10 Best Oil for 6.7 Cummins [Reviews & Buying Guide 2021]

Engine oil is undeniably the most important substantive purchase. It’s one basic fact to ensure optimum functionality & satisfactory maintenance.

You know most diesel engines vary from one another to a lot of aspects. And no doubt, you can make a wrongful investment over confusion.

This is even true with your precious 6.7 Cummins. You’ll have to get the right one filling in your tank for optimizing the performance.

You can skip all other searches with our comprehensive details. Seems great, right?

For you, we’ve narrowed down the options to enlist 10 best oil for 6.7 Cummins. Hopefully, you will get your suitable one from here.

Before getting to the brief explanation, take a quick look at the comparison.

Best Oil for 6.7 Cummins – Comparisons

ProductOil TypeViscositySpecial FeaturePrice
1. Valvoline Premium Blue SAE Engine OilConventional15W – 40High TBN
2. Cummins Onan OilConventional15W – 40Reduced Consumption
3. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Engine OilFull Synthetic5W – 40Thermal Protection
4. Shell Rotella T6 Diesel Engine OilFull Synthetic5W – 40Shear Stability
5. Valvoline MaxLife Technology Motor OilSynthetic Blend10W – 30Extra Detergent
6. Mobil 1 High Mileage Motor OilFull Synthetic10W – 30Seal Conditioner
7. Shell Rotella T5 Diesel Engine OilFull Synthetic10W – 30Low-Ash Formula
8. Delo SAE Synblend OilSynthetic Blend15W – 40Soot Dispersion
9. Triax Fleet Supreme ESP Synthetic OilFull Synthetic10W – 30Friction Modification
10. Motul Gasoline and Diesel Engine OilFull Synthetic5W – 40Viscous Resistance

Best Oil for 6.7 Cummins Reviews

The aforementioned comparison should give some insight. But you better look into the detailed review to get the explicit picture.

Going through our review will help you find the right one. So let’s start scrolling down to explore the choices one by one.

1. Valvoline Premium Blue SAE Engine Oil

Valvoline Premium Blue SAE Engine Oil

Get the best of your precious engine with the most suitable choice.

Valvoline Premium Blue is the ultimate fuel for your 6.7 Cummins. In our choice it’s one of the best diesel oil for 6.7 cummins. It encourages the overall engine functionality, promoting cleaner inside.

The composition easily meets all the essential test requirements. Modern technical formation ensures maximized efficiency from inside out.

Features & Benefits

Optimum Internal Protection

The oil includes Dispersive Polymer Technology (DPT). Its unique action offers great soot control. Your engine prevents valve train wear & cold startup. Even the system experiences low restriction for oil filtration.

Advanced Lubricating Technique

Modern formulation particularly encourages engine performance from its core. Of course, Cummins specifically tested the liquid on several applications. It enables efficiency for diesel systems having emission treatment (EGR, DPF & others).

Excellent TBN Value Retention

Total Base Number (TBN) is high enough to neutralize the contaminants. The composition retains its processing efficiency even after hours of use.


  • High reduction in wear & deposit
  • Incredibly protective performance
  • Betterment in fuel consumption
  • Maximized cleanliness for engine


  • Slight leakage on the caps


2. Cummins Onan Oil

Cummins Onan Oil

It’s time to treat the RV generating engine with some real deal.

Cummins itself develops the best oil for dodge Cummins 6.7 to support all the requirements perfectly. It promises to deliver better performance.

The factory-tested oil is ready to give the engine a new life. From inner cleanliness to outer mileage – you’ll get everything in one unit. And also it’s one of the highly recommended oil for Cummins diesel engines.

Features & Benefits

Highly Effective Formulation

The premium oil comes from Cummins itself. Advanced formulation enhances the engine workability from top to bottom. Despite the high price tag, it ensures noticeable on-road improvement.

Engine Cleaning Performance

A powerful additive combo for the base oil triggers maximized protection. It prevents unwanted buildup from the overheated deposit. Therefore, all internal parts retain cleanliness in the long run.

