7 Best Oil Filter for 7.3 PowerStroke 2022[Reviews & Buying Guide]

The sticky motor oils tend to pick road grits & debris. Also, there are smaller particles in the fluid to damage the engine interior.

Modern engines feature oil filter to trap all the pollutants. It simply keeps the engine running in peak efficiency.

There are lots of choices available & neither possesses equal quality. You just can’t get any fancy model to serve your valuable 7.3 PowerStroke.

What you strictly need is the best oil filter for 7.3 PowerStroke. And we made the analysis to enlist the top options for consideration.

Best Oil Filter for 7.3 PowerStroke – Comparison Table

ProductWeight (lbs)Micron RatingOil TolerancePrice
Motorcraft FL-1995 Oil Filter1.899.0Any Type
K&N Premium Oil Filter2.0510.0Synthetic Blend
Baldwin B7039 Lube Spin-On Filter1.759.80Synthetic
Mobil 1 M1-601 Oil Filter2.0010–20Synthetic
FRAM PH3786 Car Oil Filter1.0010.0Synthetic
Royal Purple 50-2286 Premium Oil Filter2.2925.0Synthetic
Purolator Premium Spin On Oil Filter2.0010.0Conventional

7 Best Oil Filter for 7.3 PowerStroke Reviews

You have the comparison right above. It should give you some insight into our top picks. Let’s start digging the best oil filter for 7.3 PowerStroke reviews one by one.

1. Motorcraft FL-1995 Oil Filter

Motorcraft FL-1995 Oil Filter

Minimal distortion in engine functionality results in optimum performance.

Motorcraft introduces several high-quality vehicular accessories. As it happens, you can certainly count on its FL-1995 filter.

There are reasons to keep the best oil filter for 7.3 l PowerStroke top of all others. Its price is somewhat low in comparison to the provided benefits.

Features & Benefits

Capable Media

Powerful filtering media comes with the extra capability to block the dirt. Immediate screening of particles prevents internal engine wear. Increased capacity lets you take out a good amount at once.

Protective Action

The design includes a pressure-relief valve to ensure better resistance against debris. Minimal circulation of road grit keeps the engine fresh. Even the portion enables continuous working under extreme conditions.

Constant Support

Intentionally ironed steel cases allow precise, easy & convenient fit. Its fluting design features steady painting to prohibit rust or abrasion. Well-bonded end plating retains constant distance between pleat spacing.


  • Larger area of built-in media.
  • Resistance to heat stress aging.
  • Perforated center tube of steel.
  • Simple installation & removal.


  • Weak O-ring painted coat.


2. K&N Premium Oil Filter

K&N Premium Oil Filter

Heavy-duty canister from meticulous engineering is here to offer filtration & protection.

The 2nd one to make the list is one solid option for Ford wagons. K&K take the responsibility to ensure refinement at all conditions.

Smooth installation with easy removal makes the operation a breeze. The price seems reasonable to support its supremacy.

Features & Benefits

Premium Design

Its sturdy canister of supportive materials comes with extended burst strength. Durable wall enables optimum protection against debris or rock intrusion. Housing remains safe from every aspect withstanding high internal pressure.

Engine Protection

The filter features a specially designed media to maintain excellent refining efficiency. It goes well even in extreme conditions with heavier oil grades. You’re to get incredibly high GPM flow rate to enjoy consistency.

Simple Removal

Oil filter position is still awkward with lots of popular models. Despite easy installation, you may find it difficult to remove. Built-in 1.0” sized welded nut lets you make an easy withdrawal using socket.


  • Consistent flow of oil to engine.
  • Synthetic-oil optimized design.
  • Cold startup with anti-drain valve.
  • Extended capacity against burst.


  • Somewhat poor packaging


3. Baldwin B7039 Lube Spin-On Filter

Baldwin B7039 Lube Spin-On Filter

No more clogging or poor engine performance over lots of impurities.

There are good reasons to keep the best oil filter for Ford 7.3 PowerStroke on the list. Baldwin has to take pride in its premium filtration media.

