10 Best Oil Filter for 5.9 Cummins [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Diesel engine vehicle means sticky motor oil to power up the system. But impurities are likely to mess with the burning to add up the cost.

And oil filter stands on the way to take out the intruders. But you’re to replace the existing one as an integral part of engine maintenance.

The requirements vary too wide, considering the independent specs. Right there, it starts to get difficult to find a suitable filter media.

Even for your 5.9 Cummins, making the investment requires attention. That’s where we have the best oil filter for 5.9 Cummins to help.

You’ll find every necessary detail ahead of a successful purchase. Before jumping into the reviews, check out the quick comparison below.

Best Oil Filter for 5.9 Cummins – Comparisons

ProductSize (inches)Micron RatingVehicle FitmentPrice
Fleetguard LF16035 Oil Filter for 5.9 Cummins4 x 4 x 7301989 – 2017
Genuine Chrysler Part 5083285AA Oil Filter11 x 5 x 825 – 352004 – 2012
WIX 57620XP Xp Spin-On Lube Filter7.2 x 4.3 x 4.1352003 – 2008
K&N Premium Oil Filter3.8 x 3.8 x 7.2301989 – 2019
ACDelco PF2232 Professional Oil Filter5.6 x 4 x 425 – 302001 – 2018
Donaldson DBL7349 Lube Filter4 x 6 x 415 – 301989 – 2016
Mopar 0508 3285AA, Engine Oil Filter11 x 5 x 8301990 – 2012
Napa Gold 1607 Oil Filter6 x 6 x 2171989 – 2002
Royal Purple High Performance Oil Filter3.2 x 3.8 x 7251996 – 2015
aFe Power 44-LF002 Pro GUARD D2 Oil Filter7.7 x 3.9 x 3.9301989 – 2016

10 Best Oil Filter for 5.9 Cummins -Reviews

The aforementioned table comes with a basic comparison to give some primary insight. But you’re to require the details to match the specs. And we covered all the essential points for the detailed review. Just start scrolling to explore the best oil filter for 5.9 Cummins.

1. Fleetguard LF16035 Oil Filter for 5.9 Cummins

Fleetguard LF16035 Oil Filter for 5.9 Cummins

Increase service odds through the probable best filter money can buy.

The very first to make our list comes from renowned Fleetguard. Featured LF16035 here is the upgraded version of its previous LF3972 filter.

Design, performance, longevity – a solid structural combo comes to serve your engine. And you’re to receive an excellent price-to-quality ratio to consider it.

Features & Benefits

Reliable Frame

The fluted exterior shell makes it particularly specific for Dodge Ram applications. Of course, the structure features top-quality materials to ensure longevity. Even the measurements seem perfect to initiate direct fitment.

Protective Action

The intended filter supports all oil types to keep the engine running. But you’ll have the peak performance with full synthetic fluid. Interior filtering mechanism remains intact & powerful to take out the pollutants.

Extended Usage

Superior versatility makes the best diesel oil filter one dependable choice to take into account. It comes ready to support 2017 down to 1989 versions of Dodge Ram.


  • Clean oil, effective action
  • Lowered cost functionality
  • Reasonably easy to install
  • Extended change interval


  • Slight leakage issue


2. Genuine Chrysler Part 5083285AA Oil Filter

Genuine Chrysler Part 5083285AA Oil Filter

The supportive design comes to ensure maximum engine action from the start.

Not many filters can strictly meet the factory specs for the filter. Chrysler has 5083285AA to purify the oil going into the burn chamber.

It combines efficiency & performance to serve your vehicle’s mechanical demand. The price remains ridiculously lower, even in comparison to local hardware stores.

Features & Benefits

Durable Materials

Pretty thick metal makes up the basic frame to withstand mechanical stress. Of course, no bending will occur to mess with its efficiency. And the measured dimensions keep installation a simple breeze for yourself.

Genuine Accessory

integrated filter comes with a satisfactory 25 – 35-micron rating. Genuine replacement retains the actual engine performance to keep it running smoothly.

Extra Versatility

It fits 2004 – 2012 Ram pickups, somewhat limited fitment without modern versions. But you’re to utilize the filter for 6.7L engines as well. And the versatility seems to hit the roof ahead of your trips.


  • Intact construction from inside
  • Slight extension in change time
  • Direct installation for fitment
  • Thick metal to prevent bending


  • Not for upgraded versions


3. aFe Power 44-LF002 Pro GUARD D2 Oil Filter

aFe Power 44-LF002 Pro GUARD D2 Oil Filter

Impart further efficiency in purifying the oil ahead of better engine support.

