7 Best Replacement Spark Plugs for 5.4 Triton [Reviews]

Spark plugs trigger the ignition of fuel to start the engine. And it’s a basic part of the system susceptible to different deteriorating elements.

You know every plug has a certain lifespan. And you need to make a replacement at definite intervals. It’s true even for your 5.4 tritons.

Then, how to replace the plug? Which plug to choose? Don’t worry, all the answers are here. We’ve brought up here the market’s best replacement spark plugs for 5.4 tritons.

In fact, there are details you need to pay attention to while buying. As it happens, our comprehensive review will let you get everything you need.

Best Replacement Spark Plugs for 5.4 Triton – Comparison Table

ProductWeightVehicle CompatibilitySpecial FeaturePrice
Motorcraft SP515 Spark Plug3.0 lbs2004 – 2008Diminished Voltage
Motorcraft SP546 Spark Plug6.0 oz2004 - 2008Higher Lifespan
King Auto Parts DG508 Spark Plugs4.1 lbs1998 – 2008Minimal Emission
AD Auto Parts Spark Plug6.4 oz2004 – 2008Superior Coverage
ENA ENASP SP515 Spark Plugs1.05 lbs1997 – 2008Ground Electrode
King Auto Parts 5.4L Spark Plugs3.3 lbs2004 – 2008Low Emission
Set of Motorcraft Platinum Spark Plugs15.2 oz2004 – 2008Quick Assembly

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Spark Plugs?

Over time, every spark plug deteriorates to create sufficient energetic bursts. Deposit buildup, high internal heat & exposure to various elements lower the effectiveness.

You’ll have to replace spark plugs in a certain interval. For the worst, your engine is likely to stop working over complete failure.

By the time, your vehicle starts to give early warning. Unresponsive acceleration, unstable staling/idling & frequent misfiring take place.

7 Best Spark Plugs For 5.4 Triton Reviews

The quick comparison should provide a basic idea about our top picks. It’s necessary to get an explicit picture of the best spark plug for 5.4 Triton. Let’s start digging the details from the comprehensive review. to understand the overall quality.

1. Motorcraft SP515 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP515 Spark Plug(Improve Engine’s Performance Extensively)

An extensive laboratory feature results in an impressive boost in engine performance.

The single-piece Motorcraft spark plug for 5.4 tritons is one convenient upgrade of SP507. It easily fits any 5.4 tritons having a 3-valve system.

Despite its simplicity, the spark plug promises to ease engine startup. In fact, the model is highly recommended for getting a satisfactory performance.

Features & Benefits

Low Voltage Startup Action

The structure features a well-defined electrode in the center. Its finely wired design lowers the voltage during cold startup. Therefore, starting the vehicle becomes easier than ever.

Durable Platinum Construction

Of course, premium material imparts a higher service life. Platinum construction results in a somewhat expensive price tag for one unit. But it enables the engine to function smoothly.

Incredibly Protective Sealing

The integrated seal remains firm to initiate optimum protection. No gas leakage or misfire is likely to occur. A satisfactory acceleration triggers enhanced engine performance.


  • Substantial improvement inefficiency.
  • Increased strength for the vehicle engine.
  • Maximized protection during startup.
  • Perfect fitting size for several vehicles.


  • Difficult installation for novices.


2. Motorcraft SP546 Spark Plug Review

Motorcraft SP546 Spark Plug Review(Getting Higher Lifespan with This One)

Superb resistor quality imparts an improved lifespan to deliver satisfactory output.

Its practical design easily fits any standard 5.4 Ford, Mercury & Lincoln. Unlike the previous one, the pack includes a total of 8 units.

Incredible quality encourages higher accuracy from Motorcraft SP546 spark plug review. Your driving efficiency gets better without sacrificing comfort.

Features & Benefits

Supportive Fine-Wire Platinum

The singular platinum tip ensures optimum engine efficiency. Nickel alloy electrodes induce high resistance to heat. Also, the chance of misfiring gets significantly reduced.

Functional Extension for Tip

You’ll get a 16mm seat against 9/16” thread. Meanwhile, the finely wired tip features an extension to prevent on-road fouling. But it initiates self-cleaning while you’re at higher speeds.

Excellent Engine Compatibility

All the included plugs are direct OEM replacements. Ford Motor Company itself recommends the plug for 5.4 Tritons. Not to mention, it’s suitable for any 2004 – 2008 models.


  • Incredible power with service life.
  • Great resistance to heat & misfire.
  • High extension of the service interval.
  • Self-cleaning capability for the engine.


  • Gaps may seem insufficient.


3. King Auto Parts DG508 Spark Plugs (Combined Pack)

King Auto Parts DG508 Spark Plugs(Get Withstand Longer Durability with This One)

Combo set of ignition coil with spark plug eases your engine maintenance.

The 8-piece set contains 4 spark plugs against 4 ignition coils. It promises a visible improvement in overall engine performance.

Quality construction meets OEM standards to ensure maximum serviceability. Despite no instructional guidelines, the installation is comfortably easy.

