7 Best Oil Filter for 5.7 Hemi[Reviews & Buying Guide]

You are always concerned about the health of your engine, and you never believe in compromising with the quality of your engine oil.

Now, what if I tell you that no matter how good your engine oil is, it will eventually get dirty, and the build-ups will clog the valves of your engine.

Well, that sure seems scary, but don’t worry. The thing that can save you from such an experience is an oil filter. So, all you have to do is to find a perfect match for your engine and the filter will do the rest itself.

Therefore, let me introduce you to some of the leading names and help you to get the best oil filter for 5.7 hemi.

Now, before jumping into the description, let us take a look at some key details of these products.

Best Oil Filter for 5.7 Hemi – Product Table

ProductMicronEfficiencyChanging intervalPrice
ECOGARD Premium Oil Filter2599.5%10,000 miles
aFe Power EcoDiesel Oil Filter2599%15,000 miles
MAHLE OX Eco Engine Oil Filter2095%15,000 miles
FRAM Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter2099%20,000 miles
Genuine Mopar SRT Oil Filter2190%10,000 miles
WIX Spin-On Lube Filter2395%10,000 miles
Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter2094%15,000 miles

Best Oil Filter for Ram 1500 Reviews

Let’s discuss more about the mentioned Oil filters which is mostly suitable for your 5.7 Hemi.

1. ECOGARD Premium Oil Filter

ECOGARD Premium Oil FilterThe ECOGARD Premium is known as the best oil filter for hemi 5.7 for its unbeaten versatility. The brand provides tons of exciting features like superb compatibility and extraordinary support while changing any component.

Not just that, the engine protection that you get from this filter is simply the best in the current market.

Features and Benefits

Superb compatibility

The ECOGARD Premium shows outstanding compatibility with the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3 and several other editions.

Great engine-protection

The filter comes with a 97% screening capability that protects your engine from any harmful content.

Easy installation 

For the cap and the housing, the filter provides an O-ring. Thus, it makes it leak-proof and super easy to install.

Oil changing support

The ECOGARD Premium is compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils. Therefore, you will get great support from this filter.


2. aFe Power EcoDiesel Oil Filter

aFe Power EcoDiesel Oil FilterThe aFe Power EcoDiesel is a renowned mane in the field of oil filters for its best quality services. The brand stands out among all other options for its unbeaten extraordinary material quality.

The built O-ring comes with the maximum protection and keeps your engine at its best condition. And thus, thousands of customers reviewed it as the best oil filter for ram 1500.

Features and Benefits

Amazing fitting 

The filter works at its best for the amazing fitting quality. It is also compatible with 14-16 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Also, customers have been praising the filter for the fitting quality for years.

Included O-rings

Another attractive feature of the aFe Power EcoDiesel is the added O-ring. The ring will fit perfectly at the top of the seal and will ensure a complete leak-proof experience.

Convenient installation

The aFe Power EcoDiesel is exceptionally easy to operate. You can set up the entire thing without any kind of help from the professionals.

Easy to replace

The filter works fine. But, you have to keep in mind that it will run out of its lifespan in some position. And so, its easy replacement feature will allow you to have a superb experience.


3. MAHLE OX Eco Engine Oil Filter

MAHLE OX Eco Engine Oil FilterThe MAHLE OX Eco Engine oil filter for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi is a unique edition in the field of modern oil filters. The product is highly functional with a metal-free design and impressive stability.

Again, the embossing bump that adds a lot more to its efficiency and protection capability. Not to mention, you also will enjoy the best finishing with this product.

Features and Benefits

Sleek design

If you want to experience the most amazing design quality, the ECOGARD Premium might be the perfect one for you. All the components are designed with the finest materials.


The filter itself has a unique design and the metal-free feature makes it completely incinerated.

Great stability

The geometrical design of the sable peat of this filter ensures cold start stability and great efficiency.

Anti-clogging feature

The ECOGARD Premium includes embossing bumps which help it to deal with the clogging and unwanted pressure issues.


4. FRAM Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter

FRAM Synthetic Spin-On Oil FilterFARM Synthetic Spin-On has grown its popularity for its high-quality protection for synthetic oils. The amazing construction and the high capacity makes it even more reliable.

Again, the filter comes with several anti-slip mechanisms. Nevertheless, the super high efficiency is bound to amaze you. So, get this best oil filter for 5.7 hemi ram and enjoy a carefree experience like never before.

Features and Benefits


The filter serves for a long way. You can easily work with it up to 20,000 miles without replacing anything.

Brilliant construction

The design quality of the FARM Synthetic Spin-On is quite sharp. It has a dual-layer structure that comes with a metal screen. Thus, the construction provides extra support to the filtering process.

Maximum protection

The filter is best to work with synthetic oils. It has 20 microns that ensure a 99% filtering efficiency.


FARM Synthetic Spin-On highly focuses on its anti-slip texture. And so, the SureGrip makes it easier.


5. Genuine Mopar SRT Oil Filter

Genuine Mopar SRT Oil FilterIf you are looking for a good quality oil filter with all the latest features in an affordable price range, the Genuine Mopar SRT is probably the one for you. The brand is known as the best oil filter for ram hemi for many reasons.

