7 Best Starter for 7.3 PowerStroke [Top Picks & Reviews]

For engines, a starter can induce quicker & safer operation. Meanwhile, a poor/weak starter causes severe damage to the engine itself.

And obviously, you don’t want to see your engine damaged just for having a weak starter? Then what to do? Let’s see.

For carriage vehicles like trucks/vans, proper engine functionality is of utmost importance. In fact, a good & performing engine seems like true legends there.

With reliability & performing potential, 7.3L starters are still popular among enthusiasts. It’s the ultimate startup assistance for the diesel-powered engine.

But, which one to get for the perfect engine startup? Right here, we reviewed the best starter for 7.3 Powerstroke for your engine.

Let’s check out the quick comparison right below.

Best 7.3 PowerStroke Starter – Comparisons

Product ModelWeight (lbs)Number of TeethPower (kW)Price
DB Electrical SND0355 Diesel Starter23.0134.0
Rareelectrical High Torque Starter23.4134.0
DB Electrical SMT0024 Starter15.9123.6
DB Electrical SND0027 Starter18.8132.5
DB Electrical SMT0018 Diesel Starter15.0133.6
Gladiator Electric Starter16.0123.6
Parts Player Mitsubishi PLGR Starter15.712N/A

Best Starter for 7.3 PowerStroke – Reviews

Following the quick comparison, it’s time to check out the top picks in detail.  For 7.3 Powerstroke, the choices aren’t exactly abundant. That’s why you need to make the choice carefully.

We went through all the possible options to bring out the best ones. Our 7.3 Powerstroke starter reviews can save your effort & time & above all, the engine.

1. DB Electrical SND0355 Diesel Starter

DB Electrical SND0355 Diesel Starter(Get Heavy-Duty Starter for A Smooth Drive)

Product Description

Start the diesel engine with an uncompromising efficiency meeting the OEM standards. From world-renowned DB Electrical, SND0355 provides performance & satisfaction.

Attending smaller details, DB ensures further efficiency than its relevant competitors. The 12V OSGR starter is ready to trigger a simple startup without trouble.

The clockwise rotation of built-in 13 teeth gives reasonably high torque action. With premium materials, the entire framework comes with highly valued craftsmanship.

Thanks to the fitting design, the system makes a perfect match regarding its installation. No doubt, it’s one protected purchase to make an improvised interchange or replacement.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Construction

The featured construction here includes premium components for every single part. Unlike the cheap starters, you’ll find no aluminum/steel contacts. Instead, the contacts have a copper/nickel body for greater efficiency.

  • Incredible Performance

Its mechanism comprehends high-quality brushes along with effective bushings. Increasing the overall efficiency, it retains the performance for an enduring time. The unique True-Fit design allows simple installation over a perfect fitting.

  • Protected Startup

All the bearings & housings have proper sealing to ensure minimal risks. Locking out the grime & moisture influences the functionality. Meanwhile, the integrated field coils trigger a faster & effortless start.

  • Versatile Applications

The 2-bolt gear is quite interchangeable with several 7.3 diesel engines. You can use it for E Series, F Series, and Excursion & Super-Duty vehicles. Whether it’s van, truck, or pickups – you’re ready to go right away.


2. Rareelectrical High Torque Starter

Rareelectrical High Torque Starter(Made with the Highest Quality for 7.3 Powerstroke)

Product Description

Simply start over the targeted engine to induce a new spirit & freshness. In fact, the best 7.3 Powerstroke starter by Rareelectrical exceeds your expectations.

With high-quality components for each part, it delivers maximum efficiency. Not to mention, a thorough computer testing ensures optimal action regarding unsurpassed reliability.

There come 13 teeth for consistent rotational function on its integrated drive/splines. Following a clockwise spinning, the functionality will initiate reasonably higher torque.

