7 Best Duramax Fuel Filter [Reviews & Buying Guide 2021]

Several parts support the engine system to initiate proper functionality. And fuel filter definitely occupies superior importance among the gears.

The integral portion removes contaminating particles from fuel composition. Likewise, certain lifespan calls for filter replacement from time to time.

Even your precious Duramax can’t act with defective/failing filters. You’ll have to ask – what is the best fuel filter for Duramax right there.

Simply turn down everything else but our best Duramax fuel filter. Certain details with supporting facts will help you to understand your needs.

Let’s have a look at the comparison of the top picks in brief.

Best Duramax Fuel Filter – Comparison Table

ProductFitmentKey FeaturePrice
1. ATRACYPART Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter2001 – 2016Anti-Caustic Housing System
2. ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel Filter2000 – 2018Precise Fitting Design
3. WIX Filters Spin-On Fuel Water Separator2001 – 2016HA-Class, HD-Type Duty
4. ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel Filter2007 – 2018Rough Exterior Surface
5. iFJF TP1015 Fuel Filter2014 – 2018Direct Fitment Specs
6. Baldwin BF9882 Fuel Filter2001 – 2016Integrated Open Port
7. Caterpillar 1R-0750 Advanced Fuel Filter2002 – 2017Cellulose Filter Media

7 Best Duramax Fuel Filter Reviews

Some basic insight should come to light through the quick comparison. But further details can help you with the ultimate purchase. It’s time to reveal the best Duramax fuel filter reviews individually.

1. ATRACYPART 6.6 Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter

ATRACYPART Duramax Diesel Fuel FilterHand over the sole responsibility of obstructing harmful contaminants to a dependable medium.

There is something very special with the first option to make our list. ATRACYPART literally outmatches all others, thanks to its premium filter.

Efficiency seems to hit the roof with the best aftermarket fuel filter Duramax. Its price remains convenient enough without exceeding reasonable budget limits.

Features & Benefits

Premium Materials

High-grade filtering media enables minimal flow restriction for the circulating fuel. Extra efficiency in fuel purification leads to further workability of internal parts. An increased delivery rate perfectly satisfies the requirements of any diesel engine.

Standard Efficiency

Filter media comes with a sufficient micron rating to take out the pollutants. In fact, you’re to receive 98% filtration efficiency to block most particles. Of course, the capacity measures enough to induce a somewhat longer change interval.

Extended Lifespan

Rigorous laboratory testing makes the filter one reliable choice for Duramax. Again, integrated anti-caustic housing initiates durable action under various conditions. Intact sealing from inside for the multi-layered media prevents accidental leakage.


  • Multiple layers to enhance efficiency.
  • Functional under extreme conditions.
  • Least restriction on fluid movement.
  • Steady filtration throughout the lifespan.


  • Initial appeal feels cheap.


2. ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel Filter

ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel FilterImmediately take out the failing media to install the premium aftermarket replacement.

ACDelco requires no further introduction regarding high-quality vehicle accessories. Likewise, the brand presents TP3018 to purify the fluid against intruders.

Efficient filtration of the best fuel filter for 6.6 Duramax forces all the impurities to check out at once. And the price stays considerably low against all the integrated features.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Structure

An intact casing of thick metal covers the filtering media from inside out. Of course, the interior action remains protected against outside mechanical stress. Additional integration of sealing lowers the possibility of internal leakage.

Trapping Media

Built-in media comes with a reliable 4-micron rating to capture the pollutants. As it happens, you’ll receive up to 98% – 99% filtration efficiency. No more dirt, rust, or paint particles to enter the burning chamber.

Constant Service

Uninterrupted fuel insertion triggers the consistent burning of pure fuel to power the engine. It helps other interconnected parts to retain the supportive freshness. In the end, expected dependability meets satisfaction without any issue.


  • Highly durable functionality.
  • Overall engine improvement.
  • Unobstructed fuel insertion.
  • Exact fitment on installation.


  • Certain packaging issues.


3. WIX Filters Spin-On Fuel Water Separator

WIX Filters Spin-On Fuel Water SeparatorAllow the fuel to reach the burning chamber without any water disruption.

Fuel filter has to keep the water separate, alongside the contaminant particles. And WIX Filters has the right gear to attend both the objectives.

The simple appeal of the WIX Duramax fuel filter induces efficiency in purifying the fuel. The price remains worthy of investment without any major limitation.

