5 Best Fuel Filter for 6.4 Powerstroke [Buying Guide]

We know how much you adore your 6.4 Powerstroke. So much, you would never compromise with the fuel. But, is that going to be enough?

Well, you do understand that your fuel pumps go through some distinct action while dealing with all those impurities. And so, to keep your engine nice and smooth, you need to filter out your fuel and get rid of all those contaminants.

That’s right. Your precious 6.4 Powerstroke deserves nothing but the best fuel filter out there. And so, we are here to help you find it. Therefore, stay tuned and learn all the insights that you need to know to grab that best fuel filter for 6.4 Powerstroke.

Now, let us begin the conquest by comparing some of the best options with the help of this quick product table.

Best Fuel Filter for 6.4 Powerstroke – Comparisons

ProductDimension (inches)Weight (oz.) Price
Motorcraft FD-4617 Fuel Filter10 x 3.7 x 3.613.9
iFJF FD4617 Diesel Fuel Filter9.92 x 4.17 x 3.8613.2
Yinlowa FD-4617 Fuel Filter9.5 x 3.9 x 3.812.8
Wadoy FD-4617 Fuel Filter9.44 x 4.13 x 4.0512.6
Saihisday FD-4617 Fuel Filter13.82 x 4.02 x 3.9413

5 Best 6.4 Powerstroke Fuel Filter Reviews

Well, the product table has surely made you curious. However, it’s not enough to make an assessment. That’s why you should take a closer look at the individual products one by one with our detailed descriptions.

1. Motorcraft FD-4617 Fuel Filter

Motorcraft FD-4617 Fuel Filter6.4 fuel filter change had never been this easy. Motor craft FD-4617 brings you all the best quality materials and the latest designs you need.

With a high filtration and superior fitment, it compliments your 6.4 Powerstroke like nothing else. Also, you get to cut off those extra worries with its long lifespan.

Features and Benefits

Blocking action

The Motorcraft FD-4617 has an impressive blocking action. The unique structure and high-quality materials make sure to halt any unwanted pollutants. Also, the filtration is extremely precise due to the higher microns.

Engine performance 

This fuel filter works best for screening any carbon, dust, or water from the engine oil. And so, it directly leaves an impact on the overall performance of the engine, and also improves its mileage.


The filter does not require much equipment or effort to replace. A few tools and a couple of minutes are all you need. Therefore, you can save up a lot of time and money by using this filter.


2. iFJF FD4617 Diesel Fuel Filter

iFJF FD4617 Diesel Fuel FilterIf you are looking for a good 6.4 Powerstroke fuel filter upgrade, then this one might be the perfect option for you.

With an incredible fitment, it will compliment your turbocharged engine and enhance its performance. Moreover, it will serve your engine with outstanding filtration and prevent any blockage.

Features and Benefits

Outstanding filtration

This fuel filter provides you with a 98% filtration efficiency. Its superior design catches almost any foreign substance. And so, you can easily segregate pollutants like dust, water, sand, and carbon from your fuel.

Quick replacement

With its unique design and flexibility, you can finish off the replacement within a few minutes. Moreover, the entire process doesn’t require more than a wrench. Therefore, it takes a trivial time and effort.

Sufficient components 

The kit comes with several components. You will get a couple of O-rings, a lower lifter, and an upper bowl filter with it. So, you don’t have to go through any extra work of buying them separately.


3. Yinlowa FD-4617 Fuel Filter

Yinlowa FD-4617 Fuel FilterThis 10 microns fuel filter is a brilliant edition with maximum efficiency. The Yinlowa FD-4617 will also fulfill the OEM standards fitment for you.

The 6.4 Powerstroke fuel filter replacement not only prevents all the adulteration but also ensures you a super smooth ride.

Features and Benefits

High efficiency

Yinlowa FD-4617 has an incredible amount of efficiency. These 98% efficient fuel filters are of almost 10 microns. That is why they work amazingly to block any contaminant and protect your engine.

Boost in performance

This fuel filter leaves a direct impact on the acceleration of your engine. It prevents your fuel injectors from getting clogged and solves any start up related problems. Thus, you get to protect your engine and upgrade its performance at the same time.

Easy replacement

This 6.4 Powerstroke fuel filter comes in a kit that contains O-rings. And so, the installation becomes quick and easy. Moreover, you can alter any broken portion directly with it.


4. Wadoy FD-4617 Fuel Filter

Wadoy FD-4617 Fuel FilterThis lightweight fuel filter offers you with the best services. It has a strong structure and a corrosion-free body that makes it a reliable option to choose. Again, the filer is highly capable of removing water and keeping your engine safe from any contamination.

