8 Best DEXRON 3 Transmission Fluid [Reviews 2022]

There is a good number of fluids to run through any vehicle system. And you have to focus on transmission fluids to keep the metal parts protected.

Most of the transmission systems require ATF (Automated Transmission Fluid). You can choose anything for a specified DEXRON III requirement for your design.

Original or aftermarket – counting all the options, there are many to choose. Why not save the time with an expert review instead of searching by yourself?

That’s right; we narrowed down the available options for your convenience. All you need is to explore the enlisted best DEXRON 3 transmission fluid.

Look into the introductory comparison to know our favorite picks.

Best DEXRON 3 Transmission Fluid – Comparison Table

ProductKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF)Responsive Low-Temp Fluidity1981 – 2007
2. Castrol 03520-3PK 03520C TRANSMAX ATFSmooth Transmission Performance1992 – 2017
3. Toyota Genuine 00718ATF00 Transmission FluidSpecialized Genuine Formula2000 – 2007
4. Pennzoil 550042065 Dex/Merc ATFViscosity & Frictional Specs1996 – 2008
5. Valvoline VV324 Multi-Vehicle ATFHigh Mileage Support1990 – 2015
6. Motul 105776 Transmission FluidAnti-Foaming Property1992 – 2007
7. Ultralub Automatic Transmission FluidIncreased Clutch Support1990 – 2006
8. Amalie 72836-56 Transmission FluidExtended Fluid Alternative1990 - 2006

8 Best DEXRON III Automatic Transmission Fluid Reviews

You get to know the picked ATFs from the comparison. But there are additional details to keep you occupied with each product. Dive deep into the best DEXRON 3 transmission fluid reviews right below.

1. Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF)

Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF). best dexron 3 transmission fluid
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Promote the vehicle’s transmission system actions without any potential setback.

Only a few aftermarket brands can compete with Valvoline’s commitment. And it develops a particular fluid to serve all the transmission needs.

The engineered formula stands to function all the associated tasks. Likewise, the best-selling market ATF features a consumer convincing price tag.

Features & Benefits

Proprietary Blend

Combination of base oils with functional additives promises maximum service. Its proprietary blend serves the transmission from the molecular level. Meanwhile, the DEXRON 3 transmission fluid replacement remains free of power-robbing particle intrusions.

Transmission Demands

Integration of several additives manages to perform all the imposed tasks. Your transmission starts to work better as a new replacement. Anti-wear additives protect the metal surfaces from friction. And the anti-shudder technology keeps the transition smooth.

Wide Applicability

It suits all the pre-2006 General Motors automated transmission systems. And the predeceasing limit counts post-1981 models. For the Ford vehicles, you’re to consider pre-2007 designs with the same limitation. Imports & other light trucks also remain viable.


  1. Responsive temperature fluidity.
  2. Smooth shift on power transfer.
  3. Automated transmission system.
  4. Fulfillment of challenging needs.


  1. Not a full synthetic formula.


2. Castrol 03520-3PK 03520C TRANSMAX ATF

Castrol 03520-3PK 03520C TRANSMAX ATF. best synthetic dexron 3 transmission fluid
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Optimize the transmission mechanism in older systems through a supportive formula.

Another brand in the automotive fluid industry is Castrol to delivers satisfaction. You’re to consider its 03520-3PK to overcome the outdated complexity.

The liquid stands to serve all the older transmissions towards maximized response. And the price seems to complete its value from the inside out.

Features & Benefits

Friction Durability

The multi-vehicle formula can replace any standard ATF with power steering fluid. Inclusion of additives initiates extended frictional resistance. It keeps the surface lubricated, promoting a smooth power transfer.

Consistent Viscosity

The concentrated liquid remains particle-free from the molecular level. And it imparts exceptional resistance to sudden breakdown on oxidation. Special additive prevents any change in the chemical structure. And it keeps the viscosity consistent regardless of the condition.

