6 Best Oil for Toyota Camry [Top Picks & Reviews]

Whether it’s gasoline or diesel – the engine requires oil burnt energy to keep functioning. There’s no way to give the aspect a berth with compromised quality.

Likewise, you’ll have to change the oil inside the reservoir once in a while. Even for the prestigious Toyota Camry, there comes no exception.

Only the best oil for Toyota Camry can serve the intended purposes satisfactorily. And we intended to review the top options available in the market.

Check the comparison right below to know the picks.

Best Oil for Toyota Camry – Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureViscosityPrice
1. Castrol 03124 Edge Advanced Motor OilResistance to Deposits0W – 20
2. Valvoline - 881150-CS Advanced Motor OilStandard Flash Point0W – 20
3. Idemitsu Synthetic SN/GF-5 Engine OilMaximized Fuel Economy0W – 20
4. TOYOTA Genuine OEM 00279-0WQTE-01 OilGenuine OEM Concentration0W – 20
5. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Motor OilSuperior Surface Lubrication0W – 20
6. Royal Purple 51020 API-Licensed Motor OilProprietary Additives0W – 20

6 Best Engine Oil for Toyota Camry Reviews

The aforementioned table should give you the primary insight into the products. Several other associated discussions follow the individual review details. Explore the best Toyota Camry engine oil reviews to know the decisive facts.

1. Castrol 03124 Edge Advanced Motor Oil

Castrol 03124 Edge Advanced Motor Oil. best engine oil for toyota camry
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Meet the overall expectations regarding your automotive engine on every ride.

And Castrol is ready to surpass other competitors with its rich collection. But the featured 03124 appears to suffice the targeted vehicle.

As it happens, the functional liquid comes from its premium Edge series. The price tag stands suitable for any full synthetic oil.

Features & Benefits

Engine Protection

The stable liquid promises better action in comparison to conventional or blend. And the performance counts as exceptional in terms of engine support. It precisely resists wear, deposit & oxidation. Internal mechanism retains optimum cleanliness.

Integration of FTT

Presence of Fluid Titanium Technology initiates full service on demand. Fully synthetic molecules induce superb cost-effective burning. Stabilized molecules provide additional support through additives. And it leads to noticeable economic improvement.

Absolute Fitment

Reasonable viscosity enables further compatibility for the best engine oil for Toyota Camry. In fact, the composition comes to exceed ILSAC GF-5, API SN, ACEA A1 & ACEA B1 specs. Apart from Toyota, the liquid serves Honda, Acura, Lexus & other brands.


  • Steady molecular composition.
  • Exceptional engine protection.
  • Maximized deposit resistance.
  • Least friction, better economy.


  • Absence of viewing window.


2. Valvoline – 881150-CS Advanced Motor Oil

Valvoline - 881150-CS Advanced Motor Oil.
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Ensure ultimate protection for the engine to stand in the harshest conditions.

Advanced technology keeps the motor fuel ahead of other vague choices. Valvoline definitely develops its 881150-CS towards maximum serviceability.

The composition stands to serve hardworking cars, SUVs & certain trucks. Not to mention, its market tag initiates a preferable price to quality ratio.

Features & Benefits

Stress Resistance

The liquid withstands mechanical stresses from its molecular level. A fully synthesized formula gets to serve your engine from the inside. No matter what, you can skip worrying about excessive burning over heavy contaminants.

Extra Detergents

Powerful additives get to serve the intended action, eliminating deposits. The Interior surface remains free of aggregation to hold efficiency. An extra amount of detergent immediately dissolves the elements. You can expect to idealize absolute system cleanliness.

Pouring Container

A durable plastic container holds a precise 5.0Qt composition. And there comes an easy pulling tab with a precision pour spout. Also, the design integrates one anti-glue tube. Right there, you’ll face minimal difficulty in pouring the oil.


  • Functional additive technology.
  • Superb temperature protection.
  • Powerful anti-wear additives.
  • Extra detergent with antioxidants.


  • Leaks from the container.


3. Idemitsu Synthetic SN/GF-5 Engine Oil

Idemitsu Synthetic SN/GF-5 Engine Oil
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Promote the existing level of fuel economy with specialized engine support.

Like no other, Idemitsu partnered with some established brands to produce its definite formula. The liquid comes to satisfy the system demands from every aspect.

