10 Best Oil Brand for Subaru [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Majority of vehicular engines still rely on diesel oil to function. And it possesses high importance to receive the optimum system performance.

Even the much popular Subaru models require supporting engine oils. Of course, an overwhelming number of choices are ready to make a mess.

Right there, we stepped forward with the best oil brand for Subaru. The article covers everything you’ll need to know about Subaru oil purchase.

Check out the tabulated comparison of our preferable picks.

Best Oil for Subaru – Comparisons

ProductViscosityKey FeaturePrice
1. AmazonBasics Dexos1 Approved Motor Oil0W-20Longer Drain Intervals
2. Castrol GTX MAGNATEC Motor Oil5W-30Extra Wear Protection
3. Idemitsu SN/GF-5 Engine Oil0W-20Maximized Fuel Economy
4. Genuine Subaru Motor Oil0W-20Minimal Fuel Oxidation
5. Subaru Motor Oil5W-30Professional Use on Demand
6. Castrol EDGE Advanced Motor Oil0W-20Powerful Cleanup Agents
7. Valvoline Advanced Protection Motor Oil5W-30Included Extra Detergents
8. Royal Purple 51530 Motor Oil5W-30LSPI Preventing Formula
9. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil5W-20Zero Viscosity Loss
10. Idemitsu Engine Oil5W-20Superb Piston Cleanliness

10 Best Oil Brand for Subaru Reviews

Primary specs got compared right above to give an introductory insight. Obviously, you’ll have to get the details for purchasing the ultimate one. Continue scrolling to reveal the Subaru engine oil reviews from below.

1. AmazonBasics Dexos1 Approved Motor Oil

AmazonBasics Dexos1 Approved Motor Oil. best oil for subaru

Feed your engine the right liquid to enjoy absolutely uninterrupted rides.

AmazonBasics certainly feels your desperate quest for a high-quality diesel engine oil. And it develops one particular formula to occupy the list’s first position.

A superb level of workability pushes your engine action towards the peak. For the price, you’re to spend on what it rightfully deserves.

Features & Benefits

Steady Oil Formula

Premium synthetic components induce a highly stabilized formula. The absolute best oil for Subaru helps the system to retain the actual freshness. And no thermal breakdown is likely to occur upon heat stress.

Supportive Viscosity

A convenient 0W-20 rating enables the oil to stand against severe weather conditions. Exceptional resistance to viscosity covers a reasonable temp range. Immediate lubrication keeps the parts secure against friction.

Damage Reduction

The fluid initiates a protective coating to minimize damaging elements. Engine get to encounter minimal wear, rust & corrosion. It encourages the overall fuel economy over better performance.


  • Stabilized fuel composition.
  • Resistance to fluid viscosity.
  • Prolonged draining interval.
  • Enhanced action on output.


  • Vague level markings.


2. Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC Motor Oil

Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC Motor Oil. best oil brand for subaru

Fudge all sorts of engine problems regarding improper oil insertion.

Castrol established a preferable name for itself in the engine oil business. Its featured GTX Magnatec comes ready to serve engine demands perfectly.

You’re to receive an extended outcome with the best oil for Subaru WRX right here. Even the price stands on your side, remaining in an affordable budget.

Features & Benefits

Intelligent Molecule

Advanced technology can manipulate fuel action at its molecular level. Specialized formulation clings to engine parts all along. An extra layer of protection helps with the system from startup.

Further Lubrication

Superb lubricating characteristics uphold the freshness of internal parts. Also, it exponentially reduces mechanical friction to cause any eventual damage. And the lubricated parts remain 4x smoother than industry standards.

Anti-Wearing Specs

Instantaneous protection provides 6x more wear minimizing action. Warming up of the engine tends to trigger 75% of mechanical wear. But the fluid can dominate the startup time to reduce the chances.


  • Instant lubrication of interior.
  • Stabilized molecular formula.
  • An additional layer of protection.
  • Extended temperature range.


