7 Best Tonneau Cover for Rambox [Reviews & Guide]

Pickup trucks are quite useful to haul plenty of large & small cargoes. From the necessity of protecting the gears, Tonneau covers come into the picture.

It’s one essential accessory to tackle every head-on challenge on the road. You know within your capabilities, a good Tonneau Cover can serve to stand between the cargoes & damaging factors.

Even for your Rambox, the choice isn’t easy with numerous options. Then how do find the most suitable one?

We’ve picked here the Best Tonneau Cover for Rambox & reviewed them in detail right below. In fact, we’ve covered everything necessary for you to make a choice.

So, let’s dig it.

Best Tonneau Cover for Rambox – Comparisons

Product NameSizeCover TypeSpecial FeaturePrice
1. Truxedo 544901 Tonneau Cover5’-7”RollupAerodynamic Design
2. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover6’-4”FoldingPropping Rods
3. Gator 59202 Tonneau Cover6’-4”Tri-FoldT-Handle Clamps
4. Gator 59422 Tonneau Cover6’-4”Tri-FoldT-Handle Clamps
5. TruXedo 284901 Tonneau Cover5’-7”RollupTarp Tension
6. Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonneau Cover6’-4”Tri-FoldWaterproof Edging
7. Tonno Pro 42-201 Tonneau Cover5’-7”Tri-FoldDurable Rail Clamps

Top 7 Rambox Tonneau Cover-Reviews

We better move to the Rambox Tonneau cover reviews after passing the quick comparison above. One by one, you’ll have each of our top picks in detail right below. Knowing all the important points, you can easily make the ultimate choice.

1.Truxedo Roll-up Tonneau Cover for Ram 1500 w/RamBox

Truxedo 544901 Tonneau Cover(Durable Bed and Cargo Covers for Exposed Truck)

This one will satisfy all your truck bed needs with a flexible & conveniently featured cover. Not to mention, Truxedo imparts a form & function combo right here.

The low-profile frame with a roll-up designation is arguably the best Rambox Tonneau cover. Moreover, the 5’-7” sized Tonneau cover ensures maximized concealed protection.

Its internal mounting system lets you access the space through stake pockets. The utilization of the clamp system eliminates all the hassles associated with installation.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Quality

Its featured leather-grain vinyl develops high resistance to wear & tear. The standard built includes quite supportive aircraft-grade aluminum. The strong but lightweight bows can even withstand several inches of snow load.

Simple Usability

Although the installation may require a bit longer, it requires no special expertise. No necessary to go for any drilling, cutting, or pre-assembly. It’s literally prepared to function right out of the box. Its stack pocket holes provide full access to the internal space.

Exclusive Sealing

Spring tensioner with Velcro attachment triggers auto-adjustment of cover tightness. Special sealing on corners & sides keeps it weatherproof. The integrated one-finger release through trigger latch ensures simple, quick functionality.


  • Aerodynamic design, improved MPG.
  • Unmatched sealing, fully intact sides.
  • Patented technique for functionality.
  • High resistance to weathering agents.


  • Installing instructions seem difficult.


2. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Folding Tonneau Cover for Classic Dodge Ram

bak bakflip mx4 folding tonneau cover(Take Loads on Your Truck, Not Worries)

Impart the ultimate security for your stowed cargoes on the truck back. The highly functional unit by BAK provides a premium look for a cover.

The Rambox Tonneau cover is quite durable with vinyl polymer over the sturdy aluminum bars. In addition, an automated latch lets you enjoy hassle-free opening & closing.

Its integrated bumpers on both sides ensure protection during abrupt driving. Meanwhile, the matte-finish prevents scratches, UV damages & other marks.

Features & Benefits

Supportive Frame

Likewise, it comes with a vinyl polymer to resist weathering action. The 6’-4” built features quite heavy-duty aluminum bars for support. The frame can withstand an impressive 400 pounds of load at once.

Optimum Security

Its premium upgrade delivers maximized protection for perimeter & hardware. The panels include matte-finish to prevent unwanted marks, scratches & UV damages. Through the dual-action tailgate, you can easily access the whole space.

