8 Best Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tacoma [Top Picks and Reviews]

Toyota Tacoma trucks are known for their excellent power and reliable performance in rough terrains. And the part of the engine responsible for maintaining this top-grade performance is the cold air intake.

The cold air intakes are designed to draw in more cold air for maximizing combustion. When the cylinder receives more oxygen-rich air, your engine gains high power and enhanced performance.

The plethora of aftermarket cold air intakes available for Tacoma makes the task of finding one suitable for your truck quite challenging. To help you in this mission, we have reviewed the 8 best cold air intake for Tacoma.

Let’s start by exploring the comparison table to get an overall idea about the best cold air intakes.

Best Cold Air Intake for Tacoma – Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureMaterialFitmentPrice
K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 71-903950% more airflowN/A2016-2019
K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 77-9026KPOn demand accelerationSteel2005-2020
K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-9015-1Improved uphill performanceSteel1999-2004
Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9060Increases horsepower and torqueN/A2016-2019
Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9962High performance synthetic filterN/A2005-2011
Auto Dynasty Aluminum Air Intake System95% filtration capabilityAluminum2005-2011
Toyota PTR03-35160 TRD Air Intake SystemHigh volume air boxCotton2016-2018
aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-81162 Intake SystemThree layer filterPlastic2016-2020

8 Recommended Cold Air Intake for Tacoma – Reviews

An ideal cold air intake for your Tacoma can improve your driving experience. So, go through our review to find your perfect fit.

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 71-9039

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 71-9039

Enjoy boosted performance and excellent durability along with the highest airflow.

The K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 71-9039 has an elegant design with extra-large air filters. The large air filter captures more dirt and ensures 100,000 miles of driving before cleanup is required.

Moreover, the aerodynamic tube configuration provides an increase in horsepower. You will also receive a rise in acceleration and a better throttle response with this air intake.

Features & Benefits

Protects the Engine

The filtration system highlights thousands of tiny cotton fibers. The oiled and layered cotton protects the engine.

Boosts the Airflow

This air intake kit expels the restrictions in the air path by rearranging the air filter. As a result, the airflow to the engine increases by 50%.

Large Air Filter

The 71-9039 air intakes come with a conical-shaped air filter. This large filter size contributes to more airflow at lower constraints.

Provides Elevated Horsepower

The increased airflow in the engine improves the combustion rate. This results in high-quality performance in rough terrains.


  1. Made with high-quality materials
  2. Provides increased horsepower
  3. Great for uphill performance
  4. Gives enhanced acceleration
  5. Doubles the airflow


  1. Creates suction sound


2. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 77-9026KP

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 77-9026KP

This dyno-tested cold air intake effectively increases airflow for better combustion.

The K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 77-9026KP is one of the best cold air intake kits for Toyota Tacoma. You can also enjoy a performance increase while towing heavy vehicles uphill.

Your engine will sound better and show a better throttle response. Also, the washable air filter protects the engine from contaminants.

Features & Benefits

Improves Engine Sound

You will hear a satisfying growl while accelerating. Moreover, this air intake kit eliminates stock baffles from the engine.

Low-Maintenance Product

The air filters not only increase airflow but also retain more dirt. What’s more, you do not have to clean the filters frequently.

Long-Lasting Service

The steel air intake tubes have been dyno tested. Therefore, you can enjoy up to 10-Years of excellent service from this air intake kit.

Improved Towing Speed

The on-demand acceleration feature makes towing easier. You get to tow at a considerably better speed both uphill and downhill by increasing throttle response.


  1. Convenient maintenance process
  2. Swift installation process
  3. Horsepower increase ensured
  4. Provides long-lasting service
  5. Gives on-demand acceleration


  1. Airflow sensors may interfere with the intake system


3. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-9015-1

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-9015-1

This air intake kit uses an oiled synthetic air filter for a higher airflow intake system.

The K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-9015-1 is one of the best cold air intakes for 2.7 Tacoma. Also, you won’t need to conduct any ECU tuning.

Moreover, this air intake is great for the older Tacoma models. And it is street legal in fifty US states.

Features & Benefits

Removes Airflow Restriction

This removes the restrictions from the airflow path by substituting the air filter. It forces a massive volume of air into the engine.

