10 Best Oil for 6.0 Powerstroke [Top Picks & Reviews 2021]

Oil has to act as the lifeblood of gasoline & diesel vehicle engines. You have no scope to compromise with the quality of uninterrupted action.

Among all the varieties, 6.0L Powerstroke engines cover a convenient portion. And you have to feed convenient fuel to the engine for owning one.

That’s where you’ll need your hand on the best oil for 6.0 Powerstroke. But an overwhelming number of options are likely to create confusion.

Skip everything else but our in-depth details on suitable fuel formulas. You can easily narrow down the choices towards the ultimate purchase.

Take a quick look at the tabulated comparison of our picks.

Best Oil for 6.0 Powerstroke – Comparison Table

ProductViscosityBase ComponentsKey FeaturePrice
1. Shell Rotella T6 Diesel Engine Oil5W-40Full SyntheticHigh/Low Temp Protection
2. Ford Fluid Diesel Motor Oil15W-40ConventionalGenuine Ford Formula
3. Schaeffer Supreme Diesel Engine Oil5W-40Full SyntheticPAO Synthetic Molecules
4. Liqui Moly Premium Motor Oil5W-40SyntheticSpeedy Oil Penetration
5. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Engine Oil15W-40Full SyntheticPatented DPT Formulation
6. Delo 39146 400 XSP Motor Oil5W-40SyntheticConsistent Engine Startup
7. Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck Motor Oil5W-40SyntheticSuperb Fuel Adaption
8. Motul Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil5W-40SyntheticGood Mechanical Support
9. Archoil Oil Additive for All Vehicles5W-40ChemicalHigh Lubricating Action
10. Castrol EDGE Advanced Motor Oil5W-40Full SyntheticPowerful Deposit Resistance

10 Best Motor Oil for 6.0 Powerstroke Reviews

Going through the basic comparison should you some primary insight. Of course, further details are necessary to narrow down the options. And we covered all the essential facts for every single choice. Start revealing the best motor oil for 6.0 Powerstroke reviews right below.

1. Shell Rotella T6 Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rotella T6 Diesel Engine Oil. Best Oil for 6.0 Powerstroke

Protect the engine system under all driving conditions towards optimum performance.

Only a few oil brands can surpass Shell Rotella in terms of quality. And its featured T6 is one popular choice of conscious owners.

Your demanded requirements can meet a satisfying conclusion right here. It’s even okay for the price, concerning the premium quality.

Features & Benefits

Exclusive Formula

Effective Triple Protection Plus (TPP) technology serves the synthetic-based molecules. The concentration remains uniform, efficient & extended level of sturdiness. Consistent shear stability helps to maintain optimum oil pressure.

Advanced Additives

CK-4 fluid comes with extra convenience in handling internal rigors. Powerful additives in suitable portion addresses wear, deposit & oil breakdown. And its standard SAE 5W-40 rating covers a wide temperature tolerance.

Improvised Control

Supporting the low-ash formula protects the exhaust against block or poison. High Emission compliance leads to increased fuel economy from the beginning. Continued protection prevails throughout the entire service interval.


  • High durability, great sturdiness.
  • Patented technology for formula.
  • Resistance to soot, heat & wear.
  • Improved low-temperature flow.


  • Slight lifting knock initially.


2. Ford Fluid 15W40 Diesel Motor Oil

Ford Fluid 15W40 Diesel Motor Oil. best oil for 6.0 powerstroke diesel

Get rid of hassling troubles to bother your old engine versions.

Ford’s Motorcraft itself formulates a reliable fluid to fit the engine. It’s one premium oil to satisfy the requirements of engine specs.

Using the best oil for 6.0 Powerstroke diesel means immediate induction of peak performance. Again, the price seems good for any standard conventional oil.

Features & Benefits

Active Molecules

Refined crude oil delivers the base to serve the system. The formula initiates good durability to maintain the change interval. Uniformity in concentration leads to excellent improvement in overall output.

Fitting Outcome

Compatibility counts for the Ford engine system to run heavy vehicles. Bus, truck or other heavy transports go just perfectly. It also helps with modern engines to enable a smooth running.

Temp Protection

Standard 15W-40 viscosity rating remains useful for tropical conditions. The fluid remains active till 20°F or -7°C on the downside. Likewise, you can skip everything else for its covered range.


  • Heavy-duty, stabilized formula.
  • Convenient temperature range.
  • Suitable for sturdy applications.
  • Simple handling with a container.


  • Less functional to synthetics.


3. Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. Supreme Diesel Engine Oil

Schaeffer Supreme Diesel Engine Oil

Encourage the overall efficiency of engine functionality with no potential drawback.

Not a lot of manufactures like Schaeffer can cover consumer demands. As it happens, it introduces one perfect formula to feed the engine.

