6 Best Transmission Fluid for 4L60E [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The well-known 4L60E transmission is no longer in active production. But there are several models to adorn the design remains on the track.

And you have to make changes for the transmission fluid from time to time. It’s important for you to ensure an appropriate replacement.

There are only a few fluids to meet the specs within a conceivable budget. And you can skip the search with our comprehensive guidelines.

We reviewed the absolute best transmission fluid for 4L60E in the article. Just continue exploring the facts on the much-debated system.

Let’s have a quick look into the respective comparison of the choices.

Best Transmission Fluid for 4l60e – Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureUsabilityPrice
1. Valvoline DEX/MERC Automatic Transmission FluidProprietary Liquid Blend1999 – 2010
2. Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF FluidImproved Friction Durability1989 – 2018
3. ACDelco Dexron VI Automatic Transmission FluidGood Backward Compatibility1989 – 2018
4. Transynd Full Synthetic Transmission FluidCooler Interior Lubrication1992 – 2006
5. Motul 105776 Dexron Automatic Transmission FluidLow-Temperature Fluidity1992 – 2006
6. Triax Multi-Purpose Automatic Transmission FluidSure Shift Technology1992 – 2006

6 Best 4l60e Transmission Fluid Reviews

The table certainly lacks further details to reveal its applicability. But you should have some insight into the picks right before the explanations. Let’s check the thorough details on every best 4L60E transmission fluid reviews.

1. Valvoline DEX/MERC Automatic Transmission Fluid

Valvoline DEX/MERC Automatic Transmission Fluid. best transmission fluid for 4l60e

Shift the gears without causing any distortion for internally working accessories.

Since 1866, Valvoline stands in the business with some highly preferable lubricants. And the perfect fluid in its store can satisfy the transmission.

Its premium formula comes ready to match the automated transmission specs. The price tag looks just good for the provided services.

Features & Benefits

Proprietary Blend

Its engineered formula initiates a functional blend of advanced additives with base oils. All the bearings & metal parts get to perform at maximum efficiency. Highly active base stocks can provide excellent lubrication on demand.

Protective Technology

Of course, any modern liquid for automotive service includes chemical agents. And DEX/MERC is no different from the usual cases. But there are certain additives to keep fighting against wear & shudder. It even helps with operating temperature consistency.

Premium Usability

Constant uniformity maintains smooth flow even at low temperatures. Valvoline transmission fluid reviews reveal its excellent film protection at higher temperatures. Optimum power transfer comes with improved transmission durability.


  • Blended stock with additives.
  • Extended service filling action.
  • Smooth transition of power.
  • Maximum internal protection.


  • Funny chemical smell.


2. Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF Fluid

Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF Fluid. best automatic transmission fluid

Give the mechanical parts some additional support to allow smooth shifting.

When it gets to recognized oil brands, Castrol has to stay on top. And the manufacturer develops a high-quality 03520C formula just for the transmission.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed from the very beginning of its service. Of course, you have to settle for a reasonable price tag.

Features & Benefits

Smooth Transmission

Particular fluid blend features pure base stocks with powerful additives. The chemicals simply take out the deteriorating elements to promote the transition. Easy shifting of gears enables a comforting ride, internal protection & improved response.

Mechanical Satisfaction

Latest transmission technology gets to adorn the functional molecules. And Castrol Transmax Multivehicle review meets several standards like DEXRON & MERCON requirements. Therefore, you can utilize the liquid for demandable power steering action.

Improvised Outcome

Encouraged durability for certain mechanical parts come from high frictional resistance. Faster lubrication initiates a consistent working temperature. It even gets the hydraulic pressure on your side. Right there, your system can adapt the complexity towards improvement.


  • Smooth, convenient transmission.
  • Improvised mechanical response.
  • Quite powerful additive technology.
  • Extended durability of accessories.


  • Quick change in appeal.


3. ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid

ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid. best atf fluid

Enjoy the ride without any potential issue regarding the transition of gears.

Apart from other brands, ACDelco takes pride in manufacturing automotive accessories. And the featured fluid seems another pick from the options.

There are good reasons for the best ATF for 4L60E to make the list rather early. Even the price stands on your side to prove its worth.

Features & Benefits

Improved Outcome

No more outdated DEXRON fluids to serve the mechanical purposes. It’s time to upgrade your choice for transmission with ACDelco. Almost immediate improvement seems guaranteed in every essential aspect to support the action.

Extra Protection

Your internal mechanism receives the optimum protection against metal deterioration. Frictional loss, unstable fluidity, extreme aeration & premature oxidation – nothing can stand. And the influence certainly initiates noticeable outcomes, regardless of the specs.

Superior Economy

Smooth response eliminates the difficulty reading the transition of vehicle transmission. As it happens, your vehicle requires no special attention on the move. And the economy gets to hit the roof, thanks to better burning efficiency.


