5 Best Spark Plugs for Toyota Tacoma [Buying Guide]

Spark plug transforms the applied voltage to create the ultimate spark. Only a stable spark can support a reliable, smooth, convenient startup.

Different vehicle models require certain spark plugs to meet the specs. Even for Toyota Tacoma, you can’t settle for any random pick.

Better stop checking the best spark plugs for Toyota Tacoma in the market. Comfortably sit & continue reading the in-depth reviews.

But first, take a look into the comparison between topmost picks.

Best Spark Plugs for Toyota Tacoma – Comparison Table

ProductMaterialKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. NGK 6619 Iridium Spark PlugsIridiumSkeptical Fitting Design2000 – 2015
2. Toyota Genuine Parts Spark PlugCopperGenuine OEM Design2003 – 2014
3. E3 Automotive Spark PlugSteelDiamondFire Electrode Technology1992 – 2010
4. New NGK Iridium IX Spark PlugsIridiumHigh Motorcycle Compatibility1996 – 2009
5. NGK 4302 Spark PlugPlatinumMulti-Ground Electrodes1995 – 2011

 5 Best Toyota Tacoma Spark Plugs Review

Looking into the comparison should unveil some basic points on the picks. But you better continue with the comprehensive details from below. Start going through the Toyota Tacoma spark plugs review at once.

1. NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs

Spark the compressed fuel mixture with the righteous voltage transformation.

There are only a few brands in the market to compete with NGK. And its featured 6619 seems one convenient pick from the rich bucket.

Your vehicle system should leave the startup issues far behind. Even the price tag looks reasonably solid for the 6-unit package.

Features & Benefits

Premium Service

The construction features high-quality iridium for both electrodes. Extreme sturdiness takes over the structure towards encouraging support. From the core, the plug comes ready to withstand rigors. You can depend on its throughout service longevity.

Further Interval

One particular advantage lies in its extended change interval. High-strength material imparts greater tolerance on mechanical stresses. Therefore, the best Toyota Tacoma spark plugs remain virtually intact from inside.

Improved Output

Of course, you’ll receive other benefits from its installation. Improvement in several sectors starts to occur from the beginning. It helps to reduce the wasteful burning of fuel through a cleaner action. and your fuel economy should reach its maximum level.


  • Durable metal on its exterior.
  • Standard built-in electrodes.
  • Faster response from engine.
  • Reduced emission on exhaust.


  • Poor gapping specs.


2. Toyota Genuine Parts 90919-01235 Spark Plug

Toyota Genuine Parts 90919-01235 Spark Plug.

No more installing fitment or system response issues with cheap aftermarket gears.

There’s nothing like the original accessory, regardless of its application field. And Toyota realizes the importance to introduce its factory plugs.

Aside from the featured Tacoma, you can get the plugs for other Toyota models. For a single-unit pack, the price appears somewhat premium.

Features & Benefits

Genuine Build

As mentioned, Toyota itself makes up the plug for certain vehicle models. It’s one genuine accessory to meet OEM specifications satisfactorily. Therefore, you can replace the existing originals with factory-made plugs to skip fitment issues.

Extended Support

Though it specializes in originality, the structure holds a basic design. Unlike others, you’ll get copper electrodes to transform the voltage. Despite its drawbacks, you can count on its durable functionality. And you’ll enjoy the full-service lifespan without any issue.

Simple Install

Unfortunately, the best spark plugs for 2005 Toyota Tacoma barely meets the modern vehicle specs. And you better choose the option for older versions of the model. Of course, the installation remains simple for anyone without any professional difficulty.


  • Genuine OEM structure.
  • Protective top ceramics.
  • Reliable electrode design.
  • Convenient installation.


  • Poor packaging.


3. E3 Spark Plug E3.48 Automotive Spark Plug

E3 Spark Plug E3.48 Automotive Spark Plug

Induce a complete elimination of efficiency inhibiting elements from the inside.

Absolute difference prevails with the featured plug, considering other options. E3 lets you install one functional gear to fire up the startup performance.