You’re to count on 44-LF002 by aFe to enjoy smooth vehicle performance. Not to mention, the filter promises overall betterment in capturing capability.

The 5.9 Cummins oil filter is one convenient alternative to our very first pick. Despite its higher price tag, you’ll have the satisfaction for sure.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Construction

Solid steel canister keeps the exterior intact against all sorts of adversity. And the performing interior mechanism comes with a heavy-duty coil spring. You can expect somewhat extra service life on the road with it.

Extended Usability

Better oil flow inside the mechanical parts improves the working efficiency. As it happens, you can use the filter for the 1989 – 2016 versions. Its design can support any standard oil composition – synthetic to conventional.

No-Leak Installation

A built-in seal simply keeps the purifying oil inside the filtration media. You can reliably complete the installation without any mess for its system. No leak is likely to take place upon miles of running.


  • Enduring structural strength
  • Higher efficiency infiltration
  • Sufficient vehicular fitment
  • Easy installation within mins


  • Somewhat misleading info


4. WIX Filters – 57620XP Xp Spin-On Lube Filter

WIX Filters - 57620XP Xp Spin-On Lube Filter

Induce sturdy measures to protect the engine system from intruding pollutants.

Unlike the previous ones, the featured filter comes with limited usability. But you’re to get maximum satisfaction with compatible mechanisms for sure.

WIX specifically developed its 57620XP to work with synthetic-based motor oils. And you can consider the options without worrying about investment costs.

Features & Benefits

Synthetic Media

Integration of fully synthetic media can handle even the harshest temp conditions. It comes with the further capability to capture damaging solid contaminants. No more premature plugging is to take place over a sudden oil breakdown.

HNBR Gasket Seal

WIX introduces a specifically formulated HNBR gasket to prevent oil leakage. In fact, the feature triggers an intact seal surrounds the joining parts. You’re to enjoy soft, warm startup every time with consistent oil viscosity.

Anti-Drain Valve

The applicable system gets to offer extended service life with the model. Its anti-drain silicone valve prohibits engine roughness to cause dry startup.


  • Solid framework materials
  • Internal engine protection
  • Effective capturing media
  • Retention of oil freshness


  • Only 6 feeding holes


5. K&N Premium Oil Filter

K&N Premium Oil Filter

Specific design enables the betterment of filtering efficiency with satisfying service life.

The premium wrench-off filter by K&K is one advanced oil filtration system. The best synthetic oil filter for 5.9 Cummins includes all necessary features to ensure uninterrupted action.

From inside out – everything remains in a perfect combo towards appropriate functionality. You just have to spend on its ridiculously low price tag.

Features & Benefits

Steeled Structure

The basic frame comes with a sturdy design, keeping safety in mind. Sturdy steel casing imparts extra strength to withstand outer impact. Its entire surrounding walls have incredible strength to handle the intense oil pressure.

Extended Efficiency

Standard 30-micron media takes out the major portion of damaging elements. The filter can maintain a sufficient rate even with heavier compositions.

Simple Installation

Placing the intended model seems an easy task for any conscious driver. There comes one welded nut on the canister, measuring only 1.0” in size. Not to say, the nut helps with its removal ahead of further replacement.


  • Prolonged engine protection
  • No stripping with rolled thread
  • Hex welded nut eases removal
  • Included anti-drain back valve


  • Initial leakage at O-rings


6. ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter

ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter

A clean supply of fresh oil initiates excellent smoothness for engine functionality.

Even a high-quality aftermarket filter can get the job done with satisfaction. And ACDelco has PF2232 to serve the interest from its core.

The extremely sturdy frame comes ready to eliminate anything to disrupt the engine. And one single unit barely cost you any noticeable number of bucks.

Features & Benefits

High Burst Strength

The stainless steel body triggers incredibly high strength against internal pressure. In fact, the burst strength remains 5x greater than operating psi. Apart from exterior adversity, the structure gets to serve for a reasonable period.

Effective Filtration

Built-in cellulose filter media comes with 98% efficiency with its 25/30-micron rating. It can easily remove any particles measuring 1/3rd of human hair.

Adhesive Sealing

The integration of the thermosetting adhesive seal holds the media in its intended place. Again, the feature takes an active part in reducing leakage possibilities. Consistent flow management prevails, thanks to dependable filtration efficiency.


