8 Best Oil for Audi A4 [Reviews & Buying Guide 2021]


Gasoline or diesel – regardless of the engine type, you’ll have to make a refill for its oil. And you can’t appreciate the aftermath of pouring imperfect liquids.

Even for the popular Audi A4, you may face difficulty in finding a suitable refill. Why waste your precious time on worthless articles to review rubbish?

We took our time to enlist the absolute best oil for Audi A4 for reviewing. Check the immediate comparison to enlighten the mind with preferable picks.

Best Oil for Audi A4 – Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureViscosityBase ComponentPrice
1. Castrol 03084C Edge Advanced Synthetic Motor OilPressurized Molecular Strength5W-30Full Synthetic
2. Castrol 06148 GTX High Mileage Synthetic Motor OilHigh Built-in Detergency5W-20Synthetic Blend
3. Valvoline - 881147-EA Advanced Synthetic Motor OilExceptional Interior Cleanliness5W-20Full Synthetic
4. Royal Purple 51530 High-Performance Motor OilStable Gasoline-Ethanol Blend5W-30Full Synthetic
5. Liqui Moly (2011 Top Tec 4200 Synthetic Motor OilSuperior Film Strength5W-30Full Synthetic
6. Mobil 1 (112799 Synthetic Motor OilControlled Built-in Features5W-30Full Synthetic
7. AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor OilHigh Viscosity Resistance5W-30Full Synthetic
8. Havoline 5W30 High Mileage Synthetic OilPremium Deposit Shield5W-30Synthetic Blend

8 Best Motor Oil for Audi a4 Reviews

The aforementioned table contains the primary data to establish a comparison. However, there are further details to judge the suitability. Start exploring the best Audi A4 oil reviews from below.

1. Castrol 03084C Edge Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03084C Edge Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil. best synthetic oil for audi a4

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Feed the engine a steady liquid to enjoy the optimum mechanical output.

It’s rather difficult to beat some particular motor oil brands. And Castrol is likely to stand atop of the featured names.

Among many options, its 03084C from the Edge series occupies the position. The price tag appears great for any functional synthetic formula.

Features & Benefits

Titanium Strength

The best motor oil for Audi A4 features purified synthetic molecules to impart stabilizing strength. Patented Fluid Titanium Technology gives the fluid a solid, reliable, intact base. Even the intense pressure can’t break down the structure.

Driving Speeds

Included additives specifically attend to metal friction between internal surfaces. Lubricating action keeps the frictional loss under a certain coefficient. And the facility remains functional through a wide range of speeds. You’re sure to receive optimum economic aspects.

Mechanical Response

Consistent deposit prohibits the parts from interacting, causing a delay in response. But the cleaning agents immediately take out the deposit from the root. Your system starts to respond better, almost like a newly purchased engine.


  • Extreme structural strength.
  • Superior pressure tolerance.
  • Enhanced economy for fuel.
  • Retention of drain intervals.


  • No immediate improvement.


2. Castrol 06148 GTX High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03084C Edge Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil. best oil for audi a4

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No disgusting build-ups can reduce the overall efficiency of the engine’s action.

There comes another convenient choice from Castrol to meet special requirements. The featured 06148 comes from the GTX series to fit high-mileage engines.

Complete satisfaction looks guaranteed with the righteous system compatibility. And the price is unlikely to exceed your conscious motor oil budget.

Features & Benefits

Blended Molecules

A tight budget is likely to afford some high-quality blends rather than full synthetics. And you can choose the featured fuel formula without giving it any second thought. Its intensive molecular concentration comes ready to provide exceptional serviceability.

Deposit Detergency

Exceptional detergency through the additives induces maximum cleanliness. Already aggregated buildups start to dissolve from the very start. And the powerful retention capability prohibits further aggregation with time.

Protective Burning

Even the prominent conventional oils can’t stand against the superiority of its formulation. And it specifically concerns burn-off protection from the core. The action also initiates minimal metal wear. Your economy is sure to experience a noticeable increase.


