Oil Filter Housing leaking After Oil Change: Repairing Guide

Changing the oil and having the oil filter leak is annoying. Fortunately, fixing the oil filter housing is a simple and easy procedure. But it can make your journey risky if you don’t do it properly.

So, how to fix oil filter housing leaking after an oil change?

You can fix the oil filter housing leakage easily. In the beginning, see if there’s any oil leaking from the oil filter. If yes, cleaning the oil filter will do the work. But changing the filter is your only option in the worst-case situation. If it’s the double gasket, change the filter’s gasket.

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure about the procedure. In our article, we have a comprehensive guide for you.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Immediately dive in-

How to Detect Oil Leaking from Oil Filter Housing?

Several visible signs indicate that your oil filter housing is leaking oil. You can detect that your oil is leaking in these ways-

Spot Between Rubber Gasket and Housing

It is well known that the area between the rubber gasket and the oil filter housing leaks oil. It is very probable that this is the cause of your oil leak. This region can become misaligned with time, allowing oil to escape.

The Smell of Oil Burning

If your engine is leaking oil, you’ll notice a burning oil stench. This pervades the entire passenger compartment. The foul odor should alert you to take your car to the mechanic immediately.

Low Level Engine Oil

A leak may be detected by a lack of engine oil. In most cases, your engine oil should be changed every 3-6 months. If your oil is falling rapidly, you may have a leak under the hood.

What Causes Oil Filter Housing to Leak?

Oil filters are housed in the oil filter housing. That is located in the engine compartment. It is something that secures the oil filter to the engine in one place.

Simply put, oil filter housing provides a safe area for the oil filter to conduct its function. This is why it can be said-

Oil filter leakage and oil filter housing leakage are caused by the same reasons. Anyway, let’s get into the topic.

Reason 1: Double Gasket

The most common mistake is the terrible oil filter “double gasket”. This leaking happens when an oil filter is changed. 

If you double-gasket an oil filter by accident, it can lead you to an oil leak. Furthermore, soon after the leak, this could result in a blowout.

Solution: Replace Your Oil Filter

To solve this issue, you need to change the old oil filter. Then grab the right oil filter and install it.

You should seek the assistance of a professional to do this job.

Reason 2: Oil Filter Gasket

Sometimes the rubber mounting gasket can be cut, nicked, or twisted. It can also be damaged or incorrectly installed and snug in the filter base plate.

This makes the filter gasket oily and dirty. As a result, the oil leaks.

Solution: Clean Gasket Area & Replace Filter

Make sure the region where the gasket touches the engine is free of dirt and grime. Discard any remaining old gasket material stuck to the mounting surface. 

Use a degreaser on the gasket contact area before installing a new filter. Then, using your finger, apply a small layer of fresh oil onto the gasket. Once done, install your new filter.

Reason 3: Adapter for Oil Filter Installation (Filter Housing)

Instead of directly attaching an oil filter to the engine, some manufacturers use a filter adapter. It’s also known as housing that clamps to it. 

Now, if you over-tighten the filter, you’ll cause a problem. The oil filter gasket between the adapter and the engine can be damaged this way.

Make sure the filter threads are tight on the adapter’s nipple.The nipples may be threaded on both sides and loosened when the old oil filter is unscrewed. 

The filter gasket may not seat properly if the threads are too loose. It’ll leak the oil.

Solution: Call an Expert

Don’t try to fix this issue yourself. This is something you should leave to your mechanic to take care of.

Reason 4: Threads with Holes

Another reason behind the oil filter housing leaking can be damaged threads. The threads on the baseplate of an oil filter are softer. It is not as difficult as threading the mounting nipple.

They may cross-thread if the oil filter is put on incorrectly. 

Solution: Replace The Filter

If the threads are destroyed, you’ll need to replace your filter. Even if you have no difficulty installing the replacement filter, you can try it. 

Furthermore, if there are no visible oil leaks, it’s still best to have your mechanic inspect it. Because the filter mounting nipple threads can be damaged.

Problem 5: Wrong Filter

When installing a filter, the threads may not match the mounting nipple exactly. Because of this the filter will get loose and leak as a result of this.

Solution: Choose The Correct Filter

The by-pass valve on the wrong filter could be erroneous. If the filter becomes blocked, the by-pass valve opens to prevent the engine from running dry. Leave it to your mechanic if you’re unsure if you’re installing the right filter.

Reason 6: Filter Housing Is Damage

The oil filter outer housing shell could be cracked by a rock or a stone. For these reasons, your filter can be damaged.

Solution: Replace or Repair Filter Housing

Firstly, quickly get your filter checked by an expert. If you see your oil filter housing cracked, you need to get it repaired. 

In the majority of instances, you will need to purchase a new filter. Then replace it with the old one. Make sure you aren’t doing this yourself. Because that’ll only cause more. So, leave this to your mechanic. 

Reason 7: Dirty Mating Area between Housing & Filter

Sometimes the joint area between the oil filter and housing can be dirty. This later can cause oil to leak from the housing filter. 

Solution: Clean the Area

In this case, you should clean the joint area between your oil filter and filter housing. This will clear the area of any trash and dirt. As a consequence, there will be no more oil leaks. 

However, if it doesn’t stop, seek help from a professional. 

Well, that sums up everything! 


Question: How tight should I tighten my oil filter?

Answer: Assemble the oil filter by hand. To avoid filter damage, make sure the filter is inserted correctly. Don’t over-tighten the filter. This ensures a secure but not too tight fit for the filter.

Question: How much is the price for replacing the oil filter housing gasket?

Answer: Replacing it at a dealership cost between $500 and $1,000. However, it should cost less than $150 if done alone.

Question: Is an oil filter wrench needed?

Answer: Yes. Oil filters are designed to endure for tens of thousands of miles. It requires just a slight hand tightening. Unscrewed filters with no room for your hands require a tool.


We have described how to fix oil filter housing leaking after an oil change. It would be beneficial if you had already decided on your plan of action.

We hope you have a successful outcome in fixing your problem.

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