7 Best Oil for Ford F150 & 3.5 Ecoboost [Reviews & Guide]

Every gasoline or engine system requires energy from oil burning to function. But ordinary oils barely match the system specs to support engine action.

The importance of proper oil usage gets better with vehicles like Ford F150. Likewise, there are certain formulas to adopt the intended system satisfactorily.

That’s where you’ll need to invest in the best oil for Ford F150. We stepped forward to help you with the purchase through some enlisted options.

Check out the quick comparison between the top choices right below.

Best Oil for Ford F150 & 3.5 Ecoboost – Comparisons

ProductBase ComponentViscosityKey FeaturePrice
1. Castrol Edge Advanced Motor OilFull Synthetic5W-20Fluid Titanium Technology
2. Motorcraft Motor OilSynthetic Blend5W-30Premium Aftermarket Fuel
3. Havoline High Mileage Motor OilSynthetic Blend5W-30Deposit Shield Technology
4. Valvoline Advanced Motor OilFull Synthetic5W-20SynPower Fluid Technology
5. Royal Purple High-Performance Motor OilFull Synthetic5W-30Gasoline – Ethanol Blend
6. Mobil 1 Motor OilSynthetic5W-30Extended Mileage Protection
7. Shell Rotella T5 Diesel Motor OilSynthetic Blend15W-40Advanced Low-Ash Formula

7 Best Oil for Ford F150 & 3.5 Ecoboost Reviews

You’re to figure out the basic ideas on the topmost picks from above. But the details are inevitable to narrow down your available options. Start exploring the comprehensive best engine oil for Ford F150 and ecoboost from below.

1. Castrol Edge 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor

Castrol Edge Advanced Motor Oil. best oil for ford f150

Push the engine performance towards its peak efficiency with advanced formula.

The first option to make our checklist comes from well-reputed Castrol. And the featured 03083 oil belongs to its premium Edge series.

You’re sure to receive noticeable system optimization from the very beginning. And it’ll cost you some standard bucks for synthetic fuel.

Features & Benefits

Fluid Titanium

Patented Fluid Titanium Technology adorns the fluid composition. Not to mention, complete synthetic molecules impart the extended capability to withstand stress. There are powerful additives with the refined fuel to ensure long-lasting internal cleanup.

Chemical Stability

Balanced chemical agents in uniform concentration promote their overall lifespan. Whether it’s heating, pressure or weather distortion – you can rely on its immense stability. In fact, the chemistry remains adaptive to frequently variable driving speeds.

Fuel Economy

The lubricating film immediately covers the entire surface of the engine supporting parts. And the best motor oil for 3.5 EcoBoost leads to a faster reduction in harsh metal friction. Your system saves wasteful burning to encourage the expected fuel economy.


  • Extreme chemical strength.
  • Protective cleanup function.
  • Minimized interior deposit.
  • Enhanced system response.


  • Somewhat initial laziness.


2. Motorcraft SAE 5w30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Motorcraft Motor Oil. best oil for 3.5 ecoboost

Let the engine mechanism perform with optimum response, accuracy & smoothness.

The next one to make out list comes from another dependable aftermarket brand. Motorcraft develops the intended choice to occupy a concurring position.

Don’t let the simple outlook fool you over its performance or efficiency. But the overall cost may seem to bother with a smaller quantity.

Features & Benefits

Synthetic Blend

As it happens, synthetic blend tends to lack some benefits. But its high-quality refinement can compete with full synthetics rather well. You can easily switch to the blend without worrying about output. The satisfying result is almost guaranteed from the start.

Standard Viscosity

Likewise, the fluidity measures a convenient 5W-30 rating. Fluidity holds its stability against all odds. The composition promises throughout the outcome at every stage. And the covered temperature seems perfect for F150 driving conditions.

Simple Container

The featured bottle only holds 1 quart or 946ml fuel. it’s pretty low, considering all the large filling containers. But the bottle features absolute simplicity to prevents leaks or spills. Even the handling feels easy without any defined handle.