  • Advanced chemical additives.
  • Deposit preventing formula.
  • Satisfactory molecular strength.
  • Exceptional detergency action.


  • Initial high-mileage issues.


3. Valvoline – 881147-EA Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil

Valvoline - 881147-EA Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil. audi a4 recommended oil

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Superb cleanliness with maximum response continues to go hand in hand.

Putting Castrol aside, you can obviously count on Valvoline motor oils. Lots of high-quality formulas come to customer’s satisfaction from the brand.

And the intended 881147-EA should suffice your quest for specified engines. The price looks perfect for a premium-level formula to dominate the market.

Features & Benefits

Premium Formulation

Complete synthetic molecules make up the concentration, containing minimal contaminants. And there are chemical additives to encourage the overall engine serviceability. It successfully satisfies the API SN Plus classification over the protective action.

Temperature Tolerance

Apart from the other facts, the liquid comes to withstand immense variations. Its tolerance measures are exceptionally high against adversity. It specifically helps to keep the system functional. You have nothing to worry about defective parts for a reasonable time.

Retained Cleanliness

Cleanup additives promote the power of serving the engine with integrity. The powerful additives take out all the existing buildups right away. Retention of cleanliness restores the actual efficiency with the best synthetic oil for Audi A4.


  • Faster flow upon startups.
  • High protection against LSPI.
  • Extreme adversity tolerance.
  • Pure synthetic formulation.


  • Leaks on the container.


4. Royal Purple 51530 High-Performance Motor Oil

Royal Purple 51530 High-Performance Motor Oil.

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Make the best of gasoline engines without sacrificing serviceable features.

Royal Purple made its name with a good number of convenient options. And the intended 51530 comes out of its enriched bucket of action.

The overall impression goes with the primary appeal to superb durability. The price comes standard for any premium-level synthetic formula.

Features & Benefits

Superior Protection

The powerful formula keeps all the deteriorating elements out of the equation. Not to mention, rust or corrosion can barely affect the interior surfaces. The parts remain smooth enough to retain the original serviceability.

Advanced Additives

Patented additive technology imparts exceptional performance on the action. Internal systems receive sufficient lubrication to prevent dry starvation. Higher concentration keeps the white sludge away from aggregating inside. And the mechanism comes to minimize harmful emissions.

Increased Efficiency

A functional gasoline-ethanol blend contains purified synthetic molecules. It helps to lower the frictional coefficient for the engine. And the temp tolerance keeps the liquidity somewhat stable. Precise burning results in improved fuel economy.


  • Exceptional wear protection.
  • Improvised efficiency of fuel.
  • Extension of draining interval.
  • Superior fluid computability.


  • Slight overheating issue.


5. Liqui Moly (2011 Top Tec 4200 Synthetic Motor Oil

Liqui Moly (2011 Top Tec 4200 Synthetic Motor Oil

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Keep the engines running like a new one with the functional liquid.

Apart from the USA-based formulas, you can definitely try Liqui Moly. The intended 4200, among other variations, should satisfy your Audi requirements.

Its exclusive formulation keeps the mechanism supportive to every extent. Likewise, the European fluid comes in a somewhat higher price tag.

Features & Benefits

Broad Utilization

Whether it’s gasoline or diesel – you can get yourself the featured chemical formula. Extended maintenance interval meets the Euro 4 emission standards. It specifically suits Audi/VW group engines. Also, the fuel remains compatible with BMW, Renault & Mercedes-Benz.

Combined Base

Functional HC synthetic technology combines unconventional synthetic molecules with the latest additives. The powerful action keeps the interior clean against harmful elements. Its excellent lubrication capability makes the system rather smooth.

Fuel Economy

Superb resistance to metal wear with surface friction keeps the system functional. Faster oil penetration starts to dissolve the aggregated craps. The Audi A4 approved oil saves the additional burning of fuel. Therefore, your overall economy gets noticeably better.