Temp Protection

Sufficient protection is necessary to withstand the temperature variations. And Castrol imposes sturdy film strength to keep the surfaces intact. It directly helps with the immediate response, overcoming the adversities.


  1. Increased frictional response.
  2. Excellent driving protection.
  3. Integrated oxidation resistance.
  4. Smooth transition of power.


  1. Changing interval issues.


3. Toyota Genuine 00718ATF00 Transmission Fluid

Toyota Genuine 00718ATF00 Transmission Fluid. best dexron iii automatic transmission fluid
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Promote the overall engine efficiency with genuine ATF from the manufacturer.

And we’re specifically talking about Toyota to make the next option. You’re free to use the formula on any definite Toyota vehicle.

The well-known company itself developed a particular fluid to meet the demands. But the market price looks intact from every aspect.

Features & Benefits

Genuine OEM Fluid

It’s indeed a great Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) satisfying option to prefer. You should go any further to encourage the Toyota vehicle’s transmission. The usability gets somewhat limited for other branded models.

Engine Effectiveness

The factory-specified fluid contains everything necessary to press the button. Smooth transfer of transmission power comes guaranteed from the start. Gear shifting tasks will become incredibly easy with its support. All other associated functions receive an optimized response.

Absolute Protection

Stable molecular level keeps up the efficiency for the best DEXRON iii automatic transmission fluid. Also, it enables maximum protection for internal surfaces. Apart from minimized frictional loss, the fuel efficiency should speed up.


  1. Excellent system response.
  2. Stabilized molecular action.
  3. Complete OEM satisfaction.
  4. Improved engine economy.


  1. Limited for Toyota vehicles.


4. Pennzoil 550042065 Dex/Merc ATF

Pennzoil 550042065 Dex/Merc ATF.
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Ensure an eco-friendly automotive action without sacrificing any dependable factor.

Another worthy name in the automotive fluid store concerns Pennzoil. And it happens to specialize in developing highly innovative formulas.

Even the intended 550042065 ATF stands to feature something different from others. The price looks affordable, considering its service.

Features & Benefits

Petroleum Fluid

Like no other in the list, the featured fluid comes from petroleum refinement. And it contains minimal impurity to cause transmission issues. Whether the system is automatic or manual – you’re sure to enjoy its service.

Surface Lubrication

Dry metal contact induces friction, causing internal damage & deterioration. But its immediate lubrication minimizes the contacting harshness. No overheating can take place to slow down the mechanism. Reduction of frictional loss imposes a tremendous increase in the overall economy.

Extra Protection

Highly stable molecules deliver absolute protection against temperature distortion. It keeps the efficiency consistent with supporting the transmission. Apart from smooth power transfer, the fluid offers better on-demand response.


  1. Functional additive formulas.
  2. Minimal friction from inside.
  3. Prolonged mileage protection.
  4. Exceptional thermal stability.


  1. Limited application range.


5. Valvoline VV324 Multi-Vehicle ATF

Valvoline VV324 Multi-Vehicle ATF
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Treat different vehicles in your ownership with the same recovery formula.

It’s the 2nd time for Valvoline to make our review list. But the intended ATF stands pretty different from its foremost counterpart.

There are many impressive features to consider with the developed formula. And you’re to spend on its best-seller worthy tag for sure.

Features & Benefits

Full Synthetic Fluid

It doesn’t require any particular spec on the best synthetic DEXRON 3 transmission fluid. Still, Valvoline comes with the improvised formula featuring synthetic molecules. The purified level of concentration holds the fluid to overcome all the challenging tasks.

Protective Additives

Also, you’ll have some powerful chemical additives to support associated actions. There are agents to prevent oxidation, metal wear, breakdown, thermal instability & others. Everything stands pretty good with the powerful combo of additive technology.

Sealed Conditioner

Integration of seal conditioner keeps the formula intact from deterioration. It manages to maintain the imposed fluid elasticity. And it helps to retain the viscosity in lower temperature conditions. No leaks can occur for high mileage transmissions.


