8 Best Truck Topper for Camping 2021 [Reviews & Guide]

Sudden roadside camping isn’t exactly a surprise to truck owners. And it ensures a special meaning to the adventurous ones.

But you’ll have to think of outdoor elements first. That’s where a truck topper camper can save you time, money & effort.

Obviously, you’re to get confused over an immense number of options. You better put aside the hassle to find one easily.

We checked everything back there to unravel the top ones. All you need is to go through our best truck topper for camping.

Best Truck Caps for Camping – Comparisons

ProductAvailable HeadroomWaterproof or Water-Resistant

Special FeaturePrice
Rightline Gear Truck Tents5 feet 0’+Water-ResistantNylon Buckles
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent5 feet 6’WaterproofColor-Coded Assembly
Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent5 feet 2.5’Water-ResistantAdaptable Options
Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent4 feet 7.5’Water-ResistantMesh Window
Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent5 feet 0’WaterproofHydra-Shield Canvas
Napier Sportz Truck Tent5 feet 7’Water-ResistantOptional Awning
Rightline Gear SUV Tent6 feet 0’+Water-ResistantFamily Size
Bestop Black Diamond Truck Supertop4 feet 7’+WaterproofBelt Rail Mount

8 Best Camping Truck Toppers Reviews

You should get some basic ideas from the aforementioned comparison. But you still have to go through the in-depth reviews. Let’s dig out all the picks from our truck toppers reviews. We covered all the essential points to keep things easy for you.

1. Rightline Gear Truck Tents

Rightline Gear Truck TentsStart camping anywhere you like right away with your truck.

Rightline Gear Truck Tent Review lets you judge its suitability for any campsite. Practical design with quality assurance allows you to experience a memorable adventure.

Light, ventilation, protection – everything is right there perfectly. And you don’t have to cut out the whole wallet to make its purchase.

Features & Benefits

Supportive Design

Excellent design shape barely picks up any dirt or grime. You don’t have to remove all the stored gears from the back. It definitely saves the maintenance task. Optional rainfly lets you enjoy the stay depending on the weather.

Protective Built

Its fabric features a 2000mm PU with tape-sealed seams. Sufficient resistance against water keeps you dry & cool. Straps have polypropylene whereas buckles are plastic. The soft but solid attachment won’t damage the finish.

Simple Assembly

There comes no integrated floor to delay the setup. It saves the time for installation to accommodate 2 adult people. Again, color-coded poles with matching pockets promote the ease of its assembly.


  • Different sizes for compatibility
  • Ample resistance against water
  • Simple design for easy assembly
  • Outstanding ventilation system


  • Extra mattress requirement

2. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Napier Backroadz Truck TentSpend your night on a truck bed under the sky with satisfaction.

Napier introduces one of the best truck caps for camping you can get. Its Backroadz Tent is indeed the only one to offer a full floor.

You’re to get a perfect space to stay behind the vehicle seats. Even the price goes easy on your wallet, considering the features.

Features & Benefits

Steady Materials

The entire frame includes a solid polyester taffeta for construction. It includes an 800mm PU to ensure reasonable interior insulation. Full rainfly induces waterproof action to protect against weather conditions.

Additional Floor

It’s almost impossible to manage a high-quality topper with flooring. But Napier certainly looks into the whole picture. The basic assembly includes a full floor unlike any other. It keeps yourself dry, cool & clean from truck bed elements.

Convenient Sizes

The design almost fits all common pickup trucks out there. It’s even suitable for trucks having Bedliner or toolboxes. And you can choose either a short bed or a long bed here.


  • Excellent insulation thickness
  • Large inner space for 2 adults
  • Coded pole & sleeve assembly
  • Optimum weather protection


  • Weak vestibule poles


3. Guide Gear Full Size Truck TentGuide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Don’t hesitate to spend the whole night out in the open.

Guide Gear lets you turn the truck bed into a camping tent. You can comfortably get off the ground with its full-size tent.

The pack comes with all the basics to make your stay enjoyable. Guaranteed satisfaction for the tent prevails against its affordable price.