  • Latest chemical additives.
  • Functional base combination.
  • Good resistance to corrosion.
  • Smooth surface lubrication.


  • No MPG improvement.


6. Mobil 1 (112799 Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 (112799 Synthetic Motor Oil

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Neutralize all the disgusting facts to kill your engine over time.

Even the next one to make our list comes from another top-quality brand. Mobile intentionally develops its 112799 to fulfill all your fuel needs.

Outstanding performance is guaranteed from the very beginning of its service. And the suitable tag stands to initiate a perfect price-to-quality ratio.

Features & Benefits

Engine Cleanliness

Refined molecules of synthetic help to prevent interior buildups. The healthy concentration comes with minimal contaminating particles. And it eventually dissolves all the deposits at once. You’re sure to notice some improvement with fuel refills.

Controlling Features

Stabilized concentration keeps control in your hand. Powerful additives resist all sorts of agents to cause internal damage. The least friction with metal wear keeps the surface smooth. And complete prevention of oxidation holds fuel stability.

System Protection

Certain metal parts to support the engine get immediately lubricated. It even helps with the gradual transference of heat towards the exhaust. As it happens, your system remains protected to its maximum extent.


  • Superb molecular stability.
  • No deteriorating formation.
  • Faster surface lubrication.
  • Increased wear protection.


  • Overheated breakdown.


7. AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

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Push the limits of draining intervals with the ultimate fuel solution.

There’s something peculiar to make us enlist this popular liquid. AmazonBasics comes with its formula to eliminate low-quality oils at once.

You’re to enjoy an extended interval between two consecutive changes with the fuel. And the price comes reasonably supportive for conscious buyers.

Features & Benefits

Drain Interval

Premium synthetic molecules make up the concentration without losing the ends. And the intervals keep getting expanded with its repeated application. Although there comes no specified frame, the time ranges for at least 50000 miles.

Internal Friction

Inclusion of functional additives lets you skip the problems with contaminants. Excess burning can’t take place to cause efficiency in reducing deposits. The interior remains clean, effective & smooth upon lubrication. A lowered frictional coefficient means further metal durability.

Thermal Action

Its marked SAE 5W-30 can easily withstand temperature variations. High thermal support helps to reduce the induced heat towards the exterior. And the Audi A4 recommended oil keeps the engine healthy, skipping exhaust emissions.


  • Minimal temperature effect.
  • Outstanding thermal stability.
  • Absolute molecular stability.
  • Lowering of internal friction.


  • Problem with the container.


8. Havoline 5W30 High Mileage Synthetic Blend

Havoline 5W30 High Mileage Synthetic Blend

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Serve the engine a perfect fluid, capable of satisfying all the demands.

The last stop features another blend instead of pure synthesized formula. And it comes from a less known yet somewhat reputable Havoline brand.

Specialized chemical composition can support the needs of high-mileage systems. The price appears standard to compete with its purified counterparts.

Features & Benefits

Premium Blend

Apart from the synthetic base, some extra conventional base remains present. And it comes with a limited number of solid particles. The premium blend comes stable from the very molecular level. It enables excellent tolerance against adverse mechanical conditions.

Deposit Shield

Patented technology imposes an invisible yet extremely functional shield against deposits. The facility helps to dissolve the existing buildups. Meanwhile, no new aggregation of burnt particles can occur.

Cleansing Agent

Functional cleansing agents perform several associated tasks to retain efficiency. The formula stands intact against sudden breakdown or oxidation. Exceptional resistance to wear minimizes wasteful burning from inside.


  • Specialized fuel formulation.
  • Resistance to wear corrosion.
  • Controlled oil consumption.
  • Minimal leaks from its inside.


  • Slight faster burning.


How to Choose Oil for Audi A4? (Buying Guide)

Purchasing the righteous engine fluid always seems a daunting task. But you can avoid mistakes with definite considerations. The following facts can get you the best oil for Audi A4 in hand.