  • Excellent control on foaming.
  • Prolonged transmission lifespan.
  • Extended draining intervals.
  • Superb backward compatibility.


  • Low-quality fluid container.


4. TranSynd Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

TranSynd Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid. best transmission fluid for 2006 4l60e

Noticeable improvement towards smooth shifts lets you enjoy a highly profitable ride.

Well-recognized Castrol specifically formulates its TranSynd for certain transmissions. There are no better options to serve the interests of Allison.

It’s the best automatic transmission fluid to prove its worth in the field. Of course, the price is high for anyone willing to get satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

Complete Support

All the components to hold transmission get benefited from its action. Gear, bushing, clutch, bearing, thrust-washer – everything gets optimum mechanical support. Faster lubrication wets the surface against harsh friction.

Improvised Stability

The sturdy fluid features a fully synthetic concentration on demand. It remains stable against wear, oxidation, breakdown & shear instability. Of course, you can receive up to a 300% increase in drain intervals. And it can help to save you some fuel cost.

Further Outcome

Apart from lubricating the internal system, the fluid assists power output. Interior temperature stands within its limit, upholding the performance. Transmission of power between interconnected parts gets smooth, unrestricted & consistent.


  • Smooth shift, constant output.
  • Transmission system protection.
  • High stability, longer intervals.
  • Superior resistance to damage.


  • Definite chemical change.


5. Motul 105776 Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluid

Motul 105776 Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluid. best atf for 4l60e

Meet the standard at the highest level to ensure smooth automotive rides.

You may want to taste something other than USA-based fuel brands. And Motul should stand on the tops with its best ATF fluid.

The formula particularly specializes in providing exceptional support for mechanical systems. And the price tag should look satisfactory regarding its quantity.

Features & Benefits

Protective Properties

The lubricating formula integrates some essential functions to help the system. Wear, corrosion, foam – major deteriorating agents to cause damage. The interior remains secure from every aspect. And Motul definitely covers the part with powerful additives onboard.

Extended Usability

The fluid comes ready to serve anything to require DEXRON or MERCON standards. It suits the common ones like automatic gearboxes, hydrostatic transmission & hydraulic systems. The design even satisfies torque conversion, power steering & boat reversing gears.

Oxidation Resistance

The concentrated molecules uphold low-temp fluidity to remain active. Superior film strength triggers extended stability, leading to high oxidation resistance. Even at extremely low conditions can mess with the lube. Right there, you can make an easy gear change.


  • Appropriate system service.
  • Internal cleanup properties.
  • Smooth gear change in cold.
  • Excellent chemical stability.


  • Duplicity problem.


6. Triax Multi-Purpose Automatic Transmission Fluid

Triax Multi-Purpose Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Impart optimum protection for the gear shifting mechanism like nothing else.

Even the very last pick features special properties to get attention. In fact, Triax develops the ultimate fluid to serve multipurpose requirements.

You’ll receive several benefits to continue with the system transmission. And the quality-to-price ratio remains high enough to spend the budget.

Features & Benefits

Sure Shift Technology

Integration of patented Sure Shift Technology pushes the expectation forward. It specifically helps with the gear shifting action. As it happens, excellent slippage control initiates flawless shifting. No more vague, distorting or improper response from the transmission.

EP Additive System

The synthetic blend certainly falls short of full synthetics. But the premium EP additive system makes good for the gap. Apart from preventing scuffs, its function protects inner gears & synchronous. Zero foamings enable low-temp operating transmission.

Complete Protection

Whether it’s natural or synthetic – the rubber seal gets to wear absolute protection. Internal brass & copper components remain smooth towards a responsive shifting. Superior viscous stability of the best 4L60E transmission fluid induces action to help the gearbox.


  • Virtually no internal foaming.
  • Low transmission temperature.
  • Exceptionally high stability.
  • Intact sealing from the inside.


  • Slight contamination.


How to Choose the Best 4l60e Transmission Fluid?

The primary job concerns with proper lubrication of internal parts. And only the right one can ensure a smooth transmission response. but not all the available fluids can offer the same outcome.

You have to stay cautious, from duplicate as well as cheap ones. There are some key facts to avoid the error. Continue with the points for getting the best transmission fluid for 4L60E in hand.


Every vehicle system features a somewhat different mechanical design. And the manufacturer tends to recommend specified fluids. Therefore, you have to check the manual right before heading towards the shop.


There are two particular types available – synthetic & natural. Likewise, artificial ones dominate the market with some extra benefits. And you’re free to choose between fully synthetic and synthetic blend.


Either automatic or manual – transmission fluids tend to make the choice difficult. But almost all the modern systems require automatic transmission fluid regarding advancement. It particularly depends on your vehicle specs.