Active Composition Viscosity

It comes with a standard SAE rating of 15W-40 for viscosity. And the blend enables protection against oxidation over high temperature. Increased viscosity simply induces a greater fuel economy.


  • Excellent engine startup
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Almost zero inside wear
  • Improved viscous action


  • Fuel price seems high.


3. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Engine Oil

Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Engine Oil

Just another Valvoline from the bucket comes forward to serve the engine.

It’s one endorsed high-quality formula for Cummins’ models. The manufacturer recommended it to support the core system.

Improved viscosity is likely to result in higher performance potential. The exclusive blend ensures protection against freezing weather conditions. This one is One of the best oil for 2014 6.7 cummins model.

Features & Benefits

Weather Resisting Action

Without a doubt, the viscosity decides to respond to temperature. And 5W-40 comes highly recommended for colder regions. The fuel remains active & functional against freezing outdoor.

Specified Cummins Formula

It’s more like ‘The Only One’ for different Cummins vehicles. Likewise, you can have it to encourage 6.7 system functionality. Again, the synthetic base stock enables a faster & safer startup all along.

Excellent Fuel Economy

The improved formula works against high-temp oxidation. It encourages better mileage over reduced consumption. Therefore, you’ll get to enjoy greater fuel economy in comparison to 15W-40 oils.


  • Extended life for valve train
  • Inner parts’ deposit control
  • Low oxidation of composition
  • Superior thermal properties


  • Improper sealing of pack


4. Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Trustworthy fuel to promote Cummins 6.7L engine functionality from inside.

Shell Rotella T6 is arguably one versatile fluid to satisfy the demand. You’ll find it suitable for lots of modern vehicular systems.

This one easily outperforms different convenient options at once. Several top-notch protective measures make it one reliable purchase.

Features & Benefits

Triple Protection Plus Tech

Almost every Shell Rotella oil comes with this functional spec. it enables superior protection against interior deposits. Whether its soot, dirt, or contaminant – your system gets the perfect treatment.

Improved Engine Efficiency

Scattering of congregated buildup triggers excellent cleanliness. The best synthetic oil for 6.7 Cummins initiates recovery support from the beginning. The whole mechanism gets free from overheated obstruction.

Retention of Inner Freshness

Its active agents promote long-lasting freshness for thousands of miles. Constant oil pressure over shear stability prevents unnecessary fuel burning. Studies revealed its ability to improve 1.5% fuel economy.


  • Superior versatility on action
  • Fully synthetic-based formula
  • Incredibly powerful additives
  • Superb mileage improvement


  • Erroneous volume label


5. Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil

Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil

Start enjoying higher mileage on the road with your precious 6.L Cummins.

Once again, we’re down to Valvoline for filling the tank. Of course, this one is slightly different in terms of viscosity.

Its special formulation is ready to meet powerful engine demands. You better switch to the liquid for getting unrivaled improvement.

Features & Benefits

Perfectly Blended Formula

The combo includes conventional base-stocks against synthetic oils. Additional additives have anti-friction modifying & wear-resisting action. The extra amount of cleaning agents keeps the inner parts clean.

Extended Layer of Protection

Its efficient composition enables a thick anti-wear film. The layer imparts higher durability for the entire mechanism. It prohibits system breakdown without sacrificing the engine’s specified workability.

Supportive Pouring Design

The bottle comes with a unique structural design unlike any other. Its pouring process engages 3 different elements. In fact, there are easy pulling tab & anti-glub tube against precision pour spout.


  • Quite effective synthetic blend
  • Zero breakdowns and oxidation
  • Containment of extra detergent
  • Steady conditioners for its seal


  • Issues with design leakage


6. Mobil 1 High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil

We just have outstanding oil here to initiate higher mileage on track.

Mobil 1 is one trustworthy brand with lots of excellent choices. And the formula promises superior performance for any 6.7 Cummins.

