How to Change a Car Battery without Losing Settings?

How to Change a Car Battery without Losing Settings

Cars need battery changes once in a while. And you can do this pretty easily. Many people do it without even going through a tutorial or something. However, one thing comes with a battery change. It’s a package that you can’t avoid easily. It’s not harmful or anything but it’s annoying. Here’s the thing- Every … Read more

How to Reconnect a Car Battery safely? [Complete Guide]

How to Reconnect a Car Battery

Everything has a lifetime. After that time, we cannot use that particular object. And batteries are no different than that.

So, changing batteries become mandatory after a certain period of time. But buying a battery costs a ton. Additionally, we have to incur that servicing cost.

As a result, many think of restoring a battery rather than buying a new one.

But no matter whatever method you choose, you’ll have to attach and disengage the battery.

So, it’s crucial to know how to reconnect a car battery properly.

But finding a complete guide about that is a bit tough. And if you know how to do that you might be able to save a few bucks.

Now, let’s charge right into the details-

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Car Battery Keeps Dying but Alternator is Good? [Solved]

Why My Car Battery Keeps Dying but Alternator is Good

Batteries go out of charge. More specifically, batteries die. But there’s a time for everything. And when your batteries die pretty often, then there’s something wrong with your car.

Here’s the thing- In the case of a frequent battery dying, our first suspect is the alternator.

Now, let’s assume your situation.

After this car battery problem, you run a few tests to determine the alternator condition. But it seems fine. So, your situation is – your car battery keeps dying but the alternator is good. right?

Two reasons might be behind this situation. One is,

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Most Common Symptoms of a Dead Car Battery & Repair Guide

Symptoms of a Dead Car Battery

The moment before the battery dies, it’s alive.” Indeed, it is challenging to contradict such ethics. But it is still possible to detect some Symptoms of a Dead Car Battery that will allow us to at least prepare to handle the unpleasant situation that will not be missed to generate, except to accurately predict the time of death.

Your car needs electricity for many functions, such as headlights, taillights, sound system, starter, power windows, interior lights, windshield wipers, etc. The car battery is the sole power source for all these applications.

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