Simple Operation

Its simple mechanism keeps handling & operation easy for anyone. The elevator bolts, side rails & clamps hold the cover in position. Also, the pre-molded bumpers absorb on-road bumps.


  • Incredible load-bearing capacity.
  • Excellent sealing on sides, corners.
  • Full/partial closing functionality.
  • Easy to install without any tools.


  • Somewhat heavy in weight.


3. Gator 59202 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for Rambox

Gator 59202 Best Tonneau Cover for Rambox(Get Proper Security With Durability in Your Budget)

Ensure convenient protection for all the cargo loaded on the truck bed. This foldable Tonneau cover from Gator has everything to fit your Dodge Ram 1500.

It’s quite smooth & comes with a clean, low-profile look to add more value. The removable 6’-4” cover provides 2/3rd accessibility to haul larger cargo.

Built-in clamps with T-handle ease its overall installation & operating process. Thanks to its custom fitting design, you’ll receive superb sealing for the Rambox bed.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Support

The cover features an incredibly strong synthetic polymer with a sturdy metal frame. In fact, a lightweight aluminum crossbar imparts great strength over minimal weight. And the leather-grained vinyl cover remains fully intact against weathering agents.

Superb Hauling Ability

The removable cover has a convenient tri-folding design to ensure maximized accessibility. Its built-in buckling mechanism ensures smooth opening & closing. Therefore, you can access the entire space to haul larger cargo easily.

Quite Easy to Install

A simple clamp system allows incredibly easy installation within 10 minutes. You’ll require drilling holes or additional accessories. Adjustment of the secured rear clamps easily fit into bed rails, with or without liners.


  • Durable, top mount design.
  • Reasonably accessible space.
  • Custom-fit, sealed perimeter.
  • Simple & quick installation.
  • Two driving positions.


  • Poorly waterproofed on sides.


4. Gator 59422 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for Dodge Ram 1500

3. Gator 59422 Tonneau Cover(Built To Last in Any Weather Condition)

Another ergonomic option comes here from the GTX series to offer maximum protection. Gator Cover introduces here a ‘New Body Style’ with fit into dodge ram bed.

The frame features a durable vinyl polymer supported by lightweight, sturdy aluminum bars. It’s a removable Tonneau cover with perimeter sealing that measures 6’-4” in size.

The best bed cover for rambox requires no additional tools for setup. Meanwhile, the buckling mechanism lets you operate & handle it easily.

Features & Benefits

Durable Frame

The sleek design simply mounts on truck bed rails to impart a tight fit. Its durable vinyl framed by aluminum crossbars remains completely intact. The lightweight but reliable cover withstands rain, snow & dust pretty well.

Superb Protection

The custom fitting design easily sits over the bed. You can easily open 2/3rd of the covered space for hauling cargo. Thanks to its additional perimeter sealing, no intrusions on the sides & corners.

Easy Installation

The useful clamping system allows incredibly easy installation within 10 minutes. No drill or any extra tool is necessary. Its built-in buckling initiates easy accessibility without compromising cargo protection.


  • Sleek design for a custom fit.
  • Quite durable & intact built.
  • Excellent sealing efficiency.
  • Simple use, easy installation.


  • No auto-tightening system.


5. TruXedo 284901 Roll-up Tonneau Cover

truxedo truxport soft roll up truck bed tonneau cover(A Good Option to Keep Your Valuable Things Dry)

Enjoy the ride knowing that your gears on the truck bed got maximum protection. It’ simple yet outstanding coverage makes Truxedo a reliable option.

Its simple rollup mechanism keeps the cargo secured all year round. The ergonomic cover is ready to fit into the truck bed with or without a tailgate.

You’ll face no difficulty in operating the cover during any weather conditions.  The engineered cover includes leather-embossed vinyl backed by 1.5” bars.

Features & Benefits

Superior Serviceability

The removable cover has an enduring quality to withstand several inches of snow. It comes with commercial vinyl supported by thick metal bars. The cover sits on 1.5” above to add further value to your vehicle.