Features & Benefits

Increased Engine Output

Matching ignition coils & spark plugs keep the mechanism identical. It initiates a soft startup for compatible engines. You’ll enjoy a confident ride on road against its confined accordance.

Resistance to Heat Stress

The OE standardized gears ensure higher operational processing. Its effective materials withstand heat stress inside the engine. The featured compound eliminates all heating problems at once.

Fuel Saving Functionality

The plugs reduce RFI (Radio-Frequency Interference) & tailpipe emissions. It diminishes the unnecessary burning of fuel from inside. And the condition eventually curtails the fuel cost.


  • Long-lasting satisfactory service.
  • Additional stock storage facility.
  • Simple installation with no tools.
  • Perfect fit with suitable engines.


  • Somewhat limited compatibility.


4. AD Auto Parts Spark Plug

AD Auto Parts Spark Plug(Get the Dependable Spark Plug for Precision Fit)

Superior Efficiency ensures a satisfactory improvement in engine performance.

Though we’re talking about an 8-unit pack, you can also get a 4/10-piece package. The Motorcraft plugs deliver high versatility in the practical field.

Standard size makes it the best 5.4 triton spark plugs for different popular vehicles. You can even get a slight increase in mpg on the road.

Features & Benefits

High-Quality Construction

Each of the included plugs promises dependability & performance. Top-notch materials impart outstanding quality for endurance. Apart from automobiles, it’s ready to fit any specialty uses.

Satisfactory Changing Interval

Platinum tips ensure a higher melting point against heat suppression. Excellent erosion resistance results in 60000-mile to 100000-mile interval. It helps to retain the output over a low fuel cost.

Accurate Fitting Coverage

Its standard size lets you make a precise fit to the engine. Unmatched coverage promotes a superb increase in workability. Of course, the plug is recommended for Ford, Lincoln & Mercury models.


  • Upgraded design for efficiency.
  • Standard fitting measurements.
  • No breakage or damage issues.
  • Somewhat improve in mileage.


  • Certain compatibility problems.


5. ENA ENASP110108 SP515 Spark Plugs

ENA ENASP110108 SP515 Spark Plugs(Contract Rapid Heat Transfer with This One)

Smooth ignition of engine fuel initiates excellent functionality for the vehicle.

The 8-piece plug pack meets the satisfaction of every aspect. Its original construction allows user-friendly replacement applications.

Practical design lets the system fit into the mechanism right away. And the compatibility remains sufficient with most 2004 – 2008 Ford.

Features & Benefits

Superb Structural Strength

Its durable material with complementary design develops useful characteristics. It leads to an excellent dissipation of inner heat stress. The plug is highly resistant to shock, impact & vibration.

Effective Ground Electrode

OE equivalent electrode features additional firing pins. It easily eliminates the unexpected occurrence of misfires. Again, supportive thread & shell inclusion promotes a smooth running.

Good Vehicle Compatibility

Direct pin-to-pin adjustment lets you install the system easily. And the compatibility is unbelievably good right here. It’s suitable for some dominating models from Ford, Lincoln & Mercury.


  • Superior OE standard design.
  • Excellent dissipation of heat.
  • Increased ignition capability.
  • Long-lasting engine services.


  • Easy breakage of 1/2 plugs.


6. King Auto Parts 5.4L Spark Plugs

King Auto Parts 5.4L Spark Plugs(Enjoy the Higher Energy Output)

Great engine dependability comes through reliable combustion of the air-fuel mixture.

You’ll receive both ignition coils & spark plugs to make a soft startup. The 8-unit pack offers superb versatility for different engines.

Its unique but practical construction initiates unparalleled quality. Sharp sparking focus reduces all the troubling issues with your engine.

Features & Benefits

Higher Energy Output

The system features premium materials to encourage service life. Its composition contains a good amount of copper. Therefore, you can use the replacement plug even for adverse conditions.

Full Support for Ignition

There are 4 spark plugs against 4 ignition coils. A convenient combo will save the engine interior to improve fuel economy. Its matching mechanism allows smooth, safe & reliable functionality.

Maximized Protection

The featured coils have a solid structure to support the ignition. Meanwhile, the plugs come with advanced tech to retain its full efficiency. Optimum voltage prevails to prevent accidental misfires.


  • Top-quality material construction.
  • Retention of mechanical efficiency.
  • Optimized improvement voltage.
  • Suitable for extreme applications.


  • Intense use causes breakage.


7. Set of Motorcraft Platinum Spark Plugs

Set of Motorcraft Platinum Spark Plugs(Built with High-Grade Materials for Ford 5.4L)

100% tested construction imparts a significant increase in overall efficiency.

Top-quality engineering provides great output for any standard 5.4 Triton. Superb compatibility results in perfect fitment for modern vehicles.

Incredible longevity prevails on the run against its supportive strength. Likewise, it offers a guaranteed improvement in overall engine serviceability.