Its 3-bolt system easily replaces compatible starters having a 3-bolt design. Defined for Ford F-Series trucks, the 12V tool gives a gentle & powerful startup.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality Components

The overall performance depends on the material quality & Rareelectrical gives no compromises here. With high-end components, a careful construction induces supreme ergonomics. An enduring functionality prevails to make your engine startup simple.

  • Increased Functionality

The 12V gear having 4 kW power will save your precious engine from unnecessary brunt. Thanks to its improvised rotation, 13 teeth features consistent efficiency. With 1.53”/39 mm gear od, the 3-bolt starter makes your day.

  • Consistent Action

Its fully new framework comes with unrivaled reliability for compatible engines. Thorough testing with computer technology ensures optimum performance. In fact, you’ll have full retention of its total ability against intense/frequent uses.

  • Excellent Applicability

For Ford F-series 7.3L engines, no better alternative comes along. Its suitable design easily replaces some common truck starters. In addition, it mostly initiates higher torque than the integrated originals.


3. DB Electrical SMT0024 Starter

DB Electrical SMT0024 Starter(A Compatible Option for Your Engine’s Fast Process)

Product Description

Let’s get to something really effective & reasonable with slightly downside features. DB Electric proudly introduces SMT0024 which can satisfy your startup needs.

The best replacement starter 7.3 Powerstroke has considerable similarities with its previous model. For the basics, you’ll have to look into its power & bolt system.

Meeting the OEM specifications, the startup assistance surely saves your vehicle engine. Despite its limitations, you can get a valued service without a doubt.

Superior craftsmanship induces further durability while retaining its freshened ability. For the functionality, an incredible action prevails over a higher torque generation.

Features & Benefits

  • Premium Quality

DB gives no excuses when it comes to material or component quality. Not to mention, every single part features high-quality components from top to bottom. The tested materials are ready to serve you without flaws & defects.

  • Unrivaled Action

For the contacts, there comes no cheap aluminum or poor steel. Instead, the featured contacts have copper/nickel construction. Through fine craftsmanship, it definitely gives relief on engine startup.

  • Greater Efficiency

The capable, effective system interior includes brushings & bushings for durable service. With proper sealing, housing & bearing locks out damaging moist. Overall efficiency remains great, despite its somewhat low power rating of 3.6 kW.

  • Supreme Versatility

Its versatility got no issue, despite its low power rating. A reasonably high amount of torque gives an excellent replacement for various engines. In fact, the number compatible engine is still good with the 3-bolt gear.


4. DB Electrical SND0027 Starter

DB Electrical SND0027 Starter(Improve Engine’s Performance for Long Service Life)

Product Description

DB Electrical is undeniably one reliable place for high-quality vehicular parts. Likewise, it brings in another effective SND0027 starter regarding a reasonable performance.

The power seems somewhat low with 12 built-in teeth, yet sufficient for the job. But no problems with its overall versatility, thanks to the interchangeable bolt system.

Going through small details, it promises to deliver visual differences all along. Protected functionality triggers a durable, reliable & satisfactory startup action.

Its valued performance with quality materials surely induces a winning combination. For the budget-friendly price, it’s one perfect tool to improvise the engine startup.

Features & Benefits

  • Enduring Framework

With DB electronic tools, you basically got nothing to worry about its quality. Premium components for the parts induce great serviceability with a long-lasting life. In fact, copper/nickel contacts provide superb performance than traditional aluminum/steel.

  • Reasonable Function

The power seems quite low with a 2.5 kW rating only. Yet, the featured 13 teeth provide a satisfactory engine startup. Of course, it includes a brush & brushing combo to ensure further longevity.

  • Effective Application

The integration of field coils/magnet simply initiates higher torque. A faster startup with maximum safety prevails for your engine with full efficiency. It’s sealing locks out grime & moist inside the bearings & housings.

  • Superb Replacement

The tool comes with an interchangeable 2/3 bolt system. For the best part, it’s compatible with 6.9L aside from the 7.3L ones. With suitable engines, it promises to give the best performance. Its True-Fit designation allows an easy installation.