  • Slightly thin concentration.


3. Idemitsu SN/GF-5 Engine Oil

Idemitsu SN/GF-5 Engine Oil. best oil for subaru outback

Encourage the overall engine efficiency with a reliable Japanese fluid formula.

Idemitsu integrates technically advanced specs to develop certain motor oils. And the featured fluid comes from the USA, despite the company being Japanese.

A unique combination of components supports the engine to achieve maximum efficiency. Likewise, you’re to spend on its reasonable yet worthy price tag.

Features & Benefits

System Protection

Completely synthetic-based formula feeds the engine as per the factory specs. Improved lubricating action initiates system protection to the optimum extent. And a standard 0W-20 rating upholds the stability against stress.

Fuel Consumption

The best oil for Subaru Outback triggers noticeably low volatility to ensure piston cleanliness. It directly leads to less burn-off regarding exhaust emission. Reduction in consumption eventually promotes the overall fuel economy.

Included Additives

Advanced additives provide highly protective functions to resist internal damages. Again, lowering of metal friction takes care of accessorial smoothness. No more formation of deposits, even under extremely rough weather.


  • Low chances of buildups.
  • Superb piston cleanliness.
  • Maximized fuel economy.
  • Extended engine output.


  • No special modification.


4. Genuine Subaru SOA427V1310 Motor Oil

Genuine Subaru Motor Oil. best oil for subaru forester

No more hassles to meet the factory specs recommended for oil.

It’s time to check out something branded for a specified vehicle version. In fact, Subaru itself develops one genuine formula to support the specs.

Engines start to function at a newer level with the best oil for Subaru Forester. You just have to settle down for its reasonably demanded price tag.

Features & Benefits

Certified Synthetics

Standard synthetics in a convenient combo promotes the overall engine performance. It supports modern engines in a better way. Minimal intrusion also leads to a reduction in wasteful burning.

Stabilized Compound

Uniformity at the molecular level initiates incredible stability against mechanical rigors. The compound comes with a reliable 0W-20 rating for viscosity. Therefore, the fuel can retain its action in adverse conditions.

Cleaner Outcome

Integration of certain additives triggers interior cleanliness throughout its life. Smooth metal contact without deteriorating friction upholds cleaner running. It encourages the expected system lifespan, skipping varnishes & deposits.


  • Resistance to breakdown.
  • Clean engine for longevity.
  • Optimized fuel economy.
  • Increase in engine power.


  • Low bottle quantity.


5. Subaru SOA868V9285/SOA427V1415 Motor Oil

best oil for subaru sti

Save the engine issues right away, without sacrificing any potential aspect.

Back to back Subaru oils manage to get places on the list. It’s more like a suitable alternative to the previous formula.

Intended system efficiency keeps getting better with time. Also, its price tag still manages to remain within an affordable range.

Features & Benefits

Synthetic Molecules

100% synthetic-based components induce excellent fitment regrading factory specs. In fact, the molecules retain a uniform presence throughout the concentration. The formula can stand against intense rigors.

Protective Formula

Intended viscosity measures a reasonable 5W-30 rating to cover a wide range. And it can uphold the functionality in severe driving conditions. The best oil for Subaru STI can hold a preferable position to support pro uses.

Increased Output

Resistance to high-temp breakdown or low-temp viscosity stands active all the way. It directly promotes an anti-wear/anti-seize/anti-rust/anti-corrosion interior. All the parts remain secure without compromising with relevant efficiency.


  • Stabilized synthetic molecule.
  • Extended durability of the engine.
  • Standard temperature range.
  • Evenness in oil concentration.


  • Problems with priming.


6. Castrol 03124 EDGE Advanced Motor Oil

Castrol EDGE Advanced Motor Oil. best synthetic oil for subaru

Maximize the engine output down the road to enjoy a flawless ride.

For the 2nd time, Castrol manages to get on the list. This time, it introduces 03124 Edge to support the system causes.