API Rating

American Petroleum Institute rates the formulated fluid into a basic category. It specifically goes with GL-1 up to GL-5. For the most part, you can’t find GL-1 to GL-3 anymore. Try to settle for GL-5 unless specified for GL-4.


Presence of chemical additives helps with improved performance. The action even pushes the life expectancy for both the transmission & its liquid. Check out the chemical composition to find the relevant portion.


Purchasing a whole bunch of small quantities often gets costlier. Therefore, try to pick something rather large enough to fit the bill. Not to mention, almost all the top-quality 4L60E fluids come in a 1.0Gal bottle

How Do I Know If My Transmission Fluid is Low?

Even the transmission fluid gets low over time. And going beyond a certain level, the system starts to show some signs. You better pay attention to the symptoms before any potential damage.

Deteriorating Issues – Increased problems with wear and tear.

Internal Noise – Loud clunking or constant grinding noise.

Unpleasant Shifting – Slipped gear sensation on shift response.

Burning Smell – Overheated fluid to cause a burning smell.

Problems with Fluid – Issues regarding refill, change, or switch.

Distorting Sounds – Automated whining or humming sound.

Frequent Spills – Fluid leaks right under the transmission.

4L60E Transmission Fluid Change Process

Of course, the transmission requires change once in a while. But you don’t spend to empty the wallet over professionals. Following the simple steps should let you change the fluid by yourself.

#1. Locate the upper transmission line with supporting assembly. Remove the line from the design radiator, lying on the passenger side.

#2. Gently pull back the plastic black bracket covering the e-clip. Better use a suitable wrench to loosen the existing connections.

#3. Connect the brass trans fitting towards cooler the line. Repeat the same for clear tubing, ensuring complete leak protection.

#4. Simply route the secured tube towards a catch pan or bucket. Starting the engine should flush the fluid into the open bucket.

#5. Following a full flushing action, remove the fitting & tubing. Restore the actual transmission line, undoing previous steps.

#6. Fill in the liquid till reaching the ‘Full Cold’ line marked on the dipstick. Start the vehicle engine to allow the system for initial warmup.

How to Install a 4L60E Transmission?

Installing the transmission isn’t exactly a simple task. The job includes complexity, precision & attention. Unless you have an emergency or impressive mechanical skill, better leave the part for professionals.

#1. Take your time to check out the replacement transmission closely. Ensure identical parts from every angle.

#2. Flush the transmission cooling system through a hot flush. Replace the radiator or trans cooler prior to installation.

#3. Install a new inline filter, maintain an alignment with the flow. Though the filter is optional, flushing is a must.

#4. Add about 1.0Qt of factory-specified fluid to the torque converter. Grease the hub mounting on the input shaft.

#5. Hold the converter from its center to make a slower push for mounting. Ensure a steady positioning of the converter.

#6. Bolt down the transmission, initiating appropriate alignment. Carefully restore all the disassembled connections.

#7. Fill the transfer case with the recommended amount of liquid. Conduct a test drive to judge the gear response.

Though individual steps may sound easy, there are several mechanisms involved. Don’t mess up the system without knowing your skills or ability.

How to Remove Transfer Case from 4L60E Transmission?

Removing the transfer case is one integral job of transmission maintenance. You’ll have to deal with the part one way or another. Knowing some basic mechanical tricks, you can save on the cost.

#1. Locate the driveshafts for removing the holding straps & bolts. Use penetrating oil to loosen the stuck accessory.

#2. Gently take out the plug for draining off the transfer case fluid. Check out the sensors for loosening the connections.

#3. Unscrew the holding bolts to check out the transfer case. Using a ratchet wrench should do better than a socket.

#4. Pay attention to the supporting torsion bars with cross members. The step seems tricky but still remains doable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long does it take to change a 4L60E transmission?

Answer: The approximate time requirement seems somewhat higher. It specifically remains between 4 – 10 hours, depending on the job intensity.

Q: What is the spec for 4L60E transmission fluid capacity and type?

Answer: The common types concern Dexron III, Dexron 6 & Dexron Merc. And the capacity measures 6 quarts or 5.68 liters with the stock.

Q: Is synthetic transmission fluid better?

Answer: Obviously, synthetic transmission fluid can offer some defined benefits. Apart from others, the intended type tolerates the temperature.

Q: How often to change automatic transmission fluid?

Answer: For automated transmission, change requires every 30000 miles or 30 months of service. But other systems can call for an early change.

Final Words

Gear shifting gets difficult, harsh & unpleasant without a smoothing fluid. You must need the best transmission fluid for 4L60E on demand. No matter what – only the righteous purchase can fulfill the intended responsibilities with satisfaction.

Valvoline DEX/MERC Automatic Transmission Fluid has to take the prize. The formula covers almost everything to pull off the shifting job just right. Aside from other points, you’re to enjoy a conveniently satisfying price-to-quality ratio.

Happy Driving.

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