  1. Exceptional fluid film strength.
  2. Improved transmission durability.
  3. Preservation of fluid elasticity.
  4. Proprietary synthetic molecules.


  1. Lack of OEM satisfaction.


6. Motul 105776 Transmission Fluid

Motul 105776 Transmission Fluid
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Time to change your transmission fluid to impart an improvised outcome.

There’s nothing special with the intended ATF from our list. But you have to keep Motul’s specific 105776 under consideration.

It’s one basic formula to integrate some primary fluid features. And the price comes ridiculously low to induce an affordable tag.

Features & Benefits

Coldness Resistance

Fluidity at a lower temperature is one crucial fact to consider for ATF. And Motul promises to keep your transmission active with its resistance. Sufficient fluidity at lower temperature conditions allows easy change of gear.

Temperature Stability

The formula retains its activeness in an extended temperature range. Wide action makes it suitable for anywhere requiring DEXRON ATF. It has a perfect combination to support mechanical demands, withstanding interior adversity.

Functional Additives

Inclusion of sufficient additives maintains a dependable action on demand. Superb oxidation stability holds the fluid against intense heat or temperature conditions. The chemical agents stand to resist metal wear, surface corrosion & interior rusts.


  1. Low-temperature fluidity.
  2. High oxidation resistance.
  3. Super liquid film strength.
  4. Foam resisting properties.


  1. Insufficient fitment details.


7. Ultralub Automatic Transmission Fluid

Ultralub Automatic Transmission Fluid
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Start extending the service life of your existing vehicular transmission.

And the next one to make our list comes from Ultralub. Though the brand is somewhat less-known, you better get familiar with its ATF.

It comes to exceed all the performance requirements of GM specs. The price stands low enough to attract budget-conscious customers.

Features & Benefits

Multi-Purpose Fluid

It’s one fluid to satisfy your different purposes towards standard ATF. Whether you need DEXRON III or MERCON – you can place the bet right here. It can adapt any transmission system, preferably before 2006, to make the market.

Protected Formula

Internal parts are no longer subjected to severe deterioration with the best DEXRON 3 ATF. It features specific characteristics to keep the surfaces intact. Immediate lubrication contributes to the response. Apart from other facts, it secures all the bronze or copper components.

Smooth Transition

Increased resistance to degrading elements keeps the transmission effective. It even helps with the improvement of speed changing condition. Smooth-shifting promotes the mechanical parts to recover the lost longevity.


  1. Minimized oil degradation.
  2. Smooth change of speed.
  3. Extended friction durability.
  4. Encouraged clutch capacity.


  1. No synthetic molecules.


8. Amalie 72836-56 Transmission Fluid

Amalie 72836-56 Transmission Fluid.
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Improvise the transmission power of vehicles through a smooth transferring shift.

And we’re to enter the very last option on our review. Regardless of the brand recognition, Amalie has its reason to make your checklist.

The featured 72836-56 manages to provide absolute satisfaction from all extents. The price seems conceivable, taking the features into account.

Features & Benefits

Extended Response

Introduction of the fluid starts to lubricate all the involved surfaces. And the response starts to get better, letting you cover the transition. Power transmission becomes smooth to enable hassle-free gear shifting.

Multi-Purpose Action

It’s one functional formula to satisfy DEXRON III & MERCON specs at once. The multi-purpose ATF promises increased outcomes from every plausible fact. You can consider it as Allison C-3 along with a C-4 alternative.

Protective Additives

Integration of chemically active agents promotes the transmission from different angles. Guaranteed protection for the parts prevails all the way. Minimal wear, friction, rust & breakdown recovers the damage pretty fast.


  1. Extended fitment capability.
  2. Minimized frictional damage.
  3. Smooth surface lubrication.
  4. Full recovery at constant rate.