5. DB Electrical SMT0018 Diesel Starter

DB Electrical SMT0018 Diesel Starter(A True-fit Design for Your Engines)

Product Description

Here comes the very last startup assistance from DB Electrical among the options. When you prefer a reasonable Powerstroke starter, SMT0018 obviously meets the satisfaction.

The latest aftermarket tool is ready to exceed OEM Standards quite often. The highly effective system delivers optimum functionality with 7.3L & 6.9L engines.

With a qualifying built, 7.3 Powerstroke starter replacements keep your engine safe. For the 3-bolt frame, its 3.6 kW power induces sufficient torque.

The OSGR machine definitely fits perfectly to ensure a subtle installation. From vans to trucks – you’ll have better performance than originals.

Features & Benefits

  • Protected Inside

There is no aluminum/steel portion for contacts; it’s just copper/nickel right there. Also, the bearings & housings feature fully sealed insulation. Locking out all moisture & grime ensures a protected interior.

  • Superior Design

Without compromising output, the system has a robust & reliable built. Through enduring components, the framework is ready to perform on the go. For the included brushes & bushings, it offers further efficiency.

  • Faster Startup

There comes high-quality magnet integration for its internal mechanism. Thanks to the field coils, it initiates a higher generation of rotational torque. Using the improvised action triggers a rather quick yet safe startup.

  • Higher Usability

The 3-bolt starter gives superb compatibility for Ford vehicles. Exceptionally valued service retains full engine capacity. In fact, the gear is quite perfect for E-Series vans & F-Series trucks from 1985-94 Ford.


6. Gladiator Electric Starter

Gladiator Electric Starter(Withstand a New-Like Truck Speed with This One)

Product Description

No more trouble with the engine startup, particularly for heavy/medium trucks. Gladiator brings in one outstanding startup machine to put all the issues sideways.

With proper functionality will exceed or in the least, meet OEM specifications. Supreme reliability prevails all the way, thanks to its quality components.

The new system is likely to induce supreme freshness regarding engine workability. It comes with a rather unique yet highly effective Mitsubishi PLGR design.

For the 12V gear, the power is reasonable with a 3.6 kW rating. Defined for certain Ford Powerstroke, it gives excellent service to satisfy the needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Enduring Quality

All the included parts feature high-quality components with exceptional durability. Literally, there occur no issues with its functionality or performance. Withstanding the hassles, the system promises to give a decent engine startup.

  • Performing Design

To ensure maximum serviceability, the entire framework went through computer load tests. It triggers further reliability against any unexpected or accidental occurrences. It comes without flaws or defects, nothing to worry about after making an appropriate replacement.

  • Spanking Efficiency

The 12V PLGR system comes with a reasonable power rating of 3.6 kW. It initiates sufficient torque to make the startup straight, easy & rather quick. Not to mention, the design simply meets or even exceeds OEM standards in certain cases.

  • Topnotch Usability

Thanks to a versatile Mitsubishi design, it simply fits current trucks/vans from Ford. Regarding the Powerstroke, it’s quite compatible with the 1994-2001 F-350 series.


7. Parts Player Mitsubishi PLGR Starter

Parts Player Mitsubishi PLGR Starter(Find Reliable Starter for Your Truck Engine)

Product Description

The last one to make the list is more like a basic startup unit. Yet, the tool by Parts Player provides excellent service with compatible engines.

Each part of the system features premium, high-quality, reliable components. Not to mention, every single part makes it to the assembly after getting tested.

Retaining its ability, the 7.3 Powerstroke starter upgrade serves you for long. No hassle to start the vehicle; no more troubles with its engine.

Through superb engineering, the brand new starter ensures OEM standardized action. With a simple yet functional built, it easily satisfies customer demands.