High mileage is simply one of the immense benefits you’ll get. The presence of the fluid in the fuel tank guarantees extended serviceability.

Features & Benefits

High-End Synthetic Formula

The best oil for dodge cummins 6.7 only features top-quality synthetic oils. Obviously, there are extra additives mixed with the base oil. It deteriorates any future buildup over long hours of fuel burning.

Satisfactory Engine Support

It’s the official engine fuel for NASCAR vehicles. But still, it delivers unrivaled performance on other compatible systems. The effective composition ensures maximum service for every single inner part.

Good Mileage Enhancement

High resistance to cold weather & high interior temp encourages extended protection. It retains the whole system against the deposit, wear & breakdown. And the action results in smooth running for 75000+ miles.


  • Premium additives included
  • Good temperature protection
  • Additional seal conditioner
  • Highly extended applicability


  • Poor packing quality


7. Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Incredibly protective measures keep the engine functional & safe all the way.

It’s Shell Rotella one more time to serve your 6.7L Cummins. Advanced features ensure maximized efficiency against all odds.

The formula comes with everything you can possibly get from oil. All the engine parts receive excellent treatment on the run.

Features & Benefits

Optimum Engine Protection

Likewise, the oil features Triple Protection Plus technology. And it initiates immediate action against engine deteriorating issues. The inner side remains safe withstanding all the deposit, wear & oil breakdown.

Superb Vehicular Compatibility

The fully synthetic oil includes some powerful additives. its low-ash composition protects particulate filters & exhausting catalysts. Therefore, you can use the fluid on low-emission engines.

Extended Draining Interval

It meets all the universal standards. Heavier viscosity of 10W-30 leads to an extended interval for an oil change. In fact, you can go over the recommended 50000 miles without any trouble.


  • Superb temperature resistance
  • Excellent protection for interior
  • Wide approval for applications
  • Satisfactorily high fuel economy


  • Plastic cap breaks easily


8. Delo Synblend Synthetic Oil

Delo Synblend Synthetic Oil

Superior enhancement of output is the ultimate result of the premium synthetic oil.

Delo brings one functional best oil for dodge 6.7 diesel. The technology allows its effective formula for on-road highway applications.

Exceptional control over buildups promotes the overall engine workability. The diesel motor oil extends durability against low maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Functional Blend Performance

There are certain problems with synthetic blend over full synthetic. But Delo skips everything through a careful formulation. The mixed-feet oil contains every component in a perfect share.

Unique Chemical Composition

It comes with unique Isosyn technology for functional advancement. The next generation chemistry initiates high durability for engine parts. It even meets OEM cleanliness requirements to serve your interest.

Excellent Protective Measures

The blend includes dispersing additives & powerful detergents. Apart from turbocharger protection, it enables prohibition against deposit & oxidation. Maximum utilization over minimal downtime results in low fuel costs.


  • Patented advanced technology
  • Minimized operational economy
  • Compatible with newer systems
  • Improvised cold flow properties


  • Cheap container material


9. Triax Fleet Supreme ESP Synthetic Oil

Triax Fleet Supreme ESP Synthetic Oil

Performance gets a real boost for the Powerstroke engine in no time.

Triax Fleet may not seem a very popular brand. But you can put aside everything to choose the oil for 6.7L Cummins.

Its formula introduces a new internal mechanism for the engine. The differential lubricant encourages fresh functionality for sure.

Features & Benefits

Modified Full Synthetic Chemistry

The oil composition meets a wide range of standard specs. It’s indeed a pure synthetic-based oil with powerful additives. In fact, its integrated friction modifier ensures safe & clean inner bearings.

State-of-Art Control Enhancement

Dispersing agents simply decompose all the previous buildups. They prohibit any further deposition, wear, soot & even ash. Also, unique VI stabilizing formula delivers high-temperature resistance.

Unmatched Engine Compatibility

Of course, it serves 6.7L with efficiency. But the oil remains compatible with 6.0L, 6.4L & 7.3L systems. And you can save about 2% – 5% economy against other 5W-40, 10W-40 or 15W-40 oils.