Reduces Turbulence

The filter is attached to a rotationally formed tube built with nonmetallic high-density polyethylene. This ensures precise shaping and also reduces turbulence.

Washable Air Filter

You get long service life from this washable and reusable air filter. This is made from a unique cotton gauze filter technology.

Provides Heat Protection

The filter is kept separated from the temperature of the engine using a heat shield. This protects the engine.


  1. Improved engine sound
  2. Convenient installation process
  3. Filter doesn’t require frequent cleaning
  4. Street legal in 50 states
  5. Enhances throttle response


  1. A small increase in gas mileage


4. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9060

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9060

This cold air intake doesn’t require any tuning and provides a notable improvement in mileage.

The Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit is perfect for those who want a cold-air intake that requires minimal maintenance and is available at an affordable price range.

Moreover, the intake tube is built from polished aluminum for ensuring the coolest air generation. Lastly, the heat shield enhances engine safety.

Features & Benefits

Reusable Air Filter

The cold air intake comes with a large Spectre air filter that lowers restriction and forces more airflow. This filter can be washed and reused for long-lasting service.

Protective Heat Shield

You also get a powder-coated heat shield with this. This shield lowers the temperature of the air and protects the engine.

Increased Torque

The air intake forces large volumes of air into the engine. As a result, the torque increases, and you receive boosted performance.

Includes Necessary Accessories

The Spectre air intake kit includes the essential accessories required for installation. You get rubber boots, steel clamps, and a velocity stack.


  1. Available at an affordable price
  2. Protects the engine
  3. Reusable air filter
  4. Durable intake tube
  5. Comes with a heat shield


  1. Rubber tubes are short


5. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9962

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9962

The Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9962 is designed to boost horsepower in your transport.

This air intake kit also protects your engine from corrosive contaminants. It even has a washable air filter that helps in keeping the engine clean.

Moreover, this kit comes with all the essential parts required for the installation process. Lastly, the aluminum intake tube adds to the durability of this product.

Features & Benefits

Improved Towing

You receive better acceleration and throttle response. As a result, better towing performance is seen even when going uphill.

Quick Installation

You can install this air intake kit in less than an hour. This bolt-on kit also comes with the necessary tools for more convenience.

Advanced Air Filter

It features an exceptional oiled synthetic filter. This assists in protecting your engine from corrupting contaminants.


This cold air intake is very low-maintenance. Because it can go up to 100,000 miles without a cleanup session.


  1. Protects the engine from contaminants
  2. Low restriction air filter
  3. Aluminum intake tube
  4. Includes necessary tools
  5. Powder-coated heat shield


  1. No curve on the tube



6. Auto Dynasty Aluminum Air Intake System

Auto Dynasty Aluminum Air Intake System

The Auto Dynasty Aluminum Air Intake System places the filter outside the engine housing to ensure the coolest air temperatures.

Cooler air brings more oxygen that ensures better combustion. And this results in higher horsepower.

Moreover, the inlet pipe is tuned to resemble the engine’s vibration. This allows more air into the cylinders and produces the highest power gains.

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Durability

This air intake system is built with superior-quality T-6061 aluminum. This ensures exceptional durability in varied conditions.

Efficient Filtration System

Your engine gains up to 95% filtration effectiveness with this cold air intake. Efficient filtration allows more air and better performance.

Performance Gain

The air intake provides 5-10 Horsepower gain and 6-8 percent of torque increase. This results in an amazing performance boost.

Compact Design

The three inches intake inlet is both lightweight and efficient. This compact design ensures high airflow.


  1. Built with high-quality materials
  2. Draws in more cold air
  3. Enhances filtration capability
  4. Higher power gain
  5. Elevates gas mileage


  1. Short vacuum hose


7. Toyota PTR03-35160 TRD Performance Air Intake System

Toyota PTR03-35160 TRD Performance Air Intake System

The Toyota PTR03-35160 TRD Air Intake System features a high-volume airbox that increases airflow and provides increased power gain.

Also, the oiled TRD filter stops debris from reaching the engine. This results in a cleaner and protected engine.

Lastly, this is an original OEM cold air intake. Therefore, it has been designed to fit Toyota engines perfectly.

Features & Benefits

TRD Air Intake

The TRD air filter reduces the number of junk going into the engine while raising airflow. This gives your engine more power.

Original OEM Product

This cold air intake system is a genuine OEM part. Hence, it will fit your Tacoma accurately.

