6 Best Mercon V Transmission Fluid [Reviews 2022]

Automated transmission fluid or ATF is indeed necessary to support to shift of the gear. Instead of providing energy, it helps with the power transference.

And you must keep the associated surfaces lubricated to skip frictional loss. That’s where you have no way to cut transmission fluid replacement.

Likewise, wrong or ineffective fluid can cause severe issues with the system. And you’re to count MERCON V specs to promote the overall efficiency.

Among the many options, you must settle for the best Mercon V transmission fluid. Our experts let you try the viable options from the entire market.

Look into the preliminary comparison of our top choices.

Best Mercon V Transmission Fluid-Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. Genuine Ford XT-5-5QM Automatic Transmission FluidHydro-Processed Base Formula1994 - 2006
2. Valvoline Conventional Automatic Transmission FluidCold Flow Capability1990 – 2006
3. Amalie Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidHydraulic System Lubrication1990 – 2006
4. Motorcraft XT5QMC Automatic Transmission FluidLow-Temp Shifting1994 - 2006
5. Kendall 1043807 Automatic Transmission FluidPartial Synthetic FormulaPre 2005
6. Mag 1 64092-6PK Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission FluidSuperb Shear Stability2010 – 2017

6 Mercon V Transmission Fluid Reviews

Apart from the tabulated features, you should know other associated details. You can’t make a dependable purchase without thorough knowledge. Check into the best MERCON V transmission fluid reviews from below.

1. Genuine Ford XT-5-5QM Automatic Transmission Fluid

Genuine Ford XT-5-5QM Automatic Transmission Fluid. best mercon v transmission fluid
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Promote the engine action with minimal intrusion from harsh metal contacts.

Ford itself lets you treat the mechanism through Motorcraft automotive parts. And its intended transmission fluid should meet the throughout demands.

Supporting characteristics at definite temp makes the formula perfect for any occasion. The price tag looks affordable from the overall point of view.

Features & Benefits

Premium ATF

The best transmission fluid for Mercon V consists of a hydro-processed base to impart excellent characteristics. And it retains the actual efficiency, regardless of the conditions. Performance additives keep everything functional all the time.

Absolute Protection

Superb thermal resistance keeps the concentration intact from intruding elements. It even displays noticeable shifting of nature upon temp variations. Also, strict lubrication stands free of any rust or corrosion. No sudden oxidation can take place to damage the system.

Viscosity Index

High viscosity index holds the fluidity against low temp conditions. Integrated wear protection manages to inhibit any deteriorating formation. No distorting sludge, gum, foam & lacquer can occur on the surfaces.


  • Excellent low-temp fluidity.
  • Hydro-processed base oils.
  • Protection against elements.
  • Easy leak detection appeal.


  • Strictly for Mercon V only.


2. Valvoline Conventional Automatic Transmission Fluid

Valvoline Conventional Automatic Transmission Fluid. best transmission fluid for mercon v
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Push the action limits of automated transmission inside the engine mechanism.

And the next option is from Valvoline, one well-established oil brand. But the conventional liquid comes to serve your lubrication requirements.

Technical advancement makes the fluid a superior solution to the harsh surface. Settling down for the price will get you a satisfactory outcome on the ride.

Features & Benefits

Technical Formula

Proprietary blend of base oil molecules with advanced additives induces a functional combo. Supportive additive technology holds the overall characteristics. Meanwhile, the base stocks initiate absolute protection for the surfaces.

Output Betterment

Immediate lubrication starts to reduce the heavy frictional loss. Anti-shudder protection enables smooth transmission shift between gears. Maximum transfer of power minimizes the probable loss. Also, it helps with the enhancement of transmission durability.

Mercon V Specs

Even the most delicate Mercon V spec stands without a chance. The deliberate fluidity keeps its molecular structure completely intact. Imposed film receives better protection at high temps. And the fluid remains viscous in lower temps.


  • High built-in molecular stability.
  • Transmission shudders resistance.
  • Superior cold flow capabilities.
  • Optimum shifting power transfer.


  • Distorted initial response.