Motorized action sets to reach its peak performance right here. Even the price has to appear satisfactorily affordable at once.

Features & Benefits

Dissolved Deposit

An extra portion of powerful additives takes out the internal deposits. It’s GDI Turbo formula acts against all sorts of damaging agents. In fact, the oil gets a 42% higher rating to fight the buildups.

Extra Protection

Fluid Titanium technology enables unmatched stability for the synthetic molecules. Fully synthetic components give better output than any other. No oxidation or breakdown can baffle the ride upon intense pressure.

Wide Compatibility

Its standard 0W-20 configuration immediately satisfies certain engine demands. You can use the best synthetic oil for Subaru for other vehicles. It includes several versions of Toyota, Honda, Acura & Lexus.


  • Sturdy molecular formula.
  • Lowering of frictional loss.
  • Improvised film strength.
  • Encouraged fuel economy.


  • No extending spouts.


7. Valvoline Advanced Protection Motor Oil

Valvoline Advanced Protection Motor Oil. best motor oil for subaru

No more issues with extreme temperature, rough driving, or random hauling.

Valvoline is another familiar brand to produce satisfactory oil versions. As it happens, the featured formula targets hardworking vehicle engines.

The protective fluid aids the lost efficiency of recovery over certain issues. And the price tag holds convenient, Considering all the facts together.

Features & Benefits

Complete Synthetics

Absolutely synthetic components cover the primary concentration with evenness. Its molecular structure serves the system purposes just right. And it induces exceptional protection against temperature variance.

Least Metal Wear

The formula contains an innovative chemical agent to address mechanical wear. Functional additives dominate the intruding elements prior to the damage. You’re to receive 50% further protection against internal wear.

Powerful Additives

Additional additives, present in the liquid, wipe out deteriorating items. A sufficient amount of detergents dissolve aggregated sludge & buildups. Effective antioxidants prevent sudden breakdown upon heat stress.


  • The exceptional stability of formula.
  • Resistance to extreme conditions.
  • Purified synthetic components.
  • Superb temperature protection.


  • Issues with packaging.


8. Royal Purple 51530 Motor Oil

Royal Purple 51530 Motor Oil. subaru engine oil reviews

Optimum protection for the engine requires no special care with the right oil.

And Royal Purple definitely knows to value the customer demands for satisfaction. The intended 51530 starts retaining the system efficiency from startup.

Guaranteed performance prevails through engines filled with the fluid. The price appears more like a standard worth to deliver premium service.

Features & Benefits

Technical Formula

Premium base components team with proprietary additive technology towards a combo. Any 4-cycle gasoline engine can fit with the fluid. And the best engine oil for Subaru exceeds even the toughest industry standards at once.

Improvised Safety

Included additives initiate protection against wear, burn-off & buildups. Again, you don’t have to counter LSPI (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition) anymore. Overall action saves fuel consumption to promote the economy.

Ethanol Usability

The integration of ethanol pushes the applicability forward. The liquid gets to work with mineral & other synthetic oil. Likewise, its compatibility reaches a higher level to meet your engine requirements.


  • Durable, stabilized formulation.
  • Extended mechanical efficiency.
  • Superb resistance to corrosion.
  • Better compatibility on demand.


  • Slight initial roughness.


9. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil. best oil brand for subaru

Fill in the engine with convenient fluid to eliminate troubling hassles.

There is basically no other brand to match Pennzoil in certain aspects. It takes pride in producing gas-refined liquid instead of crude oil.

And the functionality can compete with all available motor oils. The price tag looks good, taking all the features into consideration.

Features & Benefits

Unique Formulation

Patented PurePlus technology refines synthetic-based engine oil from natural gas. The molecular components come crystal clear with fewer impurities. You’re to notice the difference down the road right away.

Supreme Protection

High-performance additives induce clean up power to the liquid concentration. A reasonable 5W-20 rating helps with extreme temperature protection. And the chemical agents enable unsurpassed action against mechanical wear.