Supportive action promises maximum protection for each engine part. And the reasonable price is worth your consideration from every perspective.

Features & Benefits

Durable Frame

The solid construction includes a strong metal exterior. Even each of its interior portions has high-quality materials to enable refinement. Therefore, the sturdy frame easily withstands extreme working heat or inner pressure.

Exterior Sealing

It comes with integrated parts to trigger an exterior sealing from inside. The shield between filter & engine keeps the system functional all along. Your system receives extended support to decline the contaminant amount.

Improved Action

The engine receives a pretty pure fluid to keep the vehicle running. And nothing to worry about filtering efficiency to take out damaging contaminants. Aside from the performance, the manufacturer design also increases the style.


  • Reliable performance for engines.
  • Excellent filtration of contaminants.
  • Optimum retention of cleanliness.
  • High capability for longer intervals.


  • Smaller in size than original


4. Mobil 1 M1-601 Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-601 Oil Filter

Maximized protection with extended performance gives real meaning to engines.

Mobile 1 is one reputed, reliable brand in the vehicle accessory market. And it comes with the right filter to refine your engine oils.

Its function has a lot of offer ahead of high-performing engine response. It’ll cost you some worthy bucks to have the synthetic fiber media.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Service

The structure includes both cartridge & spin-on oil filters. Exceptional protection prevails against all the rigors to promote effective change interval. Its sturdy construction can withstand up to 9 times standard operating pressure.

Effective Rating

The proprietary trap design takes out the damaging contaminants with optimum competence. Integrated Multi-Pass technology achieves a 99.6% efficiency rating at filtration. And the filter capacity measures 28.0g to surpass their counterparts.

Extended Support

Built-in anti-drain back valve of silicone prevents the accidental leakage problem. No internal spillage prohibits dry start during shutdown. You can attend up to 97% Vehicles in Operation (VIO) coverage.


  • Somewhat longer draining interval.
  • Extra garbage containing capacity.
  • Superb resistance to inner pressure.
  • Benign synthetic fiber blend media.


  • No improvement in mileage.


5. FRAM PH3786 Car Oil Filter

FRAM PH3786 Car Oil Filter

Start experiencing the difference in engine action with improved oil filtration.

Oil flow inside the engine calls for refinement before reuse. And Fram has the right option here to serve the mechanical purpose.

You can receive maximum engine protection with longer vehicle mileage. Incredibly lower price tag is ready to get the engine a new life.

Features & Benefits

Multi-Fiber Media

Integration of thick fiber media initiates a premium trapping maze. Apart from precision coil spring, you’re to have a Nylon poppet relief valve. The best oil filter for 2002 7.3 PowerStroke here promotes lifespan with efficiency.

Single-Pass Efficiency

Interior gasket sealing imparts extended filtration capacity to take out the contaminants. Single-pass efficiency test reveals its ability to refine the oil by 96.2%. Consistent oil circulation ensures purity to enhance the output.

Sure-Grip Coating

The exterior side comes with a non-slip finish to hold its position. Its rough-textured surface stays in your hands against oily subjects. Built-in Sure Grip technology allows easy installation & removal.


  • Balancing capacity & efficiency.
  • Heavy-duty & durable build.
  • Incredibly easy filter removal.
  • Valve with fiber reinforcement.


  • No well-defined rubber grip.


6. Royal Purple 50-2286 Premium Oil Filter

Royal Purple 50-2286 Premium Oil Filter

Allow the media to take out pollutants towards smooth engine performance.

It’s basically the only one oil filter model from the reputed brand. Royal Purple is ready to amaze your on-road drive with its unsurpassed action.

Thicker materials impart extended security against debris puncture. The price may seem slightly high, but the bucks are worth it.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Service

The super-premium design comes with smarter & stronger technical specs. Optimized flow condition retains engine functionality towards system protection. The synthetic filter endures extra burst strength in comparison to conventional oil.

Superior Filtration

Its integrated micro-glass media triggers superb removal of damaging contaminants. You’re to get about 99% removal efficiency at 25 microns. Meanwhile, nitrile rubber gasket enables special lubricity to maintain standard torque.