  • Encouraged fuel mileage.
  • Refined blend of synthetics.
  • Stable chemical formula.
  • Superb deposit protection.


  • Limited bottle quantity.


3. Havoline 5W30 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Oil

Havoline High Mileage Motor Oil. best oil for 2.7 ecoboost

Enhance the system efficiency with expected service life over intense applications.

It’s more like a solid alternative to the previously reviewed choice. Havoline introduces another satisfying blend to keep going down the road.

Valued performance for the best oil for F150 EcoBoost comes at a relevantly lower price. You just have to trust its instinct on your vehicle requirements.

Features & Benefits

Deposit Shield

Patented Deposit Shield Technology enriches the formula with efficiency. It specifically formulates the composition to serve high mileage engines. The fuel fits perfectly into gasoline systems. You can expect a noticeable increase in every essential aspect.

Sealing Agent

The specialized agent prevents the deterioration of quality with regular exposure to the environment. The featured conditioning agent maintains seals to minimize leaks. Included additives help with interior protection, promoting faster retention at any temperature.

Secure Service

Excellent lubrication of inner surfaces reduces metal friction towards heat stress. No more uncompromised gasket sealing can mess with the fuel consumption. Least evaporative loss lowers wasteful energy dissipation to encourage the fuel economy.


  • Exceptional wear protection.
  • Additional cleansing additives.
  • Resistance to oil breakdown.
  • Minimal consumption of oil.


  • Dark appeal on burning.


4. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil Valvoline Advanced Motor Oil. best oil for f150

Start the engine to enjoy a smooth on-road ride without trouble.

No wordy introduction feels necessary to represent Valvoline’s brand value. And it delightfully develops one fuel to serve the intended system.

From light vehicles to heavy systems – the oil promises satisfying performance. The price tag looks standard for its outstanding premium service.

Features & Benefits

SynPower Fluidity

A fully synthetic formula comes to retain the lost efficiency on its first attempt. Integrated SynPower technology keeps pushing the activeness forward on demand. The liquid takes energetic command of the mechanism to ensure maximized output.

Temp Tolerance

Standard 5W-30 viscosity rating reveals its suitability for popular F150 versions. It ensures optimum protection against intense heat & immense mechanical pressure. The fluidity enables faster oil flow to promote action against cold-temperature.

Powerful Additives

The inclusion of additives is common with premium oils, from conventional to full synthetic. Likewise, certain additives cover a definite portion of the concentration. Aside from extreme cleanliness, you can count on its resistance to LSPI, wear & breakdown.


  • Leading full synthetic fuel.
  • Highly stabilized chemistry.
  • Versatile speed tolerance.
  • Leak-free holding container.


  • Damaged order arrival.


5. Royal Purple High-Performance Motor Oil

Royal Purple High-Performance Motor Oil.

Start checking out all the troubling issues to reduce engine performance.

Another premium brand is Royal Purple to produces high-quality motor oils. It comes with a formula to occupy a place in your checklist.

The featured formula promises superior system performance with extreme accessorial protection. And the price seems relevant for any standard synthetic fuel.

Features & Benefits

Supportive Emission

Pure synthetics formula with minimal particle intrusion comes to adorn the engine. Its chemistry can easily withstand even the harshest mechanical stress. And the eventual action of the best oil for 2.7 EcoBoost leads to noticeable declination in the exhaust gas.

Internal Protection

Premium additives initiate powerful cleanup action from the beginning. Certain portions of the molecules spend a good time to restore original freshness. You don’t have to encounter any metal wear, rusting corrosion, or deposit buildups.

Great Compatibility

Patented synthetic refinement with active additives includes ethanol like no other. And the compound lets you mix the fuel with other synthetic compositions. Minimal surface friction helps to optimize fuel efficiency over reduced consumption.


  • Superb mechanical stability.
  • Improved chemical formula.
  • Extended system usability.
  • Maximum output efficiency.


  • Appeal seems downfall.


6. Mobil 1  5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

6. Mobil 1 120764 Motor Oil

Keep your engine system as a new one for the ride.