The premium-quality automotive part supports a wide variety of modern applications. You better get settled for its reasonably moderate price tag.

Features & Benefits

Power Increment

Functional best spark plugs for 2004 Toyota Tacoma initiates a noticeable increase in power output. Standard threading size of 14mm goes perfectly with compatible systems. Laboratory tests revealed its capability to encourage the outcome by 6% – 12%.

DiamondFire Electrode

Integrated electrodes get to adorn unique DiamondFire technology towards improvement. It works with the steel alloy to generate the ultimate spark. Resulting flame reaches further into the cylinder to create a localized pressure.

Exhaust Emission

Superb cleanliness dominates over carbon deposit to encourage the plug life. About 58% reduction in CO emission occurs with the system. Meanwhile, hydrocarbon emissions can experience 42% lower action. And it causes an overall 4% – 13% increase in fuel economy.


  • Unique yet durable steel alloy.
  • Distinctive design on discharge.
  • Long-term heavy applications.
  • Patented electrode technology.


  • Rise in engine temperature.


4. New NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs

New NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs

Ensure an interrupted system ignition, eliminating all the troublesome issues.

It’s still NGK to deliver standard gears to satisfy your engine demands. And the featured model may look similar to our foremost choice.

Still, there are differences to consider with the best spark plugs for Toyota Tacoma 4 CYL. The price appears costly for its service within the budget.

Features & Benefits

Iridium Structure

Likewise, the mainframe features sturdy iridium metal to transmit the voltage. High mechanical strength can resist rigorous agents to continue its service. Even the electrodes appear in supreme sturdiness to support its action.

Protective Action

The core remains active enough to help with the inducing flame. Again, the integrated cylinder gets to function better. Your internal mechanism receives optimum protection against stress. And it particularly involves intense heat & pressure.

Better Economy

Maximum cleanliness prevails for the internal accessories. All 6 units of the package come ready to encourage efficiency. It helps to retain the original efficiency from the beginning. For the best part, you can utilize the plug even for motorcycles.


  • Protective headed porcelain.
  • Convenient aftermarket part.
  • Enduring iridium electrodes.
  • Improvement in gas mileage.


  • Unauthentic purchase issue.


5. NGK (4302) BKR5EKPB-11 Spark Plug

NGK (4302) BKR5EKPB-11 Spark Plug

Let the replacement recover the lost efficiency from the very startup.

Even the very last option in our topmost list arrives from NGK. But the featured BKR5EKPB comes with some upgrades for its features.

From the outside, the best spark plugs for Toyota Tacoma 4.0 looks pretty normal. But you’re to spend some worthy bucks to explore the store.

Features & Benefits

Laser Platinum

Like no other, you can upgrade the ignition with some peculiar replacement. In fact, the plug features a sturdy platinum structure to ensure its lifespan. Laser treated metal gets to hold its efficiency against rigorous uses.

Definite Electrode

Integration of multi-ground electrodes seems one practical addition to the features. The ignition gets to respond better upon startup. Also, the spark gets less sensitive to increased voltage requirements. Immediate flame set fire to fuel mixt for tuning up the system.

Standard Specs

It includes corrugated ribs to help with the exact specs. Pure alumina silicate ceramic covers the top to insulate the exterior. Triple interior seal protects the copper core, initiating better heat transfer.


  • Decrease in volt requirement.
  • Excellent functional strength.
  • Resistance to rust & abrasion.
  • Heavy-duty platinum design.


  • Somewhat limited interval.


What things need to Consider to Choose the Best Toyota Tacoma Spark Plugs?

As mentioned, you can’t get even some good-quality plugs. There are restrictions regarding its specs. But some criteria can get the best spark plugs for Toyota Tacoma in hand.

System Fitment

The most obvious consideration goes with vehicle specifications. Even for Toyota Tacoma, there are differences with spark plug requirements. You’ll have to look into the manual before heading towards the shop.

Plug Construction

Although Toyota itself brings in copper, you better settle for iridium. It’s indeed the ultimate metal to support the exact mechanism of common versions. Also, double-platinum can offer extra benefits to the system.

