7 Best Oil for Jeep 4.0 Engine [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Oil is indeed the blood of any vehicle to keep the engine active. You’ll have to pour the most suitable liquid to support its functionality.

Even for Jeep 4.0L, there comes no exception. You’re to get the best oil for jeep 4.0 engine in hand.

And the down mentioned list can help you to find the ultimate one. We simply narrowed down the available options for you.

Check the immediate comparison of our enlisted picks.

Best Oil for Jeep 4.0 Engine – Comparisons

ProductOil ComponentKey FeaturePrice
1. Pennzoil Platinum Motor OilFull SyntheticProtect engines from loss of power
2. Valvoline Advanced Motor OilFull SyntheticAdvanced wear protection
3. Castrol Edge Advanced Motor OilFull SyntheticFluid titanium technology
4. Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage OilConventionalHigh Mileage Formula
5. Royal Purple High-Performance OilFull SyntheticGas-Ethanol Additives
6. Valvoline High Mileage Motor OilSynthetic BlendAdditional Cleaning Agents
7. Mobil 1 High Mileage Motor OilFull SyntheticSuperb Mileage Protection

7 Best Oil for Jeep 4.0 Engine Reviews

A basic comparison should give some primary insight into the top picks. But in-depth details can help you to make the ultimate choice at once. Check out the detailed best oil for jeep 4.0 engine review right below.

1. Pennzoil Platinum Motor Oil

Pennzoil Platinum Motor Oil. best oil for jeep 4.0 engine

Encourage dependable combustion for engine system to skip the problems.

Unlike any other, certain specialty makes way for the intended oil formula. Pennzoil induced superb features to support the engine in action.

Encouraging rating of the best oil for jeep wrangler covers all aspects to retain efficiency. Even the price tag remains satisfactory to support all the integrated features.

Features & Benefits

PurePlus Technology

Yielding of the oil from natural gas instead of crude seems absolutely unique. Patented gas-to-liquid PurePlus technology results in a pure synthetic-based formula. Fewer impurities enable the fluid to deliver unprecedented mechanical stability.

Standard Tolerance

Viscosity measures a reasonable 5W-30 rating to withstand high-temp breakdown. In the meantime, the enduring formula holds its fluidity against low-temp extremity. Likewise, the action prevents unwanted or unnoticed loss of engine power.

Protective Formula

The combined action of additives develops an anti-deposit network throughout the mechanism. The pistons remain 45% more cleanliness in comparison to the toughest standards. Extra wear & frictional protection encourages the expected fuel economy.


  • Highly stable synthetic components.
  • Further cleanliness for entire system.
  • Superior protection against wear.
  • Convenient increase in fuel mileage.


  • Lessened additive package.


2. Valvoline Advanced Motor Oil

Valvoline Advanced Motor Oil. best oil for jeep grand cherokee

Incredible engine protection prevails against all the major system damaging elements.

High-quality motor oils are the pride of Valvoline from the startup point. And it introduces one advanced formula to meet the engine requirements.

Stabilized best oil for jeep grand cherokee can support the mechanism perfectly. A worthy price tag has to draw the attention of conscious buyers.

Features & Benefits

Premium Formulation

Complete synthetic-based components make up the formula with fewer impurities. Absolute uniformity throughout its concentration helps to promote the original efficiency. Eventually, it leads to increased fuel economy to save additional costs.

Heat Stress Resistance

No more internal damage with metal wear, heat stress, or carbon deposits. The 5W-30 rated liquid remains functional within a wide temperature range. Also, excellent cleanliness launches pretty fast sludge vanishing protection.

Superb Compatibility

The fluid itself goes rather well with conventional as well as synthetic oils. It can immediately support certain models of hardworking cars, SUVs & trucks. Valvoline offers multi-viscosity formulas to keep up with the demands.


  • Noticeable increase in the economy.
  • Highly stabilized oil formulation.
  • Unrestricted fuel flow on startup.
  • Superior temperature protection.


  • Leakage from the bottle.


3. Castrol Edge Advanced Motor Oil

Castrol Edge Advanced Motor Oil

Start receiving the absolute peak performance from certain jeeps all along.

The brand earned worldwide recognition for itself over top-quality oil formulations. And Castrol imparts the most advanced technology for its featured oil.

Cleanliness, protection, performance – everything starts to get good right away. And the rightful price is sure to take place in your checklist.

Features & Benefits

Fluid Titanium Tech

Patented fluid titanium technology triggers adaptable characteristics for oil under pressure. Intense pressure from the engine mechanism leads to stress & friction. But the formula can withstand the adversity to resist the acts.

Contacting Action

Reasonable lubricating action reduces deteriorating friction to rake down accessorial wear. An increase in metal to metal contact induces further efficiency towards better horsepower. Also, a protective thin layer retains cleanliness for every included part.

Minimum Deposits

A convenient portion of additives features anti-deposit specs to clean the connections. In fact, minimal oxidizing action initiates further durability of the engine itself. The oil can give you 42% extra control protection against robbing deposits.


  • Increase in engine horsepower.
  • Excellent internal cleanliness.
  • Pure synthetic oil components.
  • Standard engine compatibility.