Only a few brands can compete with the brand value of Mobil. And the manufacturer has 120764 in its store to satisfy your requirements.

Its advanced composition lives to serve engines of all ages. Right there, you should settle down for its reasonable price tag.

Features & Benefits

Steady Composition

Convenient technical features dominate the synthetic molecules in their concentration. It even meets or exceeds universal industry standards from top to bottom. Fully synthetic refinement remains intact against all sorts of rigorous stresses.

Overall Lubrication

Faster lubrication adorns internal surfaces to develop exceptional friction-reducing capability. Regardless of the driving conditions, your metal gets to make minimal contact. And that’s where unnecessary fuel consumption is unlikely to occur.

Extended Capability

Integration of powerful additives delivers supreme thermal conductivity over cleanliness. Again, extra low-temp capability ensures optimum oxidation, breakdown & corrosion stability. And the protective measures eventually lead to the maximization of oil change intervals.


  • Superior frictional property.
  • Exceptional viscosity control.
  • Low-temperature capability.
  • Versatile driving conditions.


  • Packaging spills on sides.


7. Shell Rotella T5 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil

Shell Rotella T5 Diesel Motor Oil

Maintain the optimum engine efficiency without encountering any compromised properties.

Even the last one to get on the list comes from a valued brand. The intended T5 from Shell Rotella is one best engine oil for F150.

Let the formula handles all the mechanical complexity with capable action. And the price remains within an affordable range to adapt.

Features & Benefits

Low-Ash Composition

The premium formula lacks 100% synthetics to introduce a solid synthetic blend. But the formula features low-ash integration to ensure higher output. its sturdiness seems to hit the roof with a slightly deviated 15W-40 fluidity.

Deposit Control

Powerful additives in certain quantity manage to cover a good portion of the concentration. Anti-wear agents can provide 37% better protection, exceeding CK-4 limits. Meanwhile, buildup control measures about 55% better efficiency in reducing carbon buildups.

Protective Resistance

Absolutely favorable interior gets to support engine mechanism on running speeds. Protective action maintains a clean interior space to ensure emissive compliance. It gradually decreases fuel consumption to extend the overall mileage.


  • Premium blend of synthetics.
  • Superb piston cleanliness.
  • No breakdown or oxidation.
  • Great component reliability.


  • Not for colder regions.


How to Choose Best Oil for F150 Ecoboost?

Not every oil can adapt to the mechanical complexity of Ford systems. Only some certain fuels having good quality can satisfy the demand. But purchasing isn’t easy with lots of overwhelming choices.

Skip all the vague, confusing, poor-quality choices with strict considerations. There are some specific factors to keep in mind. Right there, you can easily attend the best motor oil for F150 for the price.

Base Component

Conventional oil can no longer support updated Ford versions. You should narrow down the list with a full synthetic & synthetic blend. Obviously, you’ll have to check the vehicle’s manual to confirm the recommended type.

Viscosity Rating

SAE viscosity rating directly measures oil fluidity under temperature variation. For common Ford F150s, you better consider 5W on the lower side. But the upper side can go 20 or 30, depending on overall weather conditions.

Chemical Stability

Uniform molecular level can help with chemical stability. Apart from heat stress, the oil encounters internal pressure, heavy friction & carbon buildups. The chosen liquid should have enough strength to resist breakdown, wear & oxidation.

Included Additives

Different chemical agents take part in the interior cleanup, not burning. Of course, certain additives in reasonable quantities can help to supply further energy. You need to understand the presence of additives to promote overall efficiency.

System Response

Even the most preferable choice may not provide satisfactory output. You have to utilize past experience to judge system response to change. Of course, you should switch to other options upon poor engine performance.

How to Make F150 Oil Change?

Changing oil isn’t very difficult with defined guidelines. Anyone with intermediate skills can perform the change within an hour. You can easily install the replacement through the following steps.

#1. Lift the front side with jacks for making spaces. Let the vehicle system stabilize over jack stands.