Optimum protection, high reliability & dependable use – everything gets a pace here. And the price should appear somewhat low for its service.

Features & Benefits

Reduced Friction

The molecules contain Micro Poly & Penetro to force out metal friction. The friction-modified fluid initiates faster lubrication of inner parts. It also leads to rapid circulation over excellent pump ability.

Cleaner System

The best synthetic oil for 6.0 Powerstroke suppresses sludge, deposit & varnish from buildup. Incredible thermal stability holds against sudden structural breakdown. And a cleaner environment allows better oil flow to retain engine performance.

Extra Protection

Standard 5W-40 viscosity delivers prolonged protection against wear. The convenient viscosity index acts to reduce engine oil aging. Further detergency keeps the essential components to withstand soot overloading.


  • Reduced oxidative thickening.
  • Superior retention of shear.
  • Excellent cleaning detergency.
  • Low volatility characteristics.


  • CJ-4 instead of CK-4.


4. Liqui Moly 2041 Premium Motor Oil

Liqui Moly Premium Motor Oil

Feed an all-seasonal fluid to the gasoline or diesel systems.

Liqui Moly earned itself a convenient name in the motor oil industry. And the featured 2041 comes with certain reasons to occupy a place.

Outstanding quality with maximum dynamics initiates pure emotion on the road. And the exclusive German formula is available at a reasonable price.

Features & Benefits

Rugged Stability

100% of synthetic components cover the entire concentration in uniformity. Speedy penetration takes care of efficiency retention. The combo of additives with base remains stable under all conditions.

Reduced Elements

The powerful action of built-in additives reduces frictional loss. Also, the piston rings stand clean to prevent damaging wear & abrasion. No more internal deposit to decline the mechanical system.

Heavy-Duty Film

Again, the best oil for ford 6.0 Powerstroke comes with a standard 5W-40 rating. The film is pretty solid to enable exact fuel consumption. Your fuel economy is sure to experience a noticeable increase.


  • Prevention of internal deposit.
  • Highly stabilized formulation.
  • Safe with catalytic converters.
  • Somewhat prolonged interval.


  • Not good on mileage.


5. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Engine Oil

Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Engine Oil. best oil for ford 6.0 powerstroke

Impart optimized engine system protection for engine mechanism down the road.

Likewise, Valvoline is another reliable name to count for its oils. And the intended fluid can serve the primary interests satisfactorily.

American-owned & operated formula surpass all the low-quality oils right away. The price tag stands within your reach against the premium features.

Features & Benefits

Synthetic Stocking

Featured synthetic-based stocks come with a premium lubricant design. An exclusively endorsed formula initiates protective support for certain systems. It enables a faster startup on freezing conditions, improving thermal properties.

Superb Resistance

Reduction in filter restriction prevails at a high soot level, preventing carbon buildups. Enhanced wear protection retains the freshness of the internal valve train. Standing against oxidation induces higher stability under stress.

Satisfying Economy

Integrated Dispersion Polymer Technology (DPT) fits Cummins engines well. Rated 5W-40 viscosity imparts up to 10000 miles of drain extension. The average fuel efficiency tends to hit 6.5 mpg.


  • Secure engine startup action.
  • Increased economic potential.
  • Exceptional TBN retention.
  • Superior thermal properties.


  • Insufficient cap sealing.

6. Delo 39146 400 XSP Motor Oil

Delo 39146 400 XSP Motor Oil

Simply exceed the factory vehicle requirements, demanded by modern systems.

Delo comes with its premium 39146 XSP to satisfy your demands. The high-quality oil formula can retain the original engine functionality.

Exceptional sturdiness enables superior activeness to enable outstanding protection. Likewise, the price stands rather good to have your attention.

Features & Benefits

IsoSyn Technology

The integration of IsoSyn technology pushes the overall engine applicability forward. The synthetic-based molecules maintain uniformity to serve gasoline & diesel engines. And its advanced formula comes to meet 2007 emission standards.

Promoting Startup

Convenient 5W-40 rating immediately copes with 4-stroke engine systems. The fluid stands functional under extreme, harsh weather conditions all along. Optimum combustion pressure prevails to enable boundary accessorial lubrication.

Superior Additives

Piston rings get to encounter minimal wear to encourage internal cleanliness. Your system remains free of abrasion, wear, sludge, carbon buildups & oil gelation. An extended level of ash-less dispersant upholds smoothness against entrapment or clogging.


  • Minimal mechanical scuffing.
  • Deforming action of additives.
  • Maximized fuel combustion.
  • Consistent temp protection.


  • Seal leaking problem.


7. Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck Motor Oil

Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck Motor Oil

Officially Nascar motor oil induces a universal fit towards exceptional functionality.

Mobile 1 is just another reputed brand to satisfy engine requirements. Its 44986 oil comes with the specialized privilege to support the system.