  • Great temperature stability
  • High drain interval capability
  • Excellent fuel saving action
  • Wider system compatibility


  • Issues regarding leakage


10. Motul Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

Motul Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

Get the best from the recently developed high displacement 6.4L engine system.

Motul specifically formulated the oil to support modern engine complexity. The multipurpose fluid is arguably the best oil for Dodge Cummins 6.7 to consider.

You’ll certainly get benefited from the composition inside the tank. Gasoline, diesel or LPG – it’s ready to work with every version.

Features & Benefits

Superior Buildup Control

It comes with outstanding detergent/dispersing power. The oil can operate under extreme conditions. Therefore, it remains compatible with turbo diesel, catalytic converter, gasoline injection & other displacement systems.

Resistance at Thin Layer

The oil initiates film resistance on higher temperatures. An additional friction modifier helps to maintain a lower temp. The entire action imparts good sheer stability for stable oil pressure.

Improved Fuel Economy

Low volatility against higher HTHS causes less consumption of fuel. No waste burning will take place & you can get better mileage. In fact, you’ll get an improved fuel economy by 1.2% on average.


  • Highly recommended liquid
  • Unsurpassed applicability
  • The drastic decrease in fuel cost
  • Satisfactory viscosity rating


  • Difficulty in removing the spout


How to Choose The Engine Oil for 6.7 Cummins

The oil definitely makes the engine functional. But you need the right oil to have the best performance. Obviously, not every oil out there is suitable for Cummins 6.7 engines.

That’s where you need to pay attention. There are several facts to make the perfect buy. You better get the considerations to invest in the best oil for 6.7 Cummins diesel.

  • Manufacturer Recommendation

The very first thing you need to get is engine specs. There is a certain oil type, developed for a specific engine. Manufacturers deliver recommendations for oil based on tests & analysis. You may have a choice, but your engine requirements always get the preference.

  • Oil Chemistry

The composition concerns with additional mixtures for the base oil. There are 3 types – full synthetic, synthetic blend & conventional. You may skip everything about semi-synthetic here.

6.7 Cummins synthetic oil comes without organic oil contamination. It’s particularly suitable for modern high-tech engine systems. The usability of the synthetic blend is the same, but it contains a blend of organic oil.

Conventional oils may sound aged-out/old, don’t get fooled. It’s a standard new oil type. Several models are highly suitable for freezing conditions. But you should check its compatibility before use.

  • Viscosity Rating

Oil viscosity is extremely important to keep the liquid functional. Oil gets thinner on heat & becomes thicker on cold. A proper oil should maintain a balance between its thickening & thinning action.

There are specific SAE rating you need to understand. For instance, we have this 10W-30 oil. The 10 denotes fluid resistance at 0°F. And the 30 in the latter side reveals resistance to high temp thinning.

  • Powerful Additives

Regardless of the type, all oils feature more or fewer additives. The chemical agents do certain jobs without participating in engine fueling. It ensures resistance against wear, soot, or deposit.

The additives can clean the inner garbage & reduce frictional loss. You simply don’t need any special maintenance there. In total, unnecessary fuel consumption gets lower to save the cost.

6.7 Cummins Oil Type (Year Based)

We already talked about oil types based on chemical composition. Again, you got all the details for the SAE viscosity rating. Older models are pretty similar to each other from different points.

Over the years, Cummins somewhat developed the system for its 6.7L engines. Recent modifications may require certain choices. Therefore. You need to understand the preferable types.

Oil Type for 6.7 Cummins (2019) – Cummins 6.7 of 2019 offers some improvement in its power. It features 400 HP @ 2800 rpm. Again, you’ll get 1000 lb-ft torque at 1800 rpm. SAE 10W – 30 or SAE 5W – 40 oils are most suitable for these engines.