3. Amalie 160-62856-56-12PK Automatic Transmission Fluid

Amalie 160-62856-56-12PK Automatic Transmission Fluid. mercon v transmission fluid reviews
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Lubricate the interior parts to ensure a smooth transfer of transmission power.

There are only a few fluids to serve different automotive systems at once. But Amalie derives its 160-62856-56-12PK from accomplishing the optimized performance.

Specialized MERCON V transmission fluid replacement lets you impart satisfying support for mechanisms. And you can surely handle the affordable price from the start.

Features & Benefits

Multipurpose Uses

Apart from the transmission, you can use the fluid to hold power steering units. Immediate surface lubrication starts to reduce internal friction. It directly affects the expected economy regarding the engine.

Stabilized Formula

The precise synthetic formula lets you skip wasteful burning. Cleaner molecular concentration keeps the inside free of deposits. Extreme thermal tolerance retains the additives to promote the action. And the stability counts exceptionally great for any demanding condition.

Extended Usability

Any standard MERCON V type system is ready to go with the formula. You’re free to consider DEXRON III, MERCON, DEXRON IIE & other models. Pouring into the system will give absolute system protection to stand the adversity.


  • Pure molecular structure.
  • Stable transmission transfer.
  • Increase in power output.
  • Superior system economy.


  • Not exactly full synthetic.


4. Motorcraft XT5QMC Automatic Transmission Fluid

Motorcraft XT5QMC Automatic Transmission Fluid.
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Treat the system with genuine automotive products to receive optimized performance.

And there’s no better than Motorcraft to push the existing limits. The featured XT5QMC lets you overcome the limitations of low transmission.

Its superior formula promises to deliver absolute smoothness in action. Meanwhile, the price tag stands reasonable for all the conventional ATFs.

Features & Benefits

Stable Molecules

You don’t have to look back with MERCON V spec recommendations. The concentration explicitly focuses on stabilized molecules to induce the boost. Immediate lubrication of transmission upholds the actual transference of power.

Low-Temp Shift

Likewise, it helps with the smooth, functional & supportive transmission shift. A proprietary low-temp shift takes the loss down. And the system stands intact to deliver maximum efficiency. Therefore, you’re sure to hold the gears on an abrupt curve.

Protected Action

Included additives ensure consistent protection against deterioration. And the functional start to act from the beginning. It prevents wear, rust, sludge, corrosion & other elements. The entire lubricated surface remains free of power-robbing deposits.


  • Fast on-call system response.
  • Almost immediate recovery.
  • No-hassle surface treatment.
  • Consistent deposit disposal.


  • Insufficient details.


5. Kendall 1043807 Automatic Transmission Fluid

Kendall 1043807 Automatic Transmission Fluid
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Serve the light engines towards a smooth transmission of wheel action.

Likewise, Kendall may seem an irregular name in the automotive industry. But its 1043807 comes with every reason to make your checklist.

MERCON V transmission fluid upgrade stands to satisfy anything to require Ford MERCON V ATF. Even the price appears to stand on the consumer’s side.

Features & Benefits

Partial Synthetics

The system receives a cleaner action through a part-synthesized formula. There is a minimal number of particles to cause deterioration. Otherwise, you have nothing to turn your back on the fluid.

Powerful Additives

Integration of functional additives imposes particular characteristics to protect the system. No metal wear or sudden shudder can take place. High shear stability stands with exceptional oxidation resistance. Prolonged fluidity gives the transmission a noticeable smoothness.

Powered Economy

Smooth transition of power enables straight shifting of gears. And it takes a reduced amount of energy. Meanwhile, the least frictional loss happens to contribute to the overall economy.


  • Good low-temp properties.
  • Exceptional shear stability.
  • Purified synthetic formula.
  • Sturdy transition of power.


  • Limited compatibility.


6. Mag 1 64092-6PK Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid

Mag 1 64092-6PK Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid
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Start treating different vehicles to ensure exceptionally smooth transmission.

It’s the last one from our list, definitely not the least. Mag 1 performed a magnificent job in providing superior transmission support.

The intended ATF lets you skip almost any particular multipurpose option. Its price looks low, coinciding with the single-unit pack.