Turbo-diesel engines go rather well throughout the entire service life. And the price remains within an affordable range to occupy your attention.

Features & Benefits

Powerful Action

The best winter oil for 6.0 Powerstroke almost immediately lubricates, cleans & cools down the system. Incredibly high power on output encourages efficiency. Of course, even molecules initiate superior uniformity.

Supporting Additives

The integration of necessary additives upholds the cleanliness of internal parts. The chemical agents uphold the stability under mechanical adversity. No wear, abrasion, block/alteration is likely to affect the flow.

Convenient Fit

Reasonable SAE 5W-40 remains active for a wide temperature range. The synthetic-based particles can quickly recover the action. And for the best, it stands suitable for almost all sorts of oil mix-up.


  • Durable service upon stability.
  • Exceptional weather tolerance.
  • Universal fitting compatibility.
  • Functional additives included.


  • Poor container design.


8. Motul Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

Motul Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

Enjoy the smoothness of engine functionality throughout the entire ride.

Motul takes pride in developing one premium compound to feed the engine. Its introduced X-Cess fluid fits into gasoline & diesel systems.

Unanimous recognition perfectly combines innovation, capacity & involvement for the liquid. Its tag may seem somewhat pricey but worthy of investment.

Features & Benefits

Heat Tolerance

The standard 5W-40 rating can withstand low-temp viscosity against high-temp stress. Thin yet rugged film resistance prohibits further damaging actions. Reliable frictional contact between surfaces reduces wear for internal parts.

Less Volatility

Maximized output power prevails to decrease internal operating temperature. It concerns with low volatility to reduce the burning consumption. As it happens, the fuel economy gets significantly better over time.

High Stability

Pure synthetic molecules impart exceptional serviceability to support the mechanism. Structural stability initiates incredible resistance to inconsistent deviation. Again, satisfying shear stability promotes dependable oil pressure all along.


  • Sufficient thickness of the fluid.
  • Great temperature range.
  • Superior molecular stability.
  • Improvised fuel economy.


  • Slightly deviated additives.

9. Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive for All Vehicles

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive for All Vehicles

Keep reducing the possibility of declining engine efficiency to hit the road.

It’s more like a combination of additives in pure chemical formulation. Archoil outmatches all other options with the specialized fluid.

You don’t have to waste the fuel efficiency on heavy mechanical friction. Concerning the price tag, it’s just right enough for conscious buyers.

Features & Benefits

HEUI Functionality

HEUI injectors often encounter some troubling issues. And the best oil additive for 6.0 Powerstroke can fix problems regarding 6.0L & 7.3L Powerstrokes. It also covers a wide position of the engine system to uphold cleanliness.

Pressure Protection

The lubrication of interior parts enables promoted smoothness for the inside. it directly leads to extreme protection against intense mechanical pressure. You’re to get a CoF (Co-Efficient of Friction) of 0.037 at 3750 pounds.

Reduced Damages

Extended component life prevails over least wear, vibration, noise & heat. The entire mechanism enjoys a protective shield during cold startup. And its nanoborate lubrication wipes out existing buildups.


  • Immediate internal lubrication.
  • Reduction of mechanical wear.
  • Minimal wasteful consumption.
  • Protective support on startups.


  • Slight initial betterment.


10. Castrol 06249 EDGE Advanced Motor Oil

Castrol 06249 EDGE Advanced Motor Oil

Derive the absolute best from the engine system on your ride.

We’re to close the list with another highly recognized oil brand. Castrol formulates its 06249 for the Edge series to fit the requirements.

The synthesized motor fluid promises to initiate exceptional service on demand. You’re to spend on its reasonable price to get the output.

Features & Benefits

Patented Act

Integrated Fluid Titanium Technology helps with the systematic support for engines. A fully synthetic formula seems to induce superb technical advancement. It gets to transform the liquid under damaging pressure intensity.

Least Friction

Heavy metal friction almost eats up 10% of the entire efficiency. But the best oil for 6.0 Powerstroke in winter delivers 42% higher fighting convenient against deposits. Reduced friction declines the chances of oxidation, wear & abrasion.

Sturdy Form

Rugged chemical combination stands against deteriorating breakdown or burn. Not to mention, the 5W-40 rated viscosity imparts 3x further capability. And it encourages the maximization of engine efficiency in no time.


  • Extended power on the output.
  • Advanced synthetic formula.
  • High combustion pressures.
  • Less metal friction on the inside.


  • Difficult cap sealing.


How to Choose Best Synthetic Oil for 6.0 Powerstroke?

There are lots of choices available, with an immense number of varieties. It’s not any surprise to lose your way to purchase the absolute best.

But knowing some influential criteria can help you to avoid confusion. Keeping the considerations in mind can immediately narrow it down.

