7 Best Fuel Filter for 7.3 Powerstroke [Buying Guide]

Changing the fuel filter is no surprise, given its regular replacement interval. Several elements get to circulate with the oil inside the engine system.

And you’re to ensure minimal intrusion to hold the efficiency of injector/carburetor. But the filter itself becomes crippled with contaminant load.

You’ll have to make the change, compatible with the engine version. It’s true for every vehicle, including your precious 7.3 Powerstroke.

That’s where you’ll need your hand on the best fuel filter for 7.3 Powerstroke. Luckily, we enlisted the topmost options to save you certain hassles.

Check out the quick comparison of our top picks right below.

Best 7.3 Powerstroke Fuel Filter-Comparisons

ProductMicron RatingKey FeatureFitment (Year)Price
ECOGARD XF59292 Premium Diesel Fuel Filter7.0Precise Connectivity1998 – 2003
Motorcraft FD-4596 Fuel Filter5.0Ironed Steel Casing1995 – 2003
Purolator F55055 Fuel Filter5.0Powerful Filter Media1994 – 1998
K&N PF-4000 Fuel Filter5.0High Capturing Capacity1998 – 2003
Baldwin PF7698 Heavy Duty Diesel Fuel Element5.0Superb Burst Strength1998 – 2003
ECOGARD XF55055 Premium Diesel Fuel Filter7.0Protected Injector1994 – 1998
FD4596 Fuel Filter 7.3L for PowerStroke8.0Uniform Fuel Flow1999 – 2003

7 Best Fuel Filter for 7.3 Powerstroke Reviews

You already got the basic insight into the picks from the comparison. But you’re to check out the details ahead of making the ultimate choice. Then let’s start scrolling down to reveal each best fuel filter for 7.3 Powerstroke individually.

1. ECOGARD XF59292 Premium Diesel Fuel Filter

ECOGARD XF59292 Premium Diesel Fuel Filter Review

Keep the diesel engine system performing flawlessly without the slightest interruption.

The intended model can support the system demands regarding fuel flow. Ecogard attended all the details to ensure maximum functionality on the run.

It effectively takes out the damaging portion of contaminants & water. And the price seems worth every penny, taking the outcome into account.

Features & Benefits

Specs Precision

Built-in inlet & outlet connectivity comes accurate to promote perfect fitment. The model can immediately adapt to the existing system design. Trouble-free installation is the primary outcome of the exactness.

Protective Action

The featured filter works the same as original OEM automotive parts. It comes with superior quality to ensure mechanical protection from inside. Also, the media enables a consistent flow as per engine requirements.

Optimal Service

An increase in system action leads to several results on the positive side. Your fuel economy will surely take a noticeable rise. It keeps the internal parts free of clogs, allowing full retention of efficiency.


  • Fitting spec for installation.
  • An uninterrupted flow of fuel.
  • Superb filtration efficiency.
  • Zero oil leaks to take place.


  • Only for older versions.


2. Motorcraft FD-4596 Fuel Filter

Motorcraft FD-4596 Fuel Filter

No more looking back with a dry startup, poor performance, or increased cost.

Ford Motor itself backed the premium-quality, genuine filtering media right here. You can certainly place the bet on Motorcraft FD-4596 without a doubt.

Durability, protection, and filtration – the best fuel filter for 7.3 Powerstroke diesel meet satisfaction from every aspect. Price tag seems initially high, just before you start to get the outcome.

Features & Benefits

Solid Structure

Ironed steel casing comes with exterior paints to resist corrosion. Perforated steel tubing on the center retains the stability under heavy internal pressure. Its fluted design allows simple removal from the mechanism.

Powerful Media

The large-sized media features a reasonable 5-micron rating or so. And you’ll get about 98% filtration efficiency against intruding contaminants. The area initiates further holding capacity to prevent sudden clogging.

Resisting Action

An integrated pressure-relief valve comes with certain benefits. It prevents the recirculation of pollutants without declining the fuel flow rate. And the action eventually takes down the possibility of aging out of internal parts.


  • Superb screening out efficiency.
  • Higher pollutant holding capacity.
  • The consistent flowing rate for fuel.
  • Retention of actual pleat spacing.


  • Questionable O-ring quality.


3. Purolator F55055 Fuel Filter

Purolator F55055 Fuel Filter Review

Let the injector receive cleaner fuel to burn inside the chamber.

The standard design makes the model particularly useful from various extents. Purolator features all the basics within one unit to support the mechanism.

The intended filter comes ready to meet or even exceed OEM specs. And you’ll get it spending a worthy & reasonable price.

Features & Benefits

Solid Structure

The sturdy metal frame remains pretty intact from inside. And it directly leads to a satisfactory lifespan against all the mechanical stress. Extreme heat, outdoor cold, or intense pressure – nothing can mess with the design.

Internal Cleanliness

Built-in filtration media comes with the most suitable micron rating. It certainly takes out the pollutants from the composition. Also, the media helps with the separated action of oil & water.