Features & Benefits

Functional Combo

It induces an exceptional combination of fully synthetic base oil molecules. And the support comes from powerful chemical agents. The transmission remains at its best condition with the integrated action.

Temp Protection

One essential point implies with specific temperature tolerance. Apart from high-temperature tolerance, you’re sure to enjoy its low-temp fluidity. And it induces maximum support without any notion.

Stabilizing Friction

Full concentration delivers stabilized protection against all odds. And the design gets to stand against internal friction. Your economy will get through the roof right after its implementation.


  • Consistent shifting support.
  • High-temperature tolerance.
  • Exceptional shear stability.
  • Advanced built-in additives.


  • Initial under power issues.


MERCON V Transmission Fluid – Buying Guide

Making a worthy automotive purchase is one difficult job for anyone. But you don’t have to cut your precious effort to find the ultimate options.

There are specific factors to control the quality of any automotive replacement. Check the facts to invest in the best MERCON V transmission fluid.

Overall Usability

There are fluids available to serve MERCON V specs only. You’ll have to decide the exact vehicular demands to induce a satisfactory change. Also, you may choose fluids to serve some additional specs.

Molecular Formula

Of course, there’s no better option than synthetic to hold the efficiency. The molecular formula should stand any mechanical adversity. You can settle for synthetic blends, letting you cover the primary features.

Exterior Appeal

Modern ATFs integrate a particular color for their fluid. Apart from the universal red, there are other colors to catch the fluid. It helps with the immediate detection of any leaks in the transmission system.

Shifting of Gear

One primary task of ATF concerns with smooth transmission shift. It’s essential for you to look into the details for further confirmation. Choose the right one based on your previous experience or pro consultation.

Included Additives

Almost all the automotive fluids have to feature additives, some particular chemical agents. It manages to retain the engine cleanliness. You don’t have to encounter any deteriorating issues from inside.

System Response

It’ll take a considerable time for the fluid to adopt system complexity. And the response tends to vary, depending on the engine specs. You’re to wait for getting the noticeable improvement in the power output.


DEXRON & MERCON appears to stands for different specs of transmission fluids. Almost all the current ATFs are either MERCON V or DEXRON III.

And the consideration lies with varying specs of system fitment. Both seem to share the same red color from the outside. But there are several invisible differences to account.

GM markets its DEXRON fluids to serve the lubrication requirements from 1998. In more precise details, you can consider DEXRON III to cover its major range.

Meanwhile, Ford introduced MERCON V to support the demands from 1996. Also, other models like MAZDA utilize MERCON V specs instead of DEXRON III.

Wrong Transmission Fluid Symptoms

Using the wrong ATF can lead to several problems. And it gives birth to some complementary symptoms before failure.

  1. Strange clunking noise.
  2. Changed gear stalling.
  3. Noticeably rough shifting.
  4. Locked up clutching.
  5. Frequent gear slippage.
  6. Increased engine cost.

Overfilled Transmission Fluid Symptoms

Too much ATF in the system is likely to hamper the initial response. And it starts to induce unnecessary distortion for the engine.

  1. Intense pressure buildups.
  2. Contamination of burning air.
  3. Very fast mechanical wear.
  4. Overheating of transmission.
  5. Poor lubrication of surfaces.
  6. Seal breakdown to cause leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What happens when you mix transmission fluid?

Answer: Mixed transmission fluid primarily leads to internal problems like inadequate lubrication & frequent overheating. The eventual result ends up in causing transmission failure.

Q: What to count for MERCON V transmission fluid compatibility?

Answer: The computability for any MERCON V ATF requires strict recommendation. You better contact the seller or manufacturer to avoid using the wrong transmission fluid.

Q: How long does transmission fluid take to kick in?

Answer: Older models require about an hour or so to let the transmission fluid act. But newer models almost start working immediately with the change.

Final Words

It’s no longer possible to ensure a smooth power transfer without particular fluidity. Otherwise, you’ll face huge issues regarding a reliable gear shift. Only the best MERCON V transmission fluid can promote the expected outcome.

And you can’t find any better than Genuine Ford XT-5-5QM ATF for the task. The molecular structure manages to provide every necessary feature in perfect order. Even the price looks affordable, for its genuine Ford recommendations.

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