Features & Benefits

  • Tested Component

To ensure maximum serviceability, each part features premium components. Through proper testing, each one comes with uncompromised quality for a decent engine startup. It delivers increased performance for the overall system while retaining service life.

  • Outstanding Action

Of course, the Mitsubishi PLGR tool can initiate a greater torque. Thanks to its high-end construction, no certain issues will ever occur with the crank. In addition, its engineering targets to exceed OEM standards every time.

  • Supreme Efficiency

Although the unit seems just basic, the functionality isn’t like that. The 12V starter triggers an excellent engine outset in no time. With standard power & 3 mounting holes, it offers incredible efficiency.

  • Reasonable Fitting

Following a reasonable designation, the frame allows an easy installation. As it happens, the system is highly compatible with Ford F-Series trucks. Though the number of compatible engines is low here, it’s still satisfactory.


What to Look for The Ford 7.3 Starter Replacement?

Choosing the right gear is quite important for getting the best output. Without the right one, your engine is likely to thrive sooner or later.

Being an integral part of the vehicular system, you have to remain careful. That’s why you need to consider all the key considerations while buying.


The foremost thing to take into account is the engine specification. Without a compatible one, even the best one is of no use. For every single model, there come certain specified models.

You have to ensure full fitting suitability for the chosen starter. If you have something rare/unique, you better contact the manufacturer.


Considering 7.3 Powerstroke, 12V starters provide the most satisfactory action. The power rating of 3.6 kW/4.0 kW is mostly popular with Ford vans/trucks.

Meanwhile, an interchangeable bolt that suits both the 3 & 2 suspending systems is preferable. Most of the systems have a 3-bolted framework to allow this facility.


Satisfactory performance is desirable for anything. Therefore, you should check out all the essential parts specifications. Armature, drive gear & everything else has their importance.

One advantage of using a suitable starter is fast action without delay. With the chosen model, you need to ensure its quick functionality. Not to mention, replacements often provide a faster startup.


You obviously don’t want something with poor life expectancy. That’s where you’ll have to go for the featured components. In fact, high-quality components can induce further efficiency.

In particular, the crankshaft & shift fork controls the majority of its function. No compromise with the material quality right there.


Regardless of the type, preference, or suitability; it’s your budget that matters. Unnecessary spending on starters can barely get you the best service. So, you’ll have to maintain a balance between the requirements & your pocket.


Q: What is the best synthetic oil for 7.3 Powerstroke?

Answer: In our experience and review we recommend for Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 Engine Oil your Ford 7.3 Powerstroke engine.

Q: What is the 7.3 Powerstroke starter relay location?

Answer: There are different locations for the electrical relay. Depending on model specifications, you can find it inside the bay, passenger-side fender, or central junction box.

Q: What are the 7.3 bad starter symptoms?

Answer: Issues with 7.3L come with the crank mostly. Long/weird/weak/clicked cranking are the main symptom.

Q: How to make 7.3 Powerstroke faster?

Answer: There are several ways to get faster action from starters. Using a hybrid injector (our pick: FJ503 Fuel Injector), Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or high-flow turbocharger (our recommendation: XS Power 99-03 Super Duty Turbocharger) can provide faster performance.

Q: What is CPS on a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Answer: CPS refers to the Camshaft Position Sensor which is indeed a hall effect sensor. In general, the front engine surface above the dampener contains CPS.

Q: Are all the available 7.3L starters similar?

Answer: Although the mechanism is more or less the same, the suitability isn’t. You have to go for the matching starter for the specific vehicle engine.

Final Words

Among others, 7.3 Powerstroke delivers further reliability for diesel motors. The dependable performance even gets better with the perfect starter replacement.

By now, you got every detail necessary to have the best starter for 7.3 Powerstroke. And I hope, without breaking the budget, you can attain a satisfactory startup.

You know evaluating your engine specification will narrow down the choices to the ultimate one. Generating a higher torque, it’ll certainly crank the motor quite hard.

Happy Driving.

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