5 Best Oil Filter for BMW 328i [Top Picks & Buying Guide]

Replacing oil filters at certain intervals is one integral part of engine maintenance. And you have good reasons to worry about finding the righteous one.

Not every available filtering options can suit your precious BMW 328i. Therefore, you have to invest in the best oil filter for BMW 328i in particular.

But making the initial purchase may seem unbelievably difficult. We have the topmost options to help you saving time, money & effort.

Take a quick look at the immediate comparison of our choices.

Best Oil Filter for BMW 328i – Comparison Table

ProductDimension (inches)Key FeaturesOverall FitmentPrice
BMW 11427953129 Set Oil Filter Element4 x 3 x 3#Genuine OEM Part
#Smooth Exterior
#Synthetic Media
2006 – 2016
Mann HU 816 X Metal-Free Oil Filter3.2 x 3.2 x 3.4#Intact Seal Ring
#PTFE-Coated Bypass Valve
#Practical Release Aid
2002 – 2015
K&N Premium Oil Filter13.3 x 10 x 4.3#High Burst Strength
#Superb Oil Tolerance
#Built-in Hex Nut
2006 – 2020
Premium Guard Oil Filter3.1 x 3.1 x 3.5#Galvanized Steel Plate
#Rolled Precision Thread
#Multi-Pass Filter
2007 – 2017
Beck Arnley 041-8195 Engine Oil Filter4 x 4 x 5#Proper Fuel Flow
#Effective Filter Media
#Drainback Valve
2008 – 2018

5 Best Best BMW Oil Filter Reviews

You should get some insight from the aforementioned comparison. But you’ll require slightly more to choose the best oil filter for BMW 328i. Let’s check out the detailed review right below.

1. BMW 11427953129 Set Oil Filter Element

BMW 11427953129 Set Oil Filter Element

Genuine BMW part to match factory specs initiates satisfactory engine performance.

The featured oil filter specifically comes from the BMW store itself. You don’t need to look for no alternative to 11427953129 from here.

Efficient part product-grade enables maximized filtration of circulating oil. And you can easily attend the affordable price tag without hesitation.

Features & Benefits

Heavy-Duty Body

Top-quality materials cover the entire construction from inside out. Guaranteed durability will certainly meet your satisfaction. Excellent burst strength prevails to withstand oil pressure.

Synthetic Media

Built-in filter media comes with sufficient capacity to remove particles. It specifically suits current synthetic oil compositions only. The standard micron rating enables consistent flow through the system.

Wider Usability

Of course, the model sets to work with the intended 328i. But the range of fitment doesn’t stop there. You can get the best oil filter for BMW 335i to install for 2006 up to 2016 versions.


2. Mann-Filter HU 816 X Metal-Free Oil Filter

Mann-Filter HU 816 X Metal-Free Oil FilterStrictly original OEM specs come ready to fulfill the automotive demands.

Mann-Filter is indeed a reliable aftermarket brand for certain vehicle accessories. And the company comes with HU 816 X to prove its worth.

Optimal protection for the BMW engine tends to deliver uninterrupted functional consistency. Its ridiculously cheaper price tag is well worth your attention.

Features & Benefits

Quality Materials

Spin-on filter housing withstands corrosion regarding high durability. An integrated seal ring prevents unwanted leakage from inside. Again, PTFE coated bypass valve initiates excellent service support.

Residual Filtration

Built-in media enables high capturing efficiency, concerning Mann oil filter BMW review. It takes out all the oil contaminants along with burnt residuals. You’re to enjoy simple removal through its quick releasing aid.

Extended Interval

The design includes a supportive silicone return line for the barrier membrane. It initiates the retention of filter media freshness. Therefore, you can enjoy further service interval here.


3. K&N Premium Oil Filter

K&N Premium Oil FilterMeticulous engineering for the design induces protective support for the engine system.

K&K is undeniably one dependable brand in the automotive industry. And you get to use its premium filter for precious BMWs.

Extensive testing makes the model one great choice to serve engine functionality. The price remains within an affordable budget against its offerings.

Features & Benefits

Solid Construction

Metal canister makes the visible frame to handle all sorts of adversity. It comes with excellent strength to resists both internal & external pressure. You’re to expect a highly durable framework.

Versatile Action

The filter media gets to purify all standard oil compositions. You can get it for synthetic, conventional & even blends. Not to mention, the versatility triggers an unrivaled BMW version compatibility.

Constant Purification

Efficient filtering media can take out the major damaging elements. The satisfactory flow rate prevails to retain the necessary flow through the mechanism.


4. Premium Guard Oil Filter

Premium Guard Oil FilterExtended service life comes with incredible satisfaction through higher filtering efficiency.

The EX Series from Premium Guard introduces one solid, reliable replacement. You’re set to enjoy an uninterrupted BMW ride on the road.

From construction to performance – the oil filter for BMW 328i 2007 is to pass every level. And the price seems righteous enough from all aspects.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Strength

About 0.5mm thick steel makes up the canister to tolerate oil pressure. A rougher exterior allows a solid & steady grip for the filter. Meanwhile, the relief valve prohibits the possibility of oil starvation.

Superb Filtration

The multi-pass filtering mechanism initiates 99.0% removal efficiency. A convenient 25-micron rating eliminates polluting oil components. Again, the media features a somewhat higher trapping capacity.

Protective Action

The integration of silicone gasket makes the frame intact against high temp stress. Also, the anti-drain valve comes with excellent retention power. Therefore, the engine gets optimized protection on startup.


5. Beck Arnley 041-8195 Engine Oil Filter

Beck Arnley 041-8195 Engine Oil FilterStandard constructional design initiates appropriate fitment, functionality & filtration efficiency.

Beck Arnley combines all the necessities to purify the impure composition. You’re to get maximum satisfaction from the intended 041-8195 model.

Design, installation, performance – you’ll have everything perfectly right here. For the price, the 2010 BMW 328i oil filter remains well worth the money.

Features & Benefits

Supporting Design

Every structural part features top-quality material to ensure longevity. The metal exterior keeps the mechanism intact against overall adversity. The anti-drain valve induces better usability for removal.

Oil Tolerance

The integrated media can handle both synthetic & conventional fluids. It makes the model preferable for a good number of BMWs. The media itself comes with excellent filtering efficiency.

Simple Setting

The entire installation process remains pretty simple for anyone. It basically takes some time without difficult complexity. Also, rougher surface appeal helps to retain the filter in its place.


Things You Need to Consider to Buy Best Oil Filter for BMW 328i

It’s not easy to narrow down the available checklist at once. You should pay attention to the influential factors. Only the key considerations can lead you to success.

  • Usability

You’ll have to determine the compatibility as per vehicle specs & oil tolerance. It’s indeed the very first essential to attend. Otherwise, you can’t get it fit or have a good engine response.

  • Efficiency

Filter performance decides the actual functionality. You need to check out the media with its micron rating. Better capturing capacity comes with an extended interval for an additional plus.

  • Structure

Don’t forget the constructional measurements from top to bottom. Closely check the seals, nuts & feeding holes. Metal frame is compulsory to withstand internal & external damaging agents.

Final Words

BMW engine can barely hold its royalty without on-road performance. And it highly depends on oil filtration efficiency. You can place the bet from our in-depth best oil filter for BMW 328i.

As it happens, you should consider BMW 11427953129 for the absolute Best BMW oil filter. The branded filter can certainly meet the specs. You can reliably spend your money on the model.

Happy Driving.

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