Customer satisfaction is highly prioritized. And so, the product is very easy to handle. Also, it goes quite a long way and doesn’t require many changes. Not just that, the filtering efficiency is also very high which makes it a reliable option to choose.

Features and Benefits

Great protection

The fine quality pleats make sure that all the dirt and impurities are filtered from your oil. Also, the filter is leak-proof and free from any extra hassle.

Easy installation and removal

With this Genuine Mopar SRT, installation and removal of the filter get super easy. So, you won’t have to go through all that extra work every time you want to change it.


The Genuine Mopar SRT goes a pretty long way. Thus, it saves both your time and money.

Very affordable 

The customers always appreciate the brand for its reasonable price range. And why not? It serves all the features as the other brands at a relatively affordable price.


6. WIX Spin-On Lube Filter

WIX Spin-On Lube FilterThe WIX Spin-On is the best filter for 2019 ram 1500 5.7 hemi for its unmatched features and support. Whether you look at the fitting or filtering efficiency, the product simply combines all the best qualities in it.

Another interesting aspect of this filter is its high lubrication quality. It makes its working procedure much smoother and also makes it easier to change.

Also, you will enjoy great protection from any unwanted build-ups as it has very fine pleats working behind the filtering process.

Features and Benefits

Precise filtering

The higher number of threads of this filter ensures great preciseness when it comes to filtering. Thus, you can enjoy maximum protection against any unwanted build-ups with this product.

Great fitting

The WIX Spin-On has got one of the best quality fittings in the market. You can also verify it by doing some research on the customer’s opinion. Also, you will be free from any extra worries related to those fitting problems.

Amazing lubrication

The high-quality lubrication of the WIX Spin-On is one of its best features. It makes the filtering smoother and also helps it to last longer.

Easy to change

Another benefit that you are going to enjoy with this product is its effortlessness. The construction is done in such a way that changing the filter gets super easy.


7. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil FilterMobil 1 is a famous name in the field of oil filters for its amazing range of features and benefits. With its superb efficiency, your oil will remain nice and healthy for a long time, and your engine will work super smoothly.

Again, the design focuses on dealing with any extra pressure along with drain-back issues.

Not just that, this best oil filter for my 5.7 hemi will ensure you the maximum protection against leakage. Thus, you can enjoy a clean and smooth journey with it.

Features and Benefits

Amazing pressure control

The filter can handle the pressure level up to 615 Pascal per square inches. This adds much to its protection against any unwanted harm.

Superb leakage protection

The Mobil 1 provides one of the best anti-drain back valves to fight against leakage. All the valves are made of silicone which gives the filter an upper hand in sealing everything properly.

High filtering efficiency

The multi-pass efficiency of this filter ensures a 99.6% protection for your oil.

Great capacity

The filter will provide you with almost double the amount capacity than other leading brands. You can enjoy a total of 28 grams of capacity with this product.


Best Oil Filter for 5.7 Hemi – Buying Guide

Now, all the products that have discussed so far are loaded with extraordinary features. But, how are you supposed to pick the right one for you?

Well, that is why I am going to point out some major qualities that you need to match before taking your decision. So, let’s check out all those qualities to find that best oil filter for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi for you.

Durability and Finishing

The first and foremost thing to check before buying a product is its durability and finishing. The same goes for the oil filter as well. And so, I suggest you go through the specifications of each product carefully to analyze better.

Accurate Size

Purchasing an oil filter that doesn’t fit your engine properly makes no sense. Therefore, go through the specifications along with the customer’s reviews thoroughly to get an idea about the fitting quality of the filter you are selecting.

The Higher Amount of Pleats

The main objective of using an oil filter is to make the oil reusable. And so, the higher number of pleats you have, the higher quality of filtering you will get. So, look for the one that has enough amount of pleats.

Correct Type

Before buying an oil filter, you should get complete knowledge about the certain types that go with your engine and the oil you are working with. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary hassles and get the perfect piece.

Easily Changeable

Your oil filter will get expired, and there will be times when you’ll have to change it. However, many find this process a bit difficult as some of these are not easily changeable. So, check carefully whether your filter is easy to remove or not.


No matter what others say, we all have a certain budget that we need to abide by. And so, I suggest you go through all the products that are available to you and analyze the overall price range before picking up a certain one.

What is the best oil filter for 5.7 hemi?

We’ve discussed some of the leading oil filters and surely you’ve learned about all their features. Therefore, based on the information that we got so far, I would recommend the ECOGARD Premium as the best oil and filter for 5.7 hemi. 

All the specifications, along with those additional features bring out its best. And so, you will not only enjoy an amazing experience but also will do justice to your time and money. So, choose it and upgrade your engine protection like never before.

Final Words

We’ve discussed the best oil filter for 5.7 Hemi and also pointed out their features and advantages.

Again, the article pointed out all the factors you need to know before spending your valuable time and effort. Nevertheless, you got some honest reviews along with strategic suggestions.

So, which one did you find the best for you? Don’t worry if you still haven’t figured out anything. Take your time and spend wisely.

Happy Driving.

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