply of oxygen with the air. Now, this means that when it mixes with the fuel, you get more combustion. As a result, it adds to the horsepower of your engine.

  • Improved Throttle Response

The best cold air intake plays an essential role in improving the acceleration of your engine. The airflow maximizes your engine’s response and avoids any slugging. Therefore, by installing the cold air intake, you can enjoy the best-quality throttle response.

  • Enhanced Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is an essential factor to determine the overall performance of your engine. Now, the cold air intake of your engine helps to burn all of that fuel. That is why your engine-fuel will also go a long way, and you will notice a difference in your fuel economy after using it.

How to Install Cold Air Intake?

There is no doubt that cold air intakes are essential for your 5.7 hemi. Even so, things might not work out for you if you install it the wrong way. That is why we are going to discuss how to install them correctly in this section.

  1. Begin the process by checking the fitment and specifications of your cold air intake.
  2. After that, check on the tools and ensure that you have everything by your side before starting the installation process.
  3. Find out the negative terminal of the battery and turn that off. It will allow you to reset the PCM.
  4. Now, loosen up the clamp and carefully take out the air tube from the throttle body.
  5. Remove all the screws and bolts, and take out the MAF sensor and factory air box.
  6. At this stage, bring your cold air intake and secure the filter with the tube using some clamps.
  7. Now, repeat the same with the other end of your air intake. Secure the factory box in place once again.
  8. Finally, attach the MAF sensor and battery, and start your engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is natural to have some queries at this stage. To avoid any confusion, we gathered up a few of these queries. So, check out the discussion below to know the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Question: How much horsepower does a Mopar cold-air intake add?

Answer: Because of the superb airflow and throttle response, your Mopar cold air intake might level up your tremendously. Reports suggest that it goes up to the 390 range in general cases. Even so, you might see variations in these numbers depending on your engine.

Question: How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a 5.7 hemi?

Answer: In general cases, it adds up 40 HP to your 5.7 hemi as an upgrade. However, the figures might change depending on the other aspects like the configuration details of your engine. So, it is not possible to say these figures for sure for all the types.

Question: Do you need to tune your car after cold air intake?

Answer: Adding a cold air intake does not leave any drastic effect. And so, you do not necessarily need to tune your car afterward. However, there is no harm in turning it up either. So, you can tune your car if you want.

Question: Can a cold air intake damage your engine?

Answer: Well, it is a common misconception about cold air intakes. However, using these air intakes will not damage your engine. Instead, a cold air intake will boost your engine’s performance a great deal.

Question: Will a cold air intake change the sound of my car?

Answer: Well, you would notice a significant difference in the sound of your car. It might even get louder and harsher. However, such sound from your engine-hood denotes a healthy condition of your engine. And so, there is nothing to worry about these sounds.

Question: Should I choose aftermarket cold air intake system over my OEM one?

Answer: You see, aftermarket cold air intakes have their share of popularity over the market. However, problematic consequences of the aftermarket cold air intakes might harm your engine. So, to avoid unnecessary risks, it is better to stick with the OEM ones.

Question: Do I need any special tool to install a new cold air intake?

Answer: Yes, you would need some specific tools to install your cold air intake. These tools might include a flat screwdriver, Allen wrench, and ¾ inches wrenches. Again, you will need 13 mm and 10 mm sockets for better results.


There is no telling that all these products work exceptionally well. Even so, we would put the K&N 63-1561 Cold Air Intake on the top of our list. The irresistible combination of its power and performance makes it the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi charger. 

Nevertheless, explore your options carefully and figure out what works best for you. Till then, spend your money wisely and drive safe.

Happy Driving.

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