Amazing Engine Sound

The engine sound is tuned by a resonance chamber. This results in a compelling throaty sound.

Improved Combustion

The air intake system lowers the restriction and allows more air into the combustion chamber. Hence, the combustion rate is improved.


  1. Suitable for 3.5L V-6 engine
  2. Moderate performance gain
  3. Smoother throttle response
  4. Sleek compact design
  5. Easy installation process


  1. Negligible mileage increment


8. aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-81162 Intake System

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-81162 Intake System

This cold air intake comes with a 5-1/2″ Pro DRY air filter for ensuring the highest airflow.

The aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-81162 Intake System can increase your torque up to 21 lbs-ft. Moreover, the synthetic layered filter doesn’t require any oil for operation.

Let’s not forget about the sealed housing. This sealed design minimizes removable parts and makes the CAI compact.

Features & Benefits

Maximum Power Gain

This cold air intake flows up to 119% more air than the factory one. As a result, it produces an extra 13 horsepower.

Unique Air Filter

The AFE air intake comes with a dry three-layered air filter. This filter is made with washable synthetic material for increased protection.

Sealed Air Intake

This air intake is placed in a sealed roto mold plastic housing. This has an anodized aluminum coating that keeps out hot air and ensures a cooler air intake.

Advanced Inlet Duct

The CAI system features an auxiliary inlet duct. This ensures better airflow and easy access to the filter.


  1. Maximum torque gain
  2. Better than factory intakes
  3. Non-oiled air filter
  4. Fast installation process
  5. Comes with sealed housing


  1. Plastic parts are not durable


How to Choose the Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tacoma?

You need to keep a few things in mind while choosing the cold air intake. We have assembled a detailed buying guide of the recommended cold air intake for Tacoma to help you choose the perfect air intake.


Before choosing a cold air intake check your vehicle’s model and release year. This information will decide if the air intake is suitable for your car. Generally, you will find a year range with air intake, make sure your vehicle is among those years’ models.


Choose a cold air intake that is built with heat-resistant material. Because continuous heat downgrades the effectiveness of the air intake. Moreover, pick one that is wear-resistant and will provide long-lasting service.


The quality of the air filter is extremely important for a cold air intake kit. You would want one that is both reusable and washable. This way you won’t need to replace it if it gets dirty.

Type Of Air Intake

There are mainly two types of cold air intake: true cold and short ram. The short ram provides smooth filter access. Hence, you can clean the air intake easily.

And the true cold system is known for generating the biggest cool airflow. That’s why it is great for drivers who want high performance.

What are the Indicators of Bad or Faulty Cold Air Intake?

Faulty air intake can lead to problems in other sectors of the vehicle too. That is why it’s very important to detect problems in the cold air intake and fix them quickly.

Excessively Soaring Idle

One of the main indicators of a damaged cold air intake is the unreasonably high idle. You may face high idle because of a vacuum leak from the air intake. If the hoses for vacuum routing break, the vacuum starts leaking and results in high idle.

Decreased Performance

Another common indicator of faulty air intake is reduced performance and horsepower. This happens when the air filter becomes clogged with dirt. You may also face difficulty while starting the car and receive decreased mileage.

Engine Lights

The cold air intakes have sensors installed in them for detecting issues. If the sensors detect damage, then the engine lights will turn on. Hence, check the engine lights for being sure about the state of your air intake.


Question: How Do I Get More Power Out Of My Toyota Tacoma?

Answer: To get more power out of your Tacoma, first replace the old and damaged cold air intake. Be sure to choose a cold air intake that fits your model.

Question: Do Cold Air Intakes Improve The Sound?

Answer: Yes the cold air intakes improve the sound of your engine. You will hear a satisfying growling sound while accelerating.

Question: How often should I replace my cold air intake filter?

Answer: Reusable oil filters last longer and should ideally be serviced after every 12,000 miles. In the case of dry filters, check the filters after every 5000 miles.


Just as having the top rated cold air intake system can enhance your driving experience, installing the wrong one can wreck your precious Tacoma. Hence, choose one that fits your engine requirements accurately.

All the best cold air intake for Tacoma has been discussed here. Nonetheless, the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 71-9039 is our first choice. This kit provides excellent airflow and boosted performance for a long time.

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