Intense operational conditions can’t mess anymore with the best motor oil for Toyota Camry. And you’re sure to have the premium service against a suitable price.

Features & Benefits

Engine Protection

Advanced combo of base oil with additives induces a powerful integration. The high-quality synthetic molecules keep the formula stabilized. Meanwhile, the additive components retain inner freshness. The level of efficiency keeps getting better.

Oil Consumption

Improvised lubricant flow imposes further resistance to friction. All the involved parts enjoy smooth functionality. Wasteful burning reaches a minimum level, lowering oil consumption. And the fuel economy starts to hit the roof.

Reduced Emission

Extended temperature protection saves the exhaust from greenhouse gas. Reduction of distorting emissions keeps the control system secured. In fact, the generation of wasted oil becomes rather slow. The potential action tends to extend the effective drain interval.


  • Extension of the molecular formula.
  • Highly stable against temperature.
  • Minimal formation of deposits.
  • Increased mechanical protection.


  • Lower ratings of viscosity.


4. TOYOTA Genuine OEM 00279-0WQTE-01 Oil

TOYOTA Genuine OEM 00279-0WQTE-01 Oil
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Skip the aftermarket options with genuine products directly from the factory.

Toyota itself produces one dependable formula to meet its specified demands. The intended chemical composition pushes the engine towards the maximum output.

We’re talking 00279-0WQTE for its conceivable quality to meet all the specs. And the 4-unit pack requires a reasonable budget from conscious buyers.

Features & Benefits

OEM Satisfaction

Genuine molecular concentration satisfies all the crucial aspects of OEM. The standardized liquid remains intact against intruding particles. Also, the stability counts exceptionally great to stand temperature variance.

Precise Detailing

Of course, the plus point concerning genuine formula lies with its applicability. Toyota knows the engine specs better than anyone else. The factory-defined formula upholds the overall outcome. And you’re sure to get the optimum support from every extent.

Reliable Formula

Fully synthetic concentration measures a standard 0W-20 viscosity. Purified molecules also deliver a workable bond with included additives. Therefore, the fluid covers a suitable range of working temperatures. Minimal contamination helps with the burning, saving your fuel upon mileage.


  • Specialized for Toyota engines.
  • Full synthetic with no particles.
  • Cost-effective use over mileage.
  • Exceptionally chemical stability.


  • Singular 1.0Qt units.


5. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Motor Oil

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Motor Oil
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Extend the life expectancy of engine parts without sacrificing the outcome.

The next one comes from Mobil, another established motor oil brand. And its featured formula promises to deliver encouraging system efficiency.

The fluid integrates all the essential features in a versatile combo. The price tag still remains affordable, concerning the overall serviceability.

Features & Benefits

Controlled Buildups

Reduction of existing deposits starts to lower with time. The powerful additives dissolve the burnt leftover from the core. Absolute cleanliness prevails for the internal mechanism. The surface gets free of rough buildups, inducing friction.

Overall Lubrication

Built-in lubricating property checks are out the involved surface rather fast. It keeps the functionality smooth against frictional roughness. Synthetic molecules contain minimum particles to continue a healthy burning. Exceptional wear protection keeps the system secure in all conditions.

Maximum Economy

Changing interval gets to 15000 miles with the Toyota Camry recommended oil. It even remains compatible with engine seals. Viscosity resistance holds the fluidity against temperature variance. Right there, you can expect to enjoy an improved economy.


  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Control over breakdown.
  • Prevention of deposits.
  • Fewer stresses on startup.


  • Only for modern versions.


6. Royal Purple 51020 API-Licensed Motor Oil

Royal Purple 51020 API-Licensed Motor Oil
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Create the consistency of engine performance at a maximum level for the ride.

The last to make our list arrives from another top-notch aftermarket brand. Royal Purple is sure to impress with its deliberate 51020 oil.

Standard industry testing makes a choice a dependable investment. And the tag manages to stand within an affordable price range.

Features & Benefits

Fuel Functionality

Premium base oil filled with synthetic molecules makes up the concentration. Minimal particles get to contaminate the liquid. Therefore, fuel efficiency reaches a better level with low consumption.

Proprietary Additives

Inclusion of proprietary additives dissolves the sludgy buildups. Freshness starts to take over the inner surfaces. Right there, you can consider an exceptionally great response from the engine.