  • Problems with the seal.

4. Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Oil

Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Oil

Nothing to worry about old engine systems regarding proper fuel functionality.

Another Pennzoil makes the list for a certain reason to support the vehicle. The featured formula specifically comes forward to serve older versions.

You can still compete with modern engines through superior freshness. You just need to settle down for its reasonable price tag.

Features & Benefits

Stabilized Formula

Conventional oil formula satisfactorily meets industry standards like API SP & others. the special fluid contains seal conditioning agents. The unquestionable quality fits into late & even some modern engines of light van/truck/SUV/passenger cars.

Extended Mileage

Noticeably extra mileage is one primary benefit of using the intended liquid. Exponential reduction in leak & consumption rate improvises the fuel economy. Vehicles to require change on 75000 miles goes perfect with the oil.

Additional Safety

Complete control over sludge or carbon deposits initiates superb internal cleanliness. Proven wear protection retains the physical freshness of engine parts. Even the bottle includes specified designs to ease its handling & pouring.


  • Suitable for a wide range of engines.
  • Better economy over fuel mileage.
  • No more dry/cracked engine seals.
  • Ergonomic design for its container.


  • Poor packaging condition.


5. Royal Purple High-Performance Motor Oil

Royal Purple High-Performance Motor Oil. best oil for jeep cherokee

Protective fluid action immediately retains the long-awaited functionality of certain engines.

Highly performing lubricants earned universal recognition for the Royal Purple brand. And its featured synthetic lubricant keeps the system responsive all along.

The expert formula of the best oil for jeep cherokee gives support to specified systems. The price tag seems reasonably lower in comparison to its competitors.

Features & Benefits

Patented Blend

An integrated additive package includes a patented gas-ethanol blend like no other. It remains a presence in a suitably high concentration to prevent oil starvation. In fact, sludge buildup & poor lubrication merely occurs on the run.

Smooth Startup

Modern turbocharged gasoline engines often initiate LSPI (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition) problems. Advanced chemistry can immediately solve the issue prior to engine startup. Even the exhausting gas catalyst remains secure against potential damage.

Viscos Fluidity

Viscosity measures a convenient 5W-30 to withstand low-temp extremity & high-temp stress. Minimal metal-to-metal contact reduces frictional loss to optimize fuel efficiency. And anti-wear agents keep the pistons clean throughout its life.


  • Smoothened engine startup.
  • Hard sealing to prevent leaks.
  • Optimization of horsepower.
  • Less sludge, varnish, deposit.


  • Color seems a downfall.


6. Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil

Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil

Fulfill all the unique requirements of modern high-mileage jeep engines.

Another convenient choice from Valvoline comes to occupy a list position. Not to mention, it’s the only synthetic blend oil to enter the catalog.

You’re to receive a freshened functionality of the engine system right away. Even the price seems reasonable to spend on the demanded bucks.

Features & Benefits

Uniform Formula

You’ll have the combined advantages of fully synthetic with conventional oils. The mechanically blended formula comes in exceptional uniformity in molecular structure. Therefore, immediate modification on startup gets you an increased engine performance.

Powerful Agents

The premium formula contains additional detergents against an extra number of additives. Integrated anti-oxidants prohibit oil breakdown to dissolve sludge & deposit. Superb wear protection keeps the engine completely free of metallic deterioration.

Heavy-Duty Bottle

Featured 5-Qt container induces sturdy sealing techniques. The structure can easily withstand external rigors. Of course, the 10W-30 rated oil remains secure at the molecular level from inside. The easy pull tab features a precision pour spout to prevent spillage.


  • Protective anti-wearing thin film.
  • Extended performance benefits.
  • Maximized durability for engines.
  • Built-in seal conditioning agents.


  • Slight gripping distortion.


7. Mobil 1 High Mileage Motor Oil

Mobil 1 High Mileage Motor Oil. best oil for jeep wrangler jk

Open the ultimate keylock of optimizing engine functionality to skip startup problems.

One highly recognized brand in the motor oil industry in Mobile 1. Apart from other variations, it also develops a formula to support jeep vehicles.

Performance & efficiency immediately hit the roof with the best oil for jeep wrangler jk. And the high-quality is likely to cost you reasonable bucks.

Features & Benefits

Stable Formula

The fully synthetic-based liquid contains minimal impurities to pollute the system. As it happens, all the engine parts become effective like freshened ones. Exceptional chemical stability prevents sudden breakdown & the following consequences.

Superb Fluidity

Viscosity measures a standard 10W-30 to retain the active status under extremity. The oil holds its uninterrupted liquid state till 10°C in winter. Meanwhile, 30°C tolerance on the other end initiates stabilized molecules against heat stress.

Extra Features

Convenient 2” chrome plating covers the 5/16” diameter shackle of sturdy steel. In addition, the stainless steel shutter lock takes out dirt & moisture intrusion. Plated tumbler sidebar prevents picking & bumping on the run.


  • Molecules in uniform concentration.
  • Convenient fluidity on temperature.
  • Sturdy & solid container of plastic.
  • One single key to unlock everything.