Effective Lifespan

All the plugs have a defined lifespan to serve its intended purpose. Poor lifespan means less efficiency to perform the sparking task. Just make sure the longevity goes higher than 50000 miles before requiring changes.

Built-in Electrodes

The most essential part concerns with voltage transforming electrodes. You better check the plug manual or guidance to determine the core material. Also, don’t forget to ensure the decremental voltage requirement.

Resisting Property

Apart from initiating the spark, plugs do have something else to offer. It’s important for you to ensure maximum resistance to carbon deposit on the top. Again, the choice should withstand heat & pressure.

Engine Response

There are several options to fit your specified Tacoma mechanism. But you ought to choose the most beneficial one in terms of output. Try to make the purchase based on your experience with previous changes.

How to Tell If Spark Plugs Need Replacing?

Even the best plugs don’t appear with lifetime service durability. Apart from its uses, mechanical rigors can cause the plug to get damaged. And you’ll start to receive symptoms of bad spark plugs.

  • Decreased fuel economy with increased refilling demand.
  • Slower response on acceleration, making sluggish moves.
  • Rough, harsh, tedious & time-consuming startup function.
  • Frequent misfires with intermittent stumbling/sputtering.

Change Spark Plugs Toyota Tacoma 4 CYL

Replacing the old, worn-out, failing spark plug is no difficult job. Knowing some basic mechanical facts should help you to make the changes. You better continue with the following steps –

#1. Let the engine reach a cool state without any warm portion. Disconnect the battery terminals to continue losing the wires.

#2. Turn the connecting threads of individual plugs in a counterclockwise direction. Use ratcheting extension, ratcheting wrench & plug socket.

#3. Replace the old ones with new plugs through clockwise turns. Finish the decisive tightening with your hand to avoid damage.

#4. Simply reinstall all the disconnected wires one by one. Restore the battery terminal connectivity to conduct a test drive.

How to Read Spark Plugs for Tuning?

Reading the spark plugs for tuning is one complex task. You’ll have to look every single spot closely to find the reading.

Top Porcelain for Detonation – Apart from pre-ignition, the porcelain reveals an approximate condition on detonation (timing/octane). Check out for shiny aluminum or tiny black specks to mess with clearance surface volume.

Ground Strap for Heat Range – If the ground strap color seems pretty close to the strap end, then it reveals “Too Cold”. And for the color closing to base weld/attachment, you’ll get “Too Hot”. Halfway point strap color reds the satisfying condition, neither too hot nor too cold.

Last Thread Ring for Jetting – You’ll require a complete turn on the base ring’s light soot color. Presence of spots or dry soot on the color means extremely rich jetting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the appropriate Tacoma spark plug change interval?

Answer: Standard versions require changes every 50000 miles or 10 years of service. But special conditions can serve for 75000 or even 100000 miles.

Q: How long do iridium spark plugs last?

Answer: Common iridium spark plugs can last about 80000 – 120000 miles. But for average, you can consider a 100000-mile lifespan.

Q: What does the probable Tacoma spark plug change cost?

Answer: Replacement cost stands within $180 to $230. Total spark plugs should cost you $30 to $50, the remaining $150 to $180 goes on labor charge.

Q: How much regarding Toyota Tacoma tune-up cost?

Answer: Tune-up may involve some extensive mechanical work. Therefore, your cost can start from $150 up to $800, including labor cost & accessory purchase.

Q: Can I drive with a bad spark plug?

Answer: Defective or bad spark plugs can seriously damage the engine. It’s better to replace the plugs instead of hitting the road.

Final Words

Your vehicle will run into trouble with defective/improper plugs in action. And the system won’t even start with any failed plug structure. But save the hassle with the aforementioned best spark plugs for Toyota Tacoma.

Without doubts, NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs should get the first prize. The design comes from a reliable brand, specifically known for its high-quality plugs. Quality, installation, performance, response, price – satisfaction seems guaranteed right there.

Happy Driving.

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