Features & Benefits

Quality Construction

Likewise, top-notch 190T polyester covers the whole framework. And it includes a 1500mm coating to resist water intrusion. A total of 4 poles are there to support the weight. Also, 2 additional pockets let you store essential items.

Protective Surrounding

It deploys in minutes to deliver an excellent shelter on the back. And the full rainfly keeps you dry, clean & cool. A large D-shaped door enables a convenient insert & exit. There comes one mesh window for ventilation.

Encouraged Fitment

The full size easily fits trucks from Ford, Chevy, Nissan, GMC, Toyota & others. The complete enclosure remains ready to go within minutes. Obviously, you’re to get about 5.25’ of headroom for 2 grownups.


  • Complete frame with flooring
  • Shock resisting fiberglass poles
  • Lightweight, simple assembly
  • Extra bag allows easy carriage


  • Vague instruction manual


4. Guide Gear Compact Truck TentGuide Gear Compact Truck Tent


Give a whole new meaning to the empty back of your truck.

Guide Gear introduces another best truck canopy for camping for adventurous guys. Instead of a full-sized tent, you can pick something compact right here.

There are considerable similarities & distinctions from the aforementioned tent. Of course, you don’t need to spend many bucks to get it.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Framework

Obviously, the mainframe comes with premium 190T polyester. Again, the exterior portion has a 1500mm coating. The headroom measures a reasonable 4.75’ in size. It resists the heavy intrusion of water to maintain the dry interior.

Extended Protection

Shock-absorbing poles have a solid fiberglass construction. Tension straps anchor the tent to your vehicle. Therefore, you remain completely secure against adverse outdoor conditions. Mesh window encourages ventilation along with heat insulation.

Excellent Applicability

Fully enclose fitment is ready to décor the back. It goes well with Ford, Chevy, Nissan, GMC, Toyota & other pickups. There is sewn-in polyethylene flooring included. But still, the frame deploys in minutes to get you off the ground.


  • Compact sized camping
  • Inclusion of full rainfly
  • Good ventilation facility
  • Sturdy bag for carriage


  • Poles snap easily


5. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Pitch the tent anywhere you’re likely to drive with the truck.

Kodiak canvas truck tent review proves its worth to fit any camping scenario. Unparalleled sturdiness is ready to take all seasons throughout the year.

You can have the premium camper against a lower price tag. It’s time to get off the ground to keep yourself away from critters.

Features & Benefits

Construction Materials

Its basic frame features premium Hydra-Shield duck canvas. The 100% cotton offers extended durability & breathability. It initiates a solid watertight action as well. Also, a ¾” steel tubing promotes the overall frame strength.

Practical Design

Deployed tent represents a tunnel-shaped camp with a tailgate down design. You can access its 5’ headroom through the standard D-shaped door. There are five windows in total for ventilation. Aside from superb openness, you can even access the window.

Superior Compatibility

The covered entry comes with a short-sized in the specification. But it fits full-sized trucks having 5.5’ to 6.8’ length. It includes Ford F Series, Dodge Ram, Nissan Titan, Chevy Silverado, and Toyota Tundra & GMC Sierra.


  • Dry-finish outer coating
  • Maximum interior space
  • Clamp-on rail for setup
  • Pockets with YKK zipper


  • Setup seems difficult


6. Napier Sportz Truck Tent

Napier Sportz Truck Tent

Get the best of your on-the-go camping adventure with enjoyable excitement.

Once again, we’re back to Napier for making the truck back useful. Seamless assembly lets you sleep comfortably under the glowing stars.

Numerous popular pickup trucks go really well with the best truck camper shell. And it possesses a great value over a balanced between features & budget.

Features & Benefits

Spacious Interior

A large 5.7’ headroom easily fits 2 grownups with optimum comfort. And you don’t need additional guide rope. The system allows you to install an optional awning to get a 4’ x 4’ shade. Standard color-coded parts make the assembly a breeze.

Superb Accessibility

Apart from the large entrance door, you’ll have one rear access panel. There are 3 mesh windows to let you enjoy the open view. Side vents trigger convenient airflow to ensure a comforting inner temp.

