5 Best Spark Plugs for Honda Civic [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Spark plug is one integral engine part to cause the primary ignition. You’re to change the existing plugs after a certain period with new ones.

It’s true for all sorts of vehicles, including the precious Honda Civic. But finding the ultimate set of replacements isn’t exactly an easy task.

We enlisted the absolute best spark plugs for Honda Civic right here. Going through all the details will help you to save unwanted hassle for sure.

It’s better to check out the quick comparison before jumping into the details.

Best Spark Plugs for Honda Civic – Comparison Table

ProductMaterialKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. Bosch 9620 Pin to Pin Spark PlugIridiumPre-Set Gapped Design2007 – 2019
2. NGK 2477 ZFR5FIX-11 IX Spark PlugIridiumLong Insulator Nose1991 – 2003
3. DENSO #4504 T T Spark PlugsPlatinumTitanium Ground Electrode2000 – 2012
4. NGK # 6994 Premium Spark PlugsIridiumLaser Welded Tipping2002 – 2012
5. NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark PlugPlatinumPrecise Gap Distance1994 – 2011

5 Best Spark Plugs for Honda Civic Reviews

The aforementioned comparison certainly represents the basics of our choices. You’ll have to dig deeper to judge the suitability of every model. Let get going with the detailed best spark plugs for Honda Civic reviews.

1. Bosch 9620 Pin to Pin Spark Plug

Bosch 9620 Double Iridium Pin to Pin Spark Plug

Skip all the cheap aftermarket replacements to mess with automotive systems.

Bosch takes a respectable place in the whole of the mechanical parts industry. And its 9620 plugs come with good reasons to attend customer satisfaction.

The featured best Honda spark plugs immediately induce the full freshness retention. Of course, the unrivaled quality ratio comes within an affordable price.

Features & Benefits

Long Serviceability

Double Iridium firing pin comes in a continuous 360° laser welding. It simply fuses the pin to stand against internal corrosion. And the durability remains 4x longer than copper plugs.

Supporting Ignition

The pin to pin ignition mechanism features a 0.6mm wiring. An extra ground electrode pin initiates further ignitability for the engine. Excellent heat transfer reduces voltage requirements.

Additional Features

An integrated ribbed insulator prevents random flashover. And there comes nickel-plated shell with rolled threads. Again, no additional anti-seizing requirements through its built-in action.


  • Premium design for durability.
  • Genuine OEM replacements.
  • Simple pin fusing mechanism.
  • Widened ignition heat range.


  • Failure from breakage.


2. NGK 2477 ZFR5FIX-11 IX Spark Plug

NGK 2477 ZFR5FIX-11 IX Spark Plug

Let the enthusiastic replacement retain the factory specified fresh engine functionality.

NGK has to acquire a special position when it comes to spark plugs. Likewise, its ZFR5FIX-11 happens to serve the ignition system with perfection.

Immense benefits prevail to reduce all the deteriorating effects. And the price remains ridiculously low against satisfactory mechanical action.

Features & Benefits

Iridium Framing

Integration of iridium alloy results in higher melting points. And the tip included hmm welded wiring. The best spark plugs for 2001 Honda Civic offers durability withstanding heat & wear.

Protective Casing

Trivalent metal plating holds the sparking action intact from outside. It imparts excellent anti-seizing & anti-corrosion properties. Therefore, its anti-fouling action triggers extreme ignitability.

Improved Action

Tapered ground electrode skips electrical quenching effects. The featured long insulator nose includes corrugated ribs to prohibit flashover. And triple gasket sealing takes out gas leakage issues.


  • Enduring metal framework.
  • Stabilized action from the core.
  • Minimal damaging effects.
  • Consistent sparking ignition.


  • No cottony on threads.


3. DENSO #4504 T T Spark Plugs

DENSO #4504 T T Spark Plugs

Extra reliability for the ignition mechanism comes ready to impart superb engine efficiency.

Denso has lots of high-quality automotive accessories to serve the intended interests. And its #4504 outruns all the cheap aftermarket plug replacements.

Advanced structural framing initiates higher performance for the engine system. The demanded price seems satisfactory, taking all the aspects into account.

Features & Benefits

Pt-Ti Construction

Cutting edge technology features a combination of platinum & titanium. The central electrode has a platinum core whereas the ground electrode includes titanium-enhanced alloy. Minimal tip erosion causes an extended change interval of 60000 miles.

Maximized Spark

The best spark plugs for Honda Civic 2008 fight corrosion, rust & other damaging elements from inside. You’re to enjoy soft & immediate startup without loss in voltage. Obviously, the ignition gets to hit the roof.

Consistent Action

The secondary ground electrode tip holds the eventual spark growth. Increased durability comes with consistency in sparking efficiency. For the best part, the design retains the same gap distance.


  • Highly technical mechanism.
  • Consistency in spark power.
  • Longer replacement interval.
  • Encouraged fuel economy.


  • Problems with usability.


4. NGK # 6994 Premium Spark Plugs

NGK # 6994 Premium Spark Plugs

Check-in maximum ignitability with enhanced performance for the automotive engine.