  • Initial swelling of additives.


How to Choose Best Oil for Jeep Wrangler?

Purchasing the right product isn’t exactly a breeze unless you have the tricks. It’s the same for engine oil, regardless of the vehicle types. You’ll have to focus on certain facts to eliminate the inconvenient ones.

There are some essential criteria to influence the overall acceptance. You must understand the considerations to make a successful purchase. Keeping the keys in mind can unlock the best oil for jeep 4.0 engine.

  • Engine Specification

Though we’re talking about jeep 4.0L systems, you have to check the compatibility. Certain restrictions can force you to skip the most preferable ones.

You better go through the manual to get the jeep 4.0 recommended oil type. Right there, you can save lots of unwanted mechanical hassles at once.

  • Viscosity Rating

One significant oil property concern with its fluidity under variable temperatures. Not every viscosity rating can serve your jeep engine requirements properly.

Likewise, 5W-30/10W-30 seems to dominate the oil market regarding jeeps. Either of the two serves rather well under low-temp extremity & high-temp stress.

  • Formulation Type

Different components making up the formula to categorize the availability into three. You’re to choose from conventional, synthetic blend/semi-synthetic or fully synthetic.

Modern engine complexity can support the molecules of pure synthetics. Unless you can’t go for full synthetic, you can look into conventional or synthetic blends.

  • Included Additives

Additives have become an integral portion of modern motor oils. Individual additive comes with a chemical composition to perform a certain task.

Internal cleanliness is one major concern regarding engine efficiency. And righteous additives can dissolve existing deposits ahead of preventing future buildups.

  • Container Condition

Lots of customers ended up complaining about the quality of the oil holding bottle. Of course, you’ll only get plastic containers; nothing to do with metals.

You may look into the grips, seals, spouts to ease your handling & pouring task. Don’t forget to check the entire surface thoroughly for any leaking holes.

How to Change Oil Jeep Wrangler?

Changing oil sounds no big deal for any intermediate-time jeep owner. But there are certain issues to concern towards proper installation. It may get difficult with the replacement of the fuel filter. You can attend the change by yourself with the flowing steps.

#1. Remove the detachable plastic cap to cover the engine motor. It should expose the filter along with the filler cap.

#2. Keep a pan on the ground right beneath the oil holding mechanism. Loosen the drain bolt to take it out gently.

#3. Wait for some extra minutes to drain the oil to its very last drop. Replace the old filter prior to filling in the changed oil.

#4. Unscrew the gasket O-ring to remove the existing filter media. Simply push the new filter to its intended place.

#5. Use ratchet wrenches & other tools to loosen the connectivity. Don’t forget to tighten the screws after installation.

#6. Check out the drain plug to retain its connecting tightness. Use clean towels or cloths to wipe the surfaces.

#7. Now pour the new oil into the motor to fill the space till a certain level. Close the opening with a cover cap after filling.

#8. Turn on the engine for a while to check the initial response. if everything goes well, you’re ready to hit the road.

Why is My Jeep Leaking Oil?

Oil leaks seem one common phenomenon with all sorts of vehicles. It’s one problem you can’t afford to fuel the economy. There are numerous reasons to trigger oil leaks, particularly mechanical defects. The major facts to cause the issue includes –

  • Defective, damaged, or poorly sealed filter media.
  • Somewhat loosened or stripped out the drain plug.
  • Abrupt leaks on the surfaces of the valve cover gasket.
  • Defective gasket sitting between the pan & block.

How to Stop My Jeep from Leaking?

As it seems, a mechanical error can cause the leaks to occur. And eventually, the situation will worsen to lower your fuel level.

You’ll have to consider immediate replacements for certain parts. It primarily includes – internal gasket & fuel/oil filter.

It’s better to watch for any improvement after tightening the plug or valve gasket. Otherwise, you’ll require replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the required jeep 4.0 oil capacity?

Answer: Standard versions of 4.0L jeep engines feature a 6Qt or 5.7L oil capacity.

Q: What is the jeep wrangler oil change interval?

Answer: Oil changing interval can hold sufficient on every 7500 – 10000 miles. But extreme conditions call for replacement every 7500 miles or so. Meanwhile, conventional oil requires a change every 3000 – 5000 miles of running.

Q: How much for jeep wrangler oil change cost?

Answer: Oil itself requires a mere $40 – $80 for cost. Changing charge is likely to cost $30 – $40. In total, you’ll have to spend $70 – $120, $95 on average.

Q: Do jeeps need synthetic oil?

Answer: Synthetic oil can easily adapt to the complexity of modern engine systems. unless you have strict restrictions, you can skip conventional oils. Switching to synthetic oil can offer some benefits.

Final Words

Poorly formulated fuel can lead to devastating consequences in no time. You must pour the most suitable formula to support the jeep engine functionality. And you’re to find the absolute best oil for jeep 4.0 engine from the list.

Pennzoil Platinum Motor Oil seems to outmatch even the other topmost pick and best oil for jeep wrangler also. Its advanced formulation can help the engine system in different ways. Protection, control, stability, cleanliness & even price – the fluid covers every factor just right.

Happy Driving.

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