Extra Protection

The mainframe includes full flooring to keep you dry & clean. Again, a full rainfly comes with taped seams to resist water intrusion. Even the openings of doors & windows include built-in storm flaps.


  • Fully enclosed zippered floor
  • Expandable bag for carriage
  • Protected shade with awning
  • Integrated holder for a lantern


  • Poles may feel defective


7. Rightline Gear SUV TentRightline Gear SUV Tent

Enjoy every adventurous camping with the whole family alongside your SUV.

Rightline Gear brings in one particular tent to accommodate the cavalry. You can reliably enjoy the campsite views with the 110907 model on the side.

Universal compatibility easily fits into any standard pickup truck. You’ll have to appraise the price tag, considering its size.

Features & Benefits

Weatherproof Built

The free-standing tent is always there to give shelter. High water resistance keeps you safe from outdoor elements. The fabric comes with taped sealed seams. In fact, a sturdy 2000mm PU enables maximum weatherproof action.

Bathtub Flooring

Built-in PE bathtub floor prevents water or critter intrusion. It offers a secure stay for up to 6 people at once. Vehicle cargo accommodates 2 adults whereas the grounded portion fits 4 people. You won’t even need any ground tarp for that.

Instant Deployment

Included sleeve almost immediately gets attached to the vehicle rear. It takes some mere minutes to assemble. The setup guide makes the whole process a breeze. You can add up the convenience with a rainfly & storage bag.


  • Strom coverage for privacy
  • Durable hydrophobic fabric
  • Glowing zippers for visibility
  • Large-sized mesh windows


  • Frequent catching of zipper


8. Bestop Black Diamond Supertop for TruckBestop Black Diamond Supertop for Truck

Turn your campsite experience into absolute fun through versatile bed access.

Bestop particularly develops a suitable tent for your Toyota Tacoma truck. Its 7630135 offers the basic functionality of an efficient convertible top.

The price tag is indeed satisfactory for its overall features. Otherwise, you’re good to go with the best super top for the truck.

Features & Benefits

Improved Hardware

Premium fabric with exterior coating develops high waterproof characteristics. Quality hardware enables simple operation. Outside zip panels get you privacy against outdoor elements. You can even install windows, using the optional tinted kits.

Protective Covering

The design encourages protection for its inner space all along. The high-strength thread remains on standby to tackle weather adversity. Heat-sealed seams trigger good insulation with moisture resistance. You’ll feel comfortable throughout the whole stay.

No-Hassle Installation

The inclusion of clamp hardware eases the entire deployment process. You don’t have to open the rear vinyl window, thanks to independent tailgate operation. Belt rail attachment triggers a simple setup for 2005 – 2019 Tacoma. Quick bow release allows immediate removal of the system.


  • Resistance to rust, moisture
  • Unique tailgate bar operation
  • Sturdy molded tooth zipper
  • Immediate window removal


  • Very limited compatibility


How to Choose Best Truck Caps for Camping?

Not even the best ones are similar to each other. And you’ll have to make the choice based on the demand. Knowing the essential facts can lead to your ultimate best truck topper for camping.


The first thing to determine is the space available on your truck cargo. You’ll have to check the little details to make it fit. Again, you better have some insight into the required headroom.

Space on the back varies according to truck size & model. So, you’ll have to ensure its compatibility ahead of perfect usage. You may contact the seller to judge the accountability there.


It’s indeed the cover to protect you from outdoor elements. You must ensure excellent quality for every single part. Sufficient thickness is essential to address the seasonal weather.

Supportive poles should feature sturdiness to hold the weight. Waterproof is always better; you can settle for water-resistant as well. Don’t miss the seams to check heat insulation.


Windows serve 2 fundamental roles for any camping tent. In fact, both view & ventilation are equally important. You may not want to look for anything other than mesh windows.

Your overall comfort highly depends on its specs. Continuous airflow is necessary for summer, spring, or fall camping. And you’ll obviously want a rainfly/storm flaps to cover the openings.


Nobody wants to waste the time on a camping setup. Therefore, you need to look for something simple yet effective. The one with minimal assembly is always preferable.