  1. No special built-in feature.


How to Choose the Best Synthetic Dexron 3 Transmission Fluid?

There are too many aftermarket brands to deliver DEXRON III ATF to meet the specs. But you can’t simply pick any random fluid to serve the transmission system.

Wrong ATF comes with a deadly consequence for any standard vehicle system. The following facts can lead you to the best DEXRON 3 transmission fluid right at hand.

Compatible Version

There are differences to consider with a particular vehicle’s transmission. You have to figure out all the necessary details from the manual. Pay attention to know the associated facts – version, viscosity, type & others.

Molecular Formula

Up to DEXRON III, it’s impossible to find a deliberate full synthetic fluid. Therefore, almost all the current concentrations are conventional. From DEXRON IV to DEXRON V, synthesized formulas are abundantly available.

Included Additives

For any automotive fluid, additives have to play a larger part to hold the activeness. Even for any ATF, you can’t skip the obvious points on additives. Check out the details to find out the probable chemical agents.

Surface Lubrication

One important task concerns lubricating capability for any ATF. Surface lubrication is the key factor to reduce the metal to metal friction. You better use expert suggestions to understand the lubricity of your preferred liquid.

Smooth Transition

Transmission transfers explicitly power to the interconnected part to enable gear shifting. Smooth transition is essential to keep everything in order. Right there, you’re to ensure converge the experience to find the suitability.

What is the Best DEXRON 3 Transmission Fluid?

Anyone to know the transmission from inside understands the importance of transmission fluid. An ATF has to perform many negligible yet dependable functions. You can’t compromise with the overall aspects to influence a top-quality fluid.

It’s difficult anything to surpass Valvoline DEX/MERC in terms of overall satisfaction. The intended transmission fluid manages to cover every imposed function. Even the price tag seems to stand affordable, despite its incredible service value.

What Happens if You Use the Wrong Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Many ignorant vehicle owners tend to mix or use the wrong ATF in the system. But the consequence stands pretty severe for most of the cases. Even a professional mechanic faces extreme challenges to fix the damage.

  1. Reduced lubrication of transmission promotes frictional loss.
  2. Shortened engine life with deteriorated automotive action.
  3. Short/Long term damages to some associated system parts.
  4. Noticeable overheating to cause black smoke from engines.
  5. Eventual failure of transmission, completely halting the gear.

Following the application of the wrong ATF, you have to stay calm. Skip driving the vehicle, no matter what. Consult a professional to decide your next movements on the issue.


There are many versions of DEXRON ATF in the market. Of course, different versions come to satisfy varying transmission requirements.

Among the others, you have to encounter DEXRON III or DEXRON VI at some point. DEXRON VI is indeed an advanced upgrade of DEXRON III.

DEXRON III is one thick fluid to support old to some modern systems. But DEXRON VI appears thinner, supporting modern transmissions only. And the longevity counts almost double to the predecessor.

There are other factors with significant improvement. You can consider thermal stability, film strength, shear stability & lubrication. For all cases, DEXRON VI provides a better outcome in comparison to DEXRON III.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is DEXRON II compatible with DEXRON III?

Answer: Anything to utilize DEXRON II can support DEXRON III. There is a minimal improvement in outcome concerning the molecular differences.

Q: Can DEXRON 3 be used as a power steering fluid?

Answer: Many ATFs stand to provide alternatives to power steering fluid. Even for DEXRON 3, you can switch the liquid from the steering fluid.

Q: Can I add new transmission fluid to the old one?

Answer: The debated issue comes without any viable conclusion regarding the effects. However, there’s no prohibition on adding new ATF to existing concentrations.

Final Words

You can’t skip the functionality of an ATF towards proper transmission support. Regardless of the vehicle specs, you must acquire the best DEXRON 3 transmission fluid. And the reviews mentioned above can definitely help with the subject. Know your system configuration to determine the ultimate choice within budget.

Happy Driving.

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