7 Best Ignition Coil for BMW [Top Picks & Reviews 2021]

Ignition system produces the ultimate spark to trigger the combustion. And spark plugs seem to depend on the ignition coil for the click.

But the automotive part isn’t immortal, even with the most careful uses. Even for your precious BMW, you’ll have to get rid of the old coils.

Right there, you have to purchase new coils from time to time. It’s one inevitable consequence of any changeable automotive accessory.

The replacement is essentially an integral part of engine ignition maintenance. And you should settle for the very best ignition coil for BMWs.

Check out the immediate comparison of our topmost picks.

Best Ignition Coil for BMW – Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureFitment YearPrice
1. Bosch 0221504470 OEM Ignition CoilProtective Electrical Connections2006 – 2018
2. ENA Set of 6 Ignition Coil PacksShortened Crank Time1996 – 2003
3. Delphi GN10328 Ignition CoilEpoxy Vacuum Technique2007 – 2016
4. Bosch 00124/ 0221504464 OEM Ignition CoilHigh Voltage Boot2003 – 2010
5. POCYBER Ignition Coils Pack Set of 6Built-in Dielectric Epoxy2001 – 2016
6. FAERSI GN 10328 Store Ignition Coil PackProtective Wire Coating2003 – 2016
7. ROADFAR Pack of 6 Ignition CoilsHighly Energized Voltage2001 – 2010

Top 7 Bmw High-Performance Ignition Coils Reviews

The tabulated comparison features all the primary basics. Of course, you’ll need additional details to narrow down the possibilities. Start exploring the best ignition coil for BMW reviews individually.

1. Bosch 0221504470 OEM Ignition Coil

Bosch 0221504470 OEM Ignition Coil. best ignition coil for bmw
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 Help your BMW performance to get encouraged in terms of the outcome.

Apart from mechanical tools, Bosch can take pride in its automotive parts. And the featured coil comes in terms of popular BMWs.

An increase in different mechanical aspects should satisfy your demands just right. For the price, it stands on a moderately affordable budget.

Features & Benefits

Relying Voltage

Among all the well-recognized brands, Bosch already established itself regarding performance. No difference prevails for the chosen single-unit coil pack. Constant voltage transformation induces extra sparking energy, resulting in smooth, immediate & secure ignition.

Steady Connections

Every joint comes out of the factory with additional care. The connections remain prone to damage, no thanks to metal rust/corrosion. But the precise details enable great security against the rigors. It directly helps with the consistency in its performance.

Wide Applicability

From 2006 up to 2018 BMWs, the best BMW coil pack serves its purposes for numerous versions. Its design fits into BMW 1/3/4/5/6/7 Series with M5 & M6 models. Aside from X1/X3/X4/X5/X6 & Z4, the compatibility counts for B6/B7/B7L Alpina.


  • Prolonged service lifespan.
  • Intact electrical connections.
  • Highest quality insulation.
  • Standard OEM satisfaction.


  • Poor plug fitment.

2. ENA Set of 6 Ignition Coil Packs

ENA Set of 6 Ignition Coil Packs. bmw high performance ignition coils
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Initiate a stronger push to let the electricity flow inside the mechanism.

Only a few brands can entitle the list with top-quality ignition accessories. In the flow, ENA has its 6-piece pack of coils for you.

Unique winding design induced the highest quality over its less size & weight. And the price initiates a solid ratio against its performance.

Features & Benefits

Energy Output

Intact mechanism keeps inducing the necessary combustion power. The output gets better, allowing noticeable changes. Installing the coil means an immediate solution to engine issues. Eventual outcome seems to increase the fuel economy.

Maximum Voltage

Retention of actual efficiency lets the system receive an energized voltage transformation. Its tested manufacturing can withstand common driving adversities. Again, the BMW high-performance ignition coils remain fully functional throughout the entire speed range.

Simple Setup

ENA develops the coil for the original replacement of factory-made gears. Every individual portion comes to meet or even exceed OEM specs. Its physical shape enables a fast, simple & proper installation. Right there, you’re sure to have promoted reliability.


  • Reliable operational design.
  • Constant transmission shifts.
  • Direct system installation.
  • Exact consumption of fuel.


  • Pliable metal clips.


3. Delphi GN10328 Ignition Coil

Delphi GN10328 Ignition Coil. best ignition coil for bmw n54
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No more internal stresses to mess with the expected engine performance.

Something peculiar about the coil comes from a long line of work experience. Delphi remains in the business with accessories just like this one.

OE-level testing combines with advanced diagnostics ahead of its service. The price looks somewhat higher, not exceeding the preferable range.

Features & Benefits

Proven Materials

Innovative design gets intelligent manufacturing implementation. Every individual part feature proved material, regarding the highest efficiency. Aside from the quality, you can achieve a satisfactorily long service. Included wires come with a protective coating for imparting durability.