Incredibly Functional

Its integrated tarp tensioning system induces a fully watertight sealing. It even rolls up in seconds to save your time. Installation is slightly time-consuming but remarkably simple. Just clamping the rails & attaching the cover – you’re good to go.

Enhanced Protection

Its manual adjustment will keep everything under dry & secure. Almost no wanted intrusions will barely occur. The tailgate latch easily opens up to let you access the space.


  • Simple to use with tailgate latch.
  • Distinctive appeal for added value.
  • Excellent sealing for protection.
  • Superb quality, waterproof built.


  • Questionable corner sealing.


6. Tonno Pro 42-200 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

tonno pro hard tri fold tonneau cover(Quality and Versatile Cover to Meet Your Needs)

You’ll definitely get maximum protection in its class for all the cargo loads. The best soft Tonneau cover by Tonno Pro promises to deliver dependable functionality.

It has a coated aluminum frame under the tough, durable vinyl coverage. Not to mention, the double-sided polymer induces weatherproof characteristics for optimum security.

The built feature additional edging to prevent intrusions on sides & corners. Removal of the complete cover lets you haul oversized & heavy cargo.

Features & Benefits

Convenient Quality

The construction includes a top-quality vinyl polymer. Meanwhile, metal bars impart a lightweight but supportive built. Even the featured aluminum bars come with additional powder-coating. And the combo remains highly resistant to weathering actions.

Reliable Protection

The foldable cover ensures a dependable performance over your truck bed. Its waterproof edging ensures dry & secured beneath. The feature initiates a tight grip to prevent water intrusions from the sides.

Quite Easy Handling

The pre-assembled cover also includes clamps for side rails. And there, you’ll require no tools or accessories. Only 10 minutes to installation & you’re ready to go. Whether it’s installation, folding, or removal – this a one-person job.


  • Sleek profile, lightweight frame.
  • Easy removal & folding system.
  • Excellent weatherproofing built.
  • Simple installation with no tool.


  • Not very tight on hinges.

7. Tonno Pro 42-201 Tonneau Cover for Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500

tonno pro tonneau cover(Get Optimal Support With This One)

The completely intact interior keeps everything safe & dry right under the cover. Tonno Pro ensures a custom fit for the truck bed against its low-profile appearance.

The integrated side railing clamps enable a convenient 10-minute installation. It just requires only one person to handle & operate the external hood.

Its high-quality aluminum bows support its reasonably thick weather-resistant vinyl. In fact, your cargo remains safe, intact with integrated tight & taut adjustment.

Features & Benefits

Dependable Quality

The tough, dual-sided vinyl ensures maximized weatherproof protection. It’s 5’-7” size frame initiates a fully intact truck bed upon installation. Also, the supportive powder-coated aluminum holds all the imposed load.

Convenient Carriage

It’s easy to remove the entire cover at once to haul larger cargoes. You can even fold it partially while placing smaller items. The unique water-resistant edging prevents possible intrusion on sides & corners.

Friendly Installation

The pre-assembled frame requires no extra things for installation. It’s lightweight enough to handle, carry & operate. One single person can easily set up the cover within 10 minutes only.


  • Excellent built, durable service.
  • Resistance to weather actions.
  • Quite a simple install &handling.
  • Complete or partial accessibility.


  • Rubber seal detachment occurs.


What to Consider When Buying the Best Rambox Tonneau Cover?

Choosing the right cover for a truck isn’t easy unless you know everything necessary. It’s true for all types of truck bed covers, including Tonneau ones. There are certain factors that can help you to choose the best Tonneau Cover for Ram 1500 with Rambox.


The first thing to determine is the size of your truck bed. Also, it’s important to ensure cover compatibility with the bed liners. You’ll have to measure everything related to the cover before making the purchase.


Serviceability largely depends on its construction. Excellent toughness & good weather resisting characteristics are a must for durability. For the majority, the frame features vinyl polymer over aluminum crossbars.