  • Specialized aftermarket design
  • Incredible fit, form & function
  • Optimal particle filtering ability
  • Extended structural durability


  • Dented exterior on arrival


7. Donaldson DBL7349 Lube Filter

Donaldson DBL7349 Lube Filter

Guaranteed long haul for the engine comes with the preferred filter replacement.

Donaldson brings in the first-fit option right here for specified OE requirements. Its DBL7349 features ingenious efficiency in removing intruding particles.

Excellent engine performance gets higher with the best Cummins oil filter’s capability. But the price may seem somewhat expensive, taking the offers into account.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Materials

The blue-colored exterior is likely to catch the attention first. Its coating covers the underlying steel from rust, corrosion & other damaging agents. A thick metal body for the entire frame initiates superb strength to withstand deteriorating forces.

Satisfying Freshness

Most of the enlisted filters come with a 30-micron filter, more or less. But you’re to receive 99% filtration efficiency with its 15-micron rated media.

Convenient Action

Its spin-on functionality enables full GPM flow to support the system. Extended purifying capability keeps the oil in fresh composition ahead of burning. Despite its higher usability, the model goes well with modern versions.


  • Durable design, premium outlook
  • High casing strength throughout
  • Somewhat fine capturing capability
  • Integration of Syntec filters media.


  • No flute on end caps.


8. Mopar 0508 3285AA, Engine Oil Filter

Mopar 0508 3285AA, Engine Oil Filter

Genuine OEM comes ready to push the current filtration efficiency forward.

Only a few manufacturers can outmatch Mopar in the automotive industry. And its 3285AA is one reason to understand the brand value clearly.

The best oil filter for 5.9 Cummins diesel combines every essential feature of efficiency. Likewise, you’re to spend a certain amount on an original replacement.

Features & Benefits

Specialized Frame

The structural design seems somewhat indestructible from the core. The primary surrounding metal comes with sufficient thickness to withstand intense stress.

Satisfying Support

Likewise, a standard 30-micron filter takes out major damaging particles at once. Reduced dry startup starts to retain actual engine efficiency from the beginning.

Superior Usability

It goes well with 2012 down to 1990 versions, a wide range to consider. Also, the model supports both 5.9L & 6.7L engine systems pretty good. Therefore, you can preferably choose the filter right away.


  • A simple frame, superior output
  • OEM standards meeting design
  • Powerful to withstand pressure
  • Intact sealing prevents leakage


  • No built-in welded nut


9. Napa Gold 1607 Oil Filter

Napa Gold 1607 Oil Filter

Enjoy fully uninterrupted engine performance through an effectively fluted filter version.

Almost all the standard features are available for the model. Napa has a lot to offer with its high-end 1607 filter coming from the ‘B’ series.

Your engine becomes set to deliver incredibly high oil purifying efficiency. Price seems reasonable enough to consider, accounting for every aspect.

Features & Benefits

Great Serviceability

Aside from the thick metal structure, the integrated spin-on filter trigger maximized action. Superior mechanical strength gets to handle intense pressure. And it simply results in a satisfactory long-lasting filtration service.

Spin-On Filter

You can attend close to 99% efficiency with a 17-micron rating. It also initiates 45% further contaminant holding ability. A higher flow rate of 12 – 16 GPM prevails towards consistency in oil-burning.

Superb Applicability

For the best part, you can get it for any classic 5.9 Cummins. The model goes well with the 1989 – 2002 model perfectly. You can skip any confusion regarding its assembly, thanks to simpler measurements.


  • Incredible structural stability
  • Consistent oil purifying rate
  • Retention of actual freshness
  • No leakage through O-rings


  • Slight design defect


10. Royal Purple High-Performance Premium Oil Filter

Royal Purple High-Performance Premium Oil Filter

Install something different yet effective to encourage the overall engine mechanism.

There are reasons to look deep into the very last option here. Royal Purple simply outmatches all others through an incredible filtration advancement.

You’re to get high satisfaction from the best bypass oil filter for 5.9 Cummins functionality. For the price tag, you should keep it under consideration without a doubt.

Features & Benefits

Fiberglass Media

Built-in synthetic micro-glass media comes with extended performance. Ultra-strength housing results in superb burst strength. Of course, you can expect to notice a reasonable boost in engine response.

Filtering Efficiency

Its 25-micron rating can take out up to 99% impurities. A sturdy rubber base promotes leak-free sealing from top to bottom. Additional capturing capability lets you have a prolonged system freshness.