Features & Benefits

Supporting Frame

The black anodized exterior retains the internal confinement against outdoor elements. A fully coated metal structure ensures maximum security of the integrated mechanism. Therefore, you’re to expect a somewhat longer change interval with slight maintenance.

Authentic Action

Watery fuel generates intense heat for the engine system to cause eventual damage. Featured spin-on media prevents the circulation of water into the fluid composition. And you can enable complete separation of fuel from water.

Precise Installation

Accurate physical specs throughout the exterior induce a rather uniform appeal. Not to mention, the dimensional precision helps you to install the filter easily. It simply fits into the intended position without creating any mess.


  • Exceptional endurance on the job.
  • Great micron rating of media.
  • Incredible fuel delivery rate.
  • Pure fuel insertion for burning.


  • Distorted sway bar.


4. ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel Filter

ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel FilterLet the fuel flow through the entire mechanism with optimum purity.

Another ACDelco filter makes the list, surpassing cheap aftermarket craps. You can undeniably place the bet on TP1015 to filtrate the composition.

Obviously, AC Delco fuel filter Duramax is one suitable alternative to its previous counterpart. Even the price seems close enough to reach customer satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

Premium Built

Solid metal structure can easily withstand all sorts of moderate mechanical stresses. Even the integrated system remains sturdy enough against engine roughness. Uneven exterior surface initiates steady holding in the intended position.

Powerful Media

Reasonably powerful filtering media features a standard 5-micron rating. And the overall capturing efficiency is almost 98% for targeted particles. Not to mention, the holding capacity measures good enough to keep going.

Sealed Action

Rugged sealing on every joint keeps the interior protected from intrusion. Of course, the design helps with the retention of full filtration efficiency. No fuel leakage is likely to take place during its service life.


  • Durable structural support.
  • Steady holding of position.
  • Extended filtration capacity.
  • Superior engine protection.


  • O-ring fitment problem.


5. iFJF TP1015 Fuel Filter

iFJF TP1015 Fuel FilterRemove the damaging portion of intruding particles from the system supporting fuel.

iFJF happens to introduce another convenient choice for conscious buyers. The featured model covers everything you’re to expect from any standard filter.

Several concerning points of the best fuel filter for Duramax diesel engines get in your checklist. And its ridiculously lower price tag definitely draws the attention.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Framing

Conventional throughout appeal confines the filtering layers within its media. Sufficient thickness of metal keeps the interior intact from outside stress. Of course, the durability gets better with no potential damage on use.

Standard Media

Standard 5-micron rating still prevails for its built-in filtration media. And you can attend more or less 98% efficiency to remove damaging contaminants at once. Therefore, improved action results in encouraging engine performance on the road.

Superb Fitment

Precise sizing initiates direct replacement, avoiding further setup hassles. Gasket sealing with O-rings prevents the possibility of fuel leakage. Though the compatibility seems limited, it immediately fits into the system.


  • Completely intact structure.
  • Pretty satisfying service life.
  • Standard rating for filtration.
  • Inclusion of no-leak gasket.


  • Limited compatibility.


6. Baldwin BF9882 Fuel Filter

Baldwin BF9882 Fuel FilterLimit the damaging intrusion of particles ahead of fuel chamber burning.

Baldwin filter makes its way to get on the list with reasons. You’re sure to receive optimum satisfaction from the very startup point.

Quality, efficiency, longevity – Baldwin Duramax fuel filter seems to cover basic demands. The price remains good enough to stay within a convenient budget.

Features & Benefits

Reliable Framing

Heavy-duty metal structure comes with unrivaled durability all along. The included mechanism remains secure against intense pressure or heat stress. And you can even manage limited extension for replacement interval.

Effective Action

Integrated filtration media for Baldwin comprises of several layers within itself. Not to mention, it measures a highly effective 4-micron rating. Capturing capability is also pretty good to prevent immediate or quick clogging.

OEM Specification

Every included part satisfies OEM specs well enough, initiating better quality. And it enables the gasket seal to prevent disgusting internal fuel leaks. Again, the fitment seems somewhat simple with its precisely fitting measurements.


  • Reliable OEM replacement filter.
  • Open port for spin-on mechanism.
  • Excellent water separating action.
  • Standard-setting measurements.


  • Loosening from the position.


7. Caterpillar 1R-0750 Advanced Fuel Filter

Caterpillar 1R-0750 Advanced Fuel FilterPut an end to the deteriorating particle intrusion for inserted engine fluid.