  • Recommendation

You’re to check the vehicle manual to sort the necessary oil specs. Even the most suitable fluid is unlikely to fit your system. Only consider the options available to satisfy your overall requirements.

  • Base Components

Base components control the primary function of any formula. Check out for any intruding particles or other unwanted elements at first. Uniform concentration in a clean appeal is the preferable choice.

  • Viscosity Rating

Fluidity is undeniably one crucial fact to consider. Temperature varies abruptly for outdoor weather. And sufficient viscosity retains the activeness against the change.

For most 6.0 Powerstroke engines, two specific viscosity ratings do the job well. You’re to choose from either 5W-40 or 15W-40, based on the weather conditions.

  • Usable Category

There are three distinctive types of oil available for intended engines. Conventional goes good for older engines whereas synthetic fits modern systems. Synthetic blends are barely preferable unless specified particularly. You can also switch between the oils upon necessity.

  • Thickness of Fluid

Satisfactory thickness is another important yet underrated portion. Thinner oil contains a noticeable amount of water against molecules. And it can affect the oil amount required for uninterrupted burning.

  • Holding Container

The bottle possesses certain importance regarding handling, pouring & storage. And the problem often tends to occur with the poorly sealed cap. It’s better to look into the level indication to avoid absolutely accidental hassles on the operation.

Available 6.0 Powerstroke Oil Type

As mentioned, 6.0 Powerstroke primarily utilizes two oil categories to run the system. You can put aside synthetic blend or semi-synthetic for certain reasons.


Purely refined crude oil makes up the oil formulating molecules. The oil can adapt to the immense complexity of modern engines.

The burning of oil barely turns it into a black, smelly, contaminated fluid. And the change interval goes rather long, considering other available types.


The type is simply the opposite of synthetics, almost raw crude oil. Older engines with simpler mechanisms can support conventional oils.

The change interval is pretty standard, still lower than synthetics. But the price is ridiculously cheap, taking all other types into account.

What is the Best Oil to Use in a 6.0 Powerstroke?

Choosing one particular oil isn’t very easy from the list of absolute best. Of course, not every single fluid means maximum satisfaction all the time. Still, you may want to skip lengthy details to make up the mind.

Shell Rotella T6 remains the ultimate best for synthetic-based oils. Your modern engine complexity can adapt the components rather well. And it covers almost everything you’ll need from a high-quality formula. Excellent temperature protection ensures maximized protection.

Meanwhile, Ford Fluid XO-15W40-5QSD holds the ultimate position for conventional oils. You’re to prefer the fluid for older engine systems. Though it may feel inferior, the formula promises superb efficiency. No more breakdown or failure on heavy-duty Ford Powerstroke uses.

Problems with 6.0 Powerstroke Oil Leak

Leaking oil is one major issue with certain 6.0L Powerstroke engines. The problems actually cover almost the entire mechanism at once. Abrupt leaking of fuel from the system can take place –

Top of Engine, Above Starter, Passenger Side, Under Turbo, Bed Plate, Exhaust Manifold, Valley Portion, Engine Front/Rear, Steering Pump, Back Motor, Filter Cap, Oil Cooler, Glow Plug & more.

You’re to check the connections throughout to avoid leaks. Consult pro mechanic to understand the defects of any parts. And installation of any included accessory requires care, focus & attention.

Requirements of 6.0 Powerstroke Oil Change

Sturdy engines like 6.0 Powerstroke requires clean oil to burn. And its repeated use causes the oil to get dirty over time. Therefore, you’re to change the fuel from time to time.

The oil capacity for all standard versions of 6.0 Powerstroke measures 15 quarts. It equals 14.2 liters or 4 gallons of fuel, including the integrated oil filter housing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often to change the oil in 6.0 Powerstroke?

Answer: Normal driving conditions call for a 7500-mile or 6-month change interval. But it gets to a 5000-mile or 6-month change interval under extreme driving circumstances.

Q: What measures for 6.0 Powerstroke oil capacity?

Answer: Oil capacity measures 15 quarts or 14.2 liters with an oil filter for 6.0L Powerstroke engines.

Q: Why is there oil on top of my engine?

Answer: Certain leakage on engine parts can cause the system to spill oil. The common causes include – degraded gasket, defective seals, pan leaks & improper connectivity.

Q: Can oil leak damage your engine?

Answer: Leaked oil leaves disgusting stains along the whole driveway. It also concerns with potential fire risk for the engine system. Catastrophic failure is likely to occur upon mechanical damage.

Final Words

Not a diesel engine can function properly without supporting fuel quality. And it has to get important to attend the peak performance down the road. Even for the precious 6.0L engine systems, you can’t avoid the obvious. We’re sure to help you with the in-depth best oil for 6.0 Powerstroke above.

Happy Driving.

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