Clamp + Latch

The clamp system simply helps the cover to stay intact & tight. Meanwhile, the latch influences the overall handling ease. That’s where you need to get strong clamps with smooth latches.


Installing Tonneau cover basically requires no extra cost over tools/labor. What is important here is the included gears. Anything included for installation & operation has to come with satisfactory quality. You’ll have to go for something which is easy to install within minutes by yourself.


One important but underrated concern lies with accessibility. It’s essential to haul your cargo easily & comfortably. There are both fully & partially accessible covers available. Depending on your personal needs, you need to make the choice.

What’s the Most Secure Tonneau Cover for Rambox?

Considering all the options, Truxedo Roll-up Tonneau Cover is the safest bet around for Ram 1500. It combined modern features to induce superb functionality & performance.

Unlike most others, the most secure Tonneau cover delivers maximum sealing efficiency to secure your cargo. Apart from others, the sleek cover can add value to your truck.

The vinyl supported by aluminum ensures optimum protection against wind, snow & rain. And the price remains within budget for its highly valued service.

Highlighted  Features

  1. Durable vinyl polymer over heavy-duty, strong aluminum bars.
  2. Front T-X handle with adjustable rear clamps for installation.
  3. Custom fitting design with its sleek & low-profile appearance.
  4. Reasonable accessibility using cab, built-in buckles for sealing.
  5. Very easy & fast to install also no tool needed for installation.

Some Tonneau Cover Benefits

There are certain benefits of using Tonneau cover for Rambox. In fact, its obvious advantages put the unit ahead of other types.

Excellent Security

The installation of the Tonneau cover ensures cargo protection against weather elements. Additionally, all your belongings remain safe over heavy, consistent bumps. Unless you have issues regarding theft, it’s okay for the job.

Reduced Fuel Cost

One overlooked advantage is its positive influence on fuel consumption. The cover has an aerodynamic design to eliminate the turbulent tailgate waves. Generating less air drag, you can improve fuel efficiency by 5% – 10% at most.

Clean Appearance

The covered bed definitely adds a neatness factor. Its shiny, clean look surely increases the truck value. You can also enjoy an upgraded arrangement of cargoes. Preventing damage, the aesthetics remain incredibly intact.

How to Install a Tonneau Cover on Rambox?

After getting the most suitable one, it’s time to install the cover. Though installation may sound easy, it gets difficult without clear instructions. In fact, paying attention to details is important to make the most of a Tonneau cover.

  1. Tonneau covers feature two side rails. The system fits either over the top or on the sides. For using over-the-bed liners, you may need to cut down the notches. Keep the tailgate open to avoid any unnecessary obstruction.
  2. The installation kit should include several toothed clamps. Take one & attach it beneath the side rails, placed close to the cab. You’ll have to align all the clamps using grooves before tightening by hands. Once the line-up seems correct, tight enough to press the clamp against the bed rail.
  3. Repeat the same process on the other side. If there’s any, install tailgate/cab-side seals. Now, set the top to ensure an even sitting of Tonneau cover along the perimeter. For improper sitting, recheck the alignment for adjustments.
  4. There has to remain no visible gaps/bulging. If you find any, the cover isn’t compressing the gasket necessarily. While doing so, remember to maintain central & flat alignment between the rails. That’s where you’ll need to go for adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can you have a truck bed cover with a toolbox?

Answer: If you need to store tools in your truck, You can install a truck bed cover with a toolbox to keep your tools safe and secure.

Q: Do tonneau covers improve MPG?

Answer: Yes! The tonneau cover improves the MPG. According to the expert, the tonneau cover helps to improve gas mileage up to 10%.

Final Words

Spending a few bucks on the best Tonneau cover for Rambox will ensure optimum cargo security. Its useful design serves as a reliable protecting unit for the truck bed. And using its appeal, you can impart new life to the bland, old-looking truck.

All you need is to determine the truck bed specifications regarding the tonneau cover. Then, making the ultimate choice should become a matter of seconds.

Happy Driving.

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