  • System Fitment

The first consideration goes with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Check the manual before making your purchase from the shop. You shouldn’t switch the fuel unless absolutely necessary.

  • Base Component

For Audi A4, you get to choose either a full synthetic or synthetic blend. Full synthetic is superior to its blended formula in every aspect. But there are several functional blends to consider for applications.

  • Viscosity Rating

Likewise, you can’t ignore the immense variations in temperature. There are only two categories to suit the specs – 5W-20 or 5W-30. You should prefer the latter to its former for getting a better range.

  • Included Additives

Almost all modern formulas contain chemical additives to push power. And you’re sure to promote the interior cleanliness. Resistance to wear, corrosion, and breakdown is a must for stable action.

  • Engine Response

You’re likely to find several formulas to satisfy your engine’s specs. But you obviously want to pour the resulting one. Therefore, use your experience to decide the maximum output.

How Do I Check the Oil Level on My Audi A4?

Checking the oil level is one crucial aspect of automobile maintenance. You’ll have to monitor the current status from time to time.

#1. Park the Audi on a level surface to hit the parking brake. Turn off the engine to wait for 3 – 5 minutes.

#2. Open the hood on the driver’s side to locate the dipstick. Pull up the dipstick to wipe the oil using a clean cloth.

#3. Note down the maximum (Full) & minimum (Low) marks. Reinsert the dipstick all the way in, now pull it out.

Oil level lying between Full & Low marks depicts okay. Lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum can cause damage.

Audi A4 Oil Type (By Year)

Oil specification for Audi A4 comes explicitly with the yearly versions. You’ll have to know all the available types in terms of a year.

  • For Audi A4 V6 Engine –

1996-1997 2.8L 12V & 1998-2001 2.8L 30V: VW 502 00

2002-2005 3.0L & 2003-2006 Cabriolet 3.0L: VW 502 00

2005-2008 3.2L & 2007-2009 Cabriolet 3.2L: VW 502 00

  • For Audi A4 Turbo Engine –

1997-2005 1.8T & 2003-2006 Cabriolet 1.8T: VW 502 00

2007-2009 Cabriolet 2.0T & 2005-2016 2.0T: VW 502 00

2017-2018 2.0T: VW 502 00 or VW 504 00

2019-2020 2.0T without B-Cycle: VW 504 00

2017-2020 2.0T B-Cycle: VW 508 00

2013-2016 Allroad 2.0T: VW 502 00

2017-2018 Allroad 2.0T: VW 502 00 or VW 504 00

2019-2020 Allroad 2.0T: VW 504 00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What oil does Audi A4 use?

Answer: In terms of SAE grades, Audi A4 particularly recommends 5W-40 oils. However, the brands specifically develop 5W-30 with the same quality.

Q: What does the possible Audi A4 oil change cost?

Answer: Though the cost depends on service charges, you can consider $120 up to $180. On average, you’re to spend $150 on an oil change.

Q: What is the Audi A4 oil capacity?

Answer: Different versions of Audi A4 come with variable capacity. For instance, the 2.0T version of Audi A4 measures 4.6L of oil capacity.

Q: How to find the Audi A4 oil pressure sensor location?

Answer: Pressure sensor stands on the engine block base, right on the filter box.

Q: What is the suitable Audi A4 oil change interval?

Answer: Audi itself recommends a change in 10000 miles. You can also consider a yearly change.

Q: What does the exact Audi A4 oil pump replacement cost?

Answer: Replacement for oil pump is somewhat costly. Counting the pump replacement, the total cost should lie within $1400 up to $1500.

Final Words

Motor oil is undeniably an essential fluid of any engine system. You must choose the absolute best oil for Audi A4 to have the output. Making a choice from the aforementioned options should suffice your intended demands.

Taking all the fluids into account, there’s no better than Castrol 03084C Edge. Its improvised formula keeps everything under control, increasing the entire output. For a reasonable price, you should settle for its offered services.

Happy Driving.

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