OE Standards

Utilization of the latest OEM technology is ready to exceed the crucial standards. Also, advanced diagnostics include throttle actuator customization, reset adaption & EGR valve coding. Greater voltage difference gets to serve the system, resulting in a more pressurized functionality.

Protective Action

Delphi ignition coil BMW spent a good time to analyze the mechanism behind the ignition. Vibration, temp variance, defective parts directly take part in reducing efficiency. Right there, the coil can withstand the adversities to retain the actual outcome.


  • Superb voltage differences.
  • Adjacent winding function.
  • Intact insulation from inside.
  • Pressurized vented design.


  • Slight fitting issues.


4. Bosch 00124/0221504464 OEM Ignition Coil

Bosch 00124/0221504464 OEM Ignition Coil. best ignition coil for bmw
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Skip frail initial sparks to cause engine problems following the startup.

It’s indeed another top-notch pick from the whole lot of Bosch Automotive. Likewise, the design features considerable similarities to the former one.

Absolute classic turns into a functional modern design for the structure. And the price tag looks righteous enough for the offered outcome.

Features & Benefits

Boot Integration

Its physical design specifically includes a high voltage boot. Meanwhile, the upgraded support has a functional ‘Pressure Fit’ boot. It allows an easy disengagement from the spark plug. And you can attend a tight-sealing on its installation.

Specified Strength

OEM specs are sure to meet with its impeccable functionality. Built-in silicone over-mold induces excellent insulating properties. It leads to a higher resistance to corrosion. Protected action imparts somewhat extended durability against rigorous uses.

Wide Coverage

It immediately fits into 3/5/6/7 Series BMW, ranging between 2003 – 2010. Apart from some popular BMWs, you can get it for your precious Rolls-Royce Phantom. The best ignition coil for BMW N54 adopts X3/X5 & Z4 versions rather well.


  • Sufficient voltage for ignition.
  • Superior dielectric strength.
  • Excellent startup functionality.
  • Top-quality design, no defect.


  • Improper wire fitment.


5. POCYBER Ignition Coils Pack Set of 6

POCYBER Ignition Coils Pack Set of 6.
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Premium automotive replacement gets to push the ignition forward at acceptable values.

We eventually made it to the very last enlisted pick. POCYBER seems like another aftermarket brand to satisfy the system requirements.

You’re just one step away to resolve disgusting engine startup issues. And the price looks somewhat lower than any other counterparts.

Features & Benefits

Superb Quality

Top graded materials come with highly conductive copper wire. Unique dielectric epoxy enables specified applications for the best ignition coil for BMW 328i. Apart from a powerful outcome, your system experiences low exhaust emissions.

Energized Coil

Improvised performance on output is undeniably the most enjoyable part. The intact mechanism upholds its efficiency throughout its life. Right there, a solid 15% upgrade occurs for the ignition energy. And your vehicle startup receives the necessary spark at once.

Direct Fitment

Precise physics lets you install the coil without creating any mess. Of course, you can make a reliable replacement for original factory coils. And it gets to support a good number of BMWs. Considering the variations, you can cover some popular 2001 – 2016 models.


  • Improved consumption of fuel.
  • Pre-greased direct replacement.
  • Wide BMW series applicability.
  • Steady voltage transformation.


  • Initial response problems.


6. FAERSI GN10328 Store Ignition Coil Pack

FAERSI GN10328 Store Ignition Coil Pack.
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Let the ignition pass the test of time with flying colors.

Over the years, FARESI has come to market with some preferable automotive parts. And the picked GN10328 is ready to offer trusted outcome & quality.

The single-unit set meets the strictest standards through precise engineering. The price tag stands good to impart a favorable quality-to-price ratio.

Features & Benefits

Solid Frame

Rugged construction can stand rigors, coming from adverse driving conditions. Its tested action against thermal shock improvises the overall reliability. The integrated isolator ensures a high-voltage availability with the best ignition coils for the BMW E90.

Direct Fitment

The physical specs specifically focus on their immediate fitment. It offers a genuine ignition replacement. Direct bolt for the parts eliminates any necessity of further modifications. Proper installation triggers consistent performance from the startup, optimizing the fuel economy.

Quality Wire

Included copper wires come to satisfy the toughest working conditions. Obviously, the wire induces great support for its mainframe. That’s where you’re sure to get an exceptionally high resistance. Premium wire coating helps to uphold the overall efficiency.


  • Resistance to thermal shock.
  • Quality materials for longevity.
  • Superior electrical insulation.
  • Optimized voltage induction.


  • Slight initial roughness.


7. ROADFAR Pack of 6 Ignition Coils

ROADFAR Pack of 6 Ignition Coils.
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Precise, simple & powerful ignition comes forward to serve your system.

The next one to make our list promises a top-notch aftermarket replacement. ROADFAR introduces one conveniently reliable model to satisfy the demands.