We’re getting back with NGK, thanks to all the high-quality spark plugs. It’s more like one convenient replacement of the previously mentioned NGK option.

The best 2006 Honda Civic spark plugs come ready to serve your purpose with satisfaction. And the price tag certainly remains under a budget-friendly radar.

Features & Benefits

Premium Quality

The entire construction seems pretty intact from inside. Likewise, thick metal makes up the frame to stand against damaging elements. And you’re to expect excellent service durability.

Precise Ignition

Built-in electrodes with leaser welded tips feature reasonable wiring. It causes the system to reduce voltage loss. The ignition becomes immediate, precise & heavy to initiate the spark.

Perfect Usability

Genuine OEM replacement makes it more plausible in comparison to aftermarket replacement tools. Direct fitting measurements with its pre-set gapping save further hassle on installation.


  • Superior framework durability.
  • Extended replacement interval.
  • Direct fitment, simple setting.
  • Pristine interior for protection.


  • Somewhat poor packaging.


5. NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug

NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug

Let platinum perform the magic to retain the engine efficiency on startup.

Even the very last option comes from NGK, with reasonable service actions. Its intended BKR5EGP provides good support for any fitting mechanism.

Standard features are ready to uphold the internal action against all odds. The price is incredibly low for any conscious owner to enter the checklist.

Features & Benefits

Platinum Alloy

Integrated electrodes of the best spark plugs for Honda Civic 2001 feature high-quality platinum alloy. It includes a standard 0.6mm laser welded tip. And trivalent plating triggers excellent durability.

Special Configuration

A built-in insulator nose initiates fouling prevention towards superior throttle response. Corrugated ribs take out flashover issues. Meanwhile, triple gasket sealing terminates combustion leakage.

Inner Protection

A precise gap triggers a secure engine ignition every time. Again, anti-seizing properties impart stable & consistent sparking action. Lower exhaust emission causes a better fuel economy in no time.


  • Elimination of engine issues.
  • Protective insulator design.
  • Durable metal-plate exterior.
  • Precisely fitted pre-set gap.


  • Certain spec distortion.


How to Choose Best Spark Plugs for Honda Civic? – Buying Guide

Overwhelming the number of options is enough to mess with the purchase. You must pay attention to the details concerning a perfect replacement. The following key considerations can save you further trouble in choosing the best Honda Civic spark plug replacement.

  • Plug Type

Electrode material primarily performs the action. You’ll have to choose from iridium or platinum with Honda Civic. Better contact the seller/manufacturer to judge the variations in design.

  • Construction

Obviously, the metal plate is to cover the interior. Anti-seizing & anti-corrosion properties are a must for any plug. Don’t forget to check out the quality of electrode tips with integrated wiring.

  • Interval

The basic interval seems pretty satisfactory with high-quality options. But the deviations in a material call for distinctive intervals. Therefore, you’re to look into the expected interval with any model.

  • Extra Specs

You just can’t neglect the additional specs ahead of purchasing one. Plating, sealing & other built-in considerations play a convenient role. As it happens, it’s essential to check the specs closely.

  • Fitment

Though comes in the last, you need to get it in the first place. Even the most preferable one can’t suit your specified engine. Determine the vehicle model number prior to hitting relevant options.

How to Tell If Spark Plugs Need Replacing?

Spark plugs start to give some signs of failure or defective support. You’re to understand the symptoms ahead of making the replacement. Of course, the issues can take place upon other accessorial defects.

  1. Hard Startup
  2. Frequent Misfire
  3. Rough Idling
  4. Poor Fuel Economy
  5. Difficult Acceleration
  6. Visible Defects

What is the Advantage of Iridium Spark Plugs?

  1. There are certain advantages to utilize iridium spark plugs in the first place. It’s one popular form of automotive plugs to draw attention.
  2. Better engine action with an immediate startup.
  3. Improve in mechanical acceleration profile.
  4. Extended durability against corrosion or seizing.
  5. Reduction of the misfire, rough idling & hardship.
  6. Noticeable improvement in fuel economy.
  7. Fewer voltage requirements to cause the spark.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which is better iridium or platinum spark plugs?

Answer: Both types come with certain advantages & disadvantages. Iridium plugs offer a high lifespan, low voltage requirement & extended action. Meanwhile, platinum maintains cleanliness while holding a cheaper tag. Unless you focus on durability, you’re too good to go with platinum models.

Q: What is the recommended Honda civic spark plug change interval?

Answer: The basic change interval requires for 95K – 105K replacement. It’s entirely possible to make the replacement after 60K miles. Of course, there are several other interdependent factors.

Q: What’s the probable Honda civic spark plug replacement cost?

Answer: The plug set will cost you $13 – $50, depending on models. And the labor charge is likely to cost you $50 to $70. Therefore, you’ll have to spend about $63 to $120 in total.

Final Words

No point to expect any good from the engine, compromising with spark plug quality. You must check in the best spark plugs for Honda Civic at all costs. And our reviews can definitely help you to get the ultimate one.

Obviously, Bosch 9620 Pin to Pin Spark Plug takes the prize for certain reasons. There comes everything in perfect order to deliver excellent output. You just have to settle down for a reasonable price at once.

Happy Driving.

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