Caterpillar earned a solid brand name for itself with high-quality accessories. And it comes with 1R-0750 to pile up the list of topmost filters.

Overall performance of the Caterpillar fuel filter for Duramax remains exceptional. It’s definitely one prime choice, thanks to the lower price tag.

Features & Benefits

Rugged Casing

Metal exterior surrounding protects the interior system from outdoor damage. The surface seems pretty smooth; still, manages to hold the position. Gasket O-rings at the joints diminishes the possibility of further leakage.

Cellulose Media

Interior filter can easily take out the major portion of damaging fuel elements. Built-in filtration media features highly effective cellulose construction. Unlike no other on the list, a 2-micron rating triggers exceptional capturing efficiency.

Engine Safety

Cleaner burning of fuel helps to disintegrate previous deposits & buildups. Therefore, most of the mechanical parts can retain its original working efficiency. And you’re to enjoy a smooth engine action without further issues.


  • Premium structural quality.
  • Superb filtration efficiency.
  • Cleaner burn, better economy.
  • Simple installation guidance.


  • Rust on the exterior surface.


Best Duramax Fuel Filter-Buying Guide

Not every fuel filter can immediately satisfy the demands of the Duramax engine. You’ll have to stay focused on relevant ones, skipping worthless options. And you should keep certain factors in mind to narrow down your checklist.

We took the liberty of enlisting all the essential facts. Certain considerations can deliberately ensure a successful purchase. You don’t have to waste bucks chasing the best Duramax fuel filter from limitless options.

  • Engine Fitment

Unless the intended filter doesn’t fit, your choice is of no use. Therefore, you’ll have to match the engine spec with the compatibility. Obviously, certain options come with wider system usability.

  • Micron Rating

The opening sizes of the filter directly influences the purifying efficiency. The standard rating measures 5 for the majority of fuel filters. You can consider 2-micron up to 7/8-micron for an acceptable range.

  • Outer Materials

Surrounding metal has to induce satisfactory protection to secure the interior. The external surfacing can feature either sticky roughness or slippery smooth. Again, you’ll have to check its endurance.

  • Sealing Gasket

One major defect happens to occur with the included gasket seal. The O-rings can fail, leading to the creation of open orifices. It’s important to look into the details regarding the seals throughout.

  • Filtering Media

Material, quality & capability also counts for a suitable fuel filter. Higher capacity implies further service & layered materials initiate good capturing. Therefore, don’t miss out on the relevant facts.

  • Simpler Setup

Installation can give you immense tension, following improper execution. Convenient design easily matches with the required specs. Better settle for something simple without costing valuable time.

How Often Should I Change My Fuel Filter on Duramax?

Changing the filter is an inevitable part of vehicle engine maintenance. You’ll have to replace the old ones at a certain time. But the interval barely maintains any strict regulation. In fact, the call for change varies according to numerous dependable facts.

Duramax filters can serve 20,000 miles to 40,000 miles without any problems. On average, you can count every 30,000 miles for making the change. There comes another thumb rule to consider. You’re to replace the filters once on every 2 years of running.

How to Change Fuel Filter on a Duramax?

Attending Duramax fuel filter replacement by yourself can save some extra costs. Intermediate skills in car mechanics should do the job. You just need to follow the down mentioned steps.

#1. Lifting the front end through the floor jack will give better visibility. Make the replacement over cool engine conditions.

#2. Disconnect all the cables from the negative terminal of the engine battery. You may also discontinue the positive terminal.

#3. Turn the steering wheel in a clockwise direction. Far-right positioning of front wheels gives space to reach the filter.

#4. Open the hood to locate the exact position of the fuel filter. Check the manufacturer manual to make it easier at once.

#5. Gently remove the built-in plastic guard from the wheel rear. Loosen the connecting plastic clips prior to the operation.

#6. Pulling the guard will allow the filter to become clearly visible. Don’t forget to store the removed guard on safe ground.

#7. Try to figure out the position of the water sensor, beneath the filter. Of course, you should check the manual for help.

#8. Simply follow the going of connected wires to a plug attachment. Take off the plug, making the assembly suspended.

#9. Place a dripping pan right under the fuel filter location. Carefully slide one filter strap wrench to turn it counter-clockwise.

#10. Each turn is to loosen the connectivity of the existing fuel filter. Gently finish the unscrewing to remove the structure.

#11. Pour all excess diesel throughout the engine mechanism into the pan. Remove the water sensor from the assembly.