Increased Economy

The featured Ultra Platinum fuel tends to protect engine horsepower. Cleaner piston retains internal freshness to uphold efficiency. Its combined result triggers a sufficient increase in fuel economy.


  • No breakdown upon stress.
  • Unique yet high-quality base.
  • Consistent delivery speed.
  • Protection against buildups.


  • No old seal conditions.


10. Idemitsu 30010091-95300C020 Engine Oil

Idemitsu Engine Oil. best oil for subaru

Simply get rid of oily mess, occurring from time to time.

Even the last one holds good, coming from Idemitsu once again. The featured liquid includes some particular characteristics to fit the engine.

It feels more like a copycat to the previous Idemitsu motor oil. Obviously, the price tag is likely to stand lower in comparison.

Features & Benefits

Purified Formula

Complete synthetic molecules structure the concentration without impurities. A minimal number of intruding particles keep the best motor oil for Subaru functional. It also encourages cleaner-burning to reduce wasteful consumption.

Minimizing Effect

Privileged action lowers the extent of further deposits or buildups. Supporting 5W-20 rating also concerns with a favorable working condition. In addition, existing carbon piles start to get dissolved over time.

Inner Cleanliness

The integration of certain additives immediately covers the interior space. All the parts eventually become free of elements to function properly. Aside from extra smoothness, the internal surface remains clean.


  • Inclusion of effective additives.
  • Superb cleanliness from inside.
  • Optimum saving on fuel cost.
  • Reduction in exhaust emission.


  • Lack of further details.


What Need to Consider on Best Synthetic Oil for Subaru?

Random purchases will do no good, even for engine oils. You must stay cautious to skip improper fuels, no matter what. The following key considerations or the Subaru engine oil guide can help you to find the best motor oil for Subaru.

  • System Fitment

Not every Subaru version can support anything at once. it’s better to check the vehicle manual before heading towards the shop. Try to figure out any particular preference to support the system good enough.

  • Component Type

There are 3 well-defined categories for motor oil in the market. You’ll have to look into either of the conventional, synthetic-blend or full synthetic. Fortunately, you can skip conventional choices for all Subaru versions.

A complex engine mechanism performs excellently under synthetics. And you better choose full synthetic oils to enjoy maximum benefits. Even the enlisted options feature absolute synthetics for oil components.

  • Viscosity Rating

SAE viscosity is one crucial fact to choose fuel for specified vehicles. Not to mention, a definite engine calls for a convenient viscosity to uphold the fluidity. It’s the same with Subaru, putting the deviating versions aside.

There are two major ratings to cover the Subaru requirements rather well. You can go for either 0W-20 or 5W-30, depending on weather conditions. Likewise, the foremost one can withstand somewhat colder conditions.

  • Fluid Thickness

The thickness of the fluid itself concerns viscosity. Still, you should look into customer reviews or pro suggestions prior to the purchase. Thinner fuel contains more water than molecules to increase the consumption rate.

  • Stabilized Formula

All the molecules have to maintain uniformity in overall physical specs. The instable formula can suddenly fall apart under intense pressure or heat. And it directly leads to the stabilization of the integrated compounds.

  • Included Additives

Certain chemical agents cover a convenient portion of modern fuel compositions. The included additives primarily help with the system cleanliness. There are some common additives for standard fuels to adorn.

Wear, corrosion, rust, buildup & other elements tend to occur under the heat. It eventually clogs the internal parts to reduce efficiency. Only effective additives can wipe out the deposits to uphold effective action.

Subaru Oil Consumption Test

The company itself faced a baffling challenge of excessive oil consumption. Several versions of different models suffered badly from the issue. Certain engines occupied about 1 US quart of oil for every 1000 to 1200 miles.