Further Protection

Minimization of frictional support lowers the chances of metal wear. It contains ethanol to improve the overall system computability. Throughout protection secures your engine from inside out.


  • Extended tolerance of limit.
  • Supportive catalytic emission.
  • Patented additive technology.
  • Optimized efficiency of fuel.


  • Slightly lowered RPM.


Things Need to Consider When Buying the Best Motor Oil for Toyota Camry

No matter what, you must settle for the absolute best automotive replacement. And you can’t expect proper engine response over cheap liquids. There are definite facts to control the overall quality. Check the criteria in detail to invest in the best oil for Toyota Camry.

SAE Viscosity

The required viscosity rating is almost standard for Toyota Camry. Of course, modern versions run on fully synthetic formulas. Even the manufacturer makes a recommendation to use 0W-20. Of course, you can consider 5W-20 as an alternative.

System Protection

Secure response to improve the engine system is crucial to its recovery. Therefore, you need to use the recommended oil to skip further damage. Engine actions must remain fresh, smooth, precise to every extent.

Included Additives

Integration of chemical agents is compulsory to push the functionality. It’s essential for you to ensure minimal wear, friction, breakdown & oxidation. Check the oil manual thoroughly to know the contents of the intended composition.

Surface Lubrication

Immediate lubrication of the surfaces can deliver incredible results from the beginning. It specifically reduces mechanical friction to lower the deterioration. Right there, you need to judge the lubricating properties of the oil.

Fuel Economy

Noticeable improvement in MPG or economy should appear after a while. Heavy contamination of particles may cause excess burning to make a negative impact. Only the top-quality brands can deliver you the purified concentration.

How to Change Oil in Toyota Camry?

Changing oil is one simple task for almost anyone. You may face some trouble with the filter replacement. Otherwise, the steps are reasonably easy, with no particular expertise.

#1. Turn off the engine to locate the draining plug under the car.

#2. Place a reasonable holding pan right under the reservoir plug.

#3. Carefully remove the plug to drain the last drop of existing oil.

#4. Restore the opened draining plug to its original intact position.

#5. If necessary, completely take out the plug for a replacement.

#6. Take out the oil filter to make a replacement with a new one.

#7. Unscrew the engine oil cap to insert a funnel in the opened slot.

#8. Pour the recommended amount of oil from the user’s manual.

#9. You can use a dipstick to check the overall level of poured oil.

#10. Reset the ‘Maintenance Light’ to finish everything with change.

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Camry 2007?

After the oil change, your dashboard may not catch the maintenance immediately. Therefore, the ‘Maintenance Light’ remains on your dashboard. And turning off the light comes incredibly simple.

#1. Insert the ignition key to turn on the ACC point.

#2. Locate the trip meter right next to the odometer.

#3. Gently press the button, keep a holding for secs.

#4. Turn on the ignition for lighting up the dashboard.

#5. Hold the trip meter until the dashboard turns off.

#6. Maintenance should get reset from the next start.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the available Toyota Camry oil types?

Answer: Toyota Camry specifically requires 0W-20 rated oil. But you can use 5W-20 in exchange for the recommended type.

Q: What’s the exact Toyota Camry engine oil capacity?

Answer: The capacity depends on the engine cylinder specs. V4 engines require 5.0 Quarts of oil, whereas V6 systems are likely to need 6.0 quarts.

Q: What’s the suitable Toyota Camry oil change interval?

Answer: Camry users to prefer synthetic oil can undergo changes at 12 months/10000 miles. For conventional oil, it measures six months/50000 miles.

Q: What’s the possible Toyota Camry oil change cost?

Answer: Total budget remains within $70 up to $110. Labor cost estimates $40 to $50 against oil cost of $30 to $60.

Q: What’s the probable Toyota Camry oil leak repair cost?

Answer: Repairing oil leaks in Camry takes considerable time & effort. You’re to spend about $90 up to #110, depending on the damaged extent.

Final Words

Poor oil concentration in the system comes with lots of engine problems. Regardless of the vehicle, there’s no way to compromise with the fuel quality. And you can’t expect a better list than our best oil for Toyota Camry.

For the obvious fact, Castrol 03124 Edge is to take the top position among others. The intended formula specifically serves the demandable specs. Its price appears standard, considering all the features in a combo.

Happy Driving.

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