One single pack includes 6 individual units to match the requirements. Likewise, the price tag seems reasonable for any multi-unit standard pack.

Features & Benefits

Premium Quality

Each part of the coil features the highest standard materials. Its combined action delivers a relying design efficiency like no other. Also, you’ll have the durability against intensely rigorous uses. The replacement gets to compete with any factory-made options.

High Practicability

Intact structural frame holds the mechanism against all odds. The best ignition coils for BMW E46 itself holds the actual outcome to support the ignition system. Integrated wires get to induce a powerful voltage transformation.

Superior Fitment

Accurate compatibility makes the intended construction a rather suitable choice. Not to mention, the design is specifically for certain BMW versions. A wide range of varieties to hit the road between 2001 & 2010 can adopt its mechanism.


  • Enduring material service.
  • Upgraded coil functionality.
  • Direct replacement specs.
  • Strict quality maintenance.


  • Misshaped connector.


How to Choose the Best BMW Coil Pack?

BMW managed to rise the ladder with incredible popularity. And you have to ensure its smooth action to hold the luxury. But no indefinite coil can support any specified BMW ignition system.

There are noticeable differences in system design, calling for variations. Right there, you just keep some key facts in mind. The knowledge should lead you to the best ignition coil for BMW.

System Fitment

Obviously, the most essential fact concerns the system preference. You have nothing to make the choice unless it fits the requirements. Before anything else, you better check out the vehicle manual closely.

Different Types

There are variations in terms of function, design & mechanism, even for BMW ignition coils. And the distinction causes a categorized appeal for available options. Likewise, you’ll have to depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Voltage Increment

Amplifying the low voltage for inducing a powerful high-voltage ignition requires the coil. It’s the foremost task of the structure in any vehicle. Try to contact the seller or manufacturer to know further on the probable increment.

Supporting Detail

Additional details help the frame to uphold its actual efficiency against rigors. Epoxy insulation with wire coating plays a large part in promoting the transformation. Check all the joints for detecting any noticeable leaks.

Protective Action

Apart from the voltage transformation, the coil can provide some security. It remains connected with the spark plug, holding the startup key. You better check out the specs to avoid any potential issues to cause damages.

Engine Response

For every individual version, there are at least two options available. No matter what, one should provide better results in comparison to the other. And you’re to make the choice based on the system improvement.

BMW Ignition Coil Failure Reasons

Apart from the lifespan, your ignition coil remains prone to damage & deterioration. It’s not expected to get the full service from any coil. There are specific facts to cause early failure.

Mechanical Deterioration Damaged valve cover gasket often ends up causing complete failure. Poor or worn out insulation messes with the conductivity. And not least, leaks are indeed one common threat for anything.

Defective Voltage Support Overloaded voltage support can immediately destroy the working mechanism. Excessive metal wear inside the ignition control unit also triggers an eventual failure for the coil framework.

Problems with Short Circuit When there’s electricity involvement, you have to keep the short circuit under consideration. Even the very best ignition coil can fail right over a massive short circuit problem.

Opening Section Deposits Engine assembly barely gets necessary maintenance, regarding cleanup. And it lets the dirt, grime & other deposit create an aggregating pile. Low surface contact can lead to a gradual reduction in efficiency.

BMW Ignition Coil Failure Symptoms

As mentioned, failure is inevitable with any automotive part. And you’ll have to encounter the obvious facts at some point. There are some signs to understand the wearing out the condition of ignition coils. Just get on with the symptoms, mostly concerning with BMWs.

  • Randomly misfiring ignition system.
  • Low gas mileage, poor fuel economy.
  • Timely, heavy struggling on startup.
  • Problems with mechanical stalling.
  • Noticeably noisy, juddering vibrations.
  • Frequent overheating of the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long do BMW ignition coils last?

Answer: For any standard vehicle specs, the ignition coil should last 100000 miles. But adverse driving conditions can reduce longevity.

Q: How many ignition coils does a BMW have?

Answer: The requirement is likely to vary, depending on the system requirement. But almost all popular BMWs features 6 coils for 6 cylinders.

Q: How do you check a BMW ignition coil?

Answer: Examining the coil requires some simple steps. You just need to access the coil end with an electric ohmmeter. For BMW models, the resistance should stand within 0.4Ω – 0.8Ω.

Q: How much does it cost to replace an ignition coil on a BMW?

Answer: The cost never remains the same, no thanks to the immense variations. But you better keep $100 to $200 in the wallet for a standard replacement service.


There’s no way to hold the pride down the track with defective parts. Only the efficient ignition system can support the mechanism to uphold its integrity. You just need to start with the best ignition coil for BMW from the options.

Without any restriction, Bosch 0221504470 OEM Ignition Coil should take the prize. The featured set offers everything in a plausibly supportive order. From the initial quality to the final performance – the service seems worth the money.

Happy Driving.

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