A debatable number of Subaru models remained affected on a heavy scale. It included – Forester 2nd & 4th generation, Legacy 5th generation, XV Crosstrek 1st generation & 6.82 4th generation were badly affected.

There are reasons to work behind the picture to fasten the consumption. A significant increase in fuel cost demands a quick consumption test. You better consult a pro mechanic to find the extent of your problem. Major damaging causes primarily include –

  1. Defective gasket wears to cause leaks.
  2. Poor fuel quality to support the demand.
  3. Worn piston rings, allowing oil escape.
  4. Intense pressure to force the oil out.
  5. Mechanical wear & tear occurred over time.
  6. Deviation from the recommended formula.

How to Fix Subaru Oil Consumption Problems?

Fixing consumption requires a focus on the aforementioned causes. You’re to replace the existing gasket wear or piston ring, even both. Check out the interconnected parts closely to detect any deteriorated or damaged part.

Subaru started to settle down the problem in a convenient way. As per the company, about 98% of affected models revealed no sign of excess burning. But the rest 2% has to contact the seller to perform necessary tests to take further action.

Warranty plays a major role in solving the issue. Dealer is to replace the short-block assembly under warranty. Depending on the problem, the seller decides to provide the necessary services. It’s also possible to get supporting action from Subaru itself.

Why Does My Subaru Smells Like Burning Oil?

Smelling burnt oil from Subaru after a long drive isn’t exactly an uncommon phenomenon. There are definite reasons to cause the issue. And the smell itself initiates an alarm prior to other problems.

Overdue Oil Change: Using oil beyond change interval keeps burning the same burnt fuel.

Damaged System Part: Leakage spills the oil for eventual vaporization to initiate the smell.

Insufficient Engine Oil: Fuel starvation causes overheat to burn oil at a higher temperature.

How Do I Stop My Subaru from Burning Oil?

Excessive burning of fuel increases the cost in no time. You’ll have to visit the refill station every now & then. As it happens, there are certain ways to get rid of the problem. You better pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

#1. Investing in good-quality oils can help you to stabilize the consumption. The durable composition can definitely last somewhat longer in comparison to others.

#2. Routine maintenance is one essential task to keep the entire system functionality. A scheduled inspection will let you detect & resolve mechanical defects.

#3. Immediately repair any problems to trigger oil leaks inside the assembly. Delayed response to leaks eventually pushes the spilling amount towards high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who makes Subaru oil?

Answer: There are several manufacturers to produce Subaru oil of certain varieties. But Idemitsu Kosan specifically markets some high-quality Subaru oil compositions.

Q: What type of oil does Subaru use?

Answer: Full synthetic oil featuring 0W-20 viscosity goes for recommended engine oil for Subaru.

Q: What measures for Subaru 2.5 engine oil capacity?

Answer: The exact capacity measures 5.1 US Quarts or 4.8 Liters for Subaru 2.5L engines.

Q: What’s the probable Subaru oil change interval?

Answer: The changing interval remains 6000 miles or 6 months run under normal conditions. But you’re to make the change on 3000 miles or 3 months under extreme conditions.

Q: Can I use 5W-30 instead of 0W-20?

Answer: Obviously, replacing 0W-20 with 5W-30 can induce some benefits. But 5W-30 provides less tolerance to freezing temperatures.

Q: Why is Subaru oil change expensive?

Answer: The costly figure actually derives from the pricey oil. Fully synthetic oils are already expensive, including the large container quantity.

Q: What to choose for Subaru oil drain plug size?

Answer: Almost all the Subaru engines feature M20 x 1.50 sized threads against a 17mm head.

Final Words

Regardless of the circumstances, it’s not possible to compromise with oil quality. And you can expect a satisfactory performance with a reliable choice. And you’re to get the best oil brand for Subaru in hand right above.

AmazonBasics Dexos1 Approved Motor Oil has to occupy the prize for certain reasons. The fluid serves all essential purposes to support the engine down the road. Everything remains convenient there, including the price.

Happy Driving

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