Simplified Setup

Standard specs include perfect sizing to sit in its intended position. Of course, compatibility with older versions makes it one alternative to the previous model. And it’ll obviously save you some time during the installation process.


  • Heavy-duty, stable design.
  • No circulation of pollutants.
  • Increase in fuel economy.
  • Good engine smoothness.


  • Slight tricks for setup.


4. K&N PF-4000 Fuel Filter

K&N PF-4000 Fuel Filter Review

Allow the engine to run smoothly like a fresh, new one.

Simplicity teams up with a performance to retain the actual engine efficiency. In fact, K&N integrates all the essentials in a perfect combination.

The specialty of the best fuel filter for 2000 7.3 Powerstroke makes it on the checklist. Price may seem to stand on costly sides, but definitely not any waste.

Features & Benefits

Intact Casing

Carbonated steel imparts incredibly high structural strength for the case. The entire filtering mechanism remains secure from inside out. You’re to expect somewhat extended longevity from the design.

Filter Capacity

Standard filter media comes ready to purify the sticky composition. You don’t have to sacrifice the filtering efficiency for its coverage area. Extra holding capacity prevents clogging over too many contaminants.

No Restriction

The media barely represents any restriction ahead of entering the fuel injector. The engine gets to burn the necessary amount consistently. And smooth functionality tends to initiate an excellent output on the road.


  • Smooth, strong steel casing.
  • Extension of effective service.
  • Convenient filtering media.
  • Uniformity in fuel flow rate.


  • Problems with sealing.


5. Baldwin PF7698 Heavy Duty Diesel Fuel Element

Baldwin PF7698 Heavy Duty Diesel Fuel Element Review

Ensure purified fuel to enter the injector for maintaining a smooth ride.

Even the last one from our list comes with a certain specialty. Baldwin developed its PF7698 on purpose, targeting to surpass all the cheap replacements.

The filtering accessory can retain the freshness of 7.3L engines. But it’s likely to cost you some more bucks in comparison to other options.

Features & Benefits

Definite Design

It comes with a tiny shape without compromising with the efficiency. It’s ready to take on all the mechanical adversity from the core. The metal structure holds its strength throughout the service life.

Element Removal

Featured media comes with a reasonable 5-micron rating. Of course, it meets the OEM standard to serve the engine properly. And the filtration seems satisfactory in terms of capturing harmful elements.

Proper Fitment

Despite the tiny physical specs, you’re to count on the performance. The exterior design can save some hassles during installation. Again, the compatibility mostly lies within the 1998 – 2003 range.


  • Solid built & good longevity.
  • Completely metal housing.
  • Pretty high burst strength.
  • Water-oil separated action.


  • Loose gasket sealing.


6. ECOGARD XF55055 Premium Diesel Fuel Filter

ECOGARD XF55055 Premium Diesel Fuel Filter Review

Skip encountering all forms of mechanical hesitations right after engine startup.

Another premium filter from Ecogard manages to make it on the list. It’s specifically designed to fit somewhat older versions of 7.3 Powerstroke.

The intended Ford 7.3 diesel fuel filter comes with a good number of benefits in its store. The price remains at a reasonable price, considering every angle.

Features & Benefits

Effective Separation

Integrated filtration media comes with a standard micron rating to block the pollutants. Larger surface area comes with better capability, maintaining the flow rate. And the efficiency remains more or less consistent all along.

Convenient Fitment

Specified inlet-outlet design enables direct fitting to save unnecessary troubles. The installation gets pretty simple without sacrificing intactness. The model is perfect for 1994 – 1998 versions of 7.3L diesel engines.

Encouraged Support

Long-term cleanliness prevails to keep up the engine functionality. Therefore, you merely face any roughness on the ride. Extended protection pushes the durability forward against internal adversity.


  • Premium quality, enduring materials.
  • Convenient water separating media.
  • Extended holding for higher intervals.
  • Noticeable increase in fuel economy.


  • Certain issues with its gasket.


7. FD4596 Fuel Filter for 7.3L PowerStroke

FD4596 Fuel Filter for 7.3L PowerStroke ReviewChecking in one effective filter for the engine pushes the functionality forward.

It’s indeed a great aftermarket replacement to meet the basic OEM standards. Powerworks promise you to ensure excellent action on-demand without issue.

The regular replacement enables a pretty good automotive filtering support. And the convenient quality-to-price ratio makes it one preferable option.

Features & Benefits

Tested Construction

It’s one aftermarket choice in hand, not an original replacement. But you have nothing to turn the back just yet for your 7.3L engines. Completely rigorous testing reveals its suitability to deliver OEM specified output.

Effective Filtration

The filtering media comes with a convenient 8-micron rating to remove the intruders. No major elements to enter the mechanical system for causing damage. You’re to receive about 98% efficiency throughout its service life.