Careful setup is also important to keep the system intact. Otherwise, your camping is likely to turn into a nightmare over torn, snapped, or broken parts.


There are tents with floors & without floors. Integrated flooring seems to offer advantages as well as disadvantages. It’s totally up to you for making the choice.

The assembly gets slightly difficult with built-in floors. But you can stay clean, dry & cool over the surface. Of course, it saves you the cleanup for the truck bed.

3 Season vs 4 Season Tent – What’s the Difference?

Limitless variations are available in terms of tent specifications. And one essential fact comes with its seasonal usability. It specifically includes two tent types – 3-season & 4-season. You have to know the differences at some point.

  • 3-Season Tent

It basically remains functional during summer, fall & spring. As it happens, the structure can withstand mild weather events. Campers tend to put off the side rain covers or included vestibules to ensure uninterrupted flow.

High ventilation, lightweight frame, meshy surrounding are the primary characteristics. Even the poles barely possess any significant weight back there. Not to mention, you’ll have fresh, cool airflow to keep yourself comfortable.

  • 4-Season Tent

As the name suggests, you may think of the type as a universal one. But unfortunately, the tent is specified for winter camping only. It’s indeed the only option in hand for the campsite having extreme weather or heavy snowfall.

Thick polyester or nylon builds a basic frame with heavy metal poles. Retention of inner heat is one prime requisite here. Almost every tent includes at least one vent, but only to open in favorable condition. Rainfly or vestibules mostly cover the whole portion to block the wind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are The Types of Truck Tents?

Answer: According to the setup, truck tents are 4 types- Short Bed Truck Tents, Long Bed Truck Tents, Truck Topper Tents, Tailgate Tents.
According to the shape, truck tents are also 4 types- A-frame, Umbrella-shaped, Dome-shaped, and Hatchback.

Q: How should I fold my truck tent?

Answer: Folding the truck tent is not a difficult task. You can fold your truck tent in various ways. There are no hard and fast rules for that. But you shouldn’t fold the tent in the same lines again and again. If you fold along the same line repeatedly, the fabric will be damaged.

Q: What is a Truck Topper Camper?

Answer: There’s a fine line between the truck topper with the truck camper. And modern technology develops truck topper camper to fill the gap right there. It basically combines a topper shell with a rooftop tent.

You can utilize the cargo bed on the truck back with any of its kind. You’ll have a space to sleep with sufficient headroom on top. The topper camper provides a reliable shelter against outdoor rigors.

Q: What type of heater works best for camping in a truck topper?

Answer: The most popular types mostly include propane & electric heater (Our Pick: Mr. Heater Portable Radiant Heater). The propane heater seems perfect, in terms of outdoor portability. Of course, you’ll have to confront a safe application in the first place. Unless you have a reliable source of electricity, you may settle down for propane.

Q: How to insulate a truck topper for winter camping?

Answer: You certainly don’t want to catch a cold in winter camping. And you can use some tricks to keep the tent warm. Start with ground insulation with a blanket, mat, or even towel. For the top, get your rainfly or other cover-ups. You may consider placing another blanket there. And again, try to camp somewhere with having natural windbreak to skip icy airflow.

Q: Can a truck tent be used on the ground?

Answer: Actually, the answer concerns tent specifications. Unless restricted, it’s possible to use any topper on & off the land for sure. There are toppers with integrated flooring to support you on the ground. Some modifications with extra purchases can help with the floorless ones.

Q: Is installing truck toppers hard and easy to remove?

Answer: The truck tent is easier to install and remove than the traditional tent. A single person can do it within 15-30 minutes. You can find the step-by-step video and article for a specific type of tent. Follow their steps to make your job easy.

Final Word

Camping is indeed one practical experience to refresh the mind. You can’t expect a pleasant journey with a cheap one to offer an uncomfortable stay. We have the best truck topper for camping & you’re to choose.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent review certainly takes the place for good reasons. The framework, assembly, protection, and price – everything is perfect here. Just match your requirements with model specs to enjoy a memorable outdoor stay.

Happy Camping.

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