#12. Screw the removed sensor right onto the new replacement filter. Fill in the new one with fresh diesel.

#13. Again, screw the filter right onto the integrated filter housing. Complete the setup after tightening the connections.

#14. Locate the relief valve on the topmost portion of the engine. Turn the valve counter-clockwise to bleed the diesel out.

#15. Keep pushing the blacked primer cap to force the diesel to run out. Close the valve to turn on its accessorial positioned ignition.

#16. Check out for any possible leaks from certain fuel filter spots. Restore the connectivity of plastic guards on wheel rear.

Different Types of Duramax Engines

General Motors introduced Duramax as its 6.6L engine system. The highly popular vehicle induced several versions throughout the years. Knowing the variations can help you to understand the modifications better.

Certain versions achieved worldwide recognition for class, style & performance. The overall variation is a lot to explain right away. But you can obviously take a basic look at the timeline of Duramax since its arrival.

1. Duramax LB7 (GMC Sierra HD & Chevrolet Silverado)

The 2001 – 2004 version featured –

300 HP @ 3100 rpm, 560 lb-ft Torque @ 1800 rpm, 17.5:1 compression, OVH valvetrain.

2. Duramax LLY

The limited 2004 – 2005 version initiated –

310 HP @ 3000 rpm, 605 lb-ft Torque @ 1600 rpm, 17.5:1 compression, OHV valvetrain.

3. Duramax LBZ

Another limited 2006 – 2007 version implied –

360 HP @ 3200 rpm, 650 lb-ft Torque @ 1600 rpm, 16.8:1 compression, OHV valvetrain.

4. Duramax LMM

Slightly longer 2008 – 2010 version included –

365 HP @ 3100 rpm, 660 lb-ft Torque @ 1800 rpm, 16.8:1 compression, OHV valvetrain.

5. Duramax LML

The most ingenious version to dominate 2011 – 2016 has –

397 HP @ 3000 rpm, 765 lb-ft Torque @ 1600 rpm, 16.0:1 compression, OHV valvetrain.

6. Duramax LGH (GMC Savana & Chevrolet Express)

The parallel 2011 – 2016 version implied –

335 HP @ 3000 rpm, 685 lb-ft Torque @ 1600 rpm, 16.0:1 compression, OHV valvetrain.

7. Duramax L5P

From 2017 till now, the ultimate version comes with –

445 HP @ 2800 rpm, 910 lb-ft Torque @ 1600 rpm, 16.0:1 compression, OHV valvetrain.

There are lots of details involving individual versions for you to explore. The compression ratio or valvetrain remains almost the same, with slight modifications/improvements. But the actual difference happened to take place in engine power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the fuel filter located?

Answer: The location of the fuel filter can vary according to vehicle models. but it commonly lies along the high-pressure fuel line. Also, some systems tend to fit the filters inside the fuel tank.

Q: What does a fuel filter do?

Answer: Fuel filter is an integral part of engine functionality. It screens intruding dirt with polluting particles from the sticky composition. Therefore, your engine remains secure against harmful debris.

Q: How to drain water from fuel filter Duramax?

Answer: Draining the aggregated water is important prior to replacement. You’ll have to locate the bleed valve on the priming pump’s driver side. Continue pumping the filter housing plunger to let the fuel flow through the orifice.

Q: How long does a fuel filter last?

Answer: The practical durability tends to differ from models to models. But common filters require a change every 20K-40K miles, 30K miles on average. One thumb rule depicts the replacement after a 2-year/30000-mile running.

Q: Why should I change a fuel filter?

Answer: The fuel filter performs certain essential tasks in the fuel delivery system. But the media comes with a specified capacity to block & hold the particles. Therefore, you’ll have to replace the old ones at particular intervals.

Q: What are the symptoms of a dirty and bad fuel filter?

Answer: Exceeded dirt clogs the filter media to cause poor mileage. Eventual symptoms of a hard startup, rough idling, power loss & frequent hesitation occurs. For worsened cases, sputtering or stalling can take place.


The uninterrupted functionality of the Duramax engine highly depends on filtration efficiency. And the best Duramax fuel filter can serve your intention satisfactorily. You just have to look into the aforementioned review to make the ultimate choice.

As it happens, ATRACYPART Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter occupies the prize. The design covers engine requirements from every reasonable aspect. You can skip all others with a matching fitment. And you’re to spend some righteous bucks right there.

Happy Driving.

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