Improved Protection

Uniformity in fuel flow retains the maximum mechanical functionality of your engine. Superb cleanliness prevails for every individual part. And the entire combination triggers unrivaled protection towards higher durability.


  • Sturdy structure, stable interior.
  • Excellent retention of efficiency.
  • Generalized design, better action.
  • Satisfying removal functionality.


  • Difficult initial installation.


How to Choose The Best 7.3 Powerstroke Fuel Filter?

Not every fuel filter can serve a particular engine system perfectly. You’ll have to settle down for the absolute best fuel filter for 7.3 Powerstroke. But the purchase may seem troublesome with an immense number of varieties. You better start considering the key factors to invest in the righteous one.

  • Fitment

Of course, almost all the running 7.3L engines come from 1998 – 2003. There are older models from 1994 – 1998 as well. You better find out the version before heading to any shop. The improper filter will cause further problems instead of solving current issues.

  • Filter Media

Integrated filter media does the job of purifying the oil composition. And you can’t compromise with the overall quality. Try to get something with a 5-micron rating or somewhere close, like a 7/8-micron rating. Don’t forget to check out the contaminant holding capacity.

  • Construction

The structure remains prone to intense oil pressure & high heat stress. You mustn’t give up the material quality for any other benefits. The solid, sturdy, thick metal surfacing has to come with a rougher exterior. And you can expect to receive a satisfactory service life back there.

  • Sealings

Two particular sealings are a must for any fuel filter – gasket & O-ring. And the majority of customer complaints cover the leakage from sealing. Therefore, you’ll have to focus on the two rather well. Take the seal sizing & its materials into account before installation.

  • Response

Certain defects in the mechanism may fail to adopt the filter replacement right away. You won’t get benefited even from the best filtering media. Therefore, check out the entire engine system to address other concerns. Try to consult the pros to narrow down the choices further.

  • Installation

Setting up the filter is one task to test your patience. It takes several hours for replacing specific models. Of course, there are others requiring 30 minutes or so. You need to concentrate on the process. It’s specifically important when you’re to make the change.

How to Change a Fuel Filter on 7.3 Powerstroke?

Making any replacement requires careful processing throughout. It’s better to leave the changing to a pro mechanic. But it’s possible to accomplish the objective by yourself. You better take a look at the short guidance regarding installation.

#1. Open the engine hood to locate the filter cover. Take out the nuts the open the internal mechanism.

#2. Drain the tank through the filter housing termination point. Check out the surrounding for any accumulated water.

#3. Locate the yellow-colored lever right on the housing. Just make a 1/4th of a full clockwise turn to empty the tank.

#4. Get yourself a strap wrench to remove the filter cap. You can do it while the tank is getting empty.

#5. Don’t forget to close the lever after taking out the oil. Now it’s time to pay attention to the filter alone.

#6. Remove the existing filter loaded with contaminants. Gently clean the interior portion of the housing.

#7. Most fuel filter replacements come with 2 sealings. Determine the gasket & O-ring presence for moving forward.

#8. Apply a solid coat of diesel fuel to the O-ring. Now gently place right inside the groove of a new filter.

#9. Insert the O-ring attached filter inside the empty housing. It’s the time to set the fuel coated gasket in the housing.

#10. Reverse the undoing, starting with the cap insertion. Of course, you’re to fill the tank with diesel again.

3 Benefits of Quality Fuel Filter

The intended accessory is indeed one essential component to support engine functionality. And you’re to change the existing one at certain intervals. Any good quality filter comes with specific benefits from the engine’s mechanical aspect.

  • Good Engine Power – Removal of contaminants allows the purified fuel to enter the ignition system. And it maintains the required flow rate to support engine action. Therefore, you’re to expect a noticeable improvement in power output.
  • Increase in Lifespan – Several crucial parts get busted over intruding pollutants. But the filter can take out the elements before reaching the interior mechanism. And that’s where the engine retains its freshness to enable further durability.
  • Improved Fuel Economy – Clean oil ignition means no burning of other materials to cause a deposit. It leads to fuel-saving workability. Obviously, the mileage percentage seems somewhat lower. Still, you can reduce the current filling number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many fuel filters does a 7.3 diesel have?

Answer: There’s only one fuel filter on every 7.3L Powerstroke engine.

Q: How often should change the fuel filter on a 7.3 Diesel?

Answer: Change the filter for every 3rd oil change or 15000 miles of interval.

Q: Where is the fuel filter located on a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Answer: Fuel filter rests right on the front side of the centered 7.3L engine.


A fuel filter is one integral part of a functional engine system. You’ll have to replace the gear, without compromising with other considerations. And you can make it a lot easier with the aforementioned best fuel filter for 7.3 Powerstroke.

ECOGARD XF59292 Premium Filter seems to win the prize, no questions asked. The model covers literally everything you can possibly get from standard filters. Convenient features, immense benefits, reasonable price – it has to come first.

Happy Driving.

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