Features & Benefits

Supportive Plug Materials

It combines the functional tip of platinum with a powerful electrode. Aside from excellent durability, it imparts high resisting characteristics. In total, your engine gets a new life on the road.

Good Corrosion Control

The structure develops resistance to high internal heat stress. A higher melting point results in less corrosion inside the mechanism. Engine parts remain safe against any deteriorating obstruction.

Outstanding Applicability

Each one from the pack fits well on several modern vehicles. Herko Automotive ensures its precise fitting to your engine system. You can use the plugs on Fords, SUVs & even Jeeps.


  • Premium spark plug component.
  • Wide compatibility for vehicles.
  • Reduction in accidental issues.
  • Somewhat easy installing process.


  • Issues with gap erosion.


How to Choose Best Replacement Spark Plugs for 5.4 Triton

Without a doubt, you’ll need a functional spark plug for the engine. Defective plugs can barely give the ignition to make engine startup.

It’s difficult to choose the best replacement spark plug for 5.4 triton at once. But you can consider the following facts to make the decision.

  • Construction Materials

The overall performance directly depends on construction quality. The structure includes metal but you can’t get otherwise than the recommended ones.

Most of the top-quality replacement plugs feature either platinum or iridium tip. You better take a good look at the electrode to ensure satisfactory strength.

  • Changing Intervals

Even the 5.4 triton spark plugs replacement won’t last forever to serve. That’s where you need to pay attention to the estimated service interval.

It’s preferable to have spark plugs with 60000 – 100000 miles interval. Of course, you can receive further intervals over a certain driving strategy.

  • Sufficient Melting Point

The engine mechanism is prone to severe heat stress from its startup. Platinum tips tend to provide a high melting point to withstand the burst.

Resistance to heat simply reduces the chance of corrosion of inner parts. There are several standard measures to understand the approximate melting point.

  • Ease of Installation

Obviously, lots of people find it difficult to install the plug. It may happen with first-timers mostly, not intermediate or pro users.

You should get something that requires less expertise or experience. For the good news, most of the current plugs remain quite easy to install.

  • Vehicular Compatibility

Though it comes in the last, it’s undeniably the first thing to determine. Even the best replacement in the whole market is of no use.

Almost all manufacturers allow car model number checking to ensure compatibility. Poor-fitting will result in unwanted gaps to cause future issues.

Ford F150 Spark Plug Removal Instructions

Feel free to watch the attached video here you will know how to remove spark plugs from ford 5.4 without breaking them. And also here we recommended some best ford 5.4 spark plug removal tool.

Motorcraft SP546 vs SP515

Both SP546 & SP515 by Motorcraft offer excellent performance for compatible engines. It’s quite troublesome to notice the differences at first glance. In fact, both models seem very identical to one another.

SP515 is a rather old plug system to fit in the vehicles. But SP546 comes with several upgrades from its predecessor SP507. Of course, there are users to replace SP507 with SP515. As it happens, they do share significant similarities in terms of application.

From top to bottom, the outlook is incredibly the same. There is practically no difference in socket size or seat measurement. For the socket size, it’s 9/16” for both. And the seat measures 16mm or 3/8”, leaving no trace.

One visible difference lies with the length of compressed coil spring. Not to mention, it’s the depth of spring seat in the structure. SP546 falls short of 0.10” in length in comparison to SP515.

The latest one features well-defined welding for its lower ground electrode. But SP515 lacks this feature from the technical aspect. Unless you know the distinction, it’s hard to catch.

SP515 can go all the way through its plug socket having an interior magnet. But SP546 tends to show some peculiar difference right there. The assembly simply leaves about half of the hexagonal proportion completely exposed.

There are a few distinguish to make for both models. It’s reasonably difficult for any new customer. Not to mention, there are certain models with SP546/SP515 labeling. If you want to skip product replacement hassle, you should remain careful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What happens when spark plugs go bad?

Answer: Spark plug doesn’t last forever & either go bad or simply fail. But it reveals some symptoms while wearing out. Common signs include hard startup, slow acceleration, rough idle, engine misfire/surging/hesitating & low fuel economy.

Q: How long do spark plugs last?

Answer: Spark plugs come with reasonably long service life. In most cases, the factory service interval remains within 100000 to 120000 miles. Platinum/Iridium plugs can serve up to 10000 miles without any replacement requirement.

Q: What’s Ford 5.4 spark plug socket size?

Answer: The socket size tends to vary depending on the vehicular model. The standard measurement is mostly 9/16” for 2004+ models. But it’s 5/8” for most 1997 – 2003 Fords.

Final Words

A spark plug is one vital part which in simple words, lets your vehicle move. And an insightful investigation will lead to making a successful replacement.

Of course, you’ll enjoy smooth startup, mechanical longevity & fuel economy.

Among the best spark plug for 5.4 triton review, Motorcraft SP515 Spark Plug seems to fulfill every demand perfectly. Despite the limitation, it promises user satisfaction. Improved output, greater mpg, soft startup, safe operation, fuel economy – you’ll get all in just one unit.

Happy Driving.

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