Functional Design

The design specs strictly follow OEM standards to fulfill factory demands. Everything’s there to support the interior mechanism. Regardless of the conditions, engine oil remains functional to keep your vehicle running.


  • Metal end cap eases installation
  • Screen-backed synthetic media
  • Nitrile rubber handles adversity
  • Bypass valve to retain flow rate


  • Somewhat difficult removal


How to Choose the Best Diesel Oil Filter for 5.9 Cummins?

It’s somewhat impossible to find an exact alternative to the specified filter. And the choice gets more difficult with certain engine specs. No doubt, you can’t have anything unless it makes the perfect match.

Therefore, you’re to pay attention while making the purchase. Certain key considerations can lead to a path of success in no time. Don’t miss to check the influencing criteria for having the best oil filter for 5.9 Cummins.

  • Vehicle Fitment

The very first consideration lies with your vehicle specs from the manufacturer. Even the absolute best option may not get to fit the pickup. You’ve to take the version along with other measurements into account. Check the manual accordingly to determine the filter specs. Then you get to narrow the list of suitable ones.

  • Media Category

You can’t afford to forget about oil tolerance. Certain filters do reasonably well with synthetic fluids. And you have alternatives to fit the requirement of conventional oils. Also, there are several options that are available to serve all sorts of standard motor oil. This is where you can make difference in filtration efficiency.

  • Filtering Efficiency

You need to focus on filtering capability ahead of satisfactory service. As it happens, it’s time to check out the micron rating. Considering the topmost choices, 30-micron filters seem to provide excellent capturing performance. You can obviously settle down for other options to induce further removal effectiveness.

  • Holding Capacity

Following the micron rating, you’re to check out the holding capacity. It’s one crucial factor to decide the effective service life of the filter. Contaminants will keep aggregating on the filtering media. You can’t expect to enjoy one replacement having the poor capability for long. Sufficient capability can get you to the designed interval.

  • Surrounding Exterior

The filter itself remains subjected to lots of unexpected outdoor adversity. In addition, the interior has to tolerate intense oil pressure. It’s essential to check the material strength from every angle. The steel casing is indeed the most preferred choice for the frame. Look the thickness closely to assume possible burst strength.

  • Engine Response

Just because the filter fits don’t mean it’s indeed the righteous choice. There are different options to check out for your particular 5.9 Cummins. As it happens, you are likely to get a noticeably variable response from engine functionality. Therefore, you’re to find something plausible to match the system since the installation.

  • Leakage Sealing

O-ring leakage is one issue you’ll have to counteract one way or another. The worst part concerns with an increase in essential fuel cost. High-end construction pays special attention to the joint to prevent leakage. Still, you should check out the built-in seals throughout ahead of confirmation of purchase.

It’s rather impossible to get a perfect replacement without sacrificing anything above. Take your time to understand features to fulfill the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can an oil filter affect oil on pressure?

Answer: Certain filter problems can trigger drops on pressure. Improper, failed, defective, or clogged filter affects the pressure considerably.

Q: Can an oil filter cause engine light?

Answer: Malfunctioning filters can’t turn on the light directly. But problems generated from the filter will eventually turn on the engine light.

Q: Can an oil filter leak?

Answer: The filter can wear out or O-rings are likely to get loosened. There are several reasons to trigger leakage from the oil filter.

Q: Can an oil filter be reused?

Answer: Of course, it’s entirely possible to reuse the filter. You can either clean, replace, or fix the media prior to 2nd-time application.

Q: How often do you change an oil filter?

Answer: Manufacturers tend to recommend replacement with every oil change. However, filters can serve 5000-7000 miles for diesel cars. Also, you may think of changing every 3000 miles.

Q: How many fuel filters on 5.9 Cummins?

Answer: Taking the modern versions into account, there are 2 fuel filters. But the number may differ, depending on pickup specs.

Q: Can I change the oil filter without changing the oil?

Answer: Yes, you can make replace the filter without doing an oil change. It’s somewhat a different section, nothing to do with holding or burning.


Every driver looks for the best performance from 5.9 Cummins. You should get the importance of having a solid replacement regarding oil filtration. Overwhelming options can easily mislead you towards improper purchase. But our best oil filter for 5.9 Cummins can save you the trouble.

It’s obviously difficult to make any particular choice from the top picks. But Fleetguard oil filter for 5.9 Cummins seems to fulfill every basic requirement. You’re to get everything in one unit – durability, efficiency, fitment, assembly. Even the price is righteous for its immense offerings.

Happy Driving.

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