Leak-Free Sealing

Anti-draining back valve initiates cold startup in all conditions during shutdown. Silicone material easily outlasts the service in any extreme situation. The by-pass valve ensures sufficient flow on excess element restriction.


  • Pure glass media for efficiency.
  • Optimal oil flow characteristics.
  • Rubberized gasket for sealing.
  • Incredibly strong filter housing.


  • Removal may feel tricky.


7. Purolator L44872 Premium Spin-On Oil Filter

Purolator L44872 Premium Spin-On Oil Filter

Enjoy fewer contaminants in the vehicle engine system to promote a smooth ride.

The featured spin-on filter is ready to serve your old system. Purolator comes with a contemporary supporting design to meet the engine demands.

Protective functionality keeps the best oil filter for 2000 7.3 PowerStroke running without the issue. And the price is standard to get your attention.

Features & Benefits

High-Density Media

Rugged interior structure delivers original factory performance all along. Dense refining media can offer engine protection for 5000 miles. Multi-fiber filtration platform obstructs the movement of contaminants in the oil.

Proven Filtration

Practical design allows the trap to block 96% of debris from road grit. Built-in metal cap is wear-resistant to impart superior integrity & stability. A great match for conventional oil goes well with routine driving conditions.

Constant Oil Flow

Likewise, the anti-drain back valve prohibits dry startup following shutdown. Also, the part takes an active part in reducing unwanted oil leaks. Optimum flow rate prevails for the engine through a metal center tube.


  • Sturdy material for inner design.
  • Compatible with cars & trucks.
  • Wear-resisting ends metal caps.
  • Consistent rate of oil circulation.


  • Unsuitable for synthetics


How Often Do You Change Oil Filter for 7.3 PowerStroke?

There comes a time when you have to take out the old oil filters. The efficiency gets to reduce over time. You’ll have to face a lot of problems over ineffective filters in the system. Therefore, you should replace the existing filter after a certain time.

The changing interval for 7.3 PowerStroke filters differs according to the conditions. Under normal operating conditions, the service interval is 5000 miles per 6 months. But it gets to 3000 miles per 3 months under extreme/severe riding conditions.

How to Change Oil Filter on 7.3 PowerStroke?

You can get the vehicle to a garage & mechanics can take care of the rest. But it’s not impossible for you to make the replacement by yourself.

One notable fact concerns with the change of oil itself. In fact, you should change the oil with filter replacement simultaneously. The process is lengthy for sure, but all the involved steps are pretty simple to implement.

#1 Shut down the engine first. Start loosening the oil fill cap. Try to proceed over a warm engine condition.

#2 Locate the draining plug right under the engine block. Place a drain pan on the ground, beneath the plug.

#3 Loosen & remove the plug using a square-end wrench. Let the oil drain into the pan until the drops stop trickling.

#4 Find out the 7.3 PowerStroke oil filter location. You’re to look for a metal cylinder attached to the engine block.

#5 Start screwing off the filter system by hand or wrench. Don’t get surprised to observe leakage after removal.

#6 Now get a matching filter as per engine specs. Gently lubricate the built-in gasket using fresh motor oil.

#7 Screw on the replacement filter to make it contact with the engine block. Tighten the screws by ¼ – 1/3 of a turn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many quarts of oil in a 7.3 PowerStroke?

Answer: The standard oil capacity measures 15 quarts for 7.3 PowerStroke. But 2 quarts go for oil filter whereas oil pan/crankcase requires the rest 13 quarts.

Q: Are Motorcraft oil filters good?

Answer: yes, indeed. Motorcraft introduces several decent filters to refine the engine oil. The models are reasonably enduring to offer excellent efficiency.


Not everything can serve the functionality well with your 7.3L engine. You need to take notes of the righteous filters to get the job done. And our best oil filter for 7.3 PowerStroke should help you out.

Motorcraft FL-1995 Oil Filter has to take the first prize, considering all options. Excellent trapping efficiency makes it one perfect match to fit the system. Even the price is cheap enough to take advantage.

Happy Driving.


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