#2. Remove the oil cap from the engine bay to secure the system. Check all other relevant fluids before proceeding.

#3. Sneak right under the frontal mechanism. Locate the entire oil support system from the manual.

#4. Use a 15mm wrench to loosen the drain plug connection. Place an exterior pan to catch the draining oil.

#5. Gently remove the of its connection with hand pressure. Leave the oil for minutes to drain out completely.

#6. Reinstall the unthreaded plug using your hand or wrench. Simply avoid the overtightening of the connectivity.

#7. Target the splash shield to remove it from the engine front. Reach the oil filter through the opened bay.

#8. Check out the rectangular rubber seal at the bottom. Gently remove the seal to open the filter connections.

#9. Start unscrewing the filter, following the splash shield’s removal. Let the oil inside the filter drain for seconds.

#10. Take out the old filter to make a replacement. Apply fresh oil all over the sealing prior to its installation.

#11. Double-check the empty spaces for the filter gasket. If there’s any, make sure to take off the stuck gasket.

#12. Install the oil filter by hand to avoid unnecessarily overtightening. Undo the process to restore the assembly.

Ford F150 Oil Dipstick Tube Replacement Process

Removing the oil dipstick tube is rather easy towards simple replacement. Of course, it’ll get difficult over broken tubes. The whole processing is simple enough to continue by yourself.

#1. Locate the dipstick tube right under the system. Thoroughly check the connecting bolts with O-rings.

#2. Loosen the connections to remove the dipstick. Store the part somewhere safe from potential damages.

#3. Figure out the tube supporting nuts with precision. Apply anti-corrosive agents to the intended locations.

#4. Allow the chemical to penetrate the joint for some minutes. Now loosen the support to remove the nuts.

#5. Carefully tap the tube to keep loosening the gear. Simple back & forth wiggling should get the tube out.

#6. Install the new one, reinstalling all the nuts/brackets. Tighten the connection before restoring O-rings.

How to Reset Ford F150 Oil Change Light?

Even the change of oil can’t change the little light to beep on the dashboard. And you’ll have to reset the reading manually. It’s likely to take a mere minute to reset the light, all by yourself.

  1. Insert the car key to turn on its ignition without starting the engine.
  2. Access the setup menu with either the Select/Release knob or directional pad.
  3. Hold the pad or turn the knob for reaching the ‘Oil Life’ on display.
  4. Press to hold the reset button for 2/3 seconds to change the reading.
  5. Simply turn off the ignition to start the engine for confirming the change.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q.What kind of oil for Ford F150 ?

The engine oils which have 5w 30 or 5w 40 viscosity rating are mostly recommended for Ford F150 engine.But also you can use any American Petroleum Institute(API) certified engine oil.

Q.How much oil does a Ford F150 take?

Ford F150 comes in different type of engines and the oil capacity can be different form one engine to another.Check the list to know the how much oil the f150 take-

Ford 3.5L v6 Engine – 6.3 quarts

Ford 5.0L v8 Engine- 7.7 quarts

All the Ecoboost Engine 6 quarts

Q: What measures for 3.5 EcoBoost oil capacity?

Answer: Common 3.5 EcoBoost V6 engine measures 6 quarts or 5.68 liters of oil capacity.

Q: What is the F150 EcoBoost oil change interval?

Answer: You’re to change the oil every year, not exceeding 10000 miles. But special conditions call for an early change every 3000 – 7500 miles.

Q: Does Ford recommend synthetic oil?

Answer: Modern Ford engines often recommend synthetic blend oils. But you should check the manual for the use of a full synthetic or synthetic mix.

Final Words

There’s no way to compromise with oil quality to ensure proper vehicle response. And precious transportation requires further attention to oil. You better get your privilege from the best oil for Ford F150 reviewed above.

Of course, you’re to purchase Castrol 03083 Edge Advanced Motor Oil without restriction. The fuel can definitely meet the system specs to ensure maximum performance. For the quality, you just need to spend some worthy bucks.

Happy Driving.

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