Oil Type for 6.7 Cummins (2018) – Of course, the 2018 version lacks behind in terms of power. You’ll have 385 HP @ 2800 rpm. The maximum torque gets to 930 lb-ft at 1700 rpm. You better get SAE 15W – 40 or SAE 5W – 40 oils to get maximum results.

Oil Type for 6.7 Cummins (2017) – Though the power remains the same, induced torque falls short. You’ll have 900 lb-ft torque against 1700 rpm. But the maximum power is 385 HP @ 2800 rpm. Here, you can choose SAE 15W – 40 or SAE 5W – 40 oils.

Oil Type for 6.7 Cummins (2014) – The power is still the same as 385 HP at 2800 rpm. But the torque gets somewhat lower. Even here, SAE 15W – 40 or SAE 5W – 40 are the recommended oil for Cummins diesel engines.

How to Change Oil Pan on 6.7 Cummins?

One essential part of engine maintenance concerns with oil pan change (Our Choice: AM Auto Engine Oil Pan for Dodge Ram). The task is somewhat sensitive & quite laborious. Unless you’re okay with the hassle, it’s better to leave it for pros.

Of course, you can complete the job by yourself. It’s a somewhat time-consuming process rather than a complex operation. The followings are the basic steps to accomplish a convenient change.

#1. You need to drain the tank oil in the first place. Then, remove the front wheel & support the frame using a Jack Stand (Our Choice: BIG RED Torin Steel Jack Stand). Try to block the rear tire movement regarding safety.

#2. Carefully loosen the featured 18mm nuts & bolts. You’ll get them horizontally placed on the front motor.

#3. Locate a motor lifting eye on the passenger side. Also, find out the screwed bolt inside the used hole close to the intake manifold.

#4. Attach one short chain side to that. Hook the other side to the 3/8” – 16 TPI bolt. Then you’ll have to attach the chain itself to the engine hoist hook.

#5. Check out the radiator fan for clear space. Don’t forget the back-edge cover remaining in the touch of the firewall. It’s important to lift the engine by 4.0” or so.

#6. Now it’s time to take out the pan bolts. You should look into the special pitches. It measures 8mm x 1.25mm along with one 10mm hex.

#7. Start separating the pan from the engine block. You can use a putty knife gently for removal. It lowers the chance of accidental scrapping & scratching.

#8. Clean off all the dirt & other contaminants from the gasket. Then just repeat the whole process, replacing the old pan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the exact 6.7 Cummins oil change cost?

Answer: Aside from fuel price, you’ll have to spend extra for service charge, tax & even something more. Regarding the fuel price based on our list, it’s likely to vary from $12 to $78/$80.

Q: Is there any suitable 6.7 Cummins oil change interval?

Answer: The change interval is about 5000 miles or 8000 km for modern synthetic oils. But you should change the fluid every 3700 miles or 6000 km with conventional formula.

Q: What is 6.7 Cummins oil capacity?

Answer: The standard capacity for 6.7 Cummins synthetic oil measures 12 quarts. Not to mention, it even includes filter change.

Q: What is the best oil filter for Ram 1500 or 6.7 Cummins?

Answer: After a certain period of time you need to change your oil filter with engine oil. Surely, a good oil filter can increase your engine performance and we recommend ECOGARD Premium Engine Oil Filter (Budget Choice) and aFe Power EcoDiesel Oil Filter (Premium Choice) for your 6.7 Cummins.

Final Words

You can’t compromise with the oil quality, no matter what. Only the best diesel oil for 6.7 cummins can deliver the intended run.

And you can surely make a successful purchase after going through the reviews. You just have to find the vehicle specs for checking out the recommendation.

Considering our picks, Valvoline Premium Blue Engine Oil seems like the best oil for 6.7 cummins diesel. It covers all the basic features to offer some extras.

Even the price is convenient against its premium service. Despite the drawbacks, you’re sure to have satisfaction with this one.

Happy Driving.

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  1. MY 2019 Cummins OWNERS MANUAL says 15w-40 will damage the new valve train and MUST NOT be used — 5w-20 is the suggested OIL!


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