Again, efficient water removal makes sure that your engine stays healthy and productive. Therefore, enjoy a steady and smooth ride by installing this filter.

Features and Benefits

Longer lifespan 

This Wadoy fuel filter gives you a 300-series casing made of stainless steel. And so, it can handle six times more pressure than ordinary ones. Therefore, you get quite a long lifespan with this filter.

Vast capacity 

With almost 96% water removal efficiency, this filer provides you with a vast capacity and superb blockage action.

Performance upgrade 

The filter prevents any harmful pollutants and initiates a steady flow. And so, you will notice a clear difference in the performance of your engine.


5. Saihisday FD-4617 Fuel Filter

Saihisday FD-4617 Fuel Filter The Saihisday fuel filter brings you the best features at a reasonable price. With its user-friendly design, you can change the filter without much of a hustle. Not just that, this high micron fuel filter eliminates any adulteration and keeps your engine safe.

Again, the kit comes with both top filters along with bottom filters. This way, it makes the entire pack super sufficient.

Features and Benefits

Superior fitment

This Saihisday fuel filter offers you with the finest fitment. Also, the durable structure and modern design focus on an easy replacement. And so, you can easily remove or install the filter within a short time.

Engine performance 

The filter does its job quite well and blocks all those dirt particles from your engine. This way, it allows your engine to work smoothly and also saves it from any unwanted clogging situations.

Detailed pack 

This Saihisday filter comes with a detailed kit. The kit includes all the necessary components. And so, it saves you both time and money, and make things a whole lot easier for you.


6.4 Fuel Filter Change But Won’t Start

Imagine you followed all the steps and installed your fuel filter. But, when you try to turn on your filter, it doesn’t seem to start.

Well, there are some reasons for this situation. Take the O-ring seal as an example. If you happen to notice something like a slice on the O-ring, then chances for such a result are very high.

Again, it can happen if your fuel line and filter bowl are not fully connected. And so, always make sure to double-check all the connections and tight up the O-ring seal.

How to Prime a 6.4 Ford diesel?

Learning the correct techniques to prime your precious 6.4 Ford diesel is very important to keep it safe. Therefore, start it off by carefully filling the tank with fuel. You should also pour the additives at this stage.

Now, as you finished filling the tank, do a double check on that. Make sure that the level of the fuel is touching the bottom portion of your filter cap. After that, install the filter cap once again and be careful not to alter the O-ring. Finally, shut the hood down, and you are all good to go.

Water In Fuel Filter Symptoms

Although water is the most valuable thing in our lives, having water in your fuel filter is not a good thing. Trust me. This water can cause a lot of trouble for your engine. And so, as soon as you notice the symptoms, take immediate action.

Now, what are these symptoms? Well, the situation arises as the water gets condensed in your engine. Therefore, whenever it happens, you will initially notice certain cloudiness in your fuel.

Again, exhaust smoke will lose its original color and turn into something more like a white exhaust. However, it might turn black as well. What is more intriguing is that you will notice a volatile idling.

These symptoms might seem minor at first. But, they can potentially harm your engine anytime soon. Also, they can cut out your engine and stop its functionality while you try to accelerate. And so, whenever you see symptoms like the above, take quick steps to solve it.


Q: 6.4 Powerstroke fuel filter change interval

Answer: For general situations, you might use your filter for 20,000 miles or about a couple of years. However, if you are dealing with a severe condition, you should change it after every 10,000 miles or 400 hours. Again, the interval can vary if you are facing disturbing idling or any start off issues.

Q: What is 6.4 Powerstroke fuel filter socket size?

Answer: For your 6.4 Powerstroke, you need a socket 5 of 36 mm. Also, it doesn’t work well if you do not secure the cap into the housing with a decent amount of torque.

Q: 6.4 Powerstroke fuel filter location

Answer: To find your fuel filter, look between your engine and fuel tank at first. After that, follow the fuel line in your tank, and you will find the filter location where this line opens. It is here as this portion is responsible for delivering fuel in your car.

Final Words

We discussed some of the best brands out there and showed you their unique abilities. However, the decision is always up to you. And so, instead of rushing things up, try to take it slow.

Let’s be honest. You won’t find a perfect match that doesn’t have any flaws whatsoever. Nonetheless, you can always compare and choose the nicest one. And so, that is how you can find your best fuel filter for